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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The School Reunion - Part 1

first-time desicock6 2018-07-16

My best friend from high school, Ben, decided to follow his father's footsteps and went to Harvard. And as I felt Ben's eyes on my cock, it started to react and became erect. And it wasn't long before my cock was at its full erection and was gently poking Ben in the bum. It wasn't long before Ben said he was very close. And with that thought still in my mind, Ben's cock erupted. Eventually, I got the taste of it and relaxed so that Ben's cum went straight down my throat. I could feel his tongue flick the tip of my cock and wipe my pre-cum. I could feel string after string of cum going into Ben's mouth.


Her Pants Were Wet.

first-time naughtydarksecret 2018-07-16

we arrived at the hotel and Shaun grabbed my hand and said here quick look at my view from my room, Shaun opened his door and he said look at the view, i walked to the window and as soon as i turned my back Shaun dropped his trousers and was stood there with his black cock hanging down to his thigh, i gulped and said wow that's nice, touch it if you want i said what about work i didn't even think about you Peter, Shaun said i told them i would be late back cos i had to go to the bank to sort out something, so we have an hour or more.

Getting Caught Masturbating

first-time dcam_man 2018-07-16

There are no doors on the bedrooms and she has to walk from her bed room past mine to go to the bathroom in the morning. Yesterday I heard her getting up so I threw the sheet off and pulled my panties down a little and took out my cock and hung my balls out, I also have a piercing in the shaft so made sure that was able to be seen. I started stroking myself and she walked past the room. She did not see me because she was walking away from my room towards the bathroom. I am laying on the bed grabbing my ass with one hand and stroking my big hard shaft with the other hand. She looked at me on the bed but then looked away again. As she walked colser towards my room she had another look.

Love Potion

first-time flashgordon562006 2018-07-16

As we started to enjoy the wine, I told Mary about my meeting with Ms. Zelda and the liquid. Mary said she would like to stay but had nothing to wear to bed and asked if it would be ok if she slept in the nude. Mary then let my shrinking cock slip out of her cunt and moved her mouth to it, sucking it completely in, trying to get it hard again. When I got home, I called Mary and asked her to come by and she said she would but only if she could have more of the liquid. I told her what Ms. Zelda said and she did not believe her but she would not be drinking anymore liquid soon.

Her Second Time

first-time x24u 2018-07-16

And Carl knows, too, because he says "I'm not sure she's earned it yet." Roger smiles and responds "I think you're right." He grabs me under my arms, lifts me off the bed and stands me up in the middle of the room between the two beds at the walls, wall with the door behind me, wall with the window in front of me, behind him. His expression changed from an initial grin (I guess from seeing me like this, but not sure) to a stern look, then he said "you better not stop sucking my dick if you want to get fucked some time, slut" (I don't remember the exact words, but the meaning I do recall quite clearly).

That First Night

first-time fantasex13 2018-07-16

I ran my finger over its swollen head and then, ever so slowly I slid my hand down the shaft and stopped when I felt the tickle of my spirally red pubic hair. I imagined it was me, sticking my tongue in and out of the musty slit of hers and tasting that salty fluid that made me wet enough for me to slip my thick cock head between those lips and plant my seed into her box. I closed my eyes, wet the palm of my hand with my tongue and started stroking my prick faster with the rhythm of her head bobbing back and forth.

Netting a Sugar Daddy for fun (Part 1, the introdu

first-time 2018-07-16

Coming back to the shelter I sat down in the same part of the bench and gazed across at the window, holding my breath and praying for another vision, this time in the bright light of the winter sun, but no such luck. His darkened form faced me as the light from over his shoulder hid everything I wanted to see, and I assumed he could not see me as I sat in the darkness of the shelter. I was reliving my sneaky voyourism when my bus arrived and as I took my seat I suddenly realised my seat, where I sat watching, had been in illumination from his light, he could see me watching him, even though he was in the dark to me.

Soldiers Girl Part 4

first-time lovely16 2018-07-16

He slowly ate my pussy rubbing my full belly, taking his time every now and then to come up and kiss his babies. The bed was a mess half the pillows on the floor the sheets half torn off, I came again and not long after I felt his cock swell and I started bouncing back against him and I heard him hold his breath and knew it was time. I just stared at my wedding ring and smiled at the way it shined in the moonlight streaming in the window, and rub my dog tags till I feel asl**p in his arms.

Naughty Gardener

first-time AndrewBonzua 2018-07-16

Long almost white looking blue tinted blonde hair caught the sunlight shining through the window and appeared to become a waterfall cascading over simallarly pale shoulders, washed out blue eyes and baby peach lips made her face seem like it was almost painted with thin layers of water color paint. However her f****y portrait showed her in all her pale glory, off to the left of their late father while Rose stood off to their mothers right, perfectly blending in with her parents.The image of that strange light haired woman with piercing blue eyes crossed her mind causing her to jump a bit.

