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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Unlikely Couple

first-time theunknown2000 2018-07-15

She looked just like she did all through high school; pale skin, dark hair, dark eyes and lipstick, and dark red fingernails. I mean, we went to the same school for the last 4 years and you never said hi to me or any of my friends, so why are you talking to me now?" She had a small television, a blue futon with notepads and pencils scattered on it, a small but efficient kitchen, and a twin-sized bed that looked like it hadn't been made in a couple of days. She sucked me like this for a few minutes until she thought I was sufficiently rigid, then she kissed her way back up to my lips.

My first girl

first-time LittleMissStory 2018-07-15

I kept saying to myself “Why wouldn’t she tell me she is into girls “ After about 15 minutes she came down she gave me a smile and said “ Sorry I took forever I just haven’t been feeling well lately” I replied with a simple “That’s alright” Then just trying to get away for a minute I told her I would get us something to eat. Before I could reply, She asked “You seen me in your room didn’t you?” I gave a evil smile and stood up. After 5 minutes of making out, she got down and starting rubbing my clit, then she slipped her pointer finger in my pussy slowly.

Alice Manipulated Ch. 01

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-07-15

While he is preparing dinner this night, Alice gets out of the shower and studies her figure again in the mirror, always hoping to see new sign of life in the size of her breasts and her small but cute hairless pussy. "Well sir, as you know I've just turned 20 and my uncle helped me to get this job with you after I was rejected time and time again for looking too young to be taken seriously. "Yes Alice, that is very good now lie back and open your legs wider for me; I am going to pull your over to the edge of the table to access your pussy".

Sam and Reagan

first-time FuckingWithTheBestOfThem 2018-07-15

He listened closely for a moment and when he was satisfied that all was well, he quietly said ok and let her out, grabbing a t shirt from his closet and pulling it over his head as he did, but not before she could be pleasantly surprised at his toned chest and the thin happy trail that disappeared beneath the waistband of his flannel pajama pants. After a moment, she began backing off of his lap, putting her hand on the back of his neck and grabbing him by the shirt, making him stand with her, and, never breaking the kiss, turned him around and slowly pushed him down onto his bed, again getting on top of him in a straddle just above his now throbbing manhood.

First Love Ch. 02

first-time CoolChick2000 2018-07-15

I run outside and see James walking to his house. The first thing I think is that if I have to choose between the two of them then I choose James, but then I realize I don't really know what is going to happen to us once the summer is over. "Hope that Tony doesn't come back and I'm gonna try to stay away from James. Then James stands up with a black eye, grabs my hand and we run outside. James then grabs the body wash and a sponge, and turns me around so my back is facing him, and he starts washing my back and kissing my neck. I slowly start taking off my clothes and James takes my hand and we wade into the water.

Wife share fantasy

first-time 2018-07-15

Id often dropped it in while we were having sex that it turns me on watching her masturbating and also handed her her range of realistic dildos to hold/masturbate or give bjs too and say "there u go youve got two cocks now you always wanted" this would turn her on i could tell from her deeper breaths and moans but afterwards she would always insist that just because she's had that fantasy doeant mean she would want it for real. I made an excuse to go downstairs briefly and before i left as she lay there moaning i said to her just enjoy it and let your imagination run wild, "what do you mean" she asked whilst heavily breathing, "well you know that fantasy about u taking cock, just pretend you are being fucked by that Cock and il be back up soon, can you do that?"...."...ok" she said in an unsure tone.

A Cold and Rainy Night

first-time Antonio_y_Cleopatra 2018-07-15

Cindy shifted and squirmed in her seat, and her breathing changed like her chest had tightened. Cindy's breath caught at the realization that the girlfriend was going to get some on-camera pussy worship. Long brunette hair, athletic body, natural breasts, hard nipples, loves sex." The girlfriend's orgasm fueled her partner's, and he pulled her hips back deep into his groin as he squeezed his eyes shut and came hard, jolting with each spasm of release. As you mentioned earlier, you fit what I like in women: long brunette hair, athletic body, nice chest. Or maybe it was finally, this girl who's wanted you for so long is getting a chance to bed you. Cindy pushed her breast into my mouth, breathing "Yes!" when I sucked at the nipple.


first-time lilbadgirl55 2018-07-15

Loud enough so that you can hear and feel I can feel your tender touch on my skin and it makes me afraid to breathe. My fingers weave themselves through your hair, feeling thickness. I can feel your fingertips slip inside of me. I moan quietly as you feel my darkness... To feel your skin pressed against them. I take you in my hand, feeling the length of you against my palm. With only your fingers moving inside of me and my hand stroking you, Come with me you whisper, briefly removing your lips from mine. Hot liquid kissing my hand and thigh, leaving a trail of warmth on my skin, I feel your eyelashes flutter against my cheek as our faces press close,

