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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The dressing room

first-time linmarris 2018-07-09

I never thought I would have the chance to go to a custom lingerie boutique that is the exclusive destination for women like me who need a strange bra size. You didn’t know about my obsession to have matching bras and panties like a normal girl. Wrapped up tight in pastel pink paisley with such an intricate print I looked like an artist who knows timeless fashion. It was an odd sensation to feel the pressure of those tight pair of panties f***ed to the side so you could lick and fuck me harder. In one final agonizing wave of pressure I f***ed your face down even harder against my clit while I screamed ‘I’m cumming.’ This was nothing like my normal orgasms.

Bi Curious: Part 1

first-time adblman 2018-07-09

Starting since around the fifth grade I noticed when I looked at one of the boys in my class, I felt the same way I did when I liked a cute girl. The first time he penetrated my bum with his hardened cock it felt like nothing I had ever known before that day. Even more of my milky warm semen shot out with each of Ryan's hard thrusts into me, as my anal muscles clamped down and released several times on his cock. I moaned feeling his big cock massaging my young prostate glands, constantly having it lodged deep inside my ass hole. My cock was oozing out the last bit of my cum and Ryan gave the last few quick thrusts into my tightening bum as he started moaning loudly, grunting.


first-time sleeplessLA22 2018-07-09

As she leaned toward him, she pulled his hand under her shirt and allowed his palm to gently cup her breast, which Paul suddenly realized was not at all supported by a bra. Paul could not help himself as he ran his fingers through her blonde hair, pulling and pushing with her motions as he watched this naked teenage girl working at his cock. She then held the slowly softening dick in her hands, and began to milk it gently with her fingers, sucking a little each time a drop of come would surface. The look of surprise and happiness on Jenna’s face after noticing his erection made Paul feel like a sexual superhero.

On the Warm Hood of a Car

first-time LovesNipples 2018-07-09

Our server made a point of giving me her phone number when Katie was in the Lady's Room and had given me a nice view of her tits when she bent over to hand it to me and let her peasant blouse fall open so I could almost see her nipples. She reached down and grabbed the waist of the sweater and pulled it off over head, there was no light in the garage except from the moon coming in through a window, but she was gorgeous sitting there in a short skirt and her bra. I went around, opened her door, and she grimaced a bit in pain as she spun in the seat on her recently fucked ass.

My first Bi experience

first-time cflfgfs 2018-07-09

Things were a little tense, but Frank moved between Megan's legs and slid his cock into her wet pussy. I watched as my wife fucked this stranger's cock while I sucked on her tits and whispering in her ear how wonderful she looked and how turned on I was watching her get fucked. I'm watching her suck a cock, while fucking a cum filled pussy. Here I was fucking my wife's pussy full of a stranger's cum and now I'm helping her suck his cock and it wasn't so bad. Megan then took his cock in her hand and place it at my lips for me totally suck.

How I Lost My Cherry

first-time Bakeboss 2018-07-09

When the movie was over and the lights turned on two women came out of Charlie's bedroom and stood in front of the screen dressed only in their underwear. After they kissed each other's tittys for a while, they got down on the floor the one on the bottom laid right in front of me with her legs spread wide open and I could even see a little wet spot on her panties. She said as she pulled me into them, it was then I noticed she had her pussy sitting right on the face of the girl on the bottom. I was in a surreal world and I didn't care who saw me I wanted to kiss this girls pussy.

White man's wife, black man's toy. My fi

first-time bbctoy1 2018-07-09

I lost myself in the moment and ended up telling Mike I will be seeing the neighbour Marlon alot more from now on and I think he knew what I meant by that. I didn't go for a bra as I wanted something to catch Marlons eye so I threw on some open toe boots and headed out the door making sure my cleavage was on full show. I felt so slutty bent over in my hallway with my black neighbour running his huge hand over my arse. "Good girl" he pulled up his shorts "So tonight you need to get Mike on board, you tell him what is happening and let him know that your now being trained"

Becca & Daniel: Dirty Laundry

first-time braves10 2018-07-09

Becca let out a scream as a wave of sweetness came rushing out of her soaked cunt onto Daniel's face. "Oh my god baby, please suck me hard!" Daniel moaned in pleasure, as Becca looked up at him with her innocent eyes. Both Daniel and Becca began to move their hips at a gradually increasing speed, causing the pleasure to reach unreal levels. The only sounds to be heard were the sounds of heavy breaths and moans, accompanied by the sloshing sound of Becca's juices gliding across the surface of Daniel's thick cock. Don't stop!" Becca screamed, as she couldn't get enough of the feeling of his cock inside of her tight, newly fucked cunt.

