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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First time showing and playing in public

first-time plez2tease 2018-07-17

I was still so horny from the drive that after a few tries I just turned on the stool towards him and Russ I then placed my feet up on the top bar and l let him spread my legs enough that he would have a clear view to my pussy. Several times John would reach up and push or pull on my pussy lips or the hole in my crotch of my leggings. At the same time, Jeff moves his left hand up my legs and lets his finger slide right into my wet pussy. When he started to shank and I was sure he was about to cum I lean forward, took his cock fully into my mouth, and let him thrust in and out of my mouth as if he was fucking my pussy, until he cums.

The Wank

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-07-17

on his cock which was so hard and close into his body the head was up by his navel. I reached out and wrapped my little hand around the shaft of his cock, about halfway down. "You getting there?" I asked gently, looking down at the vividly purple shining inside He nodded, gulping, looking down at his knob in my little hand "Close your eyes, think of whoever you'd like to be wanking you, imagine it's Kelly Brook incredibly gently onto his (sculpted) belly and, licking my lips, took the head of his cock and swallow I did, until finally I slipped his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him,

First Fuck

first-time kbking70 2018-07-17

I knew my cock was growing and there were other guys around so I got conflicted and turned away. His cock was growing, and that pink head started slowly popping out from under his foreskin. He slowly cleaned his cock again, this time squeezing it, and lifting it to wash his balls. As he ran that pink-tipped cock up and down, he ran his other hand over me, pausing to tweak my nipple and suck on my neck. I felt him slowly running his soapy cock up and down my butt, trench pausing to slap it on my cheeks. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, making me feel incredibly empty, and sad.

Fathers Day - Pt. 3

first-time pinks43 2018-07-17

He took hold of my right boob and squeezed lightly, then cooed into the pillow, I felt his lovely cock twitch right in the crack of my bum where it had been now for who knows how long – I didn’t dare move in case I woke him up but I knew I needed that weapon to grow and to spear me into the bed. One time, he pulled it so low that he almost pushed his wonderful cock forwards and into my aching pussy, but at the last minute it changed direction and headed back towards my bum hole. Slowly I started us rocking backwards and forwards again and I could feel him twisting his hips to try and cork crew his cock up inside my tiny hole.

My First Time

first-time gamma33 2018-07-17

Father was not as religious as she, only going to church on Sundays, while I attended Sunday School in the church basement where Mrs. Saxton, the only other woman I'd had contact with, the teacher, would hold forth for about an hour before we were shoo'd upstairs to join our parents. At first we wondered what would happen to Gertrude, but soon learned that Mr. Mullen had signed the house over to her months before and, in addition, had left her, as mother put it, a rather tidy sum of money. "You've got very nice legs, Miss Gertrude." With her eyes fixed on the bulge in my pants, she replied, "And it looks like you have a very nice third leg, Andy.

Hospital Ch. 01

first-time Viscal 2018-07-17

Chamberlain is starting chemotherapy today so I want to make sure she is-" I was cut off mid sentence when a soft set of fingers found their way around my torso. No more words were needed, this was my chance for pleasure and I wasn't going to miss out this time. I gazed deeply at her perfect half exposed body for a few seconds before I pressed my palms to her breasts resulting in her letting out a soft moan of welcomed pleasure. Though the experience was new it lasted for a good twenty minutes and I felt her orgasm at least half a dozen times and the small puddle grew more and more.


first-time 2018-07-17

This didn’t seem to put him off and he continued each time banging me hard and deep and now really pulling at my hair with one hand while holding the back of my neck with the other, oh my god this was amazing, painful at first but melting me and i was so relaxed now every thrust was delightful, i was squealing and moaning so loud and pretty much cumming constantly forcing his juicy wet cock out my pussy,to which he would quickly ram it back in with f***e until there it was he froze and i could feel his lovely cock pulsating deep inside filling me up once gain.


first-time retcntryboy 2018-07-17

She reached her Black Nyloned Spike High Heeled Foot forward onto my cock and started to massage it making my pleasure unbearable, within minutes I let loose a load of cum. Her Black Nyloned Red Spike High Heeled legs were walking back to me when she motioned for me to stand up which I did while she sat down. She had me kneel on the floor and place the Spike High Heels on her Black Nyloned Feet while she put on a coat of Red wet Lipstick. She first took my cock into her Mouth and coated it with her Red lipsticked Lips; I then placed it between her breasts and started to move it in and out of her tightly held tits.

