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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sweet Torturer of Delight (or Sunday Morning)

first-time grevieby 2018-07-09

As I sat up in bed reliving these beautiful memories in my mind, and my body still feeling the fulfillment of the night before, I suddenly realized I was petting and stroking my furry mound. His stiffening cock responding to every loving caress of my fingertips, and my other hand pressuring the area right above my aching, little pleasure button of sweet delight. This was paradise I thought as I cried out ‘My sweet torturer of pure delight, oh how I love you.’ He just kept at me with same deliberate, slow persistency as he had started with. He released my wrist, and I immediately grabbed his buttocks to f***e him as deep inside me as I could, feeling his cock swell ever time he shot his hot semen into my hungry pleasure hole.

The Summer of 69'

first-time Many Feathers 2018-07-09

And she was, as she loved teasing me in that way quite often by exposing just enough of that ample cleavage to send me home at nights with a really bad case of 'blue-balls.' So her wearing this gift wasn't too surprising, but when I saw her reach around behind her back, obviously lifting up the back of the sweater and begin to undo the unclasp of her bra, I was stunned. So in combination of what her hand had been doing to my cock and the sensations I was enjoying in touching her, I found myself losing control, far more quickly that expected, and someone embarrassingly so as I felt the beginning of the cum warning in my balls start to sound off, but before I could stop her, before I could beg off and warn her, I felt the sperm in my balls gush forth in a premature ejaculatory release of surprised pleasure and ecstasy.

First time fucked as a CD...

first-time kedarnath 2018-07-09

I got down and started sucking his cock (I can suck a lot deeper when I have had a few drinks), after a few minutes he sat up and picked me up and laid me on the bed where my head was hanging off. He grabbed one of my hips and I felt him working his cock into my ass. Once he got the head in, he grabbed both of my hips and thrust all the way down really hard. He kept going harder and harder and my cock started dripping a little bit on his belly and finally a lot of thin cum came out and covered him and I could see it in his face that he was cumming again too.

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 03

first-time sexy_nimph 2018-07-09

I fail to do so as you start strong steady strokes inside me, I can hear moaning and gasping, it takes me a minute to realise its me, every time you push your throbbing cock inside my dripping wet pussy, I cant stop my body responding to you. This time though you have the advantage, as my fingers manipulate your hard nipples you break our rhythm and suddenly you slam you cock deep inside me, leaving me gasping for breath, my body arching towards you as you withdraw slowly before plunging deeper inside me. I know you want to cum but I know you want to cum together, so as you start moving inside me I slide my hand down to my pussy, making myself shiver as I let my finger flick across my sensitive clit.

My sexy s****r

first-time adel5000 2018-07-09

We put on a movie to watch together and shortly after it started there was a very hot sex scene that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but watching the naked actors pretending to have sex together had me thinking of the time I had sex for real with my s****r, and she was sitting right next to me, her pussy only covered by a short skirt and panties. She told me she tried it with Robert a few days after we had put our cocks inside her, and I felt so envious that I wasn't included that time. After what seemed like forever sat looking at my s****r's sexy body and hoping I would be getting inside her that night, we all went up to our rooms and said goodnight.

Pussycat Becomes a Woman!

first-time alittlecloser69 2018-07-09

He than dropped the chap stick, and began rubbing my pussy with his large hard labored hands, and my knees could no longer support my dizzied body. I'd only ever before played with my pussy by myself, and now I was feeling a tongue lick up my virgin juices and lips suck hard like a vacuum on my clit. I began rubbing my nipples, when both the white and Hispanic man moved my hands to the side, and lowered their mouths onto each tit and began sucking and biting my nipples. The white man looked down and caught my eyes as I stared at his impressively thick 8 inch cock and he said, "Oh yeah, you like that baby?

High School Love

first-time MorbidAngelRen 2018-07-09

I take his cock into my mouth and begin to worship it as though it were a god, sucking and licking on the tip and deep-throating it. I remove my mouth long enough to gently suck and lick on his balls while my hand strokes up and down his cock. After a few moments of that I hear David softly say, “I want your finger in my ass.” My lips come back up and form around his cock tightly making and unbreakable seal almost and, as he requested, I gently begin to rub my finger at the small tight anal opening of his ass. He slide his cock from my cunt and slowly inserts it into my ass and begins to fuck me there hard and deep.


first-time zimabean 2018-07-09

Mark said perfect and went over to talk to the woman. Within minutes the woman perked up and was smiling and playing with her hair and flirting with Mark and I. I rolled off her and laid there thinking about my fuck when Mark climbed onto the bed and mounted the woman and went to town on her. "I better get going as my husband in due in later today and I better go get cleaned up." the woman said as she stood up and started to dress. May not look as good but a great fuck without the hassle and drama of dating." Mark said. I mounted her and fucked for several minutes till I added my cum to Mark's inside her pussy.

