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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 4

first-time kullansg 2018-07-17

Naani pulled off my lungi while Devi took off my shirt. As she turned around after closing the window, Devi took my lungi and wiped her saying, “Poor chichi, she is all wet and cold. They changed positions, getting ready to suck each other’s cunts, with Devi on top of Naani. I placed my mouth at her cunt opening and bit off a small piece of the banana. Devi took some oil and applied to Naani’s arse-hole. Devi watching all this began to rub her cunt. Not to be left out, Naani immediately knelt behind Devi and started to lick her cunt. She sat astride me and took my prick into her cunt and started rocking. Naani too sat astride me, facing Devi.

Fore Play and More

first-time beachb0y 2018-07-17

Her arms went around my neck as she started kissing me on my lips, gently at first like on the dance floor, and then deeper using her mighty tongue to feel me teeth, my tongue, the top of my mouth and as far down my throat as she could. I felt the pleasurable pain start near my ass, move up to my scrotum and then, like a hot geyser, make its way up my cock and into her warm, welcoming, wet mouth. “I am soooooo wet, baby, and” she paused her to raise her cunty fingers to her lips, “I want you to lick me there” and with that she lowered her ass to my face and I instinctively stuck my tongue out and licked the spot between her asshole and her pussy.

My First Experience

first-time sweetindiangirl 2018-07-17

Then it was time for the final assault on my womanhood… he told me to spread my legs and he pushed his cock slowly inch by inch, and it felt as if it was really tearing my pussy lips apart, I could not stand the pleasure and let out a deep cry, only to arouse him more and get him to pound real hard. It would me fun only if I am made to do all this with my hands in those heavy duty handcuffs, my naked ass being spanked by a good whip / paddle and then the guys coming in my mouth one by one, and yes all this in the presence of my dearest hubby.

Martina's Diary: Monday, 25th July, 2011

first-time 2018-07-17

We got talking and she told me that she can only achieve vaginal orgasm with a man on their first or second time together, when her desire is really strong. She said she could even achieve orgasm with her clothes on, provided her desire for a new man was really strong. It was naughty Rose who suggested that perhaps I like Carlo because I don't see him all that often, and that I'm secretly turned on by the fact that he takes other girls to his bed. And that I get, "...really fucking horny", as she put it, thinking about him having sex with other girls. 10:30 The sex talk with Rose led us inexorably to her bed.

The Roommate

first-time tplayer82 2018-07-17

So he leaves Mark d***k in our bed to go to some girl's house and play cards! One night - Kyle fell asl**p in the chair and we got up and went around the corner in the hall and stood there for a long time - kissing, touching each other..... He wanted to fuck standing up in the back...I went for it, I was wearing a summer skirt...he started to fingered my pussy...making it so wet and sticky until he make me cum so good...I unzipped his jeans and kneel down to eat his long meat...I turn around and he fucked my pussy from behind so good that make me cum one more time...he turned me around to explode and delivered his milk in my mouth!!

My Konstantine

first-time xanniex 2018-07-17

Kaleb helped lean me back, one of the blankets propped behind my head as a makeshift pillow against the car door, and the other under my hips, angling my bare pussy up at him. I winced as the roughness took me by surprise, but Kaleb continued his loving attention to my clit, and I felt new waves of orgasmic euphoria starting to build once more. My parents confronted me with all of my explicit conversations with Kaleb that they had stumbled upon in my message history, and I naively admitted to everything, including the events that took place earlier that very evening.


first-time Trevisimo 2018-07-17

At first I was totally disinterested but after a while I realised I was actually attracted to some of the cock photos that came my way and I eventually began to allow my wandering mind to entertain the idea of taking one of them in my mouth and slowly sucking it off. At first I was totally disinterested but after a while I realised I was actually attracted to some of the cock photos that came my way and I eventually began to allow my wandering mind to entertain the idea of taking one of them in my mouth and slowly sucking it off.

How I discovered I was a cuckold. The first time I

first-time 5inchreach 2018-07-17

This is a true story of how I discovered I liked to watch girls I cared about get fucked by other guys. I got 2 fingers in and starting to give her a good fucking when I think she got irritated with my technique, or maybe she just didn't want me, im not sure. and watch my supposed friend, fuck the girl I felt like I was in love with. I honestly think she would have let me stay, but Colton not wanting to be cock blocked said A pair of panties in my mouth and a smelly sweaty sock on my face, watching my girl ride another guy. I pulled my dick out of her ass and I saw a load of Colton's cum start to ooze out.

