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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

collage play

first-time patch711 2018-07-10

cool so i know no one will so 5 months at school she dress as a guy the play was 2 weeks half my shirts was on her but had go to the mall for jeans since we didn't want no one to know she a girl i guess a 34 x 30 jean would do we at sears for the jeans i'm try them on . for me i had the best time with robin all im going tell she brown the top and brown on the yes i had a to much pussy hair for me thats okay it was the TITS that i wanted she did fuck me she said that caseys job .

Cheerleader's Awakening

first-time Jocelynlily 2018-07-10

Say grace for us?" Mom looks across the table smiling at Dad. Alison bows her head and squeezes her knees together and flexes her thighs. I could feel the coolness of the air in the house touch my butthole as Matthew would pull my cheeks apart to better get to my young virgin pussy. My breasts were flattened against his t-shirt, and my butt curved into the air by the press of his hands and the straightness of my legs. His hands, ever constant, devoured my skin; pressing deep into the muscles of my back and shoulders, molding my tits in every direction, squeezing his fingers into my butt cheeks, and thumbing the line where my leg met my hip down to my triangle pubes.

Her Name Was Shirley

first-time marine55rick 2018-07-10

I also am not making any type of statement except maybe we all need to open our hearts to all of mankind no matter the color of their skin. I was slick! I was reallllly slick! "Yes ma'am, I surely do. As I helped her with a food carrier, my fingers touched hers and they both lingered on the carrier handle. Good at kissing, good at licking, and good at making love.....yeah, I wanted to be very good. But you have touched my heart, that's for sure. "Yes ma'am. "Yes ma'am. I want to kiss you so bad my heart aches." Shirley turned her face up to mine and I lowered my lips to hers and they lightly touched in a soft, intimate kiss.

What I Did Ch. 03

first-time HardTimmy 2018-07-10

Making sure that Lily's eyes remained closed I pulled my phone out and looked at the message Courtney sent me. I knew not to take him too seriously but I don't think he would be too happy if he found me in Lily's room let alone in Courtney's room." "Hey Dane, tell Uncle Glenn about what you did to that customers food that was being a creep to Lily," Courtney said. "Lily came into the kitchen asking about her tables' food last week, I could tell she was angry or upset but she didn't want to talk about it. Lily opened her eyes, "when he told me he wanted a new one he grabbed my ass and said it was a good thing I was cute because I can't remember a simple order."

The First Time He Fucked My Cunt

first-time Dandi_Darri_Yum 2018-07-10

I was laying naked in my bed, my body flushed with feelings and urges most girls don't experience till years later, when he entered my room. "Take it like a woman!" he growled, continuing the in-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out fucking of my cunt. It was at this point that I thought of mom, remembering what she had told me about men, about their needs, about the absolute necessity that a woman be submissive, obedient, taking whatever a man chose to give her, in whatever manner he chose to give it. I knew that he, as a man, would decide what would happen to my young, helpless body, and when.

Learning to let go (part 5)

first-time 2018-07-10

Me and Ben had had a first date on Thursday, and this had got me excited - wanting to take it further with him. After all the months of hesitation with my old boyfriend, I was surprised at how quickly things had moved, how far I had let myself go with Ben. I seemed to have no doubts now that this was the right time: the right moment. I told him I wanted to go to the toilet, but it was as if he hadn't heard me, and he just kept on licking my body, and pushing deeper and deeper inside me. Then suddenly there was a wonderful feeling inside my body, and the walls of my vagina became amazingly wet.


first-time klammer 2018-07-10

You see, Clare was dating Hunter. I went over to Hunter's house like every usual Saturday. So I sat on the couch with Hunter, reluctantly kissed him goodbye, and went home. I quickly noticed the extra weight of my bust and began to tear up when I realized it wasn't a weird dream. Hunter's girlfriend, youngest daughter of Trevor and Laura Long, and God knows what else. My legs crossed in sexual frustration and I noticed Hunter could tell something was wrong. I began slowly stroking it up and down, trying to make him last a long time. My tongue grabbed all of the sperm already present quickly before I began rubbing the head with it to get more.

Fabian's Closet

first-time VinsanityOrElse 2018-07-10

Shrugging the black towel tighter around his waist, Fabian stepped off towards his bedroom leaving the fan and light on. A smile crosses her face as she leans down, taking his sensitive penis in her hand, nearly sending him over the edge with her touch. She continues closer and closer until he can feel the heat of her pussy hovering above his thick throbbing penis. "Oh fuck," he gasped innocently feeling her wet pussy grind against his throbbing penis, teasing him with her tight hole. Burying his penis deep inside her, Fabian wrapped his hands around her tight ass, squeezing. Fabian felt his throbbing cock as he pushed down with all his weight.

