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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Weird Science

first-time kcfan 2018-07-18

I slid my finger up and felt her hard thick nipples. to turn her butt in little circles against my cock and When my cock was rock hard, she broke our kiss, smiled I saw the way her eyes looked at my cock as she stroked head of my cock was so sensitive I felt like I was going Suddenly my jizz began to fly from my cock and splatter who looked like Kelly LeBrock, I got to take a shower would you like to be tit-fucked?" she asked, staring up get a hand job from her, get tit-fucked by her, AND got I fingered her butt hole harder and her body writhed and slid my cock out of her butt.

The Game Begins

first-time Bossbitch8 2018-07-18

I kiss him harder, he replies with a groan and pushes his tongue deeper. He bites my lip hard and ends the kiss. I pull back and look down, feeling a pang of rejection. The look that turns me on like nothing else. "I've never been kissed." I look down and reply. I gasp and shiver as he cups my boob with his left hand and his right hand slowly makes its way towards my pussy. Before I can even try to stop him, I feel it pushing inside me. He feels so good in my mouth, it's gonna be so much better in my pussy. He pulls me up and hugs me tight, planting kisses on my head.

Unfulfilled Desires Ch. 02

first-time terravista 2018-07-18

"You need to cut Laura some slack Ann Marie," my mother said quietly, while I poured myself a drink. "I know I am Ray," I said reaching down and resting my hand on his thigh. "Hmm, you're enjoying this aren't you Ray?" I said as I encountered his hardness. "Woah, I'm in here," Ray said, covering his wet naked body, but not before I had glimpsed what he'd referred to as his cock "Oh Ray. You are still interested." I said moving directly into him, pressing my breasts hard into his chest and raising my head to kiss him. "Didn't you like that Ray?" I said standing and moving to start the shower.


First Sex... and More

first-time LISABABYDOLL 2018-07-18

He sucked it, like he was giving it oral sex, and was just moving his own hand towards me when Bob came back into the room. I reluctantly brought my knees together and pulled my dress down – I really couldn't have cared less if Bob caught a glimpse; I was feeling that naughty – but as I said, me & Francis seemed destined for a long term romantic relationship so I didn't want to be one of their bachelor pad whores. I thought about what I'd do if Bob did pass by, and pictured him flinging the door open and sliding into me, but it didn't happen, so I eventually got on top of Francis and rubbed myself against him.

Ruthie at the Beach

first-time ReedRichards 2018-07-18

I was fantasizing about pulling off our bottoms, and making love right there, in the ocean, with all of the people still left on the beach watching us, and I'm pretty sure that Jason was thinking the same thing, but we didn't try that. I'm just a 34-A, and sure don't need a bra, but mom had already brought me up short about not having my bikini top on when I got home, so there was no way I was going braless now; I almost never did before, except a few times in the winter when I was wearing a heavy sweatshirt or something.

punished by parent in laws chapter 5 part 2

first-time lippy100 2018-07-18

Geoff spanked me a second time, and although the pain was intense I managed to hold my position. He followed up with four further spanks to my very tender backside, and although I cried out with each blow I held my position. Following the six strikes on my buttocks with the riding crop, Geoff declared, "You have taken your punishment well for being a tardy employee. The fourth blow struck the crease between my buttocks and thighs and I couldn't help but let my legs go, so intense was the pain. Geoff gave me two further painful blows with the riding crop, and my legs began to shake. With dogged determination I held my legs up straight so my thighs were fully exposed to him.

The Metro Experience Pt. 02

first-time Itheswag 2018-07-18

"Ye..yea" said Andrew, they stood their trying to start a much needed conversation but just embarrassedly looked down on the floor. "...I suddenly felt a cock between my legs, and all those experience and pleasure of sex came back to me like a flood, I just could not hold back a chance of even slightly feeling like that again, I said to myself that it should not go further than this, but I ended up pushing you inside me by myself I. Andrew heard the man moan, it looked like he just cummed and he started decreasing his phone's volume. This time Adrianne pressed her mouth to Andrew's as the man started getting some toilet paper from a new roll.