Seeing Red

first-time The_Red_One 2018-07-16

Looking at the rain running down the glass I let my hands slide over my body. I lay back and let my memories guide me as I slowly thrust the shaft deep inside.... As soon as he closed the door I felt his hands grab me and pick me up off the ground. Biting my lips and my neck, grabbing me violently and pushing his cock deep inside of me. The faster and harder he thrust the more tightly and more desperately he closed his hands around my throat. Squirting and pulsing as if my body were losing all control, and then he gave a final, earth shattering thrust as he came.

My first piss experience

first-time johncool21 2018-07-16

Well i am a 18 year guy and lonely(I dont care if anyone hates me but im a bit fat and i have really big tits and a busty ass) and wanted to share my first best experience. He told me to slide a finger in the glass and as soon i slided it was just amazing, i dont know what happened inside me but i was on the world. I layed down on the floor as put my hand inside the glass and took some piss and on tits and nipples which were fucking hard. I took out one boob and started sucking my nipple(my tits are big) and then he told me to take the straw and take some piss through it in my ass.

Nathan and Colleen

first-time SlamDuncan 2018-07-16

"Okay," Colleen said and pulled her sweatshirt over her head and unhooked the lavender lace demi-bra that barely covered her nipples. Pulling away for a moment, she said "Wow, I really like making out." As they continued to kiss, his hand found her breast. "That's called the frenum," Colleen said, "I read that in an anatomy book." She commenced to lick that spot and watched as his cock twitched beneath her tongue. "Let me have some of that," Kathleen said, "I've never tasted any before." She took Colleen's hand and slurped it out of her palm, rolling it around in her mouth before swallowing it down.

Chelsea's 18th Birthday Ch. 03

first-time Submissioness 2018-07-16

Again Brent leaned over and kissed her lips as he held tightly to her left hip with his right hand. "You're not as sweet and innocent as I thought, my Chelsea," Brent said under his breath before he kissed her on her ass making her shiver just a little. Eventually, Brent had one finger all the way into her ass and one pumping her pussy as she rubbed her clit at a growing pace, whining and moaning. Brent slowly stuck a second finger inside her pussy and pumped a little faster. "Thank you for being obsessed with me so much that you'd rather come and see me before going home after a long day's work." Brent took a handful of water and poured it over Chelsea's shoulders.

The "Good Girl"

first-time eaglejuan1 2018-07-16

His little kisses on the back of her head and neck, his rubs, first on the outside of her shirt the slowly on the inside and like clock work, that thing growing and getting hard upagainst her back. He slowly turn while wiping his mouth and softly told her "good night Daddy's Girl". When he finally looked spent, she took one last suck and it plopped out her mouth and she subconsciously had a small smirked at a "job well done" and she knew those words (daddy's good girl) were coming any minute now but he just looked at her. She did as instructed, slowly grabbing her clothes and walking away, subconsciously wanting (needing?) to hear those words "good girl" but they never came from his mouth.

first date P4

first-time nicenhard50 2018-07-16

I leaned over and slipped my fingers back into your pussy and started to wiggle them, as I looked at you and said you mean the itch you have here? I pulled my fingers out to lick them and rub your juices over both your now exposed tits. I slipped my fingers deep into your wet pussy as I kept sucking your tits. I leaned over and kissed you as I grabbed the back of your head and said yes you can just pretend they aren’t there. you stopped and looked around and saw 6 men jacking their cocks to what we were doing and a woman fingering her pussy. You bobbed and swirled over my cock while I reached over and fingered your pussy.

Weekend with Amy

first-time LitRiter 2018-07-16

I went as slowly as I could, but it wasn't long before I was inside her completely, her pussy grabbing and jerking my cock. I leaned over her and took her heavy, swinging breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pressing them together as I stroked deep into her tight little pussy. She looked at my cock as I stroked it, the head inches from her face, and she closed her eyes and moaned, just in time as my come shot out and made ropy trails of white across her lips, nose and cheeks. When I was finished I rubbed my cock over her face, rubbing in the come I had deposited there as she moaned and kissed or licked it each time it passed her lips.

The Wager

first-time No Panty Girl 2018-07-16

Brad was like a cute little boy and went into the washroom to disrobe. Brad stood there enjoying my tongue caressing the length of his shaft and me gently taking his balls into my mouth. He moaned softly as my mouth fucked his virgin cock. Brad's thrust were hard and rapid, I knew my cunt was hurtling him to his first orgasm in a woman. My cunt spasm on Brad's spurting cock as I accepted his sperm. We lay there motionless as I savored Brad's cock soaking in my saturated pussy. More of Brad's cream flowed into me as I writhed on his spurting cock. I begrudged Brad taking his cock out of me so I could photograph it for Kathy's satisfaction.