Indian Wife & Internet Friend

first-time 2018-07-10

To her own amazement, his cock was almost erect just as she approached her climax.All her body quivered and shuddered, she kept on sucking at his cock with as much passion as possible.If his cock had managed the deepest possible penetration in her pussy, it was again managing the deepest possible penetration in Rima’s mouth.After a couple of minutes, Varun discharged.Again.And even this time a substantial amount of cum came out.Rima ensured that her mouth remained on his cock and whatever came out went straight in her mouth.Due to the blindfold she couldn’t see;only feel but Varun was so enamoured that he kissed her on the lips and thrust his tongue inside her,tasting his own cum in her mouth.Together they lay there for what seemed like an eternity till she decided to go back to her own room.

Mikey & Ms. Stark

first-time LastoftheGreatMikeys 2018-07-10

Come along now.” She went to get her things, Mikey following her like a puppy, and she thought about the embrace from when he emerged from the locker. You haven’t been here to make dinner yet and the house is a pigsty and…” She ranted on, as Ms. Stark got out of her car and listened to the tongue-lashing Mikey was on the receiving end of. His mother turned and looked at Ms. Stark with wide, angry eyes. He looked at her determined setting and at Mikey as the boy got into the car. When his orgasm finally finished, Mikey looked down at the cream coated face of his English teacher.

Window Encounter

first-time whit3lily 2018-07-10

I have had a few boyfriends but none of them stayed too long, ‘cos eventually they wanted to do it and, insanely, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my virginity to anybody else but Michael. The breeze coming from the open window seemed like a gentle caress on my exposed breast and I sat on my bed, running my eager hands on my tits, pinching at the hardened nipples... Michael continued milking my breast while his hand rubbed my pussy as I lied breathless and intoxicated... I rocked on with the climax and when I came down, Michael groaned heavily and I felt hot, steaming liquid shot into my pussy, spraying all over my hole and flooded down the bed.

Wedding Night

first-time AlliRoze 2018-07-10

The feeling of him pressing against my sides makes me moan just a little bit, he seems to love my noises, I can see his face light up every time a sound escapes my lips. "I'm going to teach you how to be my dirty little girl, I want to fuck you every night, at least once." His hand on my boob shifts and his fingers begin playing with my nipple. He lets go of my hair and his hand drops to my vagina, he massages my clit in rhythm with my breast and I start going crazy with pleasure.

Summer of Heaven

first-time cwr2000 2018-07-10

While he was content to watch her, he really wanted to fuck her and was about to ask, but now that he was awake she pulled her mouth away from his cock and kept stroking with one hand and said, "I was wondering if you were going to wake up in time, or cum in your sleep, but now that you're awake, I believe it is time to move on to lesson 3." And with that she kissed her way up his body and gave him a long, slow kiss and then raised up on her knees and, holding on to his erect cock, slowly sank her pussy down onto him until he was fully impaled inside her.

Pastor Cole Ch. 02

first-time JBowl1376 2018-07-10

I knew that my secretary had left for the day and would have locked the building of her way out, so I closed the blinds on my office windows, shut my door, sat down at my desk, and began to undo my pants so I could relieve some of the pressure that had been built up. I closed my eyes, placed my feet up on my desk as I leaned back in my chair, and began to slowly stroke myself as images of Suzie and her mother danced around in my head. "You want some help?" Suzie asked and closed the door as I tried to shove my extremely hard cock back into my pants.

She is amazing. Part 1

first-time Arcey_ 2018-07-10

I keep glancing at her neck and the thin straps of her red sundress on her shoulders, She looks at my wandering eyes, I look at her, She bites her lip with a smile, I smile back and tell her she looks really magnificent. Looking at the road, my hands move towards her upper thighs, I start making circles with the tip of my finger on her inner thigh. I look at her as she sl**ps, groups of her hair falling over her sharp nose, her lips turned into a little pout, her chest goes up and down. She comes near putting her hands on my chest and gets on her toes to kiss. The kiss gets wild, my hands giving her butt squeezes.

Crocodile Tears

first-time zopri 2018-07-10

Josh didn't notice until much later that despite her sobs, Sheila did not have one tear stain on her face. Josh knew it wasn't one of Sheila's bracelets when he heard the click and felt the band snap over his wrist. Sheila let her heavy breasts heave on Josh's chest, and he ached to taste them as well as have her on his dick instead of his rough hands. The smallest mewl came from her clasped lips and clenched eyes, lifting herself up, Josh watched entranced at the crossroads where their bodies met. They had been friends for years, withstanding a long period where Sheila had ignored him while trying to control her feelings for him.

