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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tonia Pt. 01

first-time Ollegio 2018-07-14

Five and a half hours into this anxious, exciting, long-planned drive I'm still having second thoughts. Following instructions, I pull my tshirt over my head and drop it right there in the driveway. My panties are blue as he required and I wondered if he could see the dark spot between my legs where the juices my throbbing pussy was dripping stained them. Seconds, minutes, hours, days later I jump, startled as I feel his hand on my pussy. I feel his finger sliding out and then his hand continues its journey up and back. His hand lands on my right ass cheek and I jump but manage to bite my lip to keep from making a sound.

Niharika’s Fantasy Comes True

first-time 2018-07-14

Every time I touched her clit, she would give a jerk, and I would move away from her cunt, and start sucking and licking her nipples. I called up my friends who were sitting in a restaurant close by, and as agreed previously ( this was one of the scenarios, where Niharika would ask for them if she was horny enough, discussed earlier with them by me.) they said they would come within 15 minutes (as we had agreed) Keeping her head down, I raised her ass, so that Vikas was able to slide under her and start licking her cunt, as Tushar continued to suck her toes. As I licked the back of her shoulder line she started trembling and jerking as she came again and again and after some time as her cunt became sensitive, she told Vikas “enough, enough”

Carrie's Quest for Love

first-time mdiver 2018-07-14

Eddie, a gorgeous guy that was a life guard and a junior in high school, soon took note and started making a move on her. His sensual touch was more than she had imagined and just when she thought it couldn't get any better, he moved down and took one of her breast in his mouth and began to play with her hard nipple with his tongue. That night, after she had a chance to think about the day, she thought about the new experience of actually holding a man's dick in her hand. Although Kevin was no Pete, for Carrie he was a likable person and it felt good to have a man's dick in her mouth and cunt.

Just One Night

first-time PhantomOfMoonlight 2018-07-14

As he continued to kiss me, one of his hands went to stroke the front of my pussy, feeling the juices gathering there. I was a little scared but his touch was still gentle and he moved into my panties to continue teasing my clit, even going so far as to slide a finger into me. Pushing me back on the table so my hips just barely rested on the edge, he stepped back and spread my legs once more, watching his finger as it slid in and out of me. The soft fabric of the robe teased my skin as I felt the hot press of his cock hard against my pussy.


first-time Ongria098 2018-07-14

As an automatic body's response, I opened my mouth and suck in air but he immediately inserted his tongue and started moving inside and sucking the air I just breathed. I didn't realize that he was now inches away from me, my bag on his hand, and his eyes, full of lust and passion, staring at me. I tried to stop his hands but he effectively pushed it away by biting my lower lip. As if he read my mind, his other hand travelled down my pussy, pushed my legs apart, tore my panties and inserted a finger inside my hole. Looked at me in the eyes, then slowly pulls out til only the head of his penis was inside and again slammed back in hard.

My First photos I took of a naked woman

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-07-13

I took a few of her sat on the bed, legs closed (see and then tried to get her to open her legs a little but she refused. I tried a bit more and she gave in and opened her legs ( In total I only took about 4 pictures of her in the bedroom, but then an hour or so later as we were leaving the house she told me to get my camera and then turned round to me and opened her top flashing her breasts ( . She removed the negatives of the saucy images, except for her flashing her tits which was the one I found recently, and a couple of photographs but I had taken two of the photos with me overseas to keep me company until she came out, and I still have these two photos.

The Village 2: The Examination

first-time catherine-belmont 2018-07-13

Bella let her hands drop to her side, almost standing at attention, her eyes facing forward, seeing the men looking at her naked sex. "Your pretty little sphincter muscle needs examination." Zora brought her knees and legs back down to the table, releasing the levers holding her spread. A large wooden stock held the body of a young female slave, naked, her head f***ed through the center hole, bending her at the waist, her hands encircled with the stock at equal level. I will bath her and get her dressed.” Zorg watched as the dragged Bella off, her head turning towards them as they pulled her, her eyes pleading as she saw the fear in Raisa’s eyes.

Faster Than a Minuteman

first-time newmember7 2018-07-13

I had been walking around all day with a raging hard on, which I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing, and I knew that when it came time to consummate the marriage it wouldn't take long. As I began to pull up my pants, one of the brothers yelled out "My five year old is more of a man than you are!" and another said "It looks like a large mole!" From then on I was known affectionately by her and her family as "Mole". About the same time one day, I overheard Ashley tell a friend, she didn't know I was outside the room, that she felt like she was still a virgin.