Driving lesson

first-time shirls 2018-07-09

Next lesson I was wearing my black see through blouse in the morning, time got away from me and I didn't have time to change (of course I could if I really wanted to, but who cares, I really enjoyed the attention last time so loved the thought of showing them more this time Off I went with naked breasts jiggling and totally visible under my blouse - it blew him away but he showed great restraint and only looked - the faces of his mates were priceless as we walked towards them to join them for lunch - nothing was said about my apparel but all were looking.

The long awaited meeting

first-time hungermore 2018-07-09

My hand lightly embraces your arm and I lean in gently kissing your cheek and smile not wanting to be too forward; a slight rush warms you making your face slightly flushed. Reaching behind, your caress my hips and find I am already naked caressing you, exploring your body, slowly rubbing, stroking, touching you. Still licking your lips and lightly suckling your clit I reach up to play with your nipple only to find your hand already cupping your breasts and pinching your erect nipples. Spent I relax a little and you roll over facing me on the bed and we kiss passionately forcing me to share my hot cum with you before collapsing on the bed together and reaching for the chilled wine to share.

Maspalomas 2015

first-time Enjoylifedom 2018-07-09

We walked for a while and then stopped to get a drink from the beach bag, sue said 'look over there' and smiled, she had noticed around a dozen men all stood around watching a lady sucking a guys cock, they were all wanking and hoping she would do them next lol. Then sue started moaning a little, which was strange, she didn't do that when sucking cock, only when being fucked, I looked down to find a well tanned stocky guy around late 50's playing with her pussy and arse, I couldn't see what he was doing, and sue had opened her legs wider apart.

Plane Flight

first-time football_stud 2018-07-09

"Well, I am sure glad you can't." She said as she slid her hand down to my knee, ran it up to my crotch, and started to rub my cock through my pants. "Oh my god, I am so sorry, it is just I have never done anything like this before, and I just got lost in the sensation." I said as I started to unbutton her pants and unzip them. Now first I want you to slide your hand under my panties and just feel around and get to know the outside of my pussy first," She reached back around and started to slowly stroke my cock like before.

Blackballed for the First Time

first-time korpus1957 2018-07-09

The thought of having his black cock in my mouth and pussy turned me on and gave me some great orgasms. We began going over the basic things I knew we needed then headed to the store room to check the rest. After licking it off I took the had inside my mouth and began to suck gently on it, slowly working the rest of his cock into my mouth. I felt the head of his cock touch my pussy. I wish I could have seen his cock coated with my pussy cream before he rammed me deeper and harder a few times then I head him groan and my pussy being filled with his cum.

Car Buff Ch. 02

first-time Celestite 2018-07-09

I quickly was pushed into a cell with a rather large black man who was sitting on his bunk starring right at me. I think we are going to show you how the system works, and put you back in the cell with Bubba so he can have some fun with you," sneered Officer Polwalski. Officer Polwalski pushed me into the cell as soon as Walton had opened it, and then slammed the cell door behind me. We waited like this not saying a word for another hour till Officer Walton came by, and opened the cell door. I could see both my mom and dad talking to Officer Polwalski then pointed towards me, and they turned to look at me.

Clarisse Ch. 01

first-time Tallguy64 2018-07-09

Suddenly Phillipe tripped over an exposed tree root and Clarisse managed to break away. But a warmth she had never known before was suffusing her belly and as Phillipe licked her erect nipples and slowly moved his hand towards her navel, a new Clarisse appeared, a wilful lustful Clarisse, A Clarisse that wanted to explore the hardness she could feel in Phillipe's trousers that was being ground against her. Suddenly he groaned and Clarisse felt a greatt spurt of hot liquid crash agaist the back of her throat.She tried to pull back but Phillipe held her head against him as spurt after spurt followed, some flowing down her throat and some escaping her lips to drip down her chin.