Train Three Sexy Slaves #8: Aisha's Confessio

first-time petdyke 2018-07-18

Aisha blushes a bit and licks her lips so sweet and shy - she seems wondering where to start her tale Aisha looks like lost in sweet sexy memories, her most innocent youngest years encouraged by her mom Aisha reflects for a while on that time before she continues sharing her hottest sexy confessions Aisha blushes a bit deeper as she confesses how they'd play for many hours, mutually fingering Aisha is fast at finding fingering for pleasure her girlfriends like herself - licking later Aisha please tell us did you back then already discover licking love lips for pure pleasure? Aisha was less lucky in love with her hot male friends hence she applies for sexy therapy at me

The Artist and the Model

first-time regnglad 2018-07-18

She called out that she was ready, asking how he wanted her to stand and he could barely manage facing her, his eyes going from her's and then quickly diving down over her body and into the floor. Caressing his cheek gently he almost purred at the feel of her hand, wondering if this was finally what he'd been waiting for for so long. He couldn't help but take his hand back to caress them too, it was almost instinctive the way he kissed and licked her bosom, his tongue playing around her nipples as her bush teased his abdomen. Her hands squeezing his chest as she rode him, riding him harder and harder as their bodies took control over them, making his bed shake as they both trembled within.

At the Villa Ch. 03

first-time uvlas45 2018-07-18

Yes it was waiting, eager to enter her as much as she was ready to receive it, to feel its head entering, pushing inside until it meets her virgin barrier and then the final push, break the barrier until the gate will be wide opened, forever. Break me Sam. Put your hard dick at the door of my vagina and push it slowly inside my pussy.' She pleaded. 'No, nothing, just pleasure!' Diane lowered herself down on my body and while started kissing me she started to make love to my hard dick, by squeezing it with her vaginal muscles.

Your Cock is My First Blowjob!

first-time uniquenewyork 2018-07-18

I crawl on your bed and I stick my nose up to your asshole and I inhale deeply. Then I want to taste you so I spread your ass checks apart wide and I look inside your asshole to examine it. I do it for about 5 more minutes until there is no more taste because your anus and asshole are now completely clean. I suck your balls into my mouth one by one, but no matter how hard I try to, I can't fit them both in my mouth. I then stick your cock head in my mouth and taste your precum. I quickly stick my finger up your asshole while I suck your cock and that brings you off!

An unexpected suprise part 1

first-time 2018-07-18

I could feel my cock getting hard and already poking her. As we separated, she already started working on removing my pants, thus revealing my hard cock. Man, I got to say she sucked that thing like a pro. I nearly howled like a wolf as her shaved pussy came into my face. Rebecca then asked if I could just fuck her good and hard. Thankfully, the coach wanted us to sit down and stop moving around. After we arrived and got off, I pulled her aside from the others and asked, “Why me? You, out of everyone on this team treat me like I’m somebody and encourage me to strive for their best.

A portable bed room (RV)

first-time Christian-Grey6 2018-07-18

He was loving the feel of her large breast, how nice and soft they were but he did not want to be moving to fast so he concentrated on her kiss and the way her tongue danced with his. He kissed her neck and let his hand slip up her blouse to get a better feel her breast. He then starts slowly moving his cock in and out of her enjoying the heat and wetness her pussy while kissing her passionately. He leans over and kisses her deeply and then back and nibbles on her nipple and then up continuing slow deep strokes into her pussy and then he takes his fingers and starts to add clit stimulation as she grabs her breasts and pinches her nipples.

The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

first-time sushicook 2018-07-18

The content of a bucket of brackish water quickly shocks me back into consciousness and slowly I start to understand, that the old bald man next to me must have bought me in exchange of a few jars of sour wine. But he helps me up and even smiles at me: »A good number that you just did up there, Queenie, but now you better come with me!« His name is Thorses, he says - and he doesn't really look like bad man at all. I don't want any strive with the gods, but if you really need a good spanking, just ask me for it!« And then he laughs again like a complete idiot over his own dirty jokes.

Maria's Virginity- Popped

first-time SirDuction 2018-07-18

The sun was beating down and she took off the black coat of her two-piece suit and slung it over her shoulder, any observant man with an eye for a beautiful woman would take in at glance the sexy walk, the wriggling bum in the black knee-length skirt and his keen eye would get a tantalising glimpse of her white bra through the tightly pulled blouse buttons stretched across her fulsome breasts. Jeff stood at the bottom of the bed and, with Maria's cunt totally exposed to him, pulled his t/shirt over his head displaying his manly chest, firm, tanned stomach muscles developed by the arduous nature of his job.


first-time NashMan51 2018-07-18

You look at the bathroom door and say with an evil grin “Well Jenny, how would you like to see how much you’ve learned?” She says sure but how? If you are comfortable with that, you can practice all you want.” You see her nipples getting erect and you watch her start rubbing her pussy. Jenny tells me you had been teaching her oral sex and she wants to see if she can do it right. She moves the robe out of the way and starts to place gentile kisses on my cock. Her mouth finds my cock again and she starts licking the head again. The sweet juices flow out her pussy as she starts to bob her head on my cock quicker and quicker.