Stepdaughter Growing Up

first-time i8her 2018-07-17

When she came home after school she went into the hall bath room and started undressing to take her shower, like she did every day. She caught me looking at her thru the bathroom door that she always left open, and then acting shocked she tried to cover her body with her arms across her huge tits however her big nipples could not be hidden and with the other hand over her pussy she looked at me for a second then turn and continue washing as if I wasn't there. I watch her clean her body, sticking her fingers in her hairy pussy with her eyes closed moaning and saying no over and over until she started whimpering and convulsing as she came.

Diane a Gentleman's Valentine

first-time KatlynTemplar 2018-07-17

When I was satisfied she was comfortable, I devoured Diane's magnificent cleavage making sure it was tattooed on my mind then with a growing penis in my pants, I quickly snapped the door shut and rounded the car to enter the driver's side before the scantily clothed gorgeous woman sitting in the fancy carriage got away. I told her I didn't think about sex much then to my surprise, she opened her coat slightly and proudly displayed a gorgeous and erect pink nipple mounted on a baby pink areola atop a succulent snow-white breast and asked with a girlish giggle, "How about now?" I not only approved of her exposed tit, I approved of her daring demeanor, as did my penis and the patrons in the room watching the frivolity going on at our table.

Read if you want I guess. :]

first-time 2018-07-17

Every since I was about 16 years old, a junior in highschool and getting put in this really cute teachers class. Next day in class all he did was watch me even winked at me a couple of times made me blush and I guess he liked that. Nerves kick in he walks over to me and said "good job on the test but there's something else I would like to ask you.." "Okay..?" "What was on your mind that day that made you run out of here so fast." "Nothing important just kinda spacing out I guess." I said, "that's a lie and we both know it" He replies.

A Journal Entry

first-time reluctant_quill 2018-07-17

Cliff had always been good to his grandchildren and I really wasn't looking forward to telling Tommy about the events that resulted in our twenty-three year truce. My parents would tell you with great moral certitude that I lost my virginity the evening of Saturday, August 22, 1981, the day I married Cliff's younger daughter, Wendy. During my first three years of high school, it seemed like the only thing my friends and I could talk about was the fun we were having with members of the opposite sex. She said she had to be very careful, even with her dad wasn't in the house because Wendy didn't know what her sister would do if she caught us talking.

Fun at an Adult Book Store

first-time kbking70 2018-07-17

I sat and watched the videos with my cock out, not realizing why someone in the hallway was sliding their foot under the door. I went into my booth, the one on the end, and flipped on a video, this time of a hot looking transsexual. (Not to mention my asshole feeling really spread open in this position) He looked over, saw my cock, and shot a thick string of cum into the hallway between the booths. To my delight he only increased his sucking - I thought for sure he would pull off to see my cum shoot all over the video booth wall. I looked down over my tweaked nipples at his face with my shaved cock buried in his mouth and watched him take my hot cum.

My first time gay

first-time johnnjohnn666 2018-07-17

I had always wanted to try with a guy, always posting ads on Craigslist but if I am totally honest I would always bottle it, have a wank fantasising about it but then never meet. At about 8 the guy rang and said he was on his way there ,so i didn't even think about it i just got my coat ,made my excuses to my gf and went. As I sat there nervous and tempted to drive away some headlights pulled up behind me, and he text me asking if that was me etc, I said yes it was and should I come and get in his car? " no its my first time with a guy too, do you want to go in the toilets or try in here?

my granny

first-time xlingamx 2018-07-17

She was very surprised by this answer and she did ask him how this was possible, after which he said, half laughing, half-serious, "because I still haven't found a girl like you." Geraldine was for a moment speechless, regained however quickly her senses and said, "but boy, now you're laughing on me, isn't it, because you know how old I am and you certainly won't convince me that you would like something second-hand." All of a sudden Tommy made a decision and said, "but granny, I know that you aren't young anymore but I'm sure that with the right clothes you're able to look like the mom of any student.

Touch me, Byron

first-time 2018-07-17

She moved her hair off her neck and relaxed, leaning on her desk as Byron laid her hands on her shoulders and began to slowly massage. Byron took her hands which were cupping her breasts and moved them back, first kissing each one of them and then grabbed her large breasts which he began to squeeze lustfully until Ms MC shuddered. Byron pulled out and grabbed a breast and kissed her passionately as he made his final thrust, blowing his hot load deep within her. One final long moan escaped her as she felt his hot cum explode within her and she collapsed, her legs fell and slowly wrapped around Byron, and her breasts stopped bouncing.

My wife's drive!

first-time 2018-07-17

Then I turned onto a side road and she started to cover up and I said don't do that just let me drive and she laid her head back and said you really want everyone to see my tits? As we drove a little further I saw a man walking down the road and I told her I was going to stop and ask for some directions and I wanted her to let happen what would happen.She really was nervous but left her tits out. As I stopped the man leaned in her window and said WOW!!I asked directions and he gave them to me starring at her tits the whole time.