Wedding Night

first-time sixtyplus 2018-07-15

I guess they wanted you to know what your marriage mate looked like totally nude. It was sticking straight up and I found out later that he was sporting a six-and-a-half inch hard-on which I loved the way it felt in my hand. Then he put two fingers inside me and began going in and out of me like his dick would do. I was getting close to another orgasm when I felt Jason squirt his hot love juice inside of me. I began sucking on his dick like I did the night before. We reluctantly got dressed, checked out of the hotel, and began our honeymoon, as husband and wife!

My Last Summer Part 1

first-time blu3rthanu 2018-07-15

I ended up having the house to myself, with exemption to the housekeepers, the cooks, and some of the farmers who works for my grandfather who often come in the main house at the afternoon to watch basketball, or boxing, or an old movie before heading to the shed near the fields where they drink. "My mother thought you might get lost since it has been almost two years since you last came to visit this place." She said. Then I felt like coming so I told her "Get ready, somethings going to come out of my dick. Her wet vagina slowly forming to the shape of my cock and as I pounded her faster and faster, I sucked on her tits that was just in front of me.

Karma Has Its Way

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-07-15

They pay well and have never treated their employees badly." The recruiter told Seema and her family about the accounting company that had made the offer of employment. If Seema accepted the job, she would be a long hard bus ride away from her home village and her family. Follow me." Mr. Tamraj led Seema out of the office building and into a large black car. More importantly to Seema's immediate future, the signs advertised the dancing girls that worked there. Nodding toward Seema, Mr. Tamraj told the girl what he wanted her to do. Shaking from fear and confusion, Seema followed Jenny out of Tamraj's office door and farther down the dark hallway.


first-time fuzzy_t 2018-07-15

Just a little point of clarification: There was no age limit on buying porn magazines back then, but they kept them behind the counter at the local convenience stores, which were relatively new at the time. :roll: I also remember how good it felt with my hand sliding up and down on my lubricated cock and how it turned-me-on to see it hard and sticking up across the pages of my new Oui magazine. Now I was not only able to see the pictures better, but I was further from the safety of the open door, and that raised the "risk thrill." But it seems like once the desire to venture into new territory began, it was hard to stop.

Naughty New Years

first-time mollyGRL 2018-07-15

Looking over her shoulder at the people in the group, she rubbed her ass against Dave's fondling hand and said, "I've always been proud of it!" Sherry turned back to the group and said, "Dave may be the ass man, but Rhonda knows the perfect spot to spank!" Then rubbing her ass and giggling she turned back to Rhonda and said, loudly enough for everyone to hear, "I think you left your hand print on my ass!" She lifted the back of short black dress and exposed her red Brazilian cut panties, which left the lower portion of her ass cheeks exposed, and asked the group if they could see any hand prints.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 03

first-time yoursilentknight 2018-07-15

This is the 3rd full chapter in the story. Hopefully you have read the first two chapters and the prolog. This chapter starts off slow, but I am sure you'll be pleased with how it ends... and even more pleased with where the story goes from here. Chapter Three - From Zero to Hero Everyone sees it. "Oh shit," he said, realizing what I had in mind. "You two look amazing today." "Yes, thank you for the compliment Steve," Liz added. Seeing no initial signs of rejection. Hopefully, now he can get some solid play time in this year and next year we can make a run at the championship." "Steve Smith," the crowd cheered and roared.

The Evidence

first-time four0what 2018-07-15

Knowing she hadn’t seen any notes on the crime, let alone the fifty six photos, he explained that seasoned cops had seen it & needed the trash can & the tissues. The Sarge called Kathy, Bobbie’s best friend to tell her what happened, & Bobbie probably needed some support right about now. In the half hour it took Dave to get there, Bobbie had stripped out of her business suit, cleaned up a bit, & changed into a raggedy sweat suit, baggy & cut off. They sat on the couch, Dave sitting with Bobbie curled up tucked into him, his arms wrapped around her. Bobbie responded by wrapping her long, thick legs around him & pushing her wide hips up to him, taking him balls deep inside her.


first-time manncer 2018-07-15

I knew my penis would be evident, so I went around to the other side of the kitchen counter, so my neighbor wouldn't notice. I saw two bumps on the front of her shirt, where her nipples were. I wondered what they would look like with the shirt off. She suddenly said, "You're looking at my breasts. I stared at her naked breasts as she pulled the shirt off and folded it on the counter. I rolled the tip in my fingers and she gasped a bit. She kept pressing against me as I ran my fingers over her pale breasts. It was all I could take, and my penis let go, shooting cum into my shorts.

