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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First time.....

first-time theojudjr722 2018-07-11

Can't say how old I was but that day was my first time.... I will say that on this day I ran away from home was hongry, broke and just not happy... I went in to one of our local supermarkets and found 20 bucks the on floor and I was a happy fellow then... "I know where you can get some pussy for a pack of smokes.." and I was like really, well I went to the store and brought two packs back, heck I had 20 bucks I was good... I lied and said 21`my friend was callin awaiting his turn... I didn't bust that nut in her cause it was his turn, so I walked in the bathroom and finshed and was happy I got my first piece...

April's Wedding Night

first-time JIMMYFM 2018-07-11

Phoebe, the thrice married Englishwoman April worked with, hadn't given any hard information when asked, only encouragement and a tidbit of Victorian humor. "Sorry honey," Joe said and closed the window. What I want is my husband." A hot flash like the Santa Ana wind washed over her. Their lips met, teeth parted, and tongues embraced. Joe followed the track of his hand with his lips laying a trail of kisses. The nipple waited proud and hard for the lips' embrace, the tongue's caress. Joe's lips were on hers. Like a pinball machine being turned on, lights and bells sprang to life in her. The cacophony of bells, lights, and chunka, chunka, chunka faded into a black fog. "Are you ok?" said Joe.

My first creampie

first-time cooterliker 2018-07-11

I led Meredith to my bedroom where we started making out, kissing and fondling each other fully clothed at first but it wasn't long before I went under her shirt for the bra. We were like a finely tuned engine with our strokes getting harder, faster, and deeper as I felt my sperm begin to boil deep in my balls I said to her, " Oh Meredith, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" to which she replied "Oh yes David, Cum for me, cum in that pussy! I just stayed like that, holding my dick inside her while kissing her passionately until finally my raging hard on withered and started to slip out of her cum filled pussy.

Mrs. sent naked down the hall to the guest bedroom

first-time gdhubby 2018-07-11

Then I sent her nervous skinny naked body down the hall, after assuring her that I would wait until she got back from fucking him.As soon as I heard her entering the guestroom I tiptoed down the hall,and heard their whispered conversation her explaining that I had sent her. She got it in both ends and she finally relaxed enough to really get off good a few times in a row for Al and me it was like the old days when he would pickup a waitress and we'd make her just dizzy from getting so much sex at once.It was great to see my very good wife getting fucked silly. I had to work late, instead of gong home early in the fantasy idea of catching them at it.All I could think about all day was what they might be doing.

Madrid Mystery Woman

first-time swollenbell 2018-07-11

To which Maria responded looking me in the eye: "No need, my husband here can help me just fine." With the nurse gone, Maria said to me: "I hope you don't mind staying with me a little longer. Soon enough Maria was transferred with my help onto a wheelchair and we were whisked away to a triage room where we transferred her onto a bed. Can you help me, husband?" Maria asked. "I think you should be taking advantage of your husband rights, don't you?" said Maria. I then went in to Maria's room and saw she was much recovered after a day of full rest - no longer prey to my constant molesting of her nubile body.

Tim's First Date

first-time dauq 2018-07-11

“You like what you see don’t you?” she looked up at Tim her finger slowly drawing across her chest and then up to her waiting tongue. Tim felt his zipper sliding slowly down, her hands reaching inside of his pants and squeezing his pulsing cock. Tim felt like crying as she pressed her wet finger around and around his ass, slowly sliding it deeper and deeper inside of him. Tim felt Julie reach around and pull the panties out of his mouth and slowly insert a warm moist finger. Tim could feel his juices escaping from inside, his cock pulsed as he watched her slowly reach out for her pink panties and bring them to his hot hard shaft.

Rachel and Stephanie (part 1 Rachel)

first-time 2018-07-11

Once when we were like this, alone together watching a MASH rerun I started to very gently rub my hand across her waist and hip - I did it rather subconsciously, just naturally responding to the closeness and warmth of a fellow human being - however she responded, she sort of sensuously wriggled rubbing the side of her head on my thigh very near my crotch and at the same time letting out an encouraging little moan.

Great Summer Camp

first-time 2018-07-11

Tim circled my nipple slowly with his tongue, and then took it between his lips, gently pulling at it, sucking on it, and nipping at it with his teeth. He slid his body further down the bed pushing the blanket away, shifted his position to between my legs, lifted his face and licked the tip of my dick, gathering the pre-cum on the tip of his tongue. Tim pulled his lips from the head of my dick as a half-dozen quick spurts of cum followed splattering across his face. My dick swelled and three quick, deep spurts that seemed to start from deep between my legs pulsed from my balls and through my shaft into his mouth as he took my cock deep into his throat.

