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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Grocery Order

first-time retcntryboy 2018-07-12

I remembered my cock getting so hard because Honey was wearing such a sexy tight skirt and sweater and her legs were so were encased in black nylons and on her feet were a pair of 5 inch spike high heels that took my breath away. My thoughts were always about her when my mind had a chance to fantasize, especially at night, I'd dream and masturbate imagining her sexy red mouth sucking on my hard cock while wearing only her nylons and high heels and me being able to be between her legs sucking and licking her sexy mound.

Stumbled Upon

first-time sexharvester 2018-07-11

Well they did Sophie engaged me in a deep French kiss, while Izzy began to suck my cock, the way her tongue flicked its sensitive tip drove me wild. While, I did this Sophie straddled me taking my cock deep inside me and started to bounce up and down. As I did so Izzy worked full throttle on my cock; I was soon hard again, and when she was satisfied with the length see glided it into her very wet pussy, and she proceeded to give me one hell of a deep, hard fuck. We danced, and it was up close and personal, our naked bodies moving slowly against each other. The lights dimmed further, and as they did so Sophie slipped my cock into her Pussy, and we both started to thrust slowly.

Beach Fun

first-time newtydreads 2018-07-11

We spread the beach wrap out and sat down; there was a moment of awkwardness, quickly banished, before both Dominic and I started to caress Ann. She responded by taking each of our cocks in her hands and started to slowly slide them up and down our shafts. After a minute or two I suggested that Ann give Dominic a suck, something I know she actually loves doing (as opposed to just going along with it just to keep us blokes quiet), and the sight of her tongue running over the end of his swollen shaft nearly had me coming on the spot.

A Pleasant Surprise

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-11

I could feel the warmth of her breath against my skin as she made a motion to let me know to lift my hips, and as she slid my pant legs over my bare feet and threw the jeans behind her she pressed her tongue hard and flat against the base of my cock and licked up to the tip like it was a Popsicle on an august afternoon. I guess that what Glena wanted did not include me hovering over her and breathing like someone had pushed the pause button because the fingers in my hair tightened and my face was suddenly filled with moist warmth as she raised her hips and pulled me down into her crotch.

Mile High Fuckation

first-time n2oral 2018-07-11

Mary's nipples were erect so I began kissing them through her gown, and she arched her back to push them toward my lips, A soft moan that wasn't on the TV escaped her lips, so I fondled her perfect tits awhile. My own arousal was getting almost painful, so for a little bit I straddled her and let my cock slip out the leg of my boxers and wet her lips with my precum. After a few minutes tickling her labia and ass with the mink, I started licking her thighs, moving up to her pussy as I inhaled Mary's sweet scent, her musk filling my world. Then I got her vibrator from her bag and began running it over her ass, her tits, and her vulva, occasionally tickling her swollen clit with it.

Plumber's Helper

first-time john1195 2018-07-11

light blue work shirt bearing his name ("Dan") was, like, spray-painted Our next job was a kitchen sink, install a new garbage disposal I got more water on me and on Dan and on the floor of the "Sure thing, Dan." I got hold of the bottom of the tanktop and pulled "Now, I need one of those rags." Dan said. of Dan and rubbing and kissing that big strong body of his while his resnared it with my lips and Dan panted as I worked the glans, foreskin, "You sound like you need a break." Dan said as he let me up. Dan got that disposal done and I handed him back his shirt and tank,

Mrs. Bonnie Ch. 01

first-time sghoul 2018-07-11

Before I could blurt out any questions, Mrs. Bonnie silenced me with a finger to my lips and a sexy sweet smile, then she pulled me out of the back room. "Tina," Mrs. Bonnie started "Take our new friend Mark into the guest room and get him changed. I felt a surge of pride at the way the room responded, but more so how Mrs. Bonnie seemed happy at my large size. Mrs. Bonnie must have sensed it, because she suddenly looked at me calmly, and lifted her tits in her hands, pinching and tweaking her nipples, and said: "Cum in me Mark. A look of complete lust came over Mrs. Bonnie's face and she closed her eyes, orgasming silently with me.

I Took Control

first-time naturegirl25 2018-07-11

As Mike soon came close to cumming I told my bf to get onto the bed and lay on his stomach, “Be prepared for your first fuck baby” I said as I nodded to Mike. Mike then took out the lube and rubbed some all over my bf’s tiny virgin ass hole, he then cuffed him to the bed and put his cock slowly into his now lubed hole. Mike cuffed my boy’s balls in his hand and continued to suck him as he got hard, my bf then moaned “I’m gonna cum, baby. I then made him get on his knees and suck Mike until he got hard, once he was hard I told him to rub him until he shot cum all over my bf’s chest and face.


Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #3

first-time petdyke 2018-07-11

The confession of Kris of her young yummy tasty teen emerging suddenly sexuality Kris confesses to her daughters how naughty she was as young teen, no idea of sexuality Kris confesses that she still likes spanking her ass a lot as foreplay of making love Kris confesses that is exactly what has happened last night: real love, no acted porn Kris tells the teens my idea that for their sexual education they had better watch us Pretty Petra lets the three teens watch from close during her first love lesson In the next issue of this fantasy story about sexual education, the teen slits will be licked In a later part of this series the teens are allowed to look next day at a lesbian sex session

Mandy and her one tme lover

first-time 2018-07-11

We were living at an apartment and Mandy got d***k alot at night time when we was alone. There was this guy named Jay that came around apartment to visit next door. Mandy got d***k alot and for fun I urged her on about Jay cause she said he was hot. Well she started leaving him messages on the phone for him to come over and fuck her. She went to shave and her pussy and she sucked my cock off while she waited on Jay. She came downstairs horn as fuck and I had to help her down. So she drops to her knees and pulls down Jays pants and starts sucking him in front of me.

My Deflowering

first-time 2018-07-11

Finally, panting and wet with sweat, I lay back to see Miss Temple in the mists above me, smiing serenely as ever and I couldn’t help wondering if she had felt the bludgeon up that trim velvet belly of hers She guessed my thoughts with a chuckle. By the time I got hold of myself I realized I was doubled back like a ball, my thighs held tight on my chest by firm Miss Temple as well as my ravisher…and I could but thresh a foot or two for movement. High above me as well as in me the man drained port like water as Miss Temple handed him the restorative glass.

mom got the rong room

first-time savita009 2018-07-11

As Lisa involuntarily raised her ass off the bed, Bobby buried his cock deep in her pussy and shot load after load of white juice into her. "If you're really serious about wanting to make love to me, you can take off that blanket, honey, I'm going to make you so hot you won't need it, because ,Bobby I'm going to fuck you until you can't get it up anymore." Lisa walked around the bed until she was on the same side as Bobby then she crawled up on the bed and spreading her legs she lowered herself down over Bobby's face until her pussy was touching his mouth.

First time i sucked a cock

first-time ShavedBi101 2018-07-11

I knew exactly what to do so i got underneath them and began to lick her clit while Jonnys hard smooth shaved cock was pumping in and out of her. I see his lonely cock and I start to stroke it once again as Im fucking her little tight pussy. Stroking that beautiful cock as work that pussy over got me beyond horny I couldnt take it anymore I was putting Jonnys cock in my mouth. So I leaned over still fucking Carries pussy I took that smooth shaft in my mouth and began to suck and stoke real slow and sensual.

Cookie was My First

first-time Toolmo 2018-07-11

She gripped my cock and began licking it before taking it deep into her mouth, it felt so good I wanted to come right away, after all she had been teasing me all night and she knew it. Cookie quickly pulled her ass off of my cock spinning around gripping and jacking it like a mad woman until I shot my load, the first shot went into her mouth, the next on her neck as the rest coated her tits and she did not stop jacking me until she had gotten every drop out of my dick before she released me.

The Slave Girl of "Spartacus"

first-time EllenMelville 2018-07-11

I am in free fall, intoxicated, eyes closed and weightless, the hot sun on my bare chest, my long, exquisite legs wrenched wide, my slim ankles tied far apart… All those Roman soldiers, really just boys, so sweet, and needing me so much… There are five of them, including Jenny, now standing beside my bed and grinning, looking down with curiosity at my 32 B-cup breasts, my sparsely haired pussy, and my long dragged apart legs. Jenny says, voice suitably ominous, “The Roman soldiers crowd around the spread-eagled girl, their eyes feasting on her long, slim legs, her belly, and the wide-apart, firm hillocks of her breasts, the nipples even now rigid…”

Who Took My Virginity – Part 3

first-time 2018-07-11

He then started working his lips and tongue there “you taste better as well” he said as he looked back into my eyes, with our foreheads against each other, and nose tips rubbing each other. Without a single word, he held my shoulders, pulled me to him till I was pressed against him, and with one of his hands groping my ass and the other rubbing my upper back, he looked into my eyes, and my hands were on his neck as usual. He held my waist, turned me towards the bed, put the back of my neck and shoulders against the bed, while I kept my legs locked behind his head, and holding me upwards with a hand, he started finger fucking my pussy with the other.