My first lesbian sex (not true story)

first-time dargiffe 2018-07-09

And the night came out, I was going back to my car but Hannah told me "No it's late now, come with me to my house, you'll dinner with us and have some sl**p in my bedroom, okay?" I was not able to answer because she took my hand and brought into her house where her father and her lived. Finally she took my panties and put them on, and to see her with my dirty panties made me so horny we made love all morning and all afternoon, at the end of the day, we were sweaty and tired but happy to be together and she told me "Would you want to be my girlfriend?

first time with cock

first-time alex123321 2018-07-09

i needed a piss so i just went down a privet lane and Kieran said he needed a piss as well so i let him come along but when i started peeing and just after i had finished he was looking and all of a suddenly he grabbed my cock and started to rub it up and down untill my cock started to get really hard. this time he asked if i wanted my cock sucked so i said without hesitation yes please! And i decided to repay the complement so i started mouth fucking him untill i could hold it any longer and came in his mouth letting out a moan. Then got his hard cock and slipped that in my cum filled mouth.

Taking Virginity Of Horny Girlfriend

first-time 2018-07-09

Fucking her and was sucking her tits at the same time i increased my speed and fucked her for 30 minutes and she cumed I lay beside her playing wit her tits and .she then came over me and started biting mh chest and was giving me love bites she slowly got up and sat on mh dick and started riding me hardly and i sat closely so that i could suck her nipples and pressed them hardly she increased her speed and I also jerked my body so as to match her speed.


first-time 2018-07-09

Emmie, as of late, is having fantasies about lesbian sex and what it would be like to have a threesome. I'm not against her idea or her desire to fulfill her fantasies, but I do have serious reservations about bringing in another partner who could possibly reveal the true nature of the on-going affair Emily and I have been having for years. Yet, I still insist that if Emmie wants to bring in another partner, this person must be totally oblivious to the relationship Emmie and I have had for years. A third partner must be young and energetic, pretty in looks, and have the same desire for an experimental sexual lifestyle.

longest PM I ever got on Hamster

first-time candigirl 2018-07-09

As soon as I’m naked I crawl on top of you and start kissing and nibbling every square inch of your sexy body. I can feel your pussy getting wetter and tighter as I continue to tease it with my fingers. I slowly move down to your dripping wet pussy and start teasing your clit with my tongue and I begin licking and nibbling your pussy. I can feel your pussy getting tighter and wetter as I continue to eat you out. I begin to feel your pussy getting tight and tighter as you get closer and closer to cumming. At the same time you feel my cock getting harder and harder you know I’m about to cum so you start riding me as hard as you can.

The Beach House Escapades Ch. 02

first-time tribalsurf 2018-07-09

"Well, you really took me by surprise, Vika," I agreed, "but it's nothing we can't handle if we're careful." I look directly into her eyes and ask, "So nobody knows you've come over here today, and nobody knows about last Wednesday?" She pulls the panties tight into her crotch, the material disappearing between her pussy lips and whimpers, "When I do this they make my puss-puss feel funny," in a little girl's voice. I tell her to back away from me and slowly work her panties down under her skirt all the way to her ankles while facing me, but not letting me see her pussy as she does so.

She cried the whole time

first-time zulkronz0011 2018-07-09

I moved a little bit and she put her hadns on my back and I start kissing her stomach, really fast I put my face between her legs and give her a lick, she sucked in her breath and grabs my haed and says to stop. She is still kind of crying, but then I starts suckig her titties again, and I say I want to push it in more, so she finally says ok and I push a little more and whatever my dick was hitting kinda moved out of the way or something because I got my whole dick in that time.

and the next time...

first-time jnc4456 2018-07-09

and I put both my index and second finger slowly inside him and began to fuck his pussy with the,...Tom tensed and said "yes...yes...fuck my pussy"....I got aggressive with it then as I continued to suck his head and swirl it with my tongue and finger his ass like he was begging for and with my other hand I began to stroke his shaft. Yes Ma'am...Once on my back, she pulled me close to the edge of her bed and pushed my knees back to my chest, exposing my now "non-virgin" ass...She said "This is how I like my pussy to be...nice and wet and ready for me"...She added some more lube to her clit head and guided her stiffness against my hole.

A Handyman's Wife Ch. 05

first-time riverboy 2018-07-09

"It's a good thing they got those ugly smocks or I'd never make it through that store," Ronnie said in wonder at Rach's little body, and she giggled. Ronnie's hard cock was just sorta hovering above the couch cushion, bobbin' up and down a little, and her hand reached out real slow like and her fingers encircled it. "Oh fuck yeah!" I said quiet and sexy like, and she put her hands on my hips and lifted her head up tight into my crotch. Ronnie had a look on his face like 'holy shit baby', and then I quivered until my head dropped, right into the heat of Rach's pussy once again.