Artificialism Ch. 02

first-time sex slave 2018-07-11

The liquor had allowed him to temporarily forget the possibility of his girl's infidelity but he knew that he was going to go all the way and the summer's wild climax would be in this moment, his ejaculate writhing and releasing inside the depths of Shannon's tight snatch. Before long, Shannon was gazing up from the seat with that wanton look in her eyes, pulling Murray closer and uttering cues while he fingered her cunt and mouthed her firm nipples with his welcoming mouth. Shannon was enveloped by the car seat and her hands were sliding on Murray's arms as she fixated on the stifling heat of their encapsulation momentarily before the pleasure she felt inside her clit took over and she felt near to orgasm.

The adventures of Acerboy12

first-time acerboy12 2018-07-11

With cock in my hand I started slowly rubbed it up and down between her now thick juicy fat pussy lips. I wanted the man to see everything of this gorgeous woman I was fucking, so I slowly started to undo her blouse buttons and then pushed her blouse up back over her shoulder to revile her gorgeous firm round 38 breasts straining to get out of her white bra. We both looked back just in time to see man shot his hot sticky white cum out of his fat cock all over the floor which made her moan even more and I thrust my cock deeper in to her to get that last drop out.

lost my virginity

first-time radha6962 2018-07-11

Soon,the pain started subsiding and I started to feel pleasure.I could understand why doggie sex is preferred by many as it enables a deeper penetration especially if someone has a large and thick cock.He also kept slapping my butt cheeks,each was falling like a whip and it made me cry out in pain.This man was into BDSM.After sometime,I was getting ready for my third orgasm.I had a huge one this time and my hands which were supporting my body couldn't hold any longer and I collapsed on the bed with him holding my waist part.


first-time AS21 2018-07-11

Next play in the 2nd quarter, my girl had the ball at my 42 yard line, and she threw a TD pass, and I removed my pants showing my briefs, with my dick on hard. I knew right away, that I needed to get get tie the game, so a couple of plays later I intercepted a pass from my girl, for a TD which she took her shirt off showing that sexy pink bra, so now at with the score tied, I thought I threw a TD pass but it was intercepted and it came back for another TD on my girl's side, which now I was completely naked, but now she wanted to throw the game, so she let me score 3 Touchdowns.

Red's First Foray with a Toy

first-time RedHairedandFriendly 2018-07-11

I realized I mustn't have placed it right, so I toyed with it and found another position, went through the speeds and enjoyed a bit of stimulation, but no orgasm. I quickly set my flicker at #1 and finished the magazine at that constant, steady, slow, vibration and kick that I had decided I liked so very much. From the time I put my flicker against my sex, forty-five minutes had passed, far from the one minute or even ten minute promise, but like I said, I'm a newbie, so when I did get past the initial urge to analyze the vibes, this baby performed as promised.

Girlfriend Helps Me

first-time bltsc1 2018-07-11

She was looking exceptional, her small breasts pushing against her tight T-Shirt, and her nice little ass filling out the jeans in an exciting way. We held hands for a bit as we walked until we got to a nice quiet grassy spot near the stream that ran through there. We continued making out for a while and she let her hand fall down onto my lap, resting on my cock but not making aggressive contact. She stopped kissing me, looked deeply into my eyes and said, Oh No, what happened? I fell asl**p quickly after I shot a load on my belly, dreaming about her tight little body and wondering what her pussy felt like.

Fucking my girlfriends daughter

first-time hodaddie 2018-07-11

Shelly was in bed and Amanda just left for her room, so I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 7 in. I felt her pussy getting so wet, I told her to lay down so I could fuck her very hard on the bed. While I was fucking Shelly hard, she was moaning loudly, we didn’t noticed that Amanda came back. Always fucking my mom.” I told her, “ Your mom and I are always horny, nothing wrong with having sex.” Amanda got up and said what ever and walked out. Amanda told me, she was watching me fucking her mom this morning and she got wet from that.

stuttering Jeremy -5

first-time stif266 2018-07-11

"I need your hard cock inside of me," she says and I stare wide-eyed as I wonder if she thinks it's John who's been touching her. "Although it was hard to hold off fucking you until you lost your virginity with your Aunt Sara," she says, her hands squeezing his ass cheeks as she speaks. "Oh, I think you'd be surprised if you knew what your aunt and your mom were up to," Jenny answers mysteriously, letting the question linger in the air while she again squeezes her son's muscular ass. "Can we watch it while we fuck?" he asks as I pull my knees up and suck his cock deep inside my enflamed pussy. You feel so fucking good!" John says as he pounds his hard cock into my enflamed pussy.