A happy wife with a little help

first-time luv2bblown 2018-07-17

Now, our bodies area good six inches away at this point, so I scotched a little closer, keeping the cock in her pussy, and gave her a little more. She started pushing back onto the cock as I was shoving it forward, and soon she was past the halfway point and moaning for all she was worth. We kept fucking, and pretty soon, she had taken 3/4 of the cock, about 7 inches, and was really getting into it. A couple of days later, I took the cock out from under the bed to wash it, and she happened to see it in all of its glory, with a look of combined shock and happiness.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 12

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-07-17

"Ah, that is the best part of all of this." Heather said looking at Jacob with a smile on her face. From inside of it she pulled out a device that looked something like a modified milk pump mothers use while lactating. The cup was at the end of a long flexible hose so it looked like it could be used from several feet away from the actual pumping unit itself. She kept her right hand moving over the tip of his cock while her left hand reached down and grasped the suction cup at the end of the hose attached to the pump.

Blind Love

first-time Pop-O 2018-07-17

Lisa looked up from the table and noticed a young man, about twenty-five years old, nicely dressed in a suit and wearing the dark glasses, and the white cane with the red tip. Stan broke her sentence off by saying, “I’m sorry Ann, I wanted to ask if you’d like to accompany me to supper, I get off in about thirty minutes and do hate to eat alone.” Jumping from the bed, Ann found her way to the bathroom and commenced cleaning up a little, then back into the room to locate the dress she took off. After the meal, Stan walked her back to the hotel and as they neared her door, he turned her and asked if it was okay if he felt her face.

Pepper And Tony: Shared Shower

first-time Studderfish 2018-07-17

He continued to watch as she ran her hands across her body staring at him asleep in the bed before putting on her white shirt and buttoned the two buttons crossing her chest. He stroked along her side slowly letting his fingertips feel the warmth of her soft skin She was rolling her head to the side and he studied the water cascading down her cute face, drip off her nose and flow past her lips as he brought his own down for another kiss of the many he wanted to pursue with his gorgeous energetic friend. With a reassuring nod of permission from his redheaded love he ran his fingers along her garden and playfully tickled the surrounding area before entering working in slowly he got braver and went deeper as she tried her hand at his biological tool.


first-time Slickman 2018-07-17

Note from Slick: Things were going so great for Ryan and Sarah until a new boy from California moves into their Illinois town. Sarah smacked him easily on his arm and gave him a quick kiss before opening the door and walking into her home room. Sarah and Matti watched David moving outside. Sarah saw one of the other cheerleaders looking their way and quickly pulled her fingers back as if they were touching hot flames. As he drove away Sarah turned and started walking towards Ryan's beat up black Honda Civic. "Amber lives down this way," Matti said making the first right turn. Matti dropped Sarah off at her home and was surprised to see Ryan's car in the driveway.

Early experience with a guy (Pt.2)

first-time 2018-07-17

After the experience of being brought to orgasm by my older friend, named Ted as it happens, I was surprisingly not bothered about what it meant in terms of how I felt sexually. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm and wondered if he wold touch me this time or not, I said I'm going to come soon and he nodded then he turned to face me and lifted himself up slightly so his stiff cock pointed at me. I looked from his sticky cock to his face as he moaned out loud and closed his eyes, crying out oh god, as his penis swelled and a thick dollop of warm semen landed on my tummy followed by three more deposits, slightly less urgent which matted in my pubes at the base of my cock.

My Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

first-time CAPT-CockAssPussyTit 2018-07-16

I was even more curious on how it looked like, especially so when my girl friends kept talking about so and so cocks they had experienced. The same thing happened, he pulled down his shorts to his knee and shook his cock without any hesitation as he knew I wasn't complaining. It looked so funny with his big bulge under my silky panties, exposing the red head of his cock. Sometimes when I looked back, I wondered why was I shaking a perverted flasher's cock, tasting his cum and masturbated with the panties he had worn! He came fast again, maybe he was excited that he was able to make a naive girl like me, sucking his cock.

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 03

first-time chasing_ivy 2018-07-16

As Mr. Alberts thought about the young girl his cock swelled to attention and he began stroking it with his soap covered hand. His thoughts were a jumble of images: her naked body writhing as he sucked on her clit, her soft mouth against his as her cum covered breasts mashed into his chest, and that submissive "Yes, Sir" as she left on Thursday. She wanted to see Mr. Alberts', no, Erik's muscular chest again, so she reluctantly pulled away and sat up. Wanting to feel the warmth of skin-on-skin contact, Naomi reached down and slowly started to work the layered tank tops she was wearing off her small, tanned body. As Erik pressed his chest against her hard nipples, Naomi allowed her hands to roam down his back and dip into the waist of his jeans.

