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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Im sure u will enjoy the job

first-time Labouroflove 2018-07-16

(oh yeah, she knows what im gonna do straight after this) come look for me if u have time, I might be able to give u a job too.” (oooh.. She bent down to take the vacuum cleaner, giving me a nice look of her ass pressing against her soft pink dress(soft materials turns me on man) holding the vacuum in her hand, she made an about turn towards me, sliding her ass across the tip of my erected dick. “Hey robert, I think, why dun u forget about that job interview, come over to my office, I think I have a position that fits u perfectly” with that, she gave me a wicked smile and motioned for me to follow her.

Ryan's Story Ch. 02

first-time JSmith87 2018-07-16

"Aw that's okay!" Jenny said, then she smiled "Don't I usually look nice?" After about five minutes she stopped, and I pulled up her face to mine and we kissed again, then I laid her own the bed, and kissed her, trying not to rub my cock on her to hard, so I didn't blow. I began to lick her pussy hard, working my tongue in and out of the lips, and using my hands to rub her clit, she was moaning really loud. I stopped then laid down on the bed next to her, we kissed, she was rubbing my cock and I was rubbing her pussy, I was working my fingers in and out slowly, she was moaning my name saying "Oh god".

My First Foursome

first-time Horny_Chloe 2018-07-16

Dave said to me "show Alex your tits Chloe, i know you want to show him". Sarah broke off her kiss with Dave and said "Im feeling so horny right now, i need to be fucked". I knew what she wanted, i dipped my head and trailed my tongue across her clit, tasting her wetness, she moaned her appreciation so i began licking her properly she was moaning loudly, pushing herself onto my face hard "Lick me come on, im cumming!" she screamed as she climaxed on my tongue. Dave put his hands on her bottom pulling her on to him, "You want me to fuck you faster?, is that better?" she said speeding up.


first-time 2018-07-16

I know mom and I would come here when we just wanted to send some time alone together, I knew it had been the same for Aunt Dana and Tory. “Sweetheart Aunt Dana and I were talking this morning after you girls had left for grandpa’s house, and we thought that it might be nice to have some very special mother daughter time. I looked over at mom and Tory as Aunt Dana kissed her way down my body. With just two fingers I managed to give my sweet little aunt a nice fuck, it was a good start, but we had a long ways to go.

I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 4

first-time ndamood4sum 2018-07-16

I started gently humping Ricky's ass, moving my hips very slightly. Ahhh… It's just… Unh…, right,' Ricky pulled the sheet mostly off of us and lifted his leg, opening his asshole a tad more. I jerked Ricky's cock as I fucked him, pushing in to the hilt. My cock actually popped out of Ricky's ass once and I grabbed it and shoved it back in without missing a stroke. That's good!' I wasted no time and began slamming Ricky's asshole as hard and fast as I could. I simply leaned over and took my b*****r's cock in my mouth, and tried to give him the best blowjob a straight guy ever given hoping he wouldn’t ask to fuck me.

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 02

first-time johnwhoknew 2018-07-16

At one point Jeanie leaned over to me and said, "Missy is totally going to be Prom Queen. I wondered if it made Jeanie just a little uptight having Missy as a best friend. "Hey, sorry to interrupt," I said to Jeanie matter-of-factly, "I'm having a great time tonight." Then I turned to Dan and asked respectfully, "Dan, you wouldn't mind one dance, would you?" Dan looked up at me bewildered but before he could say anything, Missy grabbed my hand. "She looks lovely tonight, doesn't she?" Missy asked, noticing that Jeanie was watching us. Jeanie, Beth, you guys are my best friends and you've made high school the most amazing time I ever could have imagined.

Starting point

first-time Labouroflove 2018-07-15

I was moody, because they were playing silly team-bonding skills, when a guy approach to question me, I ignored the dude, no way I was going to be gay right? She rested her head on my shoulder.(don ask me,if you are wondering, what movie we were watching, thinking back, shitty thing was there was no couple seats) While grabbing my drink, my hand accidentally brushed against her boob, she seem to take no notice about it, and I kissed her on her cheek. I paid for dinner on that occasion(green light), shopping a little as I told her I was damn good at picking out good clothes cos my s*s always ask me if she looked nice before going out.

The Virgins

first-time tommcgee 2018-07-15

On the very first day, as someone was blabbing about things a freshman can do to feel comfortable on campus, Tom looked around his group and his gaze froze on a cute girl sitting across the room. She looked at Tom with wide eyes as he reached to pull down her panties. Unfortunately, the guy in the truck had picked the worst possible time to break up the party as far as Tom and Sarah were concerned. Sarah was reclined in the seat, panting as Tom struggled to drive and pleasure her at the same time. Two nights later, Tom was watching a baseball game with some of the guys in his lounge when Sarah walked in.