First Time was at an Army party

first-time guyloveshotstories 2018-07-11

The two talked for a moment, gave a kiss on the lips and she walked away and my face had a 'who was that?' Look with the eyes but it was not my place to ask, but the sergeant was wise and saw it, "She's a girl that's been waiting for me. Gently pushing through the crowd I was trying to keep busy, there were girls there having a good time but I could not force up enough courage to approach them and ask even a simple question or even to say 'hello.' I saw a couple kissing with the girl pressed against the wall and I shied away and kept going rather aimlessly and found the doors to the room when someone bumped in front of me and recoiled slightly.

My Fantasy #1

first-time 2018-07-11

I got pretty good at hiding it even when I would wear a hot pair of panties under my clothing. As I bent over to put my tee in the ground my thong panties were hanging out the back of my pants. He stopped the cart, I want to see more he said. I nervously got on the seat of the cart and bent over so he could see my thong. I did as he said and I heard him moan a little as he grabbed my ass. He got out of the cart and we walked deeper into the woods. I grabbed his hard cock and started to do as he said.

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 04

first-time SEVERUSMAX 2018-07-11

I know that I'll make mistakes during my first penetration of a woman, but I would like for Larissa to enjoy it as much and as long as possible," Rain blushed as he agreed with my suggestion, "It can still be romantic in the cowgirl position, I suppose." So, cowgirl it is, then, while wearing a sexy little number to be the sissy that he is the first time that he gets laid!" Larissa licked her lips at that idea, "I like that, because it means that I'll be making love to the real Rain, the true dandy inside him, my best friend who really has such a feminine nature to him and always has.

My s****rs sl**pover - part 3

first-time ogieoglethorpe 2018-07-11

"thats my cock, ever see anything like it!" I asked and pulled my shorts down enough to let it spring out as she removed her hand. Now with my hard dick in hand, thinking I'm getting a blowjob or a chance to fuck that d***ken pussy of hers, pushing my ass towards Sara, I turned sideways to get through, not even thinking as my dick, rubbed hard across her ass cheek, in the "Not answering, Dare!" there was a giggle and shocked responses from the others that Sara would even ask Cindy to answer that! With that dare, Cindy came over, pushed me on my back like a pro, lifted my knees & spread them far apart.

Come to Bed

first-time quetzacoatlus23 2018-07-10

His grandfather and his father had gone there. Her mother was a Swedish supermodel. He was a really cool guy and a bit too trusting. He was a really nice guy. Her parents were tough and conservative. He had to live up to the expectations of a tough and domineering father and an aloof mother. He was decent and nice but no one's boy toy or whatever. Neither of them would be going home for the holidays. She lived in an apartment on the Back Bay. Her roommate was a chick who was at home for the holidays. Kyle brought his stuff to Bianca's apartment. He entered her with a firm thrust. He thrust into her.

Nancy's Submission

first-time EroticMasseur 2018-07-10

I took had given this a lot of thought and had a rough idea of how to ease Nancy into this role. I knew she was close so I gently covered the top of her vaginal opening with my mouth and gently started tonguing and sucking her clitoral area. A fleeting look of distaste crossed her face, but then her submissive acceptance took hold and she became thoughtful in a wide eyed kind of way. Nancy moaned as she felt the ejaculate in her mouth. I took her hand and said, "Let's go into your bedroom and I'll tell you about it before we start." She started breathing heavily, and gave little grunts when I touched her clitoris with mouth.

Being with "Sister" Ch. 01

first-time alton101 2018-07-10

"Watcha readin, bro?," she said, with a big wide grin on her face. Looking into my eyes and still smiling, she said, "Awwwwwww, you want me to run you a cold bath, bud?" She looked at me and, in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice, said, "No, I was serious." Dead silence ensued, until she finally spoke up, again, "Oh, come on, Paul! After five seconds, she came back out and said, "It's ready." She went behind my chair and, grasping the handles, wheeled me into the bathroom, putting on the breaks after parking me next to the tub." I decided to start being a little bolder, thinking I would try to turn the tables on her and, with a sly grin, said, "You wouldn't say that if you saw the lump forming in my pants."


Meeting Tara again

first-time b84bomber 2018-07-10

She told me that for her plan to work she needed some friends to help her, Tara said that once she starts off by fucking my ass she has a few friends that will put me to the test. To which Tara said not if we can help it and got off of Stacie's cock and came and gave me a big perfect kiss on the mouth. Babe you are going to love it" she said to Sam. As she walked over to Tara and went to her knees and cleaned Sam's ass off her glazed cock. I was the top of this sandwich, Tara came over and started sucking my cock and helping Stacie fuck me while she is still getting stuffed by Sam's BBC.