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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dancing With Daddy's Friend

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-19

Most of my friends are away at college so I spend my free time doing what I like best, Country Dancing. I gota kiss this big purple head...Mmmm I love to suck cock...but I'm not very experienced... Lifting his head for a moment I felt the wet tongue continue this time flicking my clit with the tip... My question was answered by feeling Phil's cock on my lips while someone was continuing to eat my pussy like never before... When I felt a big thick cock head part my pussy lips and lunge inside. At that moment Phil and my dad exploded filling my cunt and mouth with their wonderful fuck cream... "Let me feel those sweet lips around your daddy's cock as you clean me up."

Sharing the wife for the first time...She let him

first-time 2018-07-19

Then I told him to fuck my wife for me I knew he hadent had any sex for almost a year and he didnt disappoint me he started pounding my wifes pussy so hard it was unbelievable I was so turned on I let him have her for over 10 minutes without even touching her. After he slowed down a bit we started taking turns his cock is a little bigger than mine is not to mention he was hammering her like a little slut I loved how she felt after her used her pussy roughly.

Flying High

first-time kamenm 2018-07-19

I said, "I thought my pussy was wet and juicy in the rest room." Marge said, "Now let's show the boy some juicy pussy." She pulled my cunt lips wide for the boy while blowing cool air across the wet membranes of my pussy innards. With all pretense of the game disposed, Marge got down on the floor and placed my legs over the arm rests, as Pam laid my seat back and knelt by my tits. As Marge went down on my pussy, Pam took my left tit and offered the squeezed mound to the boy's hungry eyes, saying, "He likes these titties. Sherry brought pussy-wet fingers to her lips and sucked, making a face like a k** sucking chocolate.

Rubbing Ric

first-time plucky65 2018-07-19

Ric and I met when we were no more than four years old, when our respective parents moved into the same new row-house neighborhood. But I didn’t really notice Ric until one day when we were in eighth grade. Ric’s locker was close to the gym door, and one day as I entered after class, I saw him sitting, naked in front of his locker, with the most delicious erection. I’d never thought much about sex one way or the other before then, much less boy-sex, but when I saw that hard-on of his, something in me just snapped to attention. I never missed an opportunity to rub against Ric, and sometimes I was quite bold in rubbing my cock on his butt, even dry-humping a little bit.

The Renter

first-time retiresoon 2018-07-19

Susan filled me in on Jennifer's story one night after too many beers, then made me swear to never let Jennifer know that I knew. I guess Jennifer just got out of bed she was only wearing a sleep shirt, which she took off without thinking and a tiny pair of panties. Then she came over to me put her hand down my pajama pants grabbed my dick and said that she would like to play with him more, and gave me a big kiss with lots of tongue. Do you think we can work?" At that Jennifer let go of my dick and got up and gave Susan a big hug and started kissing her. Usually Jennifer sleeps in my bed but a couple nights a week she sleeps with Susan.

Uncle Ken

first-time kezza6969 2018-07-19

In contrast to Ken my cock hung down long and straight over a large smooth skinned sac of two big balls. As he knelt over my supine body on the bed that night the touch of his tongue on my balls, along the shaft and over my seeping knob felt superb. We put club towels around our waists and he showed me over the premises; a lounge area with a servery where he had a tab for us to buy soft drinks; at the rear showers and toilets; a communal room with two large mattresses on the floor and three bench seats along the walls for the voyeurs; and a long U shaped corridor off which there was a variety of small rooms.

Kilt Check

first-time 2018-07-19

Without lifting your kilt I explore your thighs and ass with my hands slowly going higher and higher and finding you rock hard and very naked. leaning in closer and run my tongue along your balls while my hands still strokes your cock slowly. Lifting your cock up a little I kiss, lick and then suck your balls into my mouth rolling them around on my tongue and slowly sucking and popping them out only to lavish the other side with the same attention. Suddenly you shudder and pull away telling me you are going to fuck me as you help me stand, bending me over I grab onto a tree for support as you lift my skirt and rip my panties off me before sinking into my soaking wet aching pussy.

Davis' House

first-time diarradoc 2018-07-19

The weight of his firm naked body on mine, his hips grinding between my legs, the feel of his butt flexing in my hands, the press of his balls on mine, our dicks rubbing between our bellies, his breath on my neck... Trying sex in different places like pools, and once in a john, was sort of exciting, but the best times were still when it was just Davis and me alone in his room, naked, and fitting our bodies together. I didn't know about hymens, so I thought maybe she was tight like my butt was the first time Davis tried to put his dick into me.