Nude Beach

first-time SilverScribe 2018-07-08

Scott and Marina turned to the right and saw their history teacher Miss Natalie Porter walking up to them. Scott had very dark bond pubic hair and a set of nice sized balls that both Marina and Natalie instantly wanted to cup in their hands. To save time Scott, Natalie and Marina decided to rub sun screen on each other. As for Marina, she let Scott do her breasts, her nipples harden beneath his palms as he rubbed her breasts together and groped them when he ran out of sun screen. When it ended Marina and Natalie both put sun screen on Scott's butt and then went to work on his groin. Natalie and Marina came at the same time, as for Scott he kept on thrusting while cumming like a gazer.

From Shame to Game

first-time 2018-07-08

Instead of going around the block to the front I had helped my s****r, with the long thin legs, blue lace panties, and blond hair to her bum, slip over the brick wall. Aunt Heather, or Hed as mum used to call her, would usually have been in the kitchen on days like this preparing pie and soup for an early dinner. It had been after May had seen mum engaged with the plumber that she had started to change things to make her happy. With my cock still hard and covered with May’s slobber, I got up onto my knees like the man, behind my s****r, and started looking for where to put it.

chinese ball torture chapter two

first-time linmarris 2018-07-08

Like the most evil cunt in the world she said ‘I want you to suck each toe and lick all the honey off both legs. I’m going to lick his hands, fingers and chest.’ I hated her so much for putting me in a situation to suck toes belonging to the man I wanted to marry. I shouldn’t have said that.’ She hugged me and said ‘you’re really pretty and I know so many boys that want to be with you.’ I said ‘let’s forget it ever happened.’ I knew we would never be truly best friends again. Any woman who hears that from a man should realize that is his way of saying ‘your hair looks like shit.’ I wanted danny that night.

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 01

first-time Philcollins87 2018-07-08

Besides the fact that I didn't know anyone there and all my friends were working in New York for the summer, Martha's vineyard was a dream locale for a 18 year old kid trying to waste away his days in the summer sun. I guess I got a little carried away because I saw you all on the beach and you looked really good." Kristin was bent over looking through the telescope and that didn't help matters any; her ass was perked up in the air as if she wanted me to be thinking about what it would be like to fuck her doggy style right then and there.

Shy GF Turns into Slut Pt. 05

first-time shyone121 2018-07-08

I couldn't top what Jess just felt but I was excited to finally get a turn. It looked like he was trying to make sure that he could cum because he was the last one to do it, and he grabbed Jess' hair from behind which forced her head up while he ploughed her intensely. In an instant I could feel myself about to cum so I let Jess know, pulled myself out of her mouth and began pulling it back and forth to complete my second and last cum of the evening, looking at the time being 2am and being satisfied with the length that this whole experience lasted, but tired and ready for it to end.

Adult Dating Online For Singles

first-time zoepratt 2018-07-08

The point is that adult relationship is not just about informal interactions as these can be found essentially everywhere these days. However, informal sex is a big part of adult best dating relationship and personal ads in common. After all, the same individuals who search for these kinds of liaisons in cafes and clubs have found a better location in on the internet dating: a much better location. The first thing you need to do when searching for adult black dating relationship lovers on the internet is to join with a reliable internet relationship website. Well, the characteristics of adult women online personal ads are that they appeal to all kinds of individuals. It is safe to say that "bad" kinds of individuals will be found in grown-up internet relationship website.

Disciples of Meridiana - excerpt #3

first-time bigfella1313 2018-07-08

I just handed her my wallet with trembling hands and she opened the billfold and pulled out all the bills inside, folded it away and said "I got this," and reached her hand through the window to lay the wallet back on the console, then reached in a bit further to tweak Diana's nipple hard, eliciting a gasp and a whining grunt in response, then dropping her hand across my lap casually as she withdrew, briefly pushing my jeans down until nearly the full length of my pulsing, veiny cock was exposed.

The Project

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-07-08

Just then Tits chose to look up at the cop in charge and ask, "What did you mean by 'you guessed Tony might as well 'cuff my friend?' Did that mean there are circumstances under which you might 'let this slide'?" I didn't know what she saw in my eyes but she put her hand in the cop's and looked up at him as she asked, "May I put my shoes on? The cop helped her stand and said "Don't worry Darling, I'll keep those pretty feet off the ground and you weren't going to do much walking anyway." He picked her up and sat her beautiful ass on the car's front fender.

