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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Threesome

first-time AussieBob93 2018-07-15

Things were getting a little big awkward so my mate suggested to his misses to undress. She was a really good fuck, her tight little pussy felt great around my cock. After a few minutes of pounding her, my mate says, "play with her arse she loves it." So I spat on my fingers, and started to gently rub and finger her arse. After about a couple of minutes of fucking her, and rubbing her arse, she goes "that feels so good, eat my arse." This was a real shock for me, as I had never licked out a girls arse before (always thought it was a little gross). And she was a good girl, didn't spill a drop and kept sucking for ages until my cock went soft.

Just Being Neighborly

first-time 2018-07-15

I felt like I was standing there with my mouth hanging wide open in amazement while I watched this hot looking stranger disrobe and dive into my pool. With a shit eating grin on my face I reached down and took her tits in my hands and said, “Well, I am sure there is some place I could put it that would keep the pool a little cleaner!” When I was just about to cum she asked if she could turn over, so I told her sure and as soon as I slipped my rock hard cock out of her butt she flipped over and wrapped her legs around my hips and using her legs to pull me down onto her, she used on hand to guide my cock into her pussy.

the pact

first-time tabooe 2018-07-14

the day before we left Wisconsin we went to the lake that's when it started out with a gentle kiss, then he moved down my neck planting first soft then more aggressive kisses while i moaned like there was no tomorrow. when it popped out i gave the head a lick to tease him,then i put the head in my mouth slowly making my way down until his hormones got the best of him and he started to fuck the shit out of my mouth until he came in my mouth.

My FIRST taste of COCK and CUM

first-time bifun4u 2018-07-14

I reached over to Sara and lifted her nightie up, exposing her shaved pussy a little and Jim then lifted up my wifes shirt exposing her pussy and ass. I told him no problem at all so he got under me and after a minute or so, I could feel him licking Sara's dripping pussy because he would every now and then brush against my balls with his chin. I started off by licking his balls and rolling them around in my mouth one at a time and slowly worked my way up the base to his cock shaft. Sara then told Jim to do a 69 with me so he spun around and took my cock in HIS mouth and gave me an incredible blow job!

Early Years #2

first-time Raheru 2018-07-14

I said, yes, then she said, you can touch them if you like, that was all I needed to hear, my younger cousin was also getting horny, she came to sit right next to the baby sitter in her short white little care bears night dress, she lifted her legs so that her two legs were spread apart and her feet were pressed against the edge of the bed, I was amazed her her sweet little pussy which was also pushing through her undies. pull her under aside with her left hand and rub her little clit with her right and, she immediately did as she was told, this is when I first realized that this sweet 16 year old baby sitter has been showing my little cousin how to touch herself to relieve the itch she was feeling between her legs each day.

The Fishing Spot

first-time jaywoolf 2018-07-14

"Now pay attention, you should never forget the scrotum." With that said he began licking all around ball sack, straight up the soft middle divide, and then he took one testicle in his mouth with a great deal of suction, pulling at the tightened little guy until it came away from where it had ridden up before letting it go. After the first big explosion he pulled his mouth off my shooting cock while stroking my penis with one hand and my massaged my balls with the other. Laurie let out a huge groan as he pulled my head away and started jacking himself off so fast his cock was just a blur before my eyes.

Fucking my cousin's maid

first-time dickhead2392 2018-07-14

my cousin turned the TV off and started to sl**p... as soon as all of them are asl**p i started fondling the maid's breasts and playing with her nipples through accessing her shirt from the top of the couch... i fondled it then stopped for a minute to make sure that no one wakes up... then i grabbed it with my hands then she suddenly grips firmly onto it and pulls me to her then i calmly kissed her and fondled her breasts with my face... my first time on a big titted maid", my cock also became too hard for pounding.... my cock feels warm on her pussy as it is so slippery and wet i carried her and started pounding until i cummed inside her...

Her first woman

first-time bdpro 2018-07-14

As I watched my cock got extremely hard as I see her hand go between your legs and push your skirt up. You pull up your top as she lowers her head to your pussy, and you pinch your nipples as her tongue starts to part your outer lips, searching for your hard little clit. I watch as you and her kiss, you licking your juices off of her face and shock waves still hitting you as she grinds her knee into her pussy. I feel your hand down at Stacey's pussy trying to get her off again and you are rewarded with a flush of cum, and it is enough to set me off.

