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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Adventures of Clover Ch. 01

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-07-12

My name is Clover Moffatt, and my sexual awakening came late, at the hands of men who ought to have known better - namely Henry Jones, my elderly neighbour, and the Headmaster of my High School Jed Bonner. The next day had come, "I love your nipples." And then, more erotically, "would pay good money to suck your little teats." There was a strange little feeling down between my legs when I thought about what Jed Bonner had in there, and what it might look like. I shook my head, "oh God suck my teat..." and as my moment of wild tight cumming surged to get me he put a finger and thumb onto each nipple and he just squeezed.

Mistletoe fun

first-time griffen1 2018-07-12

"Thanks mom," I said as I took that warm mug she As I came back out mom knocked on my door. "It looks great, mom," I said as I pulled out her Mom dried her hands and we headed to the "Hold on one second, Jimmy," Mom said as she got up "It's all right, son," Mom said, licking her lips "Well, good night, mom," I said as I headed upstairs. "Hi, mom," I said as I kissed her cheek. "Dinner's ready, son!" Mom said as she knocked on my Mom's eyes were locked on my hard cock as I Mom grabbed my cock and pulled it into her pussy. Mom rolled on her side and took hold of my slimy cock.

Watching Her

first-time Ashson 2018-07-12

It was just a little sneeze, barely making a sound, but the way the young woman reacted you'd think I'd dropped out of the trees with a war-cry. Her face flamed and she was willing to look anywhere except where her hand was pressed against my cock. Her legs were wrapped around me and her hands were clutching at my shoulders, trying to hold me to her, while I bucked on top of her, driving in hard now and feeling her responding, pushing up eagerly, wanting me. I drove in hard and fast, hands on her breasts, mouth covering her face and throat with little kisses as we moved, lifting her higher with every thrust.

Visit to the ABS

first-time Jmuncut 2018-07-12

He lean over the back of the chair grabbed his cock first gave it a couple of strokes then placed his lips around the head working his cock. Bill leaned in placed his arm around me pulled me close started French-kissing me I grabbed his ass feeling our cocks rubbing together grinding and rubbing them together. Bill pulled my skin back began going deep on my cock feeling the back of his throat. I grabbed his cock slow stroking and milking his cum from his cock then licking it from my hand. I'going to cum soon." Bill picked up the pace stroking faster he spit down on his knob and let go grabbed his cock I spit on my cock start stroking faster.

Sister Inlaw / Outlaw Ch. 2

first-time oliver 2018-07-12

"Well" Joe starts; and looks at the floor trying to figure out what to say "Ah ..Your mother is taking a nap and I think I heard Leanne in the shower. She gets up and Joe watches her naked body move around the room, her breast gently bouncing and her hips swaying back and forth. Joe watched them leave with excitement and anticipation, he sat at the table watching Jody clear up dinner admiring her tight little ass that seem to spill out of the shorts she wore. He crawls between her legs running his hands over her small tight body her ass is raised of the bed wanting to feel him inside her.

Angel in the Night 03

first-time ReefBeach 2018-07-12

Then in the middle of it she just moved her hands up in the dance and took off her top, over her head. Her pussy lips had got bigger and thicker; I spread them and watched the inner lips getting pulled by her fingers on her clit. She stroked my head as she kissed my mouth and rolled her tongue around inside. "Come when you want, lovely boy." She was rolling her tongue around the head while her little hands pulled the skin up and down the shaft. My thighs tensed Thien could tell I was close and she gave me long strokes down to my balls.

BB 1

first-time creativeendeavors 2018-07-12

Crouching, my legs spread wide, my throbbing cock which begged to be free from my pants nuzzled into that wavy wet hair of BB’s, tapping her upon the head with it unintentionally, my focus was much more keen on another little experiment as I leaned forward, shuttering a little as I felt my manhood rub against her head before I reached my hand out just like so to snag her breast, not in a mean, cruel, or vicious manner either… I just wanted it close by and in my grasp but Becky, she knew, looked, watched my hands carefully, protectively before her eyes shut, just feeling my touch upon her nipples even above that of the other people busily and hungrily devouring her made me happy that these tits were definitely delicate.

Sex with son's girlfriend

first-time swaanthony 2018-07-12

I wanted to drive her crazy as I was about to lick the pussy of a girl 21 yrs younger and the ex of my son. I finaaly pulled her tank top off and went to town on her titties with my tongue and lips still rubbing my index finger over her clit and thumb up and down her pussy....her shorts still on. After about 7 minutes of this and her begging for me to eat her pussy I started to lick and run my lips from her titties down her belly to her pussy. I ran my tongue and lips over her thong on her pussy and clit and sent her wild.

