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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

BBC Virgin Getting Me Pregnant

first-time tittybaby 2018-07-10

His strong black hands grasping the creamy white cheeks of her ass, pulling her small body further until her swollen pussy lips enveloped the tip of his excited cock. As he said bitch, I saw entire young body devote itself to one powerful thrust, driving the full length of his rigid black shaft inside her and then holding himself there as his body began to quiver and then suddenly as he let out a deep groan as I saw the muscles in his ass begin to spasm and the base of his thick shaft surge again and again as he pumped his seed laden cum deep in his little white bitch.

College Tit-Fuck

first-time Carnevil9 2018-07-10

"Awe, c'mon, Jill," I whined, standing there naked, my cock stiff and throbbing. "Andrew, you know I'm saving my virginity for marriage. Her mouth could almost reach my cock head on it's closest approach to her face. On each stroke, she got a little more of her lips onto my cock head. All I knew was that I was swinging at the hips, my cock shaft was nestled in a slick wet valley, and my flaring cock head was engulfed in a warm, sucking mouth at the apex of every stroke. I just lay there, delirious, an idiotic grin on my face, as my cock continued to leak creamy white cum onto her sheets.

jessica's unnoticed gangbang

first-time jp_m 2018-07-10

We all stood there for a few minutes looking at Jessica lay there sl**ping naked on her side, her smooth silky brown skin, long brown hair, nice thick thighs, her wide hips sticking up being supported by her nice firm huge ass, and a nice view of her medium size boobs nd perfect brown circle areolas. Your hella lucky!" "Is she any good with that big ass though" said Pat. I replyed "The best!" We all laughed a little. I walkd to Jessica and slid my hand up her naked silky brown skin till i reached her face. I slid my dick all around her face and slapping her halfway open mouth a little.

Mandy's First Time

first-time cowboy303up 2018-07-10

Cindy tried to comfort her, and even came to Mandy’s house on afternoon after school to plead with her to forget Roger, because he was a prick for what he had done to her. As they kissed Cindy massaged Mandy’s breast and this was a turn on for Mandy. Being tired, once the folks left, Mandy said she was going upstairs to take a shower. Cindy reached out taking Mandy’s left breast in her hand and began to caress it. Their saliva intertwining as Cindy fondled Mandy’s huge breast, pinching her nipple making Mandy moan in her throat. Cindy stuffed three of her fingers in Mandy’s wet pussy while sucking and nibbling on her red hard cherry clit.

Shower Mate

first-time MFrederique 2018-07-10

Firebush wrapped her fingers in his hair and f***ed his head under the hot, streaming water, making him splutter. No matter how he had tried, the entire bus ride he thought of nothing but Carol—naked Carol, spread wide open, slick and shaved—a g****fruit pink wedge of cunt between her thick dark lips. Carol entered the shower naked and catching him with Firebush surprised her—in a good way. Dave swallowed hard, wondering if she planned him to get caught, kicked to the curb and rescued by her for a weekend of pizza delivery and crazy sex. He licked his lips at the thought, but turned to the curtain, where Carol waited, inches and seconds from a disaster.


first-time Windstalker 2018-07-10

She continued to think about what had happened inside the store, feeling guilty that she left a mess when her mind finally realised that there was a second set of footsteps and they were coming from behind her again. Nervously, Dawn crossed the street, peering left and right, acting as if she were only checking for cars when she was actually trying to catch a glimpse of whoever was following her. Dawn moaned and continued moaning as he took on a sexual ride that went higher and dizzyingly higher, bringing her ever so closer to what she knew would be a bone jarring climax. As long as his lips were against her neck and his cock was inside her pussy, she continued to climax, shaking and shuddering as it wracked her body.

Nun Gives In To Lust by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-07-10

She watched as he took hold of his own cock and then studying her open sex, stroked it up and down from her anus to her clit, until her pussy gaped and flowed. She began to cum, the painter could feel her pussy gripping his cock. The painter didn't fuck her very deeply, but it was enough seeing his cock disappearing in this nuns ass for his cum to surge forth and empty his balls into her. The nun sat in the armchair again and leaving her naked body exposed as she fingered her wetness and teased her nipples. Then nun then started to slowly fuck herself, wanking her clit as it was pushed deep inside.