My First Time With Amy

first-time buzltyr 2018-07-13

I was now more excited than I had been in a long time and I wanted to take over caressing her but I didn't want to waken her form the sexy interlude so I instead grabbed my erect cock and lightly stroked the length as I stood glued to spot. The smile was gone to be replaced with a alight moan as her middle finger delved between her legs and lightly stroked her little love button. I dared moving her hand away from her pussy and grabbed at the elastic of her underwear at the V of her legs and pulled it back there by exposing her little pink pussy.

This Is The Future!

first-time firegod2k 2018-07-13

Hannah had wanted Nic for a long time. Hannah saw this as an opportunity to get Nic into bed, so she went to speak to him: When they arrived at Hannah’s front door, Hannah reached into her pocket to get her keys out. Hannah sauntered over to the bed, showing Nic her sexy curvy figure. And with that, Nic took all of his clothes off and laid Hannah down on the bed. Nic didn’t have to do anything more; Hannah took off all of her kinky blue and white string thong and stood in front of Nic, her sexy slim figure shining with feminine beauty. “I love doing French homework,” Nic said, as he walked out of Hannah’s house.

Worthless Wife [BI-03] Pt. 01

first-time charlessmythe 2018-07-13

After reassessing my feelings for Barbara and taking a thorough inventory of our relationship, I've decided that it's time to man up, grow a set of testicles and cut her from my life like the malignant tumor she is. What on earth, outside of regular, willing, and adventurous sex, does Barbara or any woman think they have to offer a man? When I looked back at him, he grabbed his cock through his pants and said, "Want to suck it?" As we went into the spare bedroom Carl said, "I've never had my cock sucked by a guy before." He gasped and spasmmed, moaning loudly and shaking as I sucked every last drop of cum from his straining dick, laving the head of his cock with massaging swirls of my tongue.

freinds little s****r 2

first-time harder13 2018-07-13

The next morning I had just gotten out of the shower when I got a text from Kelly, her mom had just left so I rushed to get dressed and get out, I got to Kelly’s and walked right in. Kelly’s asshole got really tight around my dick as she realized her mother had caught us having sex in her bed. Kelly got up from the bed and walked to her bedroom, and as she passed her mom gave her a hard slap right on her bare butt. We kissed passionatly for a few minutes then she got into position and hovered over my dick, the tip was poking at her hairy pussy when I looked over at kelly.

It isn't always bad when it doesn't work

first-time Sir_Stephen345 2018-07-13

I am a listener, not just the words that come from someones mouth but their body language, the tones in their voice, the look in their eyes, the way they interact while they are speaking. I consider it a bad thing from time to time because I know what is being said to me without words coming from someones mouth, sometimes I just wanna laugh at the bullshit story but the truth gets in the way. I am beginning to think that she enjoys the sting of my hand against the skin of her bottom, thighs, breasts, and pussy (finally bald, took her a while to get that task completed).

my frist male gang bang thats black

first-time joe4wbbc 2018-07-13

I had set up a time to met a guy that was a top and when he showed up he didn't look like what he said he did .(this happened a lot ) So i was just going to hang out at the bar ( it was a gay bar.) About a hour after being there a black guy comes over and asks if he can buy me a drink? i loved it and was turned on by it , one of the guys got some lube and started to play with my ass, i stop sucking and said that i had not every had black cock in my ass and never did it bare.

Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) 2

first-time bbwgirl101 2018-07-13

The vivid memory of my first passionate kiss as I sat next to him in the back of his car, the feel of his hands on my breasts, it took a little nerve for me to start feeling his cock through his jeans but as soon as my tongue was in his mouth and my hand was on his erect cock, I was well away in the throes of passion and when he said he would video me sucking his cock, without hesitation I found myself unzipping his fly, reaching in, and pulling out his fat cock, even just touching his cock bought me to another level of excitement and as soon as my mouth caress his member, his fingers found there target, my pussy, I felt his rough hands on the inside of my thighs, moving the crouch of my knickers to one side and a finger slip between my lips just brushing my clit as his finger went inside me.

Webcam Passion Erupts

first-time kp27 2018-07-13

The 14 minute bus ride seemed an eternity, and as soon as he got home, he said hello to his Dad, ran to his room, locked the door, unzipped his pants, and furiously masturbated to the thought of Morgan's small, perky nipples suspended in his view. The teacher chimed in right after that, saying "alright class, that's enough for today, you can finish up next time." Morgan gathered her books, as did Kyle, who was taking his time. "So..." Kyle began, "weekend coming up, you have any plans?" Morgan coyly smiled, the shy girl brushing her hair behind her ear. I've had a crush on you for a long time." Morgan gets out of the car, looks Kyle's way and smiles.