Better Than the Books

first-time angelx602 2018-07-12

She looked up startled at first, then seeing I was teasing her about not liking vegetables she smiled and shook her head. I knew she had never seen a man nude before and I wanted to know how scared she would be when she saw me nude for the first time so I could gently coax her into touching me and letting me touch her. My cock in hand, I drew it against her wet opening as I watched her face for any signs of pain, I began to gently slide into her depths. Her hands on my ass pulling me deeper inside her, like she wanted more and more of me as her moans of pleasure grew louder and louder.


first-time Ashson 2018-07-12

My observations said that the girls observed this rule if they thought of it, which they often didn't, so I wasn't unaccustomed to see a young lady running around in her scanties. Felicity was kneeling on the couch, leaning forward over the back of it, eyes glued to the parade, watching fascinated as the floats went past. She pressed a little harder and just like that the head of my cock slipped past her lips and into her. Felicity was breathing harder, gasping almost, and she was now giving out with pleasurable little squeaks of excitement. I held things like this, taking great delight in the way we were moving together, the rasp of my cock in her passage pleasurable beyond measure.

My s****r in Law

first-time Bigyin4u 2018-07-12

my massaging took my fingers right to the top of her inner thighs so the outside of her labia was getting stroked but seemingly accidentally. Moving round to be behind her head, I oiled my hands and stroked her neck and gradually worked round to the top of her chest carefully avoiding her breasts but my hands had to be under the towel. Re-oiling my hands i got close-up behind her massaging her stomach but this time i let my hands roam around her breasts while avoiding her nipples which I noticed were now hard. It seemed to me that she was now ready for G spot massage so "Jules wasnt to take the thong off." had an immediate removal of same.

The First For The Three Of Us

first-time radday 2018-07-12

Liza slowly pushed back on my probing fingers demanding deeper penetration, Nicole looked me in the eyes and said “fuck her for me now, make love to her pussy for me!” Without hesitation I moved behind Liza straddling her small tight ass, sliding the head of my cock down along her ass-crack then between such hot and wet lips, as she leaned forward, letting Nicole lick and suckle on her hard nipples. With a firm grip Liza pulled my cock forward separating Nicole’s swollen and wet pussy lips, then forcing my length into Nicole heavenly depths.

Meteor Shower

first-time SweetDesire427 2018-07-12

And not to worry, she isn't really my type." He winked as Ashley came to join Jamie for lunch, giving her a friendly wave. "Ashley Copernicus Yoon Kim-Pryor," he said softly, gesturing to her face, "You missed a spot." Ashley Copernicus Yoon Kim-Pryor had never been kissed liked this. Without the makeup he could tell she looked a lot like Ashley, only a little bit taller and curvier. "Yeah, he's more than decent," Ashley said quietly thinking of next year when they wouldn't be in the same school or maybe even the same state. Jamie had a hard time breathing and his cock still jerked involuntarily in Ashley's hand. Jamie kissed the forehead that laid on his chest, breathing pink grapefruit on her hair and skin.

My first threesome

first-time dirtymindedmale08 2018-07-12

As I reached her bush, I gently parted it with two fingers and softly kissed her pussy lips, and she put both hands on my head, holding me tight. I'm that wet, and I want you." I kissed her pussy more firmly, softly licking her slit from her ass all the way to her clit. Then we can have some fun together, if you're up for it!" My s****r in law ran her hands up my neighbor's thigh, stroking her sopping wet fur and gently slipping a finger inside. Mrs. X softly fingered my ass while my s****r in law cupped and fondled my balls, and it took almost no time at all for me to be at the edge of what promised to be an incredible orgasm.

Mom, Auntie and Me

first-time 2018-07-12

While I was busy admiring Sharon's beauty, Mom caught me looking at Sharon's big breasts and I immediately got busy in taking off my T-shirt and blue jeans and within seconds I was in my shorts. Sharon turned toward me, which meant her breasts were right in front of my eyes, and said: "Your mom looks very straight and pure, but she is naughtier than me." After enjoying each other as much as we could, we got out of the water and were walking toward Mom when Sharon put her arm around me and whispered: "Come to my room at night and you would have the woman you have been fantasizing about for years."

A Mother and Her Son 6

first-time 2018-07-12

Tommy fell to his knees between Sue's legs and brought his mouth very close to her swollen and leaking sex. my clit," Sue said, spreading the lips wide and letting the tiny nub peek out, her hands shaking with excitement. "I want you to put your tongue right here Tommy," Sue said in a shaky voice, pointing to her spread open hole. "God, I love this cock," Sue said to herself as she brought her son's swollen penis to her face. Sue took his penis deep into her warm and wet mouth again, making loud sucking noises, which were intended to let her son know how much she loved sucking him.

