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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time klammer 2018-07-08

She circled me taking photos from every angle and then she stood aside me rubbing her breasts against my arm and shocked me by cupping my small balls and begun to fondle them and in a sexy voice she said, “Aden, I’m going to help you get hard again and when you do I want you to jerk off and catch your cum with my panties.” Sloane told me to come stand in front of the couch which I did and she said,”Aden as you know I’ve shown Megan photos of you naked and she thinks I’ve doctored them and she doesn’t believe your penis could possibly be as small as it looks in the photos.

The Sultan's Son

first-time TurtleWB 2018-07-08

Kelly had been with only a handful of men at this point in her life, she enjoyed sex and all of her previous lovers had told her she was good in bed. The Sultan turned to Kelly, "This is my son Ahsan, treat him well and make a man out of him for me please. "Enjoy this night my son and make me proud." The Sultan said as he walked to the master suite door and closed it behind himself and Sheik. Kelly smiled mischievously and licked her sweet lips; she gazed across at Ahsan with the same intent of a predator eyeing ups its prey for the first time. Sensing his uncertainty, Kelly took his hands and placed one on each of her breasts allowing him to massage their softness through her black lace bra.

Wife 1st unusual

first-time alcapoony 2018-07-08

My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, "That was a little more information than we expected." Kathy jokingly said "Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug." Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, "You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard." As he finally got his act together and, having thrown back the shot, he walked in front of my wife not knowing what the hell he was doing, and she just glanced at me for a brief second, took a deep breath, and rather reluctantly and slowly reached up and put her hand on his cock.

Visiting My Mormon Friend 01

first-time cuddlemonkey 2018-07-08

I moved my hands back and fourth slowly toward her noticeably wet snatch but stopped just before I got to it and moved my fingers around her opening to tease her just a bit more. Her glossy eyes slowly closed, her mouth fell open and she let out a loud moan "I'm cumming!" she bucked against my finger and slapped her butt against the floor several times before pushing my hand away. I almost gave it away when she said 'hard ass.' I couldn't believe that I'd just felt that ass and brought off twice this girl that I was supposed to be worried about in the shower, and she sucked me off too!

Caught Masturbating...PART 5

first-time rocketstud 2018-07-08

But the whole time, I was thinking of Tara – wondering if this was what Tara’s nipples tasted like, if Tara’s pussy would feel so soft and smooth against my lips, and if her hole was tighter, wetter, or warmer than my wife’s. I watched as she used her left hand to spread her pussy lips and used her right to begin to rub her clit between her swollen, wet labia. Tara watched me and licked her right middle finger before she started pushing it inside her hole. I ran my right hand down her side, across her hip, and slid it down below her belly button until my fingers combed through her pubic hair. I kept rubbing for a few minutes as Tara closed her eyes and moved her hips against my hand.

Accidents Happen Ch. 03

first-time regularguy13 2018-07-08

He became excited in his dream and in real life he got an erection. In his dream, he rocked his hips and pumped his cock into her sweet hand. In real life, he began sliding his dick against Bee's sex. In her dream, Tommy was sawing his morning wood across her pussy lips, gently rousing her and inviting her to fuck. As she had done in the past, a half asleep Bee re-directed a hard cock into her hungry pussy. Bee dropped her hand to her clit and rubbed it while enjoying the heat, size and contact of a hard dick inside her. "I was dreaming about my old girlfriend she me a handjob...and...and I woke up having sex with you!

Teen is gifted to the middle aged - Part 1

first-time anita8003 2018-07-08

One day her teacher Jaya met her on the school ground and told her Rekha wanted to meet her urgently. Pooja told her class teacher that her tummy is aching and left the school and reached Rekha's place. "You know Pooja, Jaya miss had her first time with Raj uncle." Rekha took her to the sofa holding her hand and mad her sit on the lap of Raj. Hey Raj, isn't she cute?, and as I had promised you, this time I got you really young one" "Don't you think she is like a tender chick?" "Open your uniform Pooja, do you want to be told it every time?" Rekha said.

Nursery nurse turned sex slave

first-time DavieD71 2018-07-08

Our key worker Jessica was a large girl with very large breasts, certainly from day one the thought of a tit fuck had crossed my mind. After a month I told her I was now ready to fuck her, she was dripping wet and as we started I could see it was painful so took our time after a while I was ready to cum, she wasn't on birth control at that time, but is now, so I came over her tits and in her mouth. I told her that in future I wanted her to not wax or shave and within weeks she had one of the hairiest pussies I'd ever seen.