Lost Love

first-time tadgh64 2018-07-19

I kissed the soft skin of your neck, forcing you gently onto your back, with your legs parted by my thighs; I rubbed my bulging cock directly against your pussy. I loved how your body trembled as I held your firm ass in the air in both hands as I surrounded your clit with my lips and flicked it with my tongue. And I loved how you watched when arching my back, cock head emerging from your cleavage, I finally spurted hot white cum all over your upper chest and neck. With each thrust our mutual excitement and passion increased with your soft moans until my cock tightened, balls lifting, and you felt the spasm of my shaft against your clit and pussy lips.

Your Roommate Can Finish Me Off

first-time lefthandfantasy 2018-07-19

I really want to cum with you inside me." She moved close to him as she said this, stroking his chest and neck while talking in his ear. "God, it's been a year," Julia thought to herself, "Almost a full year since I've been fucked hard until I cum." Julia lay there masturbating to the thought of fucking someone in the other room while her boyfriend lay asleep. She looked back once at Kevin, dead to the world drunk, and slowly began walking towards the sounds of the shower. She reached out and grabbed his massive cock, "I've never been with someone like you before." She began stroking him slowly, "I'm sure I won't forget it." She then leaned in and kissed him passionately.

Stella Maris: SM in Spain #8

first-time petdyke 2018-07-19

Stella Maris is very excited from seeing Anna and Belle in 69 on our casting couch Stella Maris is engulfed and rides her wave till Anna also lets love rule in eruption. Blondes Belle and sexy Stella are feeling fine. Soon Stella responds to the teases by Belle and kisses her hotly, fonding her breasts. Soon we engage as well in kissing and caressing, let the girls time to explore new love. Anna pants as Stella eats the sexy savoury snatch. Indeed I feel Belle spreading Stella's cheeks to help Anna enter her sexy sphinxter. Belle rubs Stella's with her right middle finger, pleasuring Anna with the other one. Both Anna and Stella soon sound very excited and on the brink of coming once more.

Sirprises come in all shapes and sizes

first-time free2speakmymind 2018-07-19

I took her hand and placed it around the shaft and showed her what to do next and how > when she said out allowed > I dont want to do that >I have been waiting for hours for you to fuck me not once but as many times as you can manage> I am wet willing and waiting come here I will lay down on my clothes so you can get that in! Staggered at this sudden change I placed my prick at the entrance ready to slide it in gently when she said she was not a virgin as her now deceased uncle had taken her virginity at very young age.


first-time milf4bbcstretch 2018-07-19

“Actually” Jim continued, ” what they really want is to hold your long shapely legs open, squeeze your gorgeous melons, have your mouth suck their dicks and fuck you like there is no tomorrow”. He pulled his foreskin back revealing a large mushroom-shaped cock head and started rubbing it on my pussy lips. With a smile he gave his cock a little push and the black head slipped right inside of me. My pussy was on fire inside and the only thing that felt good was his big black cock sliding in and out. It must have felt good to him also as he moaned and then buried all of his long black cock deep inside of me.

teen angst

first-time snappez 2018-07-19

To cut a longer story short as the night wore on and we at least recognised one another the time came to leave and I went to to the pair and addressed the slightly older looking one who was just sprouting mature boods that seemed in my imagination to drip nector. They wee cleaned off and then we sat about drinking coffee and laughing of what had taken place I was late but I was just waiting for my balls to once again engorge so I could fuck them agaain in another way...this I did for a few more times, doggy style on the smaller one and hearing her cry out and moan was great.

We Never Made it to the Restaurant

first-time xcobyliciousx 2018-07-19

She took it all the way off and I put my hand over her breast as she grabbed my cock and got me hard once again. I stopped and let her climb on top of me, she knew exactly what to do and how to work my cock as if we've fucked hundreds of times before. I got back on top of her, fucking her, harder and harder with every moan or scream she let out and soon felt the need to cum as she did. I felt the cum start to fill up the condom and I let out a loud cry as she started to scream, moan, and pull on my hair harder.

Lysa's First Time

first-time babe19 2018-07-19

We both built up a rhythm and we were soon pumping our hips to meet each others hand motions and I could feel myself getting ready to come for the first time this weekend. Jeff was moaning more and then Chris reached between Jeff’s legs and started stroking him as best he could. Chris moved up between Jeff’s legs to get what cum was left in him as I looked on fascinated at the site of my older brother sucking on my boyfriend. I never saw anything like this ever and now here was my brother standing with his dick in his hand getting ready to butt fuck my beautiful boyfriend.