Virgin Seductress

first-time deepemerald 2018-07-12

Katie looked inside them and found nude photos of the women she'd previously seen fucking Mr Miller in the other photos. She'd seen and read enough to know that he'd love for her to get on her knees and start sucking his cock, only problem was that she never saw him without Mel or Mrs Miller being present and she was pretty sure they wouldn't enjoy what was on her mind. He slowly started rocking in and out of her, making sure she got time to enjoy the feeling of being full of cock as he gently pressed his pubic bone against her clit and also giving her time to recover by almost pulling out completely.

The Beauty Contest

first-time LeCoach 2018-07-12

Julie saw the judges faces and quietly told me "Kate...I think they'd like to see a little more." I knew what she meant but I just couldn't do it! I instinctively covered my little tits with my hands and looked away as Julie hooked her thumbs into my panties and began to pull them down. Eric lept to his feet and joined in her ludicrous dance calling out "All right Julie baby!" My sister turned and quickly stuffed her big firm tits right into his chest and began to grind her barely covered pussy into his crotch. Paul then pulled my dress off and took a few moments to enjoy the sight of me lying there with only my little panties to cover my pussy.

Tall Dark Stranger

first-time DireLilith 2018-07-12

Lady Lorenzia had said that tonight, Linda would meet a tall, dark stranger. But the Gypsy said she must turn them all down and wait for the tall man with the dark complexion and dark hair and eyes to match. Linda carefully turned around, eyes narrowed as she took in the look of the man there. As soon as the door closed, Linda was tearing off her coat again and rubbing her hands all over the man's chest. He got up on his hands and looked down at Linda, this strange woman whom he had just met, who's untouched cunt now clenched defiantly around his intruding cock.

Katie Comes Back

first-time chrisfromlondon 2018-07-12

Things had been quiet since the "Salesman of the Year Contest." Katie still worked part time at Maddox and continued to get strange looks after the party. By the time the athletic Sue was in a reverse straddle position with her arse hole wrapped around Randy's huge black rod and Ferdy's throbbing in and out of her shaven pussy, Katie and Claudia had had enough and snuggled up naked in bed leaving the other bedroom to the other three. Katie was already having small rippling orgasms and, as Bobby's tongue explored her pussy lips and hungrily replaced her finger, she felt ready to explode.


first-time Ashson 2018-07-12

They strolled along, Julie quite enjoying her nakedness, but making sure she didn't look too closely at Paul's. Turning around in the little cabin Julie didn't even notice Paul's erection until her hand accidentally slapped against it. "Not at all," said Paul, glancing down at his erection, watching it sway back and forth from the sudden slap. Delivering a series of gentle slaps Julie batted Paul's erection from hand to hand. Trying not to smile triumphantly Paul started moving, pulling back and then sinking his cock deep into Julie's willing body, hearing her gasp every time his groin slapped hard against her. Julie writhed and pushed herself hard up against Paul's cock, taking it into her, trying to get it to go deeper, ever deeper.


first-time ChoMoans 2018-07-12

Than one guy went up to her and gave a drink for her birthday and she dance with him. he came to me and I left the other guy and we just started dancing. Than he got me a shoot and we went back dancing, but this time we face each other and he started to kiss me. He put me down and turn me around to face the wall as he grab my hips and pull me towards him, I bend over as he went back in. He hold me from my wist as he started to ram me against the wall as he was squeezing my breast and the other cover my mouth.

Shower Time Champ

first-time zimabean 2018-07-12

I was going to have to stand near Fran, but not wanting to look like a pussy I went in like nothing was a big deal and started to shower. As I worked my cock around not really sure of what I should be doing Fran blurted out "I think I am going to cum!" With that she started to thrust her hips around as her pussy tightened its grip on my cock. My cock got hard and I started to fuck Fran again right there and blew more cum into her. We would stay late working on my skills till every one left then we would go in and fuck for an thirty minutes or so and then shower off and go home.

Wine Country

first-time vixen469 2018-07-12

I remember kissing him and sliding my hand into his pants, and feeling his dick get harder and harder in my soft hand, It's always so exciting making a guys dick rock hard... I smiled and laughed and said 'Sure.' touching him again, feeling his dick get hard, I laughed, and very gently ran the tip of my tongue up his shaft. sliding his rock hard dick in and out of my mouth. Gently I pulled back sliding his still hard dick out of my mouth, I could feel his hard dick 'I want you to fuck me, dammit', my body writhing against his prick I want your hard dick inside me. my hips, which were shaking so fucking hard,