Shower sex with my s****r.

first-time bedlam54 2018-07-08

I was lay on my bed on my phone, while Abby got ready for a shower. She was about to step into the shower, she turned round and said " Do you want to join me ". Before she had even stopped talking, i was up, naked, cock pulsing and in the bathroom with her. She turned round, and pulled me into the shower. I shot ropes of cum into her arse, it dripped onto my thighs, she jumped of my cock, and licked it up. She got up after a while, she was on all fours and placed her saggy tits on my face, she began to swing them round and round.

Sex Clinic #2 - Hot Holiday

first-time petdyke 2018-07-08

Father a baby for my dear dirty doctor in return for my demand for full domination - of both! I happily accept to father her future baby but grab my chance to tell my price of obedience in bed I want to dominate your blond beautiful foxy friend as well - I have two clear reasons for my demand I simply want to dominate her for my dirty desires for first, secondly I have observed your relation I can tell you are super shy at that time being mostly with your nose in study books but love her fun I paint a picture of the qualities of the sexy successful blonde beauty to point to her weak spot

Sex Is Magnificent

first-time ainu 2018-07-08

I want to fuck you as much as you but I want to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful body." I slide down a little and start licking a breast, caressing the other with one hand while I hold myself up with the other. Her eyes are closed, she looks like she's concentrating, studying hard or something as I push more and more until I can feel my pubic hair hit hers and we're belly to belly. I spend a lot of time on her breasts, feeling them, lifting them, caressing them, I even lean down a little to lick her nipples and then suck on them some as I reach around to do her back.

Ariel's Story

first-time starova 2018-07-08

One day after working at the hardware store, I met mum at the café and we sat down to a cup of coffee and she asked me if she would mind if we let out Morty's bedroom to a boarder. He momentarily stopped, then after half a minute's agonising wait, he re-started running four fingers very lightly up and down between my arse cheeks several times until I was ready to shriek at the top of my lungs. He said, 'Just let me finish applying Sun-block, and I'll stop whenever you ask me to.' Once again, he brushed his fingers over my pubic hair but this time I began to feel like I was wanting more.

I think my nabore is a Vampiar!

first-time hetem123 2018-07-08

I couldnt move i was scared but my dick was rock hard she raised up and laughed "if i was a Vampiar i think i would just sucked you dry" by this time you could see my dick threw my ball shorts i was hoping she couldnt see it. Stacy took off her black tanktop i couldnt resist but to feel her big red libs agents mine her mouth open and i slipped my tongue in with one hand i unsnapped her bra and unleashed the best tits i have ever seen she was about a D cup with the pinkest nipples i dropped my head and started licking around the nipple i slowly sucked and all of a sudden she pushed me on the bed

Sub basement dream

first-time carzysmoke1 2018-07-08

Embarrassed that I just caressed my ass against my coworker, I grab the juice I came down for and quickly turned to leave.  But there he stood, facing me in front of my exit.  I pretended that I didn't notice him blocking my way and went to exit anyway. As I stood, he repeated the question as he stepped into me.  He was slightly taller than I so his lips lingered an inch above mine as he whispered,  "Are you sure?".  As I stood still and silent, he slowly took the juice bottles out of my hands and placed them on a shelf.  He leaned in towards my ear and whispered one last time, “Are you?" And that's when I realized if I don't respond, he'll stop.  So I nodded.

On any Given Sunday in America

first-time penelopered 2018-07-08

This trip my girlfriend and a couple went, getting rel d***k that when noticing a porn cinema on the way home, the couple insisted we go watch the movie, "Deep Throat'.....Id never seen a dirty movie and agreed, but my date said it was degrading to women and stupid. The material wasnt absorbent and took a few hand flips and lots of rubs, many dangerously close to my pecker head which had poked out my waistband. I had to wait to soften a bit before my piss could flow...there I was with cock in hand when another patron came in and stood beside me...'see you like the movie' he said staring at me...I ran back to my seat..a proposition from a queer..go figure

gloryhole wife

first-time miner49 2018-07-08

The wifes first experience at the glory hole went off with a huge bang. First we went to the booths with the holes, she proceeded to strip to just her stilettos and thong panties.All the while she was stroking my cock, she began to blow me and at last her first toy came through the hole, an average size but thick white cock, she proceeded to suck an stroke while I fucked her from behind.As she sensed he was about ready to cum she jacked him off all over her tits and chin.With out even missing a beat another larger thicker black cock came through the hole at her. she looked up at me and asked permission to fuck it, yes slut, I said.