First time with dad - Pt. 5

first-time pinks43 2018-07-10

I held still to see what he wanted to do until I couldn’t take it anymore, I wrapped my legs round him, my arms round him, my lips round him and my pussy round him, I grabbed his bum and pushed him in even further, he stretched my cervix, I didn’t care. I had been cumming almost constantly for about fifteen minutes when he suddenly gasped at me that he was going to cum, he pulled me to him so close his cock was as far up inside me as it was ever going to get and started to shake, his hips were making that tiny almost not there movement backwards and forwards.

The Animal

first-time Nyissa 2018-07-10

Waiting till his back was to the curtain; I crept inside and joined Jason in the shower. As our tongues began a soft caress of each other, my hands went to his hips. One at a time he placed them in his mouth, taunting the nipple with his tongue till it was erect. On his knees, he gently spread my legs and began the journey up my inner thighs to the Animal. I knew it wasn't long till feeding time, I could feel it. Suddenly the Animal roared with anticipation and I began to shake, the orgasm so close I could nearly touch it; it was time. Returning consciousness brought back the shower, a ringing phone, and our bodies, still joined, being caressed by the water.

Mature lady next door.

first-time 2018-07-10

The Girl next door was a couple of years older than me and during our games of truth or dare me got to finger her pussy a few times. I shoved my dick into her pussy and got to work it felt so good and at the same time she would suck on my tongue as if it has a cock. I felt the urge to Cum again and I told her I was going to cum soon and she said to do it in her and I asked her wont it get you pregnant she simply said I cant get pregnant so I came all up in her pussy and it felt like noting I had ever felt.


The Lifeguard

first-time LargoKitt 2018-07-10

Simon looked around, surprised that Marcie or Jeremy had not come after him. He kept trying to remember kissing Marcie but he kept seeing Hillary Clinton getting off a plane, standing on the top step of one of those rolling stairs and waving, only she was naked and dripping wet. The town Rec Supervisor was there and he was checking everything out so she was also showing off for him and since he was this guy right out of college and the assistant coach of the soccer team, and really good looking, Simon knew she was trying to impress him and probably flirt with him, too.

Home Alone

first-time Ashson 2018-07-10

Initially he just looked at my face but then his head moved and I could almost feel his eyes tracking across my body. If I was surprised when his hand closed over my breast you can imagine how much more shocked I felt when his fingers started threading their way through my little patch of fur. His hand left my mons, sliding between my legs, and my eyes opened wider as I felt his touch. I could feel it touching me, pressing against me, and I took a deep breath as I felt it starting to push into me. His hands withdrew and I felt myself closing over his cock and that was a strange feeling.

Friends s****r

first-time BBC4kinky 2018-07-09

I slide my hips as she sucks an strokes i look down seeing my best friends s****r working my cock i moan an groan louder as she slurp an slobbers my big full balls fulling with a massive load. I pulled her mouth to my cock moaning keep sucking me deep. As i just about say im cumming she pulls out an my cock explodes shooting spurt after spurt on her face over her head in her hair as i throb. catching my breath she stands licking her lips she looks at me an says "ive been waiting for that" Smiling knowing this wasnt the last time we would play together.

Not just another dream

first-time 2018-07-09

Pausing briefly to suck on your tender breasts and nipples, your back arches and your breathing increases, but it is not enough, you guide my head further down until I am looking at your freshly shaved pussu, you pull me by the hair until my lips touch yours and as my tongue reachs out to lick you you begin to undulate your hips, your scent and taste are intoxicating, continuing to rub my mouth all over you, my hands are busy as well, one holding and squeezing your ass and the other inside you feeling your wetness and searching for that magic spot....The rythmn of our movement is almost frantic as we both are focused on your pleasure.

My Niece and me in threesome

first-time cutekiss 2018-07-09

In fact I think he is still having sex with his older lover and wants me to join them." Samantha said I licked the bottom of his cock and I could hear the guy moaning on the other side of the wall I opened wide and sucked as much cock as I could as deep as I could while I looked at my niece who was sitting with her mouth open but then I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy. "This is Samantha and she has never been fucked by a black cock!" I said as I licked the tip of his dick Samantha was a mess and I could tell she was having multiple orgasms as she was fucked by her first big black cock.

