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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mia Mahal Matriculates Ch. 01

first-time boo56 2018-07-18

However, when Mia unlocked the door and stepped into her new room, Todd did not hesitate to follow her. Without asking for further instructions, Mia gave Todd's scrotum a long swirling lick. Mia cupped Todd's balls in her right hand and fondled the heavy spongy ovoids as she tried to remember some advice from a video on the internet. In a sudden moment of decisiveness, Mia wrapped her small fist tightly around Todd's cock and stroked it half a dozen times. In the tall mirror on the wardrobe door, Mia could see the young athlete's buttocks clench as he thrust at her, but her hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock prevented him from penetrating her mouth any more deeply.

Getting Cured

first-time LizzysFriend 2018-07-18

I lazily thought how my brother was going to be about seducing Pam. I tried to think of maybe some unknown guy I had yet to meet, taking me. I laughed thinking of my Bro trying to get a quick look before Mom or Dad came into the room. Soon, his hands were touching my bare breasts under my clothes and his lips were kissing the left side of my neck. I don't think I moved, but I felt his strong right hand under my dress and between my legs. He liked touching my ass, but I kept moving his hands nearer to my pussy or thighs. I was so nervous I thought I couldn't come, but John was so fucking good at eating my pussy I squished after a few moments.

Shit What I've Done!

first-time sidhuputt 2018-07-18

As I stretched & lifted her legs further, her thighs separated & the short robe went up giving me a clear view of her clean shaven pink pussy! I looked at her, but vandana had closed her eyes, still crying in pain. I thought of cleaning up the mess later & started jerking off so hard holding her bra & panties, sniffing them, fantasizing about vandana, thinking about her pink pussy, her round ass, her pussy which was untouched for 3 years, her boobs which weren't squeezed since a long time, her lips which hadn't tasted a cock since her husband's was too much for me. As I gasped for breath, I heard vandana at the door saying...."Arun...what the hell are you doing?".

Why Redheads Are Best (Part 1: Intro)

first-time Chris-D-R 2018-07-18

She turned around and asked "Can I help you sir?", I couldn't speak she had a beautiful face with small freckles that you could barely notice and her red hair made it worse for me. I replied "Yes" I paused for a bit and she was looking at me and I couldn't help myself and say "I'd like your name and phone number please", right there she blushed her face turned pale the red at that moment "that will be 1,30 for the coffee" she said "and I am Penelope, you want to ask me out?" she replied, "Yes as long as you don't call me sir" I replied, she blushed again.

Hot Night Beach

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-18

I ran my hand across her cheek to the back of her neck and softly rubbed as I kissed her harder. I grabbed her butt and squeezed just to make her moan softly, I slid her shirt off and I feel her nipples brush against my chest. Quickly darting her hands down my pants, she grabbed me and started to rub and squeeze me hard. I slid down and rubbed her breasts with both my hands and sucked on her nipples. I slowly slide her panties off and run my tongue behind my fingers and tugged them off as she kicked with her legs to help me. I began to slide my fingers in and out and got faster, pushing harder, rubbing my fingers against her swollen clit.

Tales Out of School

first-time JulieBlueBelle 2018-07-18

If you would please put your homework in the basket, we can get started." Most of the class got busy searching and grumbling, but as she looked around the room, she noticed Trent smirking at her with his paper in his hand, just as he had the other two times she'd asked for homework this week. Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, Ms. Baker lowered her head and took his knob into her mouth and began to suck it like a tootsie pop while her hand continued to stroke the base of his shaft.

One Lucky Afternoon

first-time Dr_Larza 2018-07-18

Ryan on the other hand had gleaned from Rita that things were only so-so with her and Colin and that she'd given just a hint that she was possibly looking for a little more excitement in her life. With a dry mouth but very wet panties, Rita reached out with hands on each side of his boxers and slowed pulled them down to his knees and his cock finally came free. Hating the thought but sensing that time going away on her, Rita wanted to speed things up a little more. White hot flashes arched through her body as her ass came off the bed which caused her pussy to fully impale itself onto Ryan's cock as it too began its journey to the point of no return.

2 lads first tim

first-time palodin 2018-07-18

I made the comment " big and thin just slips in , but small and thick does the trick".He started to laugh at this and said "maybe , but only if you know how to use it " . With both of our cocks out and fully erect we started to talk about the local girls we would do it with , and what we would do to them . Bill took hold of my cock and said to me " I've got to do the same for you , coz its only fair".He took a firm grip and started to pull on it really fast . I did not want this feeling to stop , I was in heaven.Both of us watched my cock intently as my cum flowed into the air . after a few minutes Bill just said he had better go in as it was really late.

