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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

delivery guy

first-time razorxxxramon 2018-07-13

it all started just before last christmas, i had got to know this woman by delivering here parcels she was in her early 40's im early 30's anyways after weeks of flirting i said merry christmas and leaned in for a kiss this quickly turned into a full on snog and i had her againest the wall hands grabing her tits then a noise from upstairs stopped us and i left.the first time back there after christmas was a bit wierd would she slap me? i pulled up outside her house she was unloading shopping from her car and said you better grab this and handed me a bag.

My first swinger experience, Part-1

first-time Raheru 2018-07-13

So much for getting my cock to go down, it just got harder, then I heard her say to me in her french-english accent, "I guess you are truly enjoying your run eh", stunned I did not know what to say, I turned to her and tried to play all cool, she raised up on her elbows and opened her legs even more, parting her pussy lips and exposing the pink of her pussy, which was so moist and wet, I did not know if it was pussy juices or sweat or what, but my eyes seems to focus straight down between her legs, she looked me in the eyes and said, "I can see you like what you see eh?"...

The Beginning Ch. 01

first-time VinsanityOrElse 2018-07-13

I became the "best friend" type to Natalie over the next couple weeks, as she moved out of her second semester place that she shared with an older college girl, the semester ended and pretty much everyone went home for the summer. Sitting on her bed, I'm sure I must have looked like the little white mouse that was so gently dropped into the cage of a boa constrictor, unsure of what was going to happen next...but knowing it's something! I leaned down, placing my face to her breast; I sat feeling her body warmth before gently licking her erect nipple. I moved my hand down to feel where I was going, finding her warm, wet pussy waiting for me.

Irish Men Love to Fuck

first-time amerks29hockey 2018-07-13

"I'm assuming you know who we are?" Brian glanced at Kellan who now had his arm slung over Lynn's chair and she was giggling uncontrollably. I felt his cock pressing against me and although his pants and my underwear were keeping us apart, I could feel the detailed sculpture of his head rubbing against my wet pussy. Brian's left hand moved aside my bra, giving his mouth better access to my rock hard nipples, while his right hand moved expertly up my thigh and between my legs. My chin rested on the top of Brian's head and my hands were moving frantically between his hair and his shoulders, unsure of which place to stay. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and in one quick motion, Brian's cock forced its way inside my uncharted pussy.

Under The Moon

first-time virgincock12 2018-07-13

once we were out of my truck we crawled up onto the truck bed to enjoy the beautiful view of the moon lit lake I took us to. She had no idea how beautiful a small little lake could be after dark, she feasted her eyes upon the view while I was sating mine on her glowing moon lit face. our legs grew tired of sitting on the tail gate of my truck so I took her hand and we walked along the pebble lined beach of the little lake. I begin to drift off to sl**p and the next thing I feel was a warm little hand finding its way towards my cock.

Jeanette and David the Virgin

first-time Jill_P 2018-07-13

Jeanette lifted her hips to him feeling his fingers sliding into her labia parting it, giving her a new sensation. He rutted a few times like this, as she parted her thighs the hole in her panties pulled wider open and only the fabric of his boxers was between them. Jeanette thought about his girth and lifted her hips to him, feeling his thick cock sliding atop her. He pulled back and pressed again to her, this time she felt the thick head of his cock fill her entrance. She felt him pressing her ankles harder, her legs stretched until her knees were alongside her head and her feet were near her hands.

The first try (III)

first-time Everman 2018-07-13

-Faster, more grip!- I did as he said and started to wank my own cock, it hurt but the energy of the moment was such pain only made me wank us both harder and faster, I got my mouth close to that horny fire pole and licked the head just slightly, the pre cum was delicious, as nothing I had tasted before, and I kissed it, moving my mouth around it and of we went. My first blow job, and it was indescribable, the taste of a blazing metal hard dick in and out my mouth with pre cum and me just wanking furiously it was epic and then the crown: he moaned really loud and his abs just contracted really, really hard and he came into my mouth, spraying it all over my needy face.

Unexpected friends CD fantasy

first-time RosalynLee3 2018-07-13

Not even giving me a chance to look at him, I felt his dick slide right up my ass-hole as one of his friends rested his cock in front of me. The same thing went for my mouth pussy, with both sides having the occasional variance of the man cumming outside, them changing my position, or even attempting, and eventually succeeding, at putting two dicks into one of my holes.This continued for the whole night, an endless barrage of dicks and cum, continuing even after I passed out. Taking stock of the room, I realized that, had I been a real girl, I would have been pregnant, as the thick puddle of cum leaking out my ass and staining the bed and my dress could attest.