Rain and Heat Ch. 02

first-time ReefBeach 2018-07-15

Lying on her back, one leg was over Baily's solid thigh, her hand was resting on his shoulder. She suddenly felt a need to feel Baily's cock inside her. Older sweat, fresh sweat, the smell of earlier climaxes (her first come had dried to flakes on her thighs, which Baily licked off delicately). Baily ran his palms up her thighs to her buttocks, then spread her cheeks to expose her inner lips. She could feel Baily's fingers exciting every nerve of her legs and pussy lips. She could feel his tongue roaming in the folds of her inner lips while fingers spread her juices up around her anus. Her cunt clamped onto Baily's fingers, her thighs clamped onto his head as a dizzying hot wave spread over her body.

Playground Tales 5: Boytoy Takes My Ass

first-time GoddessAtPlay 2018-07-15

I know I didn't take the -whole- thing, but dear God, most of that massive cock was buried in my tight ass, and I could feel every inch as he fucked me, I felt like I was being split in half and was loving every second! I knew he was going to cum a few seconds before he said it, I felt that big cock get even bigger inside me, and I begged him for it, "Please Daddy, please cum in my ass, please!" Fuck, the way it throbbed as he dumped his cum into my asshole made my eyes cross, I pushed back against him even though it made me gasp as he buried himself just a little more into me.

Freshman Year Ch. 1

first-time BiEmma27 2018-07-15

Cupping in each hand my swelling white mounds, I work my erect pink nipples between my thumb and forefinger, simultaneously arching my back and squeezing my thighs together beneath my school-girl skirt to feed the hunger that's arisen between my legs. Holding Jane's undies with my free hand, I bring them to my face in order to catch a hint of her sweet scent as I push her hairbrush into my ass for the first time. Like a deer caught in the headlight beam of an approaching car, I'm frozen in my chair, legs splayed wide atop my desk, skirt up over my hips, blouse unbuttoned to my belly, with my roommate's underwear over my face and her hairbrush buried deep my ass.


first-time Penelope Street 2018-07-15

"So that's what our little club is about," Mrs. Humphrey continued, "not letting arbitrary physical standards come between young ladies and the joyful passion that should be part of everyone's life." With that, she leaned back in her chair and folded her fingers across her lap. We shared a grin and a giggle before she continued, "Aside from staying in touch, appearing at the party says you're available for dating that week, but the boys aren't allowed to ask you out directly." Her eyes dropped and she chewed her lower lip for a breath or two. The party at Mrs. Humphrey's mansion was pretty much what she said it would be, the boys watching some car race and the girls chatting.

best buds

first-time dusty48180 2018-07-15

He said there was an orderly at night that came into his room and Jacked him off. He said it felt cool and on his last 2 nights there the orderly sucked his cock and jacked himself off in front of Gary. I agreed and he said let me suck you first. I didnt know how to act around a girl but she had a crush on me for 3 years and finally got me alone and we fucked almost as much as I sucked Gary. I agreed and she said she would black mail us into letting her fuck me and gary had to lick my ass while we fucked. She talked her boyfriend into letting me fuck her while I sucked his cock.

The Neighbor's Daughter

first-time pornaholic63 2018-07-15

Like I know some secrets now that they don't tell little girls." She looked down at her mom's hand rubbing Ethan's cock and she blushed. "Look at how he's able to get it deep inside me." Sandi examined where her mother's hand was pointing between her legs, where Ethan's huge cock disappeared in her tiny hole. Sandi turned her head up, locked her lips to Ethan's mouth, and he and Janet both knew she was cumming. Ethan looked at Sandi's sweet, beautiful ass, let go of her mother, and pulled his cock out of her cunt with a wet, sucking sound.


first-time magas911 2018-07-15

I felt the same way at the moment, so I picked up the pace and a few minutes later I climaxed when she groaned massively and her cunt started to spasm around my cock from her orgasm. I took her to my room - at the time I didn't know about the get-even-fuck motive she had - but I couldn't get a hard-on." Which was true - for a while. "Who said he didn't?" She rolled off me onto her back, lifted her leg and pulled my cock into her while I was on my side - our talk and fuck position. I felt betrayed, but at the same time the images of my wife in bed fucking her co-worker excited me.

Round Duex

first-time 2018-07-15

You grab both my arms & pull me in close for a wet passionate deep kiss where you pause for just a minute to bite my lower lip...making me melt in ur hands & instinctively my body pushes into urs. The pressure of me against u makes ur dick jump in anticipation so u spin me around putting one hand around my neck with ur fingers on my jaw holding my head to one side & ur other hand grabs my hip pulling my ass into ur erection.  As the breath leaves my body at ur sudden moves my eyes close & u lean into my neck kissing...sucking...biting.