The Contract

first-time Ashson 2018-07-18

"I stopped by to pick up a contract that your mother accidentally left in her office," I said, patting the folder under my arm. "I have wanted to do this ever since I saw you," I told her, for the time being just cupping her breasts and enjoying the feel of them. I took hold of her wrists and moved her arms aside, letting her see that I was looking at her and liking what I saw. "Um, if she's got a death grip on your cock and won't let go, that's a pretty good indication that she's willing," I said tongue in cheek. "Let me know when you're home again so that I can try again," I told her, giving her my most charming smile.

Shy Indian Wife Opens Up part 2

first-time altaff143 2018-07-18

Finally one night, after the whole routine had repeated itself - Chandan on the roof, she goes in the room, closes the door and the window, lies down on the bed, a thought struck Bela. "Yes. You want me to come closer?" Chandan asked and without waiting for her reply took a few steps ahead until he was right by the window, his semi-hard dick a few inches away from her. Before she knew it, Bela was at the window, with her hands wrapped around Chandan's erect dick, ignoring the fact that under her waist, she was wearing nothing but panties.

My 2 friends and I.

first-time 2018-07-18

One day they both came over and we were going to go hunting Steven and I always hunted together and kevin would go about 350 yards in another part of the woods. We were all laying down in the dark and then Steven lit up a flash light and knowing that me and Kevin would look he flashed us his cock. Jack's eyes grew big as he watched my cock start to grow bigger and bigger. Steven and Kevin both came over to me and I ttook turns sucking on there cocks tasting their pre cum. Kevin then blew a pretty big load of tasty cum on my face and into my mouth.

My Story

first-time Untapped_Power 2018-07-18

I love phone sex - the sound of a woman's voice, her describing the things she would do to me - for me. Describing in detail, a good partner would say how she'd touch me, occasionally adding a playful kiss, or groan or giggle - maybe with her mouth wrapped around her finger to conjure up the image of that sweet-sounding blowjob I wish I could have but never received. Even after I lost my virginity, I had problems dealing with something as beautiful and lovely as having sex with a woman who wants nothing more than to make me feel good. Late nights involved me watching television like 'Sportscenter' or a movie, mindlessly flipping through channels looking for some entertainment while my roommates would be out drinking, meeting girls and having a good time.

Taxi Cab Fuck

first-time 2018-07-18

As if watching my life flash before my eyes, my wife’s legs were suddenly on top of the drivers shoulders and he was rubbing his engorged black cock up and down her pink slit. Bethans cries for help quickly evaporated as I watched the large head press up against her wet pussy and start spreading her swollen, wet lips. Taking a firm grip of her tits once more, the driver slowly inched his cock inside my precious wife. As if perfect timing, I watched and cringed as Bethan, my beautiful sacred wife climaxed on another man’s cock. As the driver slowly pulled his spent cock from my wife's cum filled hole, I watched as it dribbled out of her and splashed onto the ground.

Babysitting Daddy Ch. 02

first-time luvrobbijo 2018-07-18

Her bedroom had mirrored closet doors lining an entire wall, and I immediately saw Robbi laying on her bed, on her back, completely naked, while working a rather large dildo in and around her beautifully-landscaped "landing-strip" shaved ever-so-perfectly. I was hard as a rock standing outside her bedroom window thinking to myself, "Should I be watching this, ignoring this, or participating in this?" As I reached inside my pants to grab my own stiff rod, Robbi came multiple times right there in front of me. Robbi replied, "I knew you were home when I heard the garage door open while I was lying on my bed.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 14

first-time riverboy 2018-07-18

She was clearly proud of it all, but I also got the feeling from a few things she said that she was sort of a recluse and didn't have much to do with friends or any outside interests. At one point Julia got her long hair caught badly in some plaster chunks she was throwing into the truck and it almost brought her to tears. Look at what one kiss did to me," I said as I opened my towel, revealing a mostly hard erection. "Oh my god, it's so hot, it feels like it's on fire," she said breathlessly, looking at the now rock hard cock in her hand. After a half-hour or so I opened my eyes and Julia was looking at me with a cute little smile.

My Son, The New Man of the House

first-time 2018-07-18

Right now I had my son naked on my bed, with his huge cock deep in my hot cunt and my big fat ass sat astride his Adonis like body. My visit to see Ashok had really made me hot and wet, telling him the dirty details of my affair with our son had let me relive the last week of my life and now as I waited for my young lover to get back between my legs, I again thought of taking his huge fat prick deep in my tight ass. I thought of what Ashok had said, about letting Milind stick his prick up my big fat butt and my mind filled with the dirty thoughts of having that huge knob ripping my asshole apart and fucking me hard.

