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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Summer: My First Time

first-time Joanmcarthy 2018-07-12

I loved the feel of his caress as he stroked down my shoulder and along my flank and then tingled as it made first contact with the waist band of my bikini bottom and felt his finger nails run just under the elastic moving toward my spine; curling it over as it went and separating my flesh from the sand underneath as it bulldozed between the two. I slowly started working his cock, moving my body back and forth; bringing my clit to hard contact with his pubis on every downstroke and rubbing my nipples along his chest; his hands covering my bum cheeks encouraging my movements.

Soccer Crush by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-07-12

Right, I said, quite shocked. have a tough time getting to this class on time, she said, starting a quietly munched my pizza, deep in thought. the eyes and said, You know, I really appreciate you. She looked at me again and smiled and kissed me on the lips. replied with another long kiss. I love you, she said, through the kisses. stopped kissing and looked at her and said...Ditto, k**do. We stopped kissing to catch our breath, and I gave her a tongue bath. gotten my tongue out of my mouth good before she started moaning about kissed each other good night (that took about 20 minutes) and fell asl**p She soon awoke and gave me a long good morning kiss.

ClassMate Fantasy part 3

first-time 2018-07-12

Bailey follows her out, and through her firm looking round ass, I can make out a little red lace cheeky thong, just barely visible, but her ass cheeks swallow the thong in between them. She is wearing these flashy black high heels, which undoubtedly pushes her ass up in the skirt and makes her legs look sexier than everyone’s here! There is a main dance floor right in front of you, off to the right side is a slightly elevated stage where it looks like VIP members are able to dance; on the left side of the stage is a massive bar with stools to sit down on, and just off to the side of the bar is a little seating area for select people. I look and see Lizzy tongue deep with some guy on the dance floor as she lets him grip her ass.

The Road to Cuckolding: My Story

first-time 2018-07-12

The first pornographic video I had ever seen was interracial - something from the late 1980s or early 90s if my judgement could be trusted. I remember watching a very dark skinned man with a very large cock slamming in to a Caucasian girl. I think, perhaps, that was when the fascination with black cock began. Time moved on, as it does, and I grew older. Sex came naturally to me, even at an early age. By time I was 16, I had fucked my way through all the girls I knew. I sucked my first cock in a park. He was a close friend of mine at the time. I remember his cock being curved to the right and hard to suck on.

Simple Pleasure

first-time sexcrave69 2018-07-12

My smooth palms, already wet as my body senses the acts about to be committed, caress your breasts, sliding over them, beneath them, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your entire body. I can feel the heat emitting from your pussy on my face, as my lips continue to suck on the creamy skin of your thighs, and I can sense the flow of your juices as they drip onto the bed, a waste when all that delicious nectar could be working its way over my tongue, and down my throat. Still sensitive from the attention i just gave you, you buck up into me, forcing me to enter you fully, driving you insane, as you go crazy and start pumping upwards, trying to keep me inside of you.

A night at the movies

first-time griffen1 2018-07-12

but still, I need to see what a naked girl looks like, Returning my attentions to the film, watching the man to briefly turn my head towards my friend to ask, "Do my mouth to allow his thick fleshy cock to dock time my head is pushed down and his hard cock is futilely try to jerk my head up to release my mouth from his cock to find his hand push me harder onto it. I look up at him, he smiles and takes my hand off his cock and hands it to the man in front. driving cock feels like a white hot poker scorching my On resuming his seat, my friend pushes me back into

Virgin Taken By Surprise

first-time 2018-07-12

“Let's just forget this ever happened, okay?...” I started to say, when he interrupted me with, “You got my cock fucking hard, so now you need to take care of it, or I will tell your parents everything.” “So what do you want?”, I asked, as he started to undo his pants, and pull out his hard cock. I tried to explore that thought and bobbed my my head further and further onto his cock, when he said, “Suck my balls!” That's when he started fucking me faster and faster, and said, “Oh, your ass is tight and all mine now.” I didn't say anything as he pounded me with his hard thick cock.

peeping on school boys in shower

first-time dylan_jones 2018-07-12

I unzipped my pants, to pull out my massive erection; As the fat k**, Andrew came into focus....he was totally pubeless....n he had a tiny little cock......n no balls.....but I'd ofter wanted to put my hands down his pants, n saying, Don't tell any one....or ill deny it, n put it back on u. Afer reading the mag for a bit....he pulled his pj down n there it was...a hard little stiffy....i couldnt look away....till i said, 'Are you doing it right' I spat on his hand, n put it on my cock.....sooo horny i rolled him over on his stomach n pulled hid pjs dowm, layed on him n humped his chubby bum.....'oooh is it in...' but that was that...i had the most intense orgasm....