Not What it Seemed

first-time bbare 2018-07-08

Beth's older brother, Junior, had gone to junior college for two years then entered the work force as an insurance adjuster. What made it even harder on me (pun intended) was while I was helping Beth unpack her goods, I saw her bending over to pick up something and the sides of her sleeveless blouse would provide a gap large enough to peek inside of her blouse. Seeing those small yet beautiful breasts on Beth had created that same feeling of discomfort inside of my underwear. I peeked inside and saw a blurry vision of Beth allowing the water from the nozzle run down her hair. Beth finally came out 5 minutes later and went back to the bathroom to brush out her hair.

My first borrowed panties

first-time Panty-Freak 2018-07-08

The rest of the day my cock kept thinking about the cute little panties and stayed rigid for most of it. I put the panties over my cock and gently rubbing my shaft with the lace. I put the panties up to my nose again and inhaled a huge breath with my hand wrapped around my cock jerking it. My cock started to convulse and a huge rope of cum shot out and splattered my face and panties. I went to the bathroom to grab a wash cloth to wipe down with. Got dressed and grabbed the lace panties, gave them one last sniff before I put them back in the dirty clothes.

James the Virgin Ch. 01

first-time LorenzoAbajos 2018-07-08

This time she would face the window and you could get a great view of the cunt as the lips spread while she was bending her back and touching your toes at the end of her luscious legs. This was always when I started wishing I could actually fuck some girl's pussy. You know, the old style coffee house where they played music or read poetry to a small crowd. I started humping her pussy when her legs spread apart. I started fucking her face while I held wads of her hair in my hands. I filled her wide open mouth and moved on to her face, soaking it well, and then hosing down those luscious tits with the nipples like fucking rubies.

A Night Ou- Um...In

first-time ElGustoEsMio 2018-07-08

I pull you into my embrace, pressing against your firm body as my tongue explores your soft lips. Instead, I barely manage to back down from the edge as your hand glides up my length, culminating in my moan as you lean down and take me between your hot, silky lips. Your tongue dances on the head, and I buck my hips in insane pleasure. You begin swirling your tongue quickly around the head, pumping your hand up and down the length which is left out of your mouth. Strangely, the growing pleasure in your face turns me on more, and I watch your mouth part as you begin breathing heavily.

For Claudia Ch. 01

first-time joelafayette 2018-07-08

"Wait," I teased, "Is there something going on between you two?" I asked, feeling myself turn red as I thought with shame about what I was thinking of doing to Bob earlier. "I want to marry a nice white guy my mom will like," Jen said, obviously teasing as she rubbed the man's leg under the table. And you know Lance came to our church from time to time before he left." I turned a little red again, if my Latin complexion allowed it, and thought to myself I should have known this would catch up to me. "I don't even feel like I really know a guy until I've held his penis in my mouth," I said.

Bookstore Activities

first-time mkjames46 2018-07-08

Soon after Gary was hired, Ali told him that they had a hard time finding someone else to work, since most people in their early twenties like to go out at night. He was also again led to think of himself and Ali sexually by another book that had a sex scene in it, this time going on with a little more detail. One night she had worn some tight black pants (Gary could hardly stop himself from looking at her ass when she was turned away from him) and a low cut red v-neck, showing a little cleavage when standing up, and a lot of cleavage when she bent over (which he enjoyed every time, though he tried very hard to make sure he was not caught doing).

Giving in to an old man

first-time nightowl58 2018-07-08

I got between his legs while still on my knees and kissed his chest, I didnt want to look down but as i kissed his chest and worked my way down i saw his big ccck in front of me, with that i grabbed it with my hands and it felt heavy, i closed my eyes and put the head in my mouth, it felt weird because it was a lot bigger, almost twice as big as hubby's and the taste was differnt too. He then positioned himself between my legs, I was breathing heavily now, i felt him rub the big head on my slit, he told me he had been waiting for a long time for this moment, he whispered to me that it i needed to relax and i felt him start to slowly spread my pussy apart.

What Am I Doing?

first-time zimabean 2018-07-08

But I want him, I want to feel his cock inside me, I want to feel it explode, I want to feel it pump his hot cum deep inside me, I want to feel my pussy overflow with his cum and for it to run down my legs and soak my bush. This is not the way I wanted this to play out, I don't like cum in my mouth, I don't give head, I don't swallow. Then Josh says he better get home, but he would like to fuck one more time. I lay there, my pussy sore and satisfied having fucked and pleased two men and taken three loads of cum.