First Time, Pool Side

first-time SejsicA 2018-07-14

(What if Evan liked anal sex?) With that I slid the my other hand over my tiny puckered asshole and pushed my middle finger inside, up to the first knuckle. (I'd better finish up and get ready before Evan comes over.) Walking around in my room with the towel draped around me, I found the new white swimming suit and cut the tags off. I heard a loud splash, and upon looking out my room window I saw that Evan was already in the pool. Evan picked me up out of the water and placed me on the edge of the pool so that the lower half of my legs were still underwater. He looked completely caught off guard, but then closed his eyes and began rubbing my ass cheeks.

Wife last year on holiday - true story

first-time Daveis46 2018-07-14

As my wife reached down to pick up her drink he got out the pool, she took a sip and he could see her right tit fully as she leaned on her left elbow. Later that day we were on the loungers by the pool, my wife in her usual position, topless on her belly with her bum cheeks mostly exposed. My god another man was massaging my wife's almost bare bum cheeks right in front on me! He has got his head inside her and now f***ed his manbood into my wife's wet tight fanny. She stated to moan, she was going to orgasm again, he slammed hard into her and grunted loudly, his arse cheeks clenched as he shot wad after wad of his baby seed into her married fanny.

b*****r's wife

first-time viagra999 2018-07-14

one time my cousin b*****r and his wife come to my home with his 3 year's old small baby. one day i will come early from office then last day of mounth. i was enter in home then see my b*****r's wife sl**p deep on my bedroom and her small daughter feeding her tits. her tits was so soft and big white. baby play sometime with feeding her tits. so, i was touch and some press by finger her tits. my dick was up and hard ( 7.5x3) next day i was get a leave from office. ...............................................................................................................................and them i was fuck her hard up to 2 hour in her pussy and ass front of her baby .

Sissy Self Slutification

first-time girly4u2 2018-07-14

After a week of struggling with my thoughts I returned to the rest area wearing my pink skirt, cardigan, and boots, but I also added a tan sleeveless pullover so I would not look like a hooker on the stroll. After a bit of sucking and licking I backed off his cock and said “I want to be fucked like a girl.” He stuck his cock back into my mouth grabbed the back of my head and started pumping my mouth like a pussy. I started cross-dressing years ago to feel good being girly and feminine, but some how I ended up a skanky slut pining for cocks at rest stops.

Ashley in Amsterdam - #5

first-time petdyke 2018-07-14

Pete closed the doors to the garden and invited Ashley to stretch out on his low table. For a good view of what would happen to her, Pete propped a cushion under her head. Ashley expected Pete would now take her right away. To her surprise, Pete moved to the other end of the table. He removed the cushion and pulled Ashley slightly towards him. Ashley almost gagged in his tries to make her deep-throat him. Pete grabbed his cat-o-nine-tails and started to slap the wide open pussy of Ashley. Ashley quickly accostumed to the rhythm of Pete´s deep thrusts down her throat, Pete´s talk and tough treatment soon send Ashley halfway heaven. Pete carried Ashley to his bed.

Her First Toy

first-time 2018-07-14

She arched up her back and her thighs about crushed my hands and I knew she was about to erupt, so I stopped jack my dick so I could continue to keep her thighs opened wide, I leaned over placing my right on the inner right thigh and with my left hand I kept plunging the dildo into her watching it disappear and come back outside, as her gyrations increased I slid closer to her hot steaming pussy and began to lick her clit. By now I have grabbed hold of my dick again and began jack off at very rapid pace and then when I noticed that she couldn’t hold her cum back any longer I pulled the dildo completely out of her and got between her legs and slid my johnson right into her slippery slot.


first-time jackmare 2018-07-14

I pushed all the way in...balls deep -- and I felt my balls loosen up now...they were hanging lower as her hands moved from my cock to my balls -- her fingernails gently caressing my me goosebumps up my balls and ass. I took clues from the rhythm she was setting with her hips...grinding back on me - pushing her crotch against me hard -- I could feel her pussy lips spread and pressed against the base of my cock as I put every single bit of me into her. She gritted her teeth, eyes closed and one hand reached up and pulled hard on her left nipple -- stretching it out as her knees and legs tightened on my torso.

My First Lover, Ten

first-time Loving50 2018-07-14

Drinking age at the time was 18 and after being raised in such a protected environment, I was ready to explore, enjoy and push the limits. My parents meant well and loved me but I think the fact that they held the reins so tightly just made me want to explore even more than most of my friends. I clearly remember going into a second hand shop with my new friends and buying t-shirts, jeans and skirts that didn't go past my knees. The farm was a few miles out of town so we piled in a friend's car and left as soon as it was dark. I don't know how long it went on before my friends noticed and ended it by pushing him away and leading me out of the barn.