The $10,000 Blowjob

first-time 2018-07-15

The brunette's long brown hair was tied back in a tight ponytail and with her large round glasses, she looked like a ringer for the nerdy girl you see in porn movies. We moved the conversation to happier thoughts, like what kind of a computer Patricia would buy if she was wealthy, or how many new outfits would Kari buy if she had money. Kari didn't react right away, she just looked at her money and then at her shirt. "This'll help," Kari said, and she removed the ponytail holder from Patricia's hair. My eyes rolled at their softness, and I wrapped my legs around Patricia's chest, making sure her breasts weren't going anywhere.

An Innocent

first-time pyrokat 2018-07-15

After a nearly half of an hour her mother and Laird McGregor came out of the study, and Liana felt her heart fluttering in her chest. Every time that Liana's eyes caught Dylan's she felt a stirring in her belly. He looked into her eyes and pressed his hand low on her belly, "Do you feel warm here?" His voice was a low whisper and it captivated her. "How about here?" She was distracted and stopped kissing him long enough to ask "What?" He moved his finger in and out unhurriedly, "Do you feel warm here?" She couldn't catch a thought long enough to even nod.

Unplanned male bonding

first-time dlcalguy 2018-07-15

Every guy I ever met, if he's honest, will admit to thinking about cock at least a little bit." "Yeah, well most of the guys you met are pretty much thinking about cock the whole time." Jay asked right away if I'd like to see some more cocks. I sat there thinking about him stroking his cock as he watched. His loins were at the same level as my face and it was the most natural thing in the world when I opened my lips and took his cock into my mouth. His hand never left my cock and he never stopped jacking it until the last drop was out and he felt my embrace relax. "That was the most exciting thing I ever did with anyone, Jay. I never came like that before."


first-time 2018-07-15

I wore a nice pair of tight low rise shorts such that when I bend down he would be able to get a glimpse of my matching sheer lace thong. We kiss a little and then you lift my top off and caresses my breasts through the sheer lace material - sucking on then through the bra. I make sure to let a little of the melted cherry juice spill out of the cup and a few drops are now sitting on the tops of my luscious breast slowly running down them light a raindrop on a windshield. I pulled down your shorts and starting taking you in my mouth as I did not want a whole bunch of sand in areas that would surely be in action later tonight.

Gloryhole first try

first-time dog9335 2018-07-15

I sat down and opened the doors on both sides. place had sliding doors, so if you wanted to be left it was by far the biggest cock I have ever seen in real that and I felt my own cock go as hard as it has ever open and after what felt like an eternity of licking a guy's cock I was able to get a little bit more into My mouth followed his cock wonderful thing was taken away from me. How did he ever find a condom to fit that thing? does he really think that thing will fit inside doing it until I felt his cock slap down onto my ass. It felt like an iron pipe wrapped in soft suede.

Meghan at Nineteen

first-time Diplomatic Immunity 2018-07-15

Meghan said "your Grand Prix looks like a pretty hot car, why don’t you sell it to me?" I could hardly speak when Meghan was done; she was like an artist that had worked me as if I were soft clay in her hands. I really didn’t think of myself as hot or stud like but only as average, although some of Jane’s friends that would stop by the house told her I had a nice ass. I told her I hadn’t felt a kiss like that in a long time. Meghan took my warm cum and started to rub it all over her tummy and breasts, smiling the whole time.

for evil thing

first-time 2018-07-15

u c me wrapping a condom around my hard cock while u lay back...butnaked on the big bed....ur legs spread...u start touching urself as i close in on u....udd grab my dick....directing it between ur leggsull spread ur lipsand ur other hands on my ass to direct me......;dont worry eveling....u know u want this...and i wont hurt u i promise;.....ur look tels me enoughand gently and real hard dick enters ur wet kitty.........ur hand tells me i can move alll the way in filling u up till my balls.

Hampsted Village (Part 2)

first-time wife4black76 2018-07-15

Buford would never forget his c***dhood though, and the frightening times he’d endured at the hands of some of the same old white men that walk by him everyday with a smile. Behind her a no good pimp who once tried to turn out Buford’s little s****r was slapping a big white ass and fucking her and laughing, in front of her seated on the counter was Buford’s father. Frustrated at not cumming Buford went back on his word, and even though poor Kat had been relatively quiet the whole time she was being impaled; he pulled his cock from her battered pussy and pressed it against the tight ring of her asshole.