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 01

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-15

Although last night was rough, worried that my secret was discovered with by my landlord Steve snooping around, or by my own doing by leaving the door to my bedroom opened a crack, I decided when I woke up that I would enjoy the day by working on my newly discovered female persona. I walked out of the bedroom and into the gawking face of Steve, who apparently knocked on the door a couple of times and when no one answered, came in to retrieve a wrench and screwdriver he left in my apartment. I literally have a real man touching himself as he looks at me dressed like a sexy woman.

First time with Jessica

first-time TimsCock69 2018-07-15

She finally said, "I want you to know that I don't go around blowing guys", she continued, "It's just that I had had a crush on you, and could tell you did me. "Wait", I couldn't believe I just said wait, "I don't want to have my first time to be in a car." She looked at me perplexed as though she couldn't believe a guy would say no to sex. "Let's go get some condoms, and do this right." She smiled "Alright sounds good." We went for condoms and I took her to my house. She went and took a shower while I threw on clean sheets, threw away the condoms, and sprayed air freshner.

Accident Converted In To Incident

first-time 2018-07-15

He was looking at my body I try to hide my cleavage and thighs, but it was useless, these curves can’t be covered, I started shivering with shyness, he was soo near and could see my wet and sexy body very clearly, I tried to look at his eyes, those were roaming on my body like he is kissing all my body parts with his eyes.. He went out of the room, my condition was very different, I was shivering with shyness and fear, same time I was too horny, I didn’t even move out of his bed during his absence, my body just waiting or him to come back and crush me like hell.


first-time ilikestories 2018-07-15

As soon as I got outside I got an instant boner seeing my little cousin in a 2 piece white bikini, while Jenna was wearing a polka dot thong bikini which showed off every piece of her. I milked the drink until 10:30 and told my cousin and Jenna that I am not feeling well and I was going to head back to the room. My cousin decided to join and gave my cock a little suck. Jenna then told my cousin to sit on my face and just rub her pussy on my mouth while she stuffs her pussy with my cock.

Kolkata Business Trip Part I

first-time hornyboyind 2018-07-15

I saw a small shop with some cool lingerie in the window and a single customer who was buying some gel bra pads. We i finished the smoke and went back in, the shop was empty and i asked for my size of bra. I reached back to my hotel and went to my room and i had my shopping bag in my hand and the whiskey bottle in the other, I was trying to open the door and in the process of turning the key and holding my bags i dropped the lingerie bag and out fell my bra( in box packing which shows quite obviously what is inside) and the gel pads.

Hotel Dreams

first-time slipper41 2018-07-15

Your hands run over my body so close to my hardness.You move to the bed and lay down “I know you like to watch” she said as she runs her fingers over her body releasing her breasts from her lacy bra and teasing her hard nipples pinching them. I can see your dripping pussy and tight little arse.Fuck I want to touch you so much feel your wetness taste play finger.... You dont reply but a can feel the effect of my hands on your hard nipples,My hard swollen cock deep in your wet pussy,my balls rubbing your clit as you sit on me. I use my fingers to remove your knickers slipping them down your beautiful legs exposing your wet shaven slit.I wrap the lacy material around my hardness and stroke a few times as you watch feels so good.

Graduation Ch. 02

first-time member9458 2018-07-15

With every horrible result they were worried about going forward—exposure, dependency, abuse, pregnancy (Penny was on the pill, and Caleb obviously preferred pulling out, but there was always that one hundredth of a chance)—somehow "things get awkward, we barely hook up, I opt to jack off to school-themed porn instead" wasn't on the list. A quick glance showed Mom and Becca's bedroom door already open; sure enough, Caleb could hear the TV from the great room, suggesting activity, possibly anticipation. Speaking of acting like teenagers, though: I should probably call Penny now while Mom and Becca are changing.

On the Desk with the Best

first-time Kyra_Dell 2018-07-15

His smooth smile and the mischievous spark in his stormy eyes made everyone want to be in his class, no matter how run down the room. He smiled gently and flattened it out, taking his time to run long, slender fingers through my silk hair and down my back. He used his free hand to trace my face, down over my lips, parting them gently. I lifted my hand, a little shakily, and rested it on his cheek and slowly drew my fingers through his stubble, just as I had imagined so many times before. I don't want to pressure you." His fingers continued up my body over my hips and rested on my shoulder blades, just above the clasp on my bra.