The day a knight turned me

first-time kutwijf 2018-07-18

Almost; my knight must have heard the moan because he looked back a little confused and then smiled before turning away. I knew damn well what I was doing; my knight had a clear view all the way down the bus, up my skirt and could see my moist pussy framed by black lace crotchless panties. When the first shoe was done, I handed him the other, shifted my butt and lifted my little black dress a few inches higher. When I did get home, I was so wet and horny I grabbed my husband pulled his cock form his jeans and dropped to my knees and sucked him like a piglet on a sow’s teat.

my first cum facial

first-time allithinkaboutissex 2018-07-18

Being nervous but excited about it i had no idea what it was going to feel like, let alone know what i was supposed to do, lucky i had K to help with this, he positioned me on the mattress in the lounge room on my hands and knees my ass up in the air and i had S on his knees in front of my face, K behind me licking my hole and spreading my ass cheeks before i felt this cold sensation run between my ass cheeks and onto my hole, i then felt K's finger rubbing the lube around my hole as he applied copious amounts of it onto my hole as his finger started to slowly penetrate me, it was such an odd sensation, not too painful (a little bit but no serious pain) i was enjoying this so much i had a cock in my face and a guy training my hole.

Handsome Ch. 05

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-07-18

He got to the ball in plenty of time, but the lefthander had not thought to cover first base, and Allen Temple raced home with the first run of the game, while I ran to third. We lost, 2 — 1 and I was feeling pretty low until Coach Raymond took me aside, and said, "Aubrey, you had a pretty good day for us." Instead, I waited until Chelsea and Joy stopped laughing and then said, "To answer your question, Mora, yes, there are a couple other places I know of." "He said he had some places that would make us feel good," Joy replied, not certain if she too should be protesting. But," I said, turning to look Joy right in the eye, "I think you need to be kissed."

whole something new

first-time brendan_69 2018-07-18

The same time as she cupped my cock I rubbed her boobs at that point she pushed me away didn’t know what just happened my mind just went with dude you dude something wrong. She picked up her clothes and got dress so I did the same she waited till I completely dress then just walked to the door said thanks and pushed me out at this point I'm not stable and still trying to figure out what happened but I just started walking to campus and was in my own world thinking about what happened the hole day.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 2.

first-time 2018-07-18

Looking at the waves crashing onto the beach, a turbulent gust caught my dress, billowing and sending it upward on the breeze until I felt its coolness kiss the bare flesh just above the waistband, the hem of the dress settled briefly there before dropping back over my voluminous navy blue knickers. He paused and looked at me, his gaze alternating between my face and the now wide open navy knickered crutch under the dress's tightened hem between my outstretched knees. He scrambled down onto his hands and knees, looking around, getting closer and closer towards me, picking up the odd coin until only the top of his head was visible to me over the hem of my dress.

first time for cuckold

first-time Her_cuck 2018-07-17

She got up and put nipple clamps on me then said "on your knees, it's your turn." She got down beside me and guided his cock into my mouth with one hand on it and one on the back of my head. We took turns sucking and licking for about 10 minutes then he told me to lay on the bed. I just lay there watching, straining in my chastity cage (thank god she didn't make me use the spikes in it) After a few minutes he said "don't just lie there, lick!" So there i was, licking my wife's pussy and his shaft and balls.

oh I so want her

first-time Drflirt 2018-07-17

The passion n the lust between us was so intense as soon as we got to the car park she look arnd scared and she didn't say a word I guess the shock was so intense I kissed her again pulling her towards me my hands on her butt my cock as hard as a rock she sure felt it poke her her thru her jeans we started making out my hands feeling every curve of her clothed body oh she smelt so great her lips tasted like strawberries her hair smelt like a garden of roses.

Alexis Makes an Office Visit

first-time RogerK 2018-07-17

She gave a bigger shudder as I gave her pussy lips a little tickle with my fingers and then stood up to kiss her again. My hands felt her upper thighs, her lower stomach, the fresh-shaven mound above her pussy, the soft globes of her butt, the delicate crease between her cheeks, gently grazing her anus. Keep showing me what you did to yourself." She was slowly rubbing her fingers through the lips of her pussy while she shifted back and forth on her feet. As I held my knees to my chest, her head bobbed up and down on my cock while her hands and fingers caressed my balls and down to my anus.