Me, My Mom, and My aunt Part II

first-time bigDkaz 2018-07-14

I was laying on my bed with a rock hard cock. That's when my aunt D walked in she was in the sexest bra and panties. She said that she needed me down stairs. Allasay who is a mouth older then me, then there was cherly who is 16. My aunt said they were spending the night and they had to sl**p in my bed my bed was plenty big for all three of us too fit in it. Allsay is taller then me but she must take after my aunt with 32D boobs. Cherly on the other had was chubby and smaller tits. When it was time to go to bed i slept in the middle of them

A great provider or so i thought part three

first-time beansnrice 2018-07-14

I looked down and i could see that homeless motherfucker convulsing...figured he just came inside my wifes pussy...he got off her, then i saw the gigantic fat cock fuckin homeless guy get down on his knees, crawled on my wife and guided his head towards her lussy lips...his hips moved foward, he penetrated... it penetrated deeper and she turned her head...she looked at me straight into my eyes...he thrusted again much deeper and her eyes just rolled back in agonizing pain and pleasure...she let out such a wonderful loud moan that she didnt care who heard... i gave her everything, a beautiful furnished home with no bills, but she threw it all away for cocks...i saw her walking amongsts them homeless fuckers...

Kinky Virgins: Awakening

first-time SubtleDeviance 2018-07-14

He'd had a crush on his best friend Renee for so long and he had finally told her, and she said she felt the same way. Chris was always a very shy person so it took him a few days to build up the courage to tell her how he felt after she dropped him off at his dorm on Sunday night. Chris and Renee had been best friends since they were in 9th grade together. That night she wore a tight skirt that didn't make it past the middle of her thigh, an even tighter blouse that made her breasts look voluptuous and showed off her cute little navel piercing, her hair was down her back and curly, and she wore heels for the first time in a long time.

Late night shower leads to more than he could imag

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-07-14

I began stroking myself slowly, wanting to enjoy the feeling for as long as possible. The anger in her face seemed to slowly fade as she began speaking in a much softer voice, repeating to herself, "what should I do with you Brandon, what should I do." She turned away, giving me a brief sense of relief, only to hear the click of the lock on the door. She turned towards me menacingly, "you know, Brandon, if you're going to play with yourself in my shower it might prove prudent to lock the door in the future." She released my balls and slowly began stroking my cock in a rhythmic motion that matched that of her succulent mouth.

Hypnosis Ch. 02

first-time velokev 2018-07-14

Todd pulled up a chair to the side of the bed and began like he had the last time, with relaxation breathing techniques and having me focus on the sound of his voice. Suddenly I began to feel stifled in my clothes, and said, "Yes" as my hands moved up to the collar of my T-shirt to cool off. You are going to need to taste Todd's cock at least once a week," he said. His hairy abdomen began sticking to the skin and I felt a bead of sweat drop from his face onto mine as I sucked his cock. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and said, "You're going to lay there a moment and stroke your hard dick while your master gets something for you."

A Walk in the Park

first-time lustrevisited 2018-07-14

Her tiny yellow skirt pushed up, her thong panties were gone and she was running the forefinger and middle finger of her left hand up and down her slit and also using them to lightly tap and tease her clit. She thrust a finger of her right hand into my anus as she swallowed my cock back down her throat, pushing me all the way in and holding me there, her throat's sucking motion intense. As we kissed, I began to caress her naked breast, her nipple grazing the palm of my hand, my fingers catching her nipple in their V and squeezing. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed it down firmly as I passionately sucked, licked and chewed on her nipple and breast.

My Virginity Young Lyn #2

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-07-14

He took a long time to find his way in, but when he did make contact with my hard little clit , I shot about a foot up the bed. As he moved I opened and he could more easily cram the full length of his big cock into my luscious pink virgin pussy. I nearly took off as I touched my hard little clit, he of course thought it was his expert fucking that caused my throaty moan, and I did nothing to enlighten him otherwise. Jon had his eyes tight shut throughout, as he later said the sight of his bare cock going in and out of my juicy cunt, and my bottom all open, and the stockings and everything would have made him come instantly.

My Mentor

first-time sakkky10 2018-07-14

So I went near her, tried to remove the towel. She was shy, but then I insisted her to remove the towel as i was not able to see it clearly, I told her that it would become serious if untreated. I slowly moved up near her pussy, rubbing her panty at times. I didnt try to remove the panty but entered the panty from the side (i.e where you leave the legs) kept rubbing her pussy, feeling the heat, feeling the wetness. she started stroking , after few min, she took it in her mouth and tasted as if it was a lollipop. At times she came up for a kiss and i kept massaging her pussy.