Young Discoveries

first-time dutts 2018-07-17

penis sprung from the elastic waist band standing straight up like his. His eyes got real big and he began to rub the under side of his cock head more intently. open palm. I said "I've got a better way of doing it, and if you do it long enough you'll get this really super good feeling." He looked down as I gripped my cock with two of my index fingers, then began jacking off by pulling the fore skin over the head of my cock over and over on each stroke.  My cock was still growing, and I couldn't fit my whole fist on it yet, but I had unusually big balls that slapped loud when I jacked off. I said, "do it like this" as I took his cock in my hand, and started jacking him off. heavy, whispering and moving around in the stall. Besides, it was a cement bathroom with a real pungent chlorine smell from the swimming pool, and the room real echoey. He was completely naked too, maybe two or three years older and several inches taller with red hair. Probably f******n, and had more hair around his penis. He stepped away and stood the crack, his fist sliding a little slower over his cock. "That's a huge one" he said as we stroked away. The older boys will thicken and turn white like mine," said the older boy.  "Your cock

Learning to be the HIGH SCHOOL WHORE

first-time TampaHouseWives 2018-07-17

He giggled and said yes, so I leaned over, intending to just kiss it quickly, but instead, I took the whole thing in my mouth and it seemed natural to want to suck it all over which I did! I was introduced and I'm sure he told them I was a slut and after a couple minutes and three more beers, I was in a back room, naked and getting my pussy, mouth and ass fucked by anyone who had a dick!...LOL I was used so much in the next couple hours that my jaw hurt almost as much as my holes and I have no idea how much sperm was dumped in me.

Game Show Winners & Losers

first-time easyballs 2018-07-17

Ray did notice a couple of the guys eyeing up his Angie and made sure they spotted him holding her close to him, or giving her a kiss 'she's mine boyo' he seemed to want to say to anyone who looked like a possible threat to him. It became fairly obvious to Ray that Angie was slowly but surely falling for this Tim, despite her having told him on live TV that she was engaged. Get that tight little pussy used to it!...It's going to be getting used by it frequently from now on!" Angie heard him, and was so far gone she readily agreed "God yes, yes, I want more of that wonderful cock...

first time with s****r

first-time jj2567 2018-07-17

So there we were sitting on her bed playing card i was looking at her thinking when to make my move. then out of no where she said i cant take it any more, show me your hard dick i been looking at for the past hour. Ready to see it, so i pulled it out and she damn i want to fuck you but i am scared your dick is big. I said how are you going to do that she pulled out a tape measure from the night stand beside her bed. I fucked her in every postion and an hour later told her i was going to cum she said dont go inside of me shoot in in my mouth so i did.

Black co-workers

first-time 2018-07-17

There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and attracted to Jeff and we k**ded all the time like that. decided to take Jeff's joke seriously and accepted his husband and I was attracted to Jeff. the two guys in the front seat would know what we were By that time Jeff's fingers were making me Jeff fucked me doggy style. likes of which I'd never experienced with my husband. my legs around his humping butt and started fucking him We both came at the same moment and Jeff quickly pulled Jeff and I fucking. In the end, they each fucked me and Jeff did it twice. But this time, all the while my husband

Turning to Darkness P-2

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-07-17

Each visit followed a similar pattern, the Shadow Prince would dance with Rachel’s mother then when mom was tired, he would put her to bed and spend some time with Rachel. With out ever thinking about it, Rachel had been convinced that with her mother gone, the Shadow Prince would pay no more visits, so she was very surprised to see him in her dreams one night. The Shadow Prince stood tall and motionless as she talked, his face always hidden, yet she somehow knew he was paying attention. When she was finally done the telling of her abuse at the hands of her father, the Shadow Prince turned his gaze from her to the bedroom door, as if looking beyond it into the rest f the house.

The Lessons Ch. 13

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-07-17

"Do you like my new dress, Andy?" Alice asked, twirling around for him, causing the skirt to rise up and her breasts to bounce. "Now, Alice, you quit that showing off, you're making Andy uncomfortable." Mrs. Campbell apparently noticed that Alice was being a bit of a tease yet didn't seem to mind, or at least she also found it to be innocent fun rather than inappropriate. "Alice, is the Pad Thai to your liking?" Andy asked. "Billy," the maitre de said, speaking to the waiter, "Bring Mr. Storr another serving, in fact an extra serving, and be sure that it is mildly spicy this time." He turned to Andy, "I am most sorry, Mr. Storr, we have twice disappointed you.