Stolen Innocence

first-time sweetceltic 2018-07-18

Bethany smiles softly and says, "You are not chosen for the King, but for his oldest son, and heir to the throne, Prince Aerin." This causes Gabrielle to laugh. "Aerin so far has chosen not to marry, no matter how many perfect matches the Queen and King have arranged for him at the various balls and celebrations." Gabbie laughs again "Well, perhaps then, he's gay!" Looking terrified, Bethany pushes her backwards into the water and jumps in after her. And besides, Aerin is a gentle soul, and his father will be giving him an ultimatum, either he marries you, or you will be given to the guards, and he will kidnap another, and another until Aerin agrees." Silently, she begins to gently scrub Gabbie's skin with a flowery smelling soap.


first-time ChickyCharlie 2018-07-18

I couldnt help it, I had to grab his tongue with my lips and suck on it for a second..and being me my hands wander. He leaned over and kissed me as one of his hands finally decided to see if my breasts were real. Brian slid his hands up the inside of my legs, his hands grazing across my panties as he moved his hands to the outside of my thighs. I loved his hands grabbing my thighs, pulling my hips closer to him. Apparently it is ;) Brian moaned loudly as he pulled his cock back, the head still inside me. Our hips moving perfectly, my pussy devoured his hard cock with each stroke. Brian slammed his cock one last time, deep inside my pussy.

Dinner & A Limousine

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-18

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. As he stands awaiting your order, I watch his eyes as they move from your face to your upper body in the form fitting dress, he eyes the outline of your breasts before moving further down to the thighs of a goddess. Your moans fill the limo as your sexy legs tighten around my head and your hands pull my tongue hard against your clit.

Fake Break-in Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-07-18

Open my pants, ya fudgepacker, you’re gonna love this,” he continued as he moved closer, towering over me and thrusting his big crotch at my face. I washed his crack like he told me to, and sucked his come out of his matted ass hair thinking, “It’ll be over soon, it’ll be over soon.” I could feel that he was stroking his cock, and couldn’t think about what was coming. I felt sick again to know that what my attacker had spat at me was true, that even if anyone saw this – and probably several were watching with binoculars right now – they’d probably just think we were a couple of kinky gay fucks getting off. I’m gonna shoot a big burnin’ load right up your little whore-ass!

Jenny comes home, spanks Alexandra (#7)

first-time petdyke 2018-07-18

Jennifer gets her answer in my challenge: make Alex come on my leg and you will spank her first Jennifer feels at Alexandra's slit how wet she gets from her first ever spanking for pleasure Jennifer tells the tasty wanton wet sexy Swedish blond cute beauty: I will punish her for full Jennifer feels how hot and wet Alexandra gets at her lap - her hard belly muscles get harder Jennifer feels how hot Alexandra is now, how close to come for us as our sexy submissive girl Jennifer feels how hot Alexandra will come from her first ever sexy spanking for pure pleasure Jennifer knows she earns some sexy credits at her hot Dad to make Alexandra come from spanking

Sandy And Dermot

first-time Sienna 2018-07-18

"I'm Sandy," she smiled and took his hand, holding it a few seconds whilst she checked out the young man before her, casually dressed in t-shirt and jeans with quite a few manly muscles and handsome looks, especially when he smiled. "Take off your clothes Dermot, come on, this is our deal." He began to strip and noticed when she bent forwards to remove her lower clothing, her breasts were like perfectly formed cones of flesh, and not dissimilar to what he had seen in porn, only Sandy's were there in physical reach. Suddenly his sex drive took a step backwards and right away Sandy could feel it in his cock.

My First Orgasm

first-time stif266 2018-07-18

I was about to have full sex with a dog, Like it or not this one was going to fuck me and I couldn't stop him, Bruce by now most definitely meant business and after me wanking his cock he was not taking no as an answer. When he was done thrusting he just collapsed down on my back exhausted and lay there, panting heavily into my left ear, I could still feel his hot sperm squirting up hard inside me, literally splashing up against my cervix and flooding me, so different from man coming inside you for a half minute or so, this was almost like someone peeing up inside you, so hot and very, very wet...

Fantasy part I

first-time sassysissy12 2018-07-18

She has long blonde hair, a black full body latex outfit that I like so much, a strapon strapped on her hips, and a whip in her hands. She starts laughing and says I know what we will do today slave and in split second she is gone, and I am left all alone, naked on my knees. I dont know what to think but since She has that whip in the other hand I dont want to give Her a reason to use it. Next was a bra, it was nice and pink just like panties, but I had no tits what will I do with bra I ask Her. And she slaps me and says DO WHAT I SAID SLUT.