The Best Part of Math Class

first-time 2018-07-13

As far as the rest of her body went, she had breasts that were a little above average size for a normal 18-year-old, but given her short stature, they looked much bigger. "Seems like you're feeling better." I said, I needed to start a conversation or she might just send back out the door. Jenn stepped close to the bed and pushed me over onto my back and straddled me forcefully, "You always helped me in class and you were never a prick like all the other guys. Jenn dropped her head back and let out a little moan, "Oh, wow, that feels good...My ex could never do that with his hands." "What?" I was lost in my on little world were it was normal for guys like me to get laid by beautiful girls.

Curious WM 30 Ch. 02

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-13

I stood behind the chair by the window with the sun bearing down like a spotlight, "Master Phil, may I please take off my clothes and pleasure your beautiful penis?" It was a little awkward but I did want to please him. "Please let me help you out of your trousers so I can properly serve your beautiful cock." I said as I licked my lips again. Once more his sperm filled my mouth so I swallowed quickly and holding my cock in one hand, his balls in the other I sucked his cum from his wilting dick, spurt after spurt until there was no more.

My first threesome

first-time youngman13 2018-07-13

I have got myself hard and am wanking off whilst watching this; she gestures for me to come closer and we know what's happening then so me and Oli both get on our knees and offer her both cocks. I move round the back of her and started fucking her doggy whilst she feasts on my best friends cock. With my cock wet from her mouth, I moved to put it in her ass while she still fucked Oli. We had talked about DP and she had never said yes or no but there was no way she had a choice now - she was getting it.

Health 101 -- Introduction

first-time jacktar48 2018-07-13

So, by popular demand, here is the beginning of the continuing class notes of Professor Crumpet, BA, MA, PhD, MD, and licensed sex therapist. I try not to base too much of my final decision on the student's physical appearance, but in this case...I guess I have to admit that I really looked forward to seeing Amber naked and engaged in the various sexual exercises I would require her to practice if she chose to join my class. "It really feels very nice." She began moving her hand up and down her pussy rhythmically, and I noticed tiny beads of sweat beginning to glisten on her alabaster forehead.

Long Bare Back

first-time vincienzo 2018-07-13

I first thought she was just being nice, or was one of these people who are genuinely super excited but can't express that in an eloquent body language. When she came back, she looked at me with her boozy eyes and said: "don't look, I am wearing a skirt." And since I couldn't ascertain whether that was a genuine concern or an invitation, I replied with a covert multi-faceted: "I didn't look the first time round," telling her that I did actually notice her. there is not a lot of flesh to take all the heat of their pussies, so I imagine them dripping and dripping honey all the time. These women should have their pussies sucked, sniffed, and then fucked hard while you're looking into their eyes or tasting their tongues.

Kelly Ch. 02

first-time Balrog 2018-07-13

I knelt one step below her and took both breasts in my hands, and kissed one and then the other, sucked one nipple and then the other, paying equal attention to both. "Over ice cream I want to talk about how we let the world know about us," I said. I made love to her pussy with my tongue, and it wasn't long before she arched her back and clamped her legs around my head hard, sighing in orgasm. "Now," she wondered, finger on chin, "What flavor ice cream should I imagine you to be?" We laughed, and she gently took my huge cock in her small hands, kneeling between my legs.

Rachel's World

first-time rachel_69 2018-07-13

As the night continued to draw on I stood there staring at Paul and Andrew and I began to wonder what I could do with the stranger. Andrew then came around behind me and placed his cock neatly against the lining of my thong and began to grind. Just as I began to scream I felt Andrew's cock throbbing. Paul realized that I couldn't go any more and decided to pull out and so I threw myself in his direction and began to suck him off. When I came back from cleaning myself up in the bathroom I lay down between the two who just laid me and Paul turned to me and said, "You ready rookie?"

Love in a subway.

first-time bylhamclarabella 2018-07-13

As I held his hand and talked I found myself saying " do you know what I love most about you honey"?. I said I love your patience when you eat my vagina. Sorry I said but got more excited when I started imagine how would be have him there on that chair. Then kisses became more sexy and slow deeply into him I got turned on more and excited meant more moist. As his hand touched my vagina lips I asked if he would dare me to suck him there and then? I said I dont care deeply breathing between slow soft kisses. I leaned against wall pulled him to me kissing and lifted my dress up to show him my vagina.