secrets p3

first-time 2018-07-16

Not bothering to look and see if mom left a note on the Mark if she looked like the whore of his desires. of those dirty words both my mom's and Mark's mouths. It looked like a gargantuan coiled snake ready to furnished Mark's mammoth cock some clear, slippery My talented mother worked his member over like a she and placed it on Mark's open mouth to humiliate him dress above her tanned thighs to straddle Mark's face. like a partially opened garage door. Mom was now grinding her pussy into his face Mom leaned over his face and innocently kissed Mark's I wanted to prolong my cum as long my mother but like this, but Mom's orgasm made her loose complete

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 01

first-time johnwhoknew 2018-07-16

My best friend was Tony Delvecchio, Jeanie's older brother. Jocelyn and I had noticed that two new kids moved in on our street, but we didn't have time to play with them right away because we took a family vacation and were out of town during the weeks right before school started. Tony was the typical older brother, taunting and teasing Jeanie in sometimes amusing, yet sometimes cruel, ways. For a girl like Jeanie though, her older brother's friend was probably pretty appealing. For my part, I really did genuinely like Jeanie, but, as I said before, younger girls were essentially invisible in a romantic kind of way.

Screwing Private Ryan

first-time SweetDreemz 2018-07-16

I looked around for my buddies, but I couldn't see shit, and I damn sure wasn't going to call out. In between, the woman carefully reached over and grabbed the dead man's pack. It was obvious I wasn't going to be able to use this road, so I set out in the direction the woman had pointed, walking through the fields. I got up and walked around carefully, feeling my way through the dark house. The girl started going through the drawers, feeling her way inside them, looking for something to open it with. Then, turning her back to me, she reached behind her and unbuttoned her dress, pulled it over her head and set it over a chair.

The lawn boy (bi-sexual threesome story / MMF)

first-time pure_lust 2018-07-16

James shivered, his hands at his sides, fingers digging into the couch cushions, as Cheryl looked up at him and sucked his cock, taking him deeper and drooling on it, letting strings of spit run down his shaft and balls. I sat less than a foot away beside James as I looked down at Cheryl bobbing her mouth on his cock, stroking the base, sometimes leaning down to lick at his balls, which made more precum ooze out the tip. We fucked like that for a time, my hips driving my cock into Cheryl's pussy, the satisfying sound and feel of her big round ass smacking back on me, as she arched her back and I held her hair, helping bob her head on James, who was obviously struggling not to cum, keeping his eyes closed most of the time.

First Love 4.

first-time louise7033 2018-07-16

I think the girls in my department were all determined to have sex and came dressed accordingly in lots of make-up and short skirts and tight tops. Even I find him attractive, but as well as having a nice smile, a nice bottom, nice manners and no girlfriend, I think my friends like him because they say he has something strong and big in his pants.....and then they always giggle. I try to glance at his pants whenever I think he's not looking - just to see if the girls are just teasing or not. Perhaps it was a mistake going to the Christmas party, because what I saw and heard there last night just made me want to give in to my boyfriend right away.

Our first Time

first-time hotboy69x2 2018-07-16

He says "you like to watch your slut wife fuck other men" I tell him he is the first. As I turned away he asked if I was done watching my slut wife suck dick. He asked if I wanted to see my wife's fucked pussy. He pulled out of her mouth and told me that is how I need to treat a slut like my wife. Finally she looked at me as asked if I liked her being a slut for other men. I got up and looked her in the eyes and ask if she wanted to taste a slut's pussy. when she was done she looked and me and asked if I wanted to kiss a slut wife.


first-time 2018-07-16

I began to nibble and rub my face all over her belly then finally my hands were in full effect kneading her belly lifting it up licking underneath wher her belly met her body I felt the wight of her belly on my head...the whole time I found out later she was thinking ...this man is crazy. man befor me made love to her belly like I did :)!!she liked how it felt and let me continue...the kneading moed all over her body her thighs ass legs lower back arms shoulders her breathing was deep and rapid.

Lessons In Love Ch. 05

first-time velvetpie 2018-07-16

Her outstretched hand was touching the soft cloud of Seth's palm, her questing fingers caressing his tender flesh and her other hand lazily drew circles around her hard nipples. He was always telling my mother that sex was unnatural and that it was wrong. Helena stared back into his eyes, slowly letting her fingers part her wet flesh and find the tiny hidden button. Helena heard his words and closed her eyes as well, giving herself over to the sensations that were rocketing through her body. Grant appeared at her feet, rubbing his hands over the goose-pimpled flesh of her legs and Sunny's warm hands caressed her shoulders, her murmured words of encouragement filling Helena's ears as fire coursed through her body.