My first time truly sucking and being fucked

first-time jcitanul 2018-07-08

"Did you like it?" I said yes...but then I said that I had a blow job, and had put my mouth on my friends dicks in high school, but had never sucked a guy until he came and that I really wanted to experience cum in my mouth...other than my own. "I would like to try it and feel a dick explode in my taste cum...and to swallow it." I took a drink of my lemonade and blurted out, "I also fantasize about being fucked." He asked what I fantasized and I told him that I wanted to know how it felt to have my legs spread far apart and have a guys hot body laying between them, then have him slide his dick in me and fuck me until he cums.

My Cheating GF Jill

first-time JackandJillCuck 2018-07-08

She said she sucked and rubbed his cock for a while before he said let me do it, and grabbed her head and started humping her head fast and deep until he couldn't take any more and came in her mouth, having her swallow every bit of it. He said he wanted to make her cum so he started going deep and hard until she moaned more and more and felt like she couldn't take anymore and then right when she began to cum he said he was going to cum so she wrapped around him and held him tight while he filled her up. She told me she ended up sucking another guy off from our class a few times during those 3 months but no sex except with her manager.

Second time, great head!

first-time BigMoon44 2018-07-08

I remembered the first time I saw her, she said she liked her earlobes biten a bit and for me to blow in her ear. I got up a little bit, pulled her toward me and wrapped her legs around me as I started making out with her again. Sucking on the head a little bit then going deeper. She got down on her knees in between my legs and took my hard cock in her mouth like it was her job. She started holding her stomach and I asked if she wanted me to pull my pants back up, she said no. I then grabbed her hair with both hands, held her head in place and started to fuck her nice little mouth.

Her Daughter's Debut

first-time wifelvrman 2018-07-08

Suzie tried her best to please Ted. She sucked on his dick and it got a lot bigger and became extremely hard. Suzie did her best to suck the man's dick as Ted pounded her ass. Ted stopped his thrusts into Suzie's ass as he told her, "Hold your lips tight and hold his cum in your mouth, bitch." Ted pulled out of Suzie's ass and took the camera as the other man dropped his pants and pushed his dick toward her mouth. When the second camera man shot his cum in Suzie's ass, Ted had her push it out as before and then had the men finger her and feed her the cum.

Saturday Night Seduction

first-time dlcalguy 2018-07-08

I felt my bare chest against the silk of his robe and his hands pulling on my ass as he ground his hard cock against mine. I didn't know what to do to make it smooth but then he said It would be nicer if it had some moisture on it and, as he was talking, I felt his hand on my shoulder pressing me down.... He took his mouth from my cock, looked up at me and said "relax, you'll like it". He was taking his time and was very patient and gradually I was ably to adjust to having his cock in my ass and eventually I felt his belly against my bum and knew that he had got his entire penis into my ass.

gone fishing

first-time 1120scott 2018-07-08

Mr. Donald got a good fire going, went outside and came back with an ice chest. After eating Mr. Donald went inside for a few minutes, when he came back he was naked and had the bottle of lotion. We sat there for twenty minutes or so when Mr. Donald said it was time for bed. We went inside, he wiped off my butt and dick, cleaned up his cock, and we laid down in the same bed to sl**p. A boy came up in a row boat, which scared me." Hello Mr. Donald" the boy called out," I see you have a new friend with you, mined if I come by later" he asked.

Doug and Diane

first-time barkirk 2018-07-08

Then Diane just dropped the robe to the floor swept her long hair over her shoulders to cover her breasts and slowly turned to face Doug. "Turn about, so to speak, is fair play." Doug said as he slowly revealed his ass to Diane. Instead of resisting, Diane opened her mouth more, taking in half of Doug's huge rod feeling the head pushing against the back of her throat. Doug started to groan knowing he was going to come soon and started to pull out, but Diane wouldn't release his ass and when he finally let go, she pulled him in all the way grinding her clit against him screaming out her biggest orgasm yet.

First sexual encounter with my nephew (True Story)

first-time jenny08 2018-07-08

His hand found its way to my clit through my leg and he was pleasuring it with his fingers while his mouth continued sucking my nipple… he then stopped unzip my shorts and looked at my lacy black thong… he removed it and pulled my body upright so that I sat up on the couch with just my top and bra on… he got on his knees in front of me, opened my legs, stuck his face in my cunt and began eating my cunt like i was the best thing he ever tasted….