He Was A Friend of Mine

first-time madhatter-o-bowater 2018-07-09

"Cameron, we got your test results back and I'm afraid that it isn't good news." Even though I knew it would break his heart I told him the truth that I didn't feel the same way and only looked at him as a friend. For the next couple weeks we tried to carry on as normal, although normal is a relative thing when you know that you are going to die of cancer. I came away from that with the knowledge that maybe Cameron did find my desirable and perhaps this wasn't such a bad thing after all. Giving my virginity to the love of my life wasn't that bad when you thought of it.


first-time litgrrl 2018-07-09

She took her time, wondering over things he'd never even noticed (the curve of his collarbone, his nipples, his hands) and made the hours slow and stretch. But now he paused, making sure it was allowed, and slid his palm underneath her skirt, up her leg, stroking gently until he reached her panties. He cupped his hand over her, then slid a finger inside, feeling the heat and the wetness as she gasped. He'd spent the next two hours exploring her with his hands and mouth, fascinated, curious, intent on her pleasure. She felt it too, as she moved her face from his shoulder to look in his eyes again. And with one smooth motion, she reached down between them, opened her legs slightly, and slid him inside her.

My Fantasy with you...part 2

first-time loloishorny 2018-07-09

I turn around and begin to lather your chest and arms. Mmm how I love to feel your muscular arms. I begin to work the lather to your tummy and to your very soft cock. MMm a nice clean cock to suck on..I feel you growing hard. As I stand up, you grope my tits and suck on them and you are rinsing the soap off my clit and ass. Gently you spread my lips apart and begin to lick my clit. You pull me close to your chest and beging to pump me full of your shard shaft, we roll over and we make long hot passionate love, until we both climax together.

If Only

first-time jamesmarlowe 2018-07-09

"This is a typical building file," she confirmed, handing him a file, the authority in her voice interrupting his erotic reverie, shuffling her chair across the floor and moving closer, the intoxicating smell of perfume and the warmth of her breath blowing in soft whispers against the side of his face teasing his senses, the closeness stimulating arousal, heart beats racing and breathing increasing, flirtatious eyes and suggestive smiles making passes, two people exchanging chemistry, two bodies overheating with the promise of expectation.

Terry's story cont., Part 15

first-time TerryLovesIt 2018-07-09

If my feeling was right, and i told him what i did with Jack and admitted that i liked what happened, it might confirm his thoughts and somehow change my relationship with him. He said he wanted me to do him again later on and i told him i had thought it over and decided it wasn’t a good idea because i was already involved with someone and was d***k last night and not thinking clearly when i told him it would be okay. He said that when we got back to the house, he would tell Frank exactly what happened last night because i had initiated it and he was so d***k he just went along with it.

Pow, Right in the Kisser!

first-time skirtnpantyhose 2018-07-09

Jenn and Bree were going to the mall with their boyfriends, but my boyfriend Ryan said that he didn't feel like it and invited me and everyone to his house to watch a movie or something. I began to touch the head of his dick to my lips when Ryan instructed me to open my mouth. I did as I was told and I felt his hand pull my head onto his dick with a swift motion. He looked down again at me and said, "Can you take more?" I nodded what best I could with his dick in my mouth, trying to show him that I can do a good job.

An Unconventional Marriage Ch. 01

first-time SithLord6969 2018-07-09

Standing at just over 6' tall with dark curly hair, laughing hazel eyes and a skinny frame George was berated by the jocks as gay for his love of theatre and sewing, they probably could never imagine the girls and women he got! George stopped for a moment and watched Patty move with measured grace as she darted about putting things away. After several minutes of passionate kissing Patty pulled back and stared deeply into George's eyes. Patty took her hands away and moved them onto George's stomach. Once back in the car Patty stared at George in a dream-like state, unable to put into words what she felt at that moment as he drove her home.

E-town, Dear Anne Landers

first-time hammerheadgp 2018-07-09

Outside of giving BM head without limits, I would also bring back the ole' me, a very new amateur to bottoming, with drive, eagerness & total wildness either by jumping onto his fat cock and riding it like some bronco cowboy on a bucking horse... I love touching your skin, it is soft, it's warm & I like every chance I can for that natural feel of your person that I hold in high regards. I am almost positive, my gentle touch gives you a desired feeling of home, being wanted or needed & importance knowing somebody does care an amazing amount for you.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 08

first-time jallen944 2018-07-09

Debbie desperately wanted some popcorn before they went into the theater, so Ethan stood in line to get it for her while they went to the ladies room, giggling like a couple of little girls who had just played a prank on the dorkiest kid in school. Swearing enough to tear the walls down he started the car and backed it out, trying not to let any of the crowd of people see into the car because they would see him with his pants open and his hard on that wouldn't go soft and Debbie with her hands around it and suddenly her lips around it and her head rising and falling in his lap.