His Daughter's Friend

first-time CourtStJester 2018-07-19

“I just like the feel of his cock in my mouth,” Alice replied. Alice sucked on his cock and swallowed his load and when she was finished she let his cock drop out of her mouth and she looked up at him. Placing his hands on her hips, Bill lowered his head to her neck and kissed it gently causing a sensuous shiver to run through Alice’s body. Bill continued to lick Alice’s pussy pushing his tongue deeper inside her and Alice had started a slight rocking motion as if she were riding his tongue. She reached out and held it gently in her hand and pulled him closer until Bill’s cockhead met her lips.

Last Weekend

first-time horneyirish 2018-07-19

A while later the girl came over to my table and sat down.We had alot in common and really hit it off.I had been getting on wit her so well i didnt even notice my friends leaving.It was closing time b4 we knew it and i was feeling quite horny.She asked me back to her place i couldnt say no.In the taxi we started kissing and she was stroking my cock through my jeans and i was working my way up her skirt wit my hand. We didnt bother cleaning it up we simply swapped positions and she started gobbling on my cock which was soaked in pre cum.She was workiong my head wit her tongue and as i was about to spurt my load she deepthroated me but my load was so big she couldnt contain it and alot ended on the floor.I was quivering wit enjoyment.

Summer Camp

first-time lickursquirt 2018-07-19

Stacy and Melissa started grabbing each other and pushing trying to knock the other girl off. Next thing I notice Melissa swam under the water reached up, grabbed my balls through my swim trunks and squeezed by balls really hard. Melissa climbed back on top of Jim. Stacy who was pissed swam over to me so enraged that she started climbing up my front side and put her tits right into my face. Melissa and Jim could not see what was happening below the water but they where just laughing watching Stacy struggle. She pushed her body up trying to free herself and my cock fell between her legs directly under her wet pussy.

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 03

first-time SXY_Hot_Mamma 2018-07-19

With that, he pressed his cock against Lana's lips and Rick held her face still as the boy's meat starts to be forced into her mouth. I walk back and forth in Lauren's old room, thinking of what to do to keep myself busy from watching Lana suck Rick off now. I have the perfect view of Lana from the side as she's on her knees taking Rick's cock as Todd watches from the edge of the bed. She lets out a gasp as Todd pulls his fingers from her pants and pulls her face from Rick's cock, sliding his fingers into her mouth. I hear the car start and pull away from the house and I open the bedroom door and enter Lana's room.

Scars Pt. 01

first-time MYVELOCITY 2018-07-19

So, the person I threw my arm around the next morning was my best friend, Tim. I started to roll on my back again but he grabbed me and pulled my arm around him, squeezing my hand. 'I said No Tim, I don't want you to stop.' He grabbed the back of my neck in one hand and pulled me down, kissing me hard. He was doing it and then he grabbed hold of my hips and burrowed his face down into my pubic hair like an animal and...ohmygod...'TIM I'M GONNA CUM." I screamed it out. Tim looked up at me and I noticed how gorgeous he was wiping a few last drops of cum off his lips with the back of his hand.

First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease Par

first-time 204hw 2018-07-19

She gave me a boob job for a little, and we had fun with 69er for a while too. This was the first time I ever even got close to a girl’s pussy before, and I was never even given oral sex, so I was delighted to how good the feeling was, and how sugary Amy’s cum was, and I devoured every bit of the juice that was left beyond the hole and around my face and hands. Both of us were dead silent as we heard her footsteps come closer, and closer, then finally, the door opened, and we were seen like a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a dark night.

Fond Farewell

first-time Frederick Carol 2018-07-19

Like I said, Jenny was a good-looking woman, and my imagination made a lovely image of her naked. There was a tantalising scent, and it took me a moment or two to realise that it was the woman smell of Jenny, but when I did my pecker got even harder. Jenny spread her legs and I knelt between them, then took my weight on one arm as I guided my hardness towards her secret opening, but Jenny lifted my hand away with a murmured 'let me' and then I was being guided into her by her own fingers, feeling the clinging scald of her on me, that incredible feeling of sliding my pecker into the welcome of a woman's juicy quim.

My first time with an older man...

first-time niknak_bbw 2018-07-19

She told me Josh & Lucas were already in bed and I had the run of the house until her or Steve got home. Over the next few months I'd be called upon most nights, and most nights Steve would come home and we'd chat away for a while before I left or Jill got home. One day Jill told me she was going away with her boss on a business trip for a few days and asked if I'd be able to stay over at their house for the first night as Steve was going to a party and would likely be very d***k when he got home.