Me and mum part 2

first-time paul73 2018-07-12

Mum looked down at me and said “Son I'm gonna cum babe don't stop with that” So I started to suck on her clit and she just shouted “I'm cumming, oh yes I'm cumming,” with that she came all over my mouth and my chin, it tasted so sweet I just lapped it up, God I was loving this so much I didn`t want it to stop. As I was pumping my mum, I looked at her and she had a expression of pure ecstatic pleasure on her face I could feel her soft pussy pulsing around my cock it felt so erotic then all of a sudden she clamped down and started to cum so hard I thought my cock was gonna drop off .

The Potting Shed 3

first-time strapped4cash 2018-07-12

My cock was already hard again and I figured I’d get to ride her, but she was having none of it, and pushed my head down to her fanny again and told me in no uncertain terms to keep licking her clit until she had had enough. She shouted at me to fuck her hard, and I did my best, but her dirty talk and the speed of her assault was just so horny that I came straight away - I just couldn’t help it, but I knew better that to stop, so I fucked on for another two or three minutes until she bucked her hips up and down beneath me and screamed out her orgasm.

Twins' Deception

first-time CleoRa 2018-07-12

Tess's remark made me think about how it'd feel to have that large thing pummeling me, the warm sticky fluid he expelled shooting deep inside me instead of being wasted on a tissue. When Martian showed up for his "date," Tess wore a short black dress, her hair piled high on top her head and large looping earrings. Marty started slowly dry-humping me and I just let him, one hand sliding down my thigh, a finger searching under one loose leg of my shorts, finding my soggy panties.

me and my cousin

first-time kaku456 2018-07-12

She was also a good friend of me .At that night we talked a lot about our past it was a time of about 2:00 pm then she said that she want to sl**p now i said ok she also said that her feet are feeling pain .At that time i offered her to massage her feet to relax her she first refused then after some time she allowed me to massage her feet so i started to massage her feet the light of our room was off and uncle and her wife were gone to sl**p then rubbed my hand against her soles and the all over her feet her feet are also very pretty.

My Adventures In Pleasure Ch. 01

first-time Sunraj 2018-07-12

I am an East Indian male, of average good looks, and have been fortunate in having a great education – beginning with a school that was started in 1865, by the British! Then, I met an older Chinese woman, who was a colleague, and she became a good friend. She taught me many things, but I had also seen many porn movies, and read many books to know what a woman likes. This gave me the courage to find good female Chinese friends who were interested in sleeping with me. For women with big breasts, it is also good to bring both together and try to lick both together. Only one woman has described her experiences before, and she is still a good friend.

The Most Eclectic Taste

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-07-12

Miso smiled broadly, "Oh Mr. Thouson, these are just the beginnings of beautiful things you will see and yes, taste tonight. "Before you start," Miso whispered, pulling his chair up beside me, "on each side of your setting you'll find several different pallet cleansers." Lighting a tiny flashlight he shined the light on some pink strips of something, "These are ginger root, like when you eat sushi, here is some sorbet, we have crackers, salted and unsalted, some water and finally some warm, green tea. I grabbed a pen, signed my acceptance of the offer and handed the paper back to Miso, who bowed and said, "The lights will go down now and we will remove the table and the woman.

Goody Two-Shoes

first-time KarennaC 2018-07-12

By the time Randy showed up to give me a ride home from work- my parents, naturally, hadn't let me get my license yet- I wanted to collapse. Sure, when he and Randy had been friends, Jay had treated me like I was his own younger sister- and a pest- but after nine years, he had no reason to do anything for me. "Making her look like a sexy young woman instead of a little girl," Jay said. "Aw, that's got to be the sweetest proposition I've ever heard out of your mouth, Jay," Tillie said. "Ooh, I think Jay's after more than just a fuck." Tillie started sweeping up the hair she'd cut off me.

College Life – Part 2 – The 6th Floor

first-time 2018-07-12

So I laughed and said I’m wearing a small red panty boys. Sumit and Abhisek were doing this magic on my ass and pussy from behind, when mukesh naughtily asked, do I still have to hold your hands Ruchi? Now I had three hard big cocks pointed at me from three different sides, so I did the natural thing a wet horny girl of 19 would do – I took Mukesh in my mouth, and Abhishek and Sumits cocks in my left and right hands, and started jerking them off all three at once. I pulled a handkerchief from one of their jeans on the floor and wiped my mouth on it.Next time boys, I smiled and said, I want those beautiful cocks inside my pussy.