My Fascinations

first-time oldbob68 2018-07-11

"Look; I'm short a bartender tonight and it looks like it's going to be busy." He asked if I had any experience and I told him I sometimes mixed drinks for my father and mother and usually tended the beer tap for our annual family picnics. She was sitting right in the middle of the wide bench seat and her hand once again found my crotch as I started the car and left the parking lot. John also asked me if I could work the next night and of course I agreed even though I knew it wouldn't be nearly as busy. Her fiance and future Father-In-Law are dangerous people." When we got in the car she said to not worry about anything but just enjoy the night.

Teen Yummy Mummy 1st meet

first-time 2018-07-11

soon I was very close to coming and told her so, Jen looked up and with the cutest face asked if I would like to cum in her mouth as she had never tasted it before......!! Jen lowered her head and started to suck my cock and used her small hands to continue to wank me at the same time, she built up a bit of rhythm and I could feel me building at the same time, then with a last gasp I shot my hot sticky load in her mouth to her response of gagging and having to pull off and spit the rest out the window.

Two Nerds Lose Their Virginity

first-time Stormysailor 2018-07-11

After their meal Ruth announced that they were going to role-play as dating or married couples, prostitute-client, intimate friends, and other partnerships purely for study purposes using various sources to suggest behaviours that might be typical. "That was going to be my suggestion," replied Ruth, pulling Adrian's hand down to her hairy mound, "Time for you two to get acquainted, let's see if it looks anything like the textbook diagrams." "Hard to believe we only became acquainted with sexual activity a few hours ago but we have lots of catching up to do", said Adrian, "I have ordered the original and the reprint of The Joy of Sex, and I think they are going to be quite helpful.

First Foursome

first-time 2018-07-11

I am so proud of my little Lin and they way she can take Steve’s thick cock into her gooey pussy and I can see Steve looking with admiration at Sue’s tits swinging back and forth with my every thrust. Slowly, lovingly, languorously, Lin strokes Sue’s slit until her labia are gleaming with the wetness, and Steve and I both observe the arch of Lin’s finger as she slides it gently into Sue’s tunnel and then moves her hand back and forth while her thumb idly teases Sue’s clit. Lin puts a hand on Sue’s breasts and strokes first one, then the other; Sue strokes Lin’s thigh and lets her finger slide down to where their two pussies are playfully wrestling.

Mountain Hiking

first-time Ashson 2018-07-11

Knowing that to try to return the way they'd come was now too steep and dangerous with a wet path, the girls struggled on, hoping for the best. Sandi and Andrea promptly turned to look at Jennifer, who looked back for a moment, laughed and said she'd cook. Not averse to taking good advice, Sandi and Jennifer also dumped the pants, and the girls continued playing pool. We could have been in a very bad way if you hadn't turned up." Even while she spoke the girl was nestling up close to him, her hand busy playing with his erection, encouraging it and teasing it. All this time the girl had been honouring his erection with her attention, gently sucking and teasing, repeatedly bushing the throbbing head with exciting little scrapes of her teeth.

sissy for mum and friends p5 revenge

first-time karenhcd 2018-07-11

“Oh no way, its your own fault you were dressed like that for being a pervert, and it sounds to me that your friends had it planned for you anyway” said my Mum “oh come give me a hug princess” said my Mum. I moved forward and hugged her, my hard on pushing into her, and I moved my hands down to rest on the top of her lovely round arse. I then took my erect cock out and rubbed it on her tits and then across her face and lips, and then pushed it into her slightly open mouth. I gave my Mum a good shake to make sure she was out of it and then pulled my cock out of my panties.

Wıld 1st anal sex after party !!!

first-time 2018-07-11

Nina rolled over so that she was lying on top of me, her hair covering the lower part of my face and filling my mouth, and then by lifting herself up with her legs and one arm she used my hard dick like a dildo, lifting her rear up and down with the help of my hands on her buttocks while she fingered her clit and rubbed her dripping wet pussy. The beautiful Indian princess writhing close to climax beneath me; her tits shaking whenever I stopped sucking them; the brown fingers of one of her hands fucking her pussy while the other clutched at my buttocks to pull me into her ass; not to mention the unbelievable feeling of her until recently virgin sphincter was producing as it squeezed my shaft with every movement I made.

Confessions: Diana's Ross

first-time sterlingpriest 2018-07-11

I thought I'd shoot straight up out of the seat when I felt the tip of his finger rolling over my moistened hood, and I closed my eyes and moaned as he continued to excite me. Ross took his time returning to my crotch, rubbing his rough hand slowly up my leg, stopping at my thighs and playing with spots that sent goose bumps all over my arms and legs. Ross opened his eyes and looked at me while he reached down and took his dick in his hand. After a minute, Ross started rolling his hips slowly, working my pussy carefully while pushing his body up high so his torso could rub my clit.