Sara's Sexual Education

first-time walkstar 2018-07-10

Sucking him deep into her mouth, a couple of times he was sure he felt his head touch the back of her throat. As he sucked and licked on her breasts his hands moved down to under her skirt hooking his fingers in her small panties. He was still sucking and licking her breasts as Sara gasped softly at the feelings inside her body. "A pretty vagina like yours deserves to be licked and stroked not jammed." He laid her back on the bed and kissed her softly then looked down at her with a familiar lopsided smile. "Now lay back and enjoy cos I'm gonna lick and finger you until you come." He leant down and gave each of her breasts a soft kiss.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Women

first-time meloout 2018-07-10

As she removed her fingers she looked up at him and said, "Fuck this mouth baby, fuck it good!" She then placed his dick back in her mouth and her hands back on his ass. she moved her fingers back and forth in time with the motion of his dick in her mouth. She felt his hand moving toward her clit and looked over her shoulder and said, "Yea baby, rub my pussy." Her head was starting to spin with him pounding her pussy from one side and rubbing it from the other. She looked up at him and said, "Titty fuck me" He placed his dick between her tits and moved his hips back and forth rubbing his dick over her hard nipples.

The Lodge with Coby Ch. 04

first-time innocentemily87 2018-07-10

Without looking away from Em's eyes, Coby slowly lifted the hem of her shirt to just below her breasts. Emma rolled over and straddled him, then slowly moved down his body until her mouth was level with his penis. He began moving slowly, making sure that he wasn't hurting Em. He kissed the side of her neck and she moaned, giving him the go-ahead. Coby knew that he was about to let go and didn't want to go over without knowing that she was there with him, so he reached in between them and gently pressed his thumb against her clit, Em arched off the bed and screamed out her climax.


Was She A Friend Or More?

first-time LadysMan 2018-07-10

Me, Beth my aunt, and my mom went out to the movies and had a decent time. I tried reasoning with Beth that Adam was a nice person, like me, and that he had made a mistake and that he was sorry for doing this. A few minutes later, Adam came to my aunt's house, knowing that Beth would be there, to see how things were between them two. A few minutes later, I heard Adam's car speed away and Beth came in my Aunt's back door. I was bored though and wasn’t in the mood to watch a movie I saw a million times before so I began to play the movie and Beth walked in the back door of my aunt’s house.

Spin the Bottle

first-time a_wilson29 2018-07-10

We do it at every party we have," said James calmly as Johanna sat down between Alice and Tess. All thoughts seemed to melt away in that kiss, and Alex felt his own tongue pressing into Alice's mouth, which accepted it gratefully and caressed it. "That was brilliant," said Alice, sighing deeply, but Alex was having a hard time concentrating as Johanna's head kept bobbing up and down. Alice pressed her body right up behind Johanna, and they both moved up and down in a steady rhythm that made Alex almost scream with amazement. Alex wrapped his arms around them both, pressing his face into Johanna's breasts which were still moist from Alice's mouth.

Pharaoh's First

first-time Sweetblood03 2018-07-10

Gently, and as if it caused him a great deal of pain, he broke the kiss, holding her at arm's length again he slid away the silk that covered her to expose her goddess-like form. "I love you," he murmured, speaking to her chest as his hands trailed down her smooth skin to the small triangle of her womanhood. Touch me, hold me, love me, I cannot bear it any longer." His hand slid away from her buttock to her chest and down to her womanhood, cupping her in his hand. He gently slid a finger inside of her and she gasped, thrusting her hips onto his hand. She drew back slightly to observe him more closely, smiling at the movement of his hardness under her small hand.

Caitlyn's anal awakening

first-time rump_wrangler 2018-07-10

“You look so hot!” Caitlyn was a little embarrassed but she and Shona let him take a picture anyway. She wasn’t sure if he had heard her because the music was loud and he was probably a little deaf, but his hands slipped lower onto her butt so then she knew. For a moment Caitlyn felt like her ass was cold. He moved his hands onto her ass cheeks, pulling them apart to that he could get his cock right in, down to the balls. It was at that moment that Caitlyn realized that the circle of people watching them included all the guys on the basketball team, and they were all standing there with their stiff dicks in their hands.

Fucking my roommate.

first-time swat412 2018-07-10

That Sunday I’d opened a bottle of wine when I started in the kitchen; he didn’t arrive until things were pretty well under way. I did manage to get him on the bed and (the right parts of his body, a little more relaxed); he was doing a lot of moaning, an equal amount of gasping so I figured he was enjoying it as I started to stroke and suck his cock…I continued slowly and, a few minutes later, he was nude except for his open shirt. After watching a little TV (and a little more wine) some playing with his cock turned into a blow job, which turned into a little doggie style on the couch then escalated to a full-blown missionary fuck on the floor; a good long one that left us both exhausted and ready for bed.