First Orgasm Story (for the enjoyment / morbid cur

first-time femalesonly 2018-07-16

I certainly don't recall getting an erection, and it seems very unlikely I would have because of my young age....all I knew was that pussy was fuckin' exciting....intriguing....forbidden....all the feelings a little boy might have when, for the first time, he sees a woman's vagina that is not his mother's. All of a sudden, I felt a strange sensation, like maybe I was gonna piss or somethin'....but it felt quickly as I realized I was experiencing a new sensation and looked down at the head of my dick wrapped in her dirty white cotton panties, without warning an enormous (or it seemed enormous at the time) load of semen shot out of my penis, through the fabric of the panties, and started running down my hand.

David & Laura

first-time talk_tome 2018-07-16

Below average looking, below average student, below average athlete, eighteen year-old virgin, zero personality David was sliding his stiff cock into the hot, wet pussy of the hottest girl in the Senior class. Laura reached down with both hands and pulled David up on top of her. Laura reached her hands down to his ass cheeks and raised her hips to meet his cock. David stared into Laura’s deep blue eyes and saw the lust and desire in them. With her hot, tight pussy surrounding his stiff cock, he began to slowly pump her. David began to pump a little faster and Laura started to rotate her hips in time with his strokes. David released his explosion as Laura squirmed and shuddered in orgasmic delight.

The Incentive List Ch. 02

first-time wabbit_season 2018-07-16

She always dressed fairly modestly for their 'dates', but James knew what kind of body was unjustly hidden underneath her layers of clothing and desperately wanted to familiarise himself with it again - but Sarah would never entertain his suggestions of after-drinks intimacy. James had shared these frustrations with Sarah at their meetings, and she had even admitted that her sex life had felt a little tame since their erotic coupling, but she was adamant that casual sex would tarnish the memory of their realised fantasies. Sipping on her large glass of wine, which James had managed to secure at the bar before an erection had taken hold, Sarah carefully studied the list, occasionally smirking, occasionally letting out sounds of approval. On the evening of the massage, Sarah met James at his old school.

My First Time

first-time magichands 2018-07-16

Paula and I hooked up at the noontime dances, I noticed she was suddenly bigger in front and looking more like a woman than the girl I knew. I remember that day, Dad drove us home in his new Lincoln, like I said, timber prices were up! Paula glanced at the guy when I stepped up and held out my hand, he looked me up and down and said, "Yeah, what the fuck!" Finally I returned her to her seat, Sam looked me up and down with that sneer I had gotten used to in High School, and said, "I was beginning to think you planned on keeping her, buddy!"..

Darkness. (Parts 1+2).

first-time nobby0007 2018-07-16

As she expertly circled them the man slowly reached round through the slats to cup her hanging breasts from underneath, his hands were big; big enough to support her tits and to be able to join the woman in fingering her nipples that felt as if they might burst such was the intensity of ten digits rubbing, squeezing, stretching, flicking and tweaking. Two hands worked her clit mercilessly, she felt her boobs heavy as her nipples were pulled hard and the big cock buried further into her to it's deepest thrust sending her into ecstasy as his hot cum jetted against her cervix, she let go,

My Horny Ex Story

first-time coupledm 2018-07-16

with silk creamed thighs wearing like this so to use my beauty if i failed in driving and become closer on my boobs betalla3 feek bi me7en w rasi 3am yetla3 min el sa2ef el maftoo7 3a traf el car min foo2 la nut aktar w aktar bemsuk ayrak w berda3o min ba3ed ma ken bi kessi w bseer betteer naforet 7aleeb min fat7et 7alemti la temmak betfawetli ayrak bi kessi el daye2 min tezzi betshedni w betneekni bseer min tezzi bhez 7alli berja3 bebrum dahri ilak b7ut ejer 3ala daher the front chair w ejer 3ala el tableau of the back seat betsheelo btemsuko min baydattak bit7utu bi kessi betsheelo btemesko min baydattak bit7uttu bi tezzi btw2af min sa2ef el car


Nadia's First Time

first-time parkerprose 2018-07-16

Nadia could feel the silky folds of her pussy part and when Margo shifted her hips downward, Nadia’s fingers were f***ed against her throbbing clit. But Margo’s nipple hung in front of her like a forbidden fruit and she wanted it in her mouth so Nadia drew it in sucking first softly, then hard like she was told. You are going to stick your tongue inside me and lick my juices like a good little girl aren’t you?” Margo drew back a little, putting her legs on the floor one by one her eyes on Nadia’s the whole time so that Nadia understood her intention. Soft moans were coming from Margo, her hands on the armrest behind Nadia’s head, her supple belly touching her face.