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 03

first-time BOSTONFICTIONWRITER 2018-07-13

Do you mean by giving a hand job I tighten my grip around his stiff cock and stroke him faster and faster until he explodes his warm sticky seed all over my little hand and in between my fingers or across my naked breasts or gives me a cum bath by shooting his load across my face, in my mouth, up my nose, in my eyes, and all over my long, blonde, soft, lush hair?" "Yes, I understand," she said leaning forward to study the script while giving Dan, Lance, and Rod a nice down blouse view of her tits. "No one would believe that this is your first time sucking a cock," he said putting his hand to the back of her blonde head while closing his eyes and smiling.

My first time

first-time julien85 2018-07-13

I then met a second girl, but was the first time it was this approach so was a little afraid to meet someone she does not know ... but 17 years ...), I got to know the girls will call you Sandy and Mary (his girlfriend). By late afternoon, always at the restaurant, Mary's friend Sandy is reversed on the Fanta his pants on the thigh ... The day ended like that, and I had the phone numbers for Sandy to remember the next weekend to meet again. Mid-week, I received an sms Mary m'indiquand she wanted to see me on Friday and although I love it come and get to the station.

Sacred Prostitute: Teacher

first-time Selena_Kitt 2018-07-13

"Ahhhhh god I want to crawl inside you!" His hands went to her hips and she didn't stop him, rocking back against his cock, still tight in her fist, her pussy spreading wetness over his lower belly. "Do you feel it here?" She rubbed her hand over his chest, his heart, looking deep into his eyes. She didn't expect him to last past that moment, and was surprised when his eyes stayed focused on hers instead of closing in climax, his hands steady on her hips. We can just feel it." She used the tight, velvet muscles of her pussy to squeeze him, making his head rock, side to side, his eyes closing in blissful agony.

The Club

first-time emlou 2018-07-13

I feel Tony begin to fuck me whilst I suck at Lisas pussy and I am very soon cumming again. I look over at my husband receiving a blowjob from Lisa whilst liking directly at me being fucked by Paul, who within a minute of entering me is thrusting hard and about to cum. Paul withdraws from me and immediately cums over my face and I begin to slowly lick what I can reach, the sight of which coupled with the blowjob he is receiving causes Tony to have the same reaction and both Lisa and I have cum over our faces.

My Black Guy Experience - Part 1

first-time Juiceyfruits 2018-07-13

Well you can't can you as you're a bit tied up!!" The black guy laughs and moves between my legs, his back to my hubby and start to rub my clit whilst looking into my eyes and after a few minutes says "this pussy is getting very wet, you are enjoying aren't you bitch?" I am but I don't say as he then kneels on the floor and starts to lick and suck my clit in various different patterns making me moan out in pleasure, whilst his left hand moves up my body, playing with my tits, squeezing and pulling my nipples, with his right hand he inserts his middle finger into my pussy curling it up, driving me crazy as he tubs my g spot.

first lesion

first-time sexysandy 2018-07-13

i did body massage for her applied oil to tits,boobs,pussy, i shaved her pussy,sucked it hard she was in dam hell opening her legs wide.i played with her pussy sucking hard till i get juices.i sucked her cunt hmmmm.she was scared of my cock that may cause pain in pussy i applied oil to it and pushed in it her tight pussy, she was bleeding, screeming and crying asking me to take my cock out as my cock was huge but i closed her mouth with my lips.after some time while i was about to finish she hugged me and asked for more i was fucking dam hard.then i took to living room i was fucking on soft, then i took her in to bathroom and we both had sex in bath tub.she was screaming that whole day.

Desert was great!!

first-time dripinwet 2018-07-13

She starts to tell me about this one hot cop that ests there. HOw nice that hard 9 inch cock looked... He laid me back down and rubbed my clit and slid a couple fingers in my wet pussy.. In a minute, I feel him slide something cold in my pussy.. I know that it feels like a banana and then i got a whiff of the peeling.. He goes down on me and starts to lick my clit and suck on the banana. He laid it to the side and got out choclate syrup and drizzled some all over my pussy and the banana. He asks if i am ready to cum on his hot cock.. He slides his wet cock in me, with the banana in there.

The Most Persistent Salesperson

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-13

Carolyn took a deep breath, "Buy the magazines and I'll have sex with you." Feeling her face burning, she immediately looked at the floor. Breathing in deeply, Carolyn captured his essence, Dan didn't wear a lot of cologne, she couldn't help but compare him to her ex-boyfriend who always smelled like he had taken a bath in the stuff, a lot of the boys did. The look on his face said that he wanted her and Carolyn couldn't help wondering what it was going to be like doing stuff with him. As much as he wanted to feel his lips around her nipple, reacting, getting hard against his tongue, he had restrained himself to prolong her anticipation of the pleasure to come.

