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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Friends Forever Ch. 03

first-time GreatWhiteNorthern 2018-07-08

Holly laughed at my reply, and began to sway her shapely ass a little more flirtatiously as she continued down the path. It felt good as I reached up and ran my hands under Holly's shirt to squeeze her tantalizing breasts. I felt her warm breath thru the fabric of my pants as Holly reached my bulge and rubbed her face against my clad cock. I jumped and opened my eyes, when I suddenly felt Holly's tongue lick the end of my cock. As Holly's ass continued to sway to the imaginary music, she slowly allowed her pants to slide from her hips. Holly reached back and ran a finger under the elastic on the leg, letting me have a mind numbing view of her puffy pussy lips.

confessions Part 3 taken

first-time 2018-07-08

Assarudeen replied that I have left and muthu went out side to have tea, at the same time sheeba told the auditor that she has finished her work and leaving. Auditor told assar to close the office as soon as muthu comes and he was also leaving. Muthu took his hand covering my mouth and started inserting it under my salwar and placing it above my bra covered boob. Assar kept on taking pictures while muthu started to pull my salwar up and exposing my bra. Assar inserted one finger and found out how wet and slippery my pussy was and told muthu this bitch is in heat and enjoying.

First time fucking my best friend's girl

first-time darkcloud45 2018-07-08

At this point I already know whats going on but I went back there anyway and to no ones surprise they we're having sex. As quick as this thought shot through my head, my dick was already in her mouth. She started going slow progressing getting faster as he fucked her harder. I looked over at him and he moved his mouth asking me if I wanted fuck her for a bit. I looked down at her pussy and decided to eat her out for a minute. I started slow soon moving faster and harder. By this point I grabbed her shoulders to help me move faster and harder. He reached his limit and pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot his load on her body.

First... Uhh... Second Time

first-time speednutz 2018-07-08

At 18, we were too young to go to bars so a typical Friday or Saturday night would be spend driving from town to town just cruising looking for parties and or girls. There was a little town about 30 miles from home whose girls had a bad... I remember that it was pretty common for us to cruise this little town and find Linda out walking the streets. A couple weeks later I was out with my best friend at the time who was nicknamed Roach. I remember being kind of jealous as Connie was by far the better looking girl. I sat up and not wasting any time slid her jeans and panties off.

Mr. Grant

first-time goddess_J 2018-07-08

I went as far as picking up my psychology book to find some things to say to him. Eight o clock came near and I had left my room and headed to his office. When our lips met they fused together in angry passion transferring all of our frustration and desire through a kiss. With his free hand he reached behind my head to push our lips even closer together. Seeing as how that was my teacher I was kissing I wasn't sure how far to take things. While he held me close to his body I began to undue the buttons on my blouse to let him know how hot he was making me.

Collection Day

first-time silveredspice 2018-07-08

The air was thick and close prompting me into a Tee shirt and shorts, as a young boy of f******n you know the kind of outfit, arm and leg opening so large they make you look like a stick figure. Looking back I can only guess at the sight before her that day, dust covered with white rings for eyes and a mosaic trail of sweat rivulets streaking the arms and legs of the body of a boy. "Collection day Mrs W", I announced, she frowned and replied "Bobby is that you under there ?" We where almost eye to eye as she was not a tall woman barely five foot in height, red haired with a light dusting of freckles across her nose dressed in a dark button front floral blouse, cinched waist orange skirt and heels.

b*****r Caught Peeking at s****rs

first-time 2018-07-08

He thought about taking it out and playing with it like other boys had talked about, but was afraid of what would happen if he got caught, but realized that mom was at work and the three s****rs were in the room, so he carefully unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock. Seeing them naked made him erect for the first time in his life and he took his cock out to look at it and then returned to watching his s****rs and didn’t realize he was stroking his cock until he came and it surprised him and that’s when his head bumped the door and when Jen saw him.

82% cock

Tricked Sluts pt.1

first-time 2018-07-08

Amber felt her nipples start to get hard while staring at the massive cock swing between Shawn’s legs. “God he’s so big,” gasp Amber as she started licking his cock up and down and fondling his huge balls with her tiny hands. Oh yesssss,” cried Amber as Shawn took hold of her nipples, pulling and pinching them while his giant dick pound away at her breasts. Josh had a perfect view of the tit fucking as he hover over Amber and saw the sweat pouring off her face and her beat red titties getting pounded even harder and faster by Shawn. Then Shawn’s cock got pulled back between Amber’s lips and she sucked half of it in before he pulled it back out and smack it down between her titties again and resume his tit fucking.