Erin & Tony: BFF

first-time cese_ed 2018-07-12

Erin, actually, thought that Tony liked Erin's roommate and other best friend, Jessica Fielding. The person Tony thought Erin liked was Rick Nielson, the new kid in school. Erin's eyes were still a bit red and puffy from the crying, but other then that, she looked fine, but Tony knew that inside she was still hurting. Erin's tongue licked at Tony's outer lips, as if saying, "Let me in!" His lips parted and their tongues began to dance together for the first time, but not the last. Erin pulled her arms out of her sweater as Tony licked her ear and kissed down her neck. Her nipples hardened even more in the cool air and Tony stopped kissing Erin as he saw the sight that lay before him.

Sissy finds real man on bike ride

first-time mark-oh 2018-07-12

After a while he came to a single back road , he wasn't far off being home, about 2 miles, he was thinking about the fun he would have with himself once he got back when suddenly another cyclist pulled along side him making James jump Said the man stepping over and pulling down James cycling shorts, he took them fully off and holding them in his hand he stood back and admired James in his panties As James got on his knees the man lowered his shorts and took out a huge sweaty cock from his jock strap , it must have been 9" long and thick,

The Sitter

first-time 2018-07-12

She then turned me over with her arm still in me, and started to fuck me, pulling almost all the way out until the muscle stopped her fist, when she did that, cum would shoot out of my weiner, and she put her mouth on it, and started moving it in and out, drinking my cum every out stroke We did this for about half an hour, until she got tired, and untied me, and took off her outfit. I lubed it up with butter, and proceeded to work it in her pussy, until I was ramming it home as fast as I could, she must have cum 5 times, I pulled it out after her orgasm, and started trying to put it up her behind, and itI was tough going, she cried, and kept moving around until I slapped her face and told her to stop and take it like a woman.

BBC Interview

first-time 2018-07-12

As he bent down to pick them up, fold them and place them on the chair I gazed at his white briefs, straining to hold within its prize, images of all the xhamster pics of friends and strangers filled my head – but now it was not on a screen, but here, in my office, inches away, hidden only by thin fabric that surely a sex starved white mum could bite through in seconds. Then we stopped, he pulled me off him stood up, and looking into my eyes said “suck it bitch!” Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before, but I wasn’t complaining and dropped to my knees and complied – happy to give my pussy a little rest bite and keen to orally please my new boss.

first time making love as a gay man ( true story o

first-time sexy420 2018-07-12

i fucked his virgin ass hard with powerful thrust. i felt an orgasm coming so i thrust my dick as far into chris' ass and as hard as i could and had the most intense orgasm. shortly after chris threw me on the bed and said " im gunna teach you a lesson for fucking me so hard" after he busted in the back of my throat and i sucked him dry i grabbed his dick, stuck in my virgin and told him to punish me " oh god, im cumming" said chris as he came to his last thrust we both moaned in great pleasure as he came into my ass.

Hot Asian Girl

first-time vorstwout 2018-07-12

But, I knew that this was no joke in my mind and it would be a great way to fulfill my desire to meet a pretty young asian girl. After she made her shy step forward he said," Tou her name, first time, you like her." This seemingly young girl put her hand out and I held her hand as she led me to the small room down the narrow dark hallway. I knew that asian girls were small, but her size made me think hard about her. With each thrust she let out the only English word she knew, "good, good, good, good." I could feel the base of my cock slamming up against her clit as I continued to paint her insides.

Providing A Service

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-07-12

"Mmm, you feel good inside me, Philip," I moaned as I put my arms through my legs and opened up as far as I could, raising my pussy up in the air so he could take long, long, slow strokes in and out of me as my husband took our video. "Oh, just keep like this, mmm, I'm...AHH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, ooh, ooh, mmm, yes, that's lovely, mmm, so good." I looked over and Dean was still shooting us, I think this will be one hot video. I looked over at Dean and he was slowly stroking himself so I asked Philip if he would mind changing places with hubby for his turn and my newly-initiated lover pulled out and Dean was soon pushing into me with his nice, hard cock.

A trip to a party

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-12

He rested his hand half way up her thigh and stroked it gently through the warm, soft fabric of her dress. He slid his finger between two buttons of his aunt's dress and caressed half way up her inner thigh, thrilling in her warm, bare skin. Again he removed his hand from her for a few moments, then slipped one finger between her dress buttons to meet the soft smooth skin of her breast just above her bra. She kept her head down and averted her face as the car approached, but with a great effort of will she resisted the urge to close the gaping neckline of her dress and its wide-open lower half that bared almost the tops of her thighs.