The Milkmaid's Tail Ch. 02

first-time EHMiller 2018-07-13

My erect penis felt like a flag staff in my grip, long and hard as steel. I stopped moving my hand up and down my slick cock and opened my eyes. "Oh, fuck." I groaned as I felt a surge of warmth grow in the base of my skull and travel down my spine into my prostate. I groaned and pumped, my heart beating hard and ready to burst from my chest, my cock swelling in preparation for another creamy blast. She stopped touching my pumping hand and gently pushed on my prostate with her thumb. I came to and felt my cock spurt a final load of ejaculate onto her face, which shone wetly in the moonlight.

My First Time Pt. 02

first-time BondiLisa 2018-07-13

Eventually my brother told me to get lost because it was late, and as I got off David's lap I put my hand in his lap to keep my balance, right on his erection, and I had a good feel and squeezed. I was in a total daze, and now I knew for sure he was hard, I could feel his erection pressing against my wet pussy. I wasn't going to leave until he knew that I liked seeing him naked, hoping this would encourage him to come in while I was in the shower. That night, I couldn't wait until the usual time for my evening shower; I was too excited at the possibility of Rob seeing me naked.

Sam & Cat: #SomethingNew

first-time bobcox69 2018-07-13

"It’s a – a massager…" she tried to explain, still panicking as she walked towards her bed, intended to pick up her box and tidy it away and out of her reach, hoping that next time Cat wouldn’t find her hidden stash of vibrators and dildos. Cat was sitting on the edge of her bed with the vibrator in her hands, looking like an innocent little doll, stroking it up and down and liking the feelings. When the red haired girl stopped shaking and fell limp against the bed, Sam pulled the vibrator away, resisting the pressing urge to hold it tightly against her own throbbing clit.

encounter with a horny indian maid full version

first-time mosama 2018-07-13

Started my porn and soon as i got hard watching the first scene she knocked the door saying she wants to clean the room. Again i started njoyingg my porn and just at the climax scene she knocked the door saying "mom had asked her to swipe the floor" as soon as i started shaking my dick thinking bout the sheena shaking it ,the door bell rang... 2minutes later she knocked the door asking how much time ill take in the batroom i was like a minute more. A bottle of vasline was within my reach and within no time i applied it on my dick and started BUTT fucking ...Anal was my dream come truee...

First Time Lover

first-time nitengale 2018-07-13

I could feel excitement stir in me, and just like when I read my brothers magazine, I suddenly felt the urge to pleasure myself. He pulled me close and I felt his tongue soon probing my mouth. I could feel him trace the edges of my panties, and asked if he wanted them off, and he told me ‘not yet.’ He seemed to enjoy teasing me, and I was not used to someone going this slow to get to me. Moving his fingers and hand slowly over me, I wanted to feel him push into me. I really felt the need to feel him in me, and when I asked him to fuck me, he quickly told me he would next time.


first-time vinney 2018-07-12

He suddenly couldn't help himself and leaned forward, kissing her temple softly at the hairline, placing his hand once again on her tight, swollen belly. Melody lifted herself onto her knees and reached down between her legs, taking Jake's cock into her hands and stroking it, rubbing the head up and down her slit, making her body jerk every time she ran it against her clit. A few minutes of silence went by and just when Jake thought she was asl**p, Melody sighed, "You've awakened a monster in me," she said as she thrust her hips back and was rewarded by Jake's young body allowing his cock to start to swell inside her once again.

My First College Experience

first-time Nemarle 2018-07-12

If I came to the room door one day after class and saw a pink loofah hanging from our door handle, I'd know that she wanted privacy because she was with a boyfriend. One day after class I came back to our room to find a white loofah hanging from the doorknob. They continued playing, and drinking, and stripping, and I went to my side of the room and climbed into bed to continue watching them. He spooned me and we watched together as his two friends took turns cumming on Emily's face. They were proud of themselves and found their way to Emily's bed to rest while making comments like "I'll give it to you anytime you want baby" and "damn that was sweet, bro".

My Chance with Cindy

first-time Rickyroma 2018-07-12

Craig gave me that look and then said, "Dude, you played your heart out, it just wasn't our night." Cindy smiled and climbed in sitting her tiny body on my lap and wrestling the huge door closed. Stacy smiled really big and said, "Well if you do like her, I know Craig is going to be playing pool all night, like he always does. At the same time, I knew this was a rare opportunity, and after seeing Cindy's perfectly shaped bare cheeks, feeling her little body sitting on my lap, those perky little breasts, the way she blew in my ear, interlocked her fingers with mine...