My Best Friend's Father

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-08

I hoped that Jack had just forgotten to turn it off before he went to bed, I couldn't handle facing him without Emma. "I like your dress," he said, putting a hand on my thigh. His touch caused my body to tense up, and I could only watch as the hem of my black baby doll dress moved up my leg, revealing the soft flesh of my thigh. "What about Emma?" I asked, dropping my head and looking at his hand. His hand tightened on my thigh, and moved slowly upwards, taking my dress with it, up towards my hip and baring more and more of my leg. He sat there, hands on my hips, watching and sucking my breasts as the bounced and brushed against his face.

Daddy - A CD's Fantasy Part 1

first-time carli_gurl 2018-07-08

I looked at myself from the left side, then the right, then turned, bent over, and pulled my cheeks apart, so I could see the beautiful plug. I turned around a saw how a long bead of pre-cum was dangling from my smooth, uncut, small penis. I was starting to get concerned as I wanted to be fresh and clean for daddy but with all the pre-cum I was afraid my uncut clitty would turn him off. At one point, I noticed his breathing was rapid and he seemed super aroused, his hands found their way under my skirt and he found my plug. He turned me around, bent me over, pulled my tight skirt up and kissed my cheeks and pushed on my plug.

Men can have multiples

first-time 40kinky 2018-07-08

She covered her hands in baby oil and grabbed my cock wanking hard and fast ohh god I was about to come nearly there just lifting my ass off the bed cause it was going to come hard. She carried on the feeling was building so deep with in me then come started to surge from my balls into my cock I could feel my tube and cock expand more. It must have hit the back of her throat hard cause it surged out my cock. She was licking me clean I was still hard she was sucking me now and I was feeling it again not even 40 seconds after the last one. Vicky was still sucking me deep and gentle I could feel my balls filling up.

getting mastrubated by an older man...

first-time sexysonofsam 2018-07-07

I went and sat in the park which was just about deserted at that time of the evening, misserable, hungry and wet and started asking myself whether comming to Durban was such a good idea? He drove the car out of town onto the old south coast road, while we were driving I was eating my dagwood and wondering what was going to happen now? He again slid me over towards him and started french kissing me, at the same time he loosened my pants and opened my zipper, pulled my underpants down and exposed my fully erect dick.

How Miwako Lost her Virginity at age 15. (100% tru

first-time miwako 2018-07-07

Chris came over to my house and me and him sat Before this kiss i was a nice little virgin that has something special since everyone talks about dick all the time. i thought that it didnt look to special. we got to my grandma house i basically begged him to have sex. went to the back room at grandmas house. i started breathing really hard and got very nervous. lol but when it felt the slightest bit good he had to got dressed n kissed and left. some church function and when we got to my house my parents so we got the pastor to drop us both off at my house. prob about five minutes.

Brittany Stevens Office Slut Pt. 01

first-time Nasty_Guy001 2018-07-07

How he had grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back rough, groping at her big, juicy tits as he had fucked her in front of the mirror, before pulling out and exploding in her mouth, her lips open and panting as he filled her mouth with his seed. Mr Jones felt his big, thick cock grow harder and stronger in his pants, pressed against the fabric as he again ran his eyes down Brittany, from her eyes, to her lips, tits, stomach and ass. "Fuck, that's it, I think I just found my new office slut." Mr Jones moaned as Brittany started to slurp and bob on the end of his cock. Mr Jones fucked her harder, loving the way her tight pink ass gripped his cock.

Like Clock work (part 2)

first-time 2018-07-07

From a tantric point of view the bellybutton is of one the bodies engery centres and once a person is open and arouse any of them being stimulated in the right way can cause an orgasm.Her hands held his head in place pressing him into her pussy. "Oh andrew" She moaned.He felt her cum flow its way on his fingers.After laying there for a moment and recovering from the best orgasm in her life, she got up and pushed him on the bed. The sight of them kissing turned andrew on, Cassy moved her hand over to anrews nipple and starled to play with it, His hand reached to her pussy and started to play around with her clit.

Sex at the Summer Solstice

first-time ironfelix 2018-07-07

"Sure, just let me grab my jacket." And seconds later, ignoring Denny's jibes, Kendall and Beth were holding hands and walking the dozen or so blocks south towards her second floor room, chatting about events in their lives over the past week. This time her right hand reached down the back of his pants to squeeze his ass, and Kendall realized that this evening was turning into more than just making out. Taking advantage of this chance to relieve himself of some beer, Kendall was soon back to look around the kitchen and the combination bedroom/living room, where Beth had turned on a floor lamp with a soft glow.

First of Many Fucks

first-time cherrybaby123 2018-07-07

I turned away instinctively, feeling as though I couldn't look at his body yet--I knew seeing his strong arms and tight abs would make me wet with excitement and make sticking to my plan all the more difficult. I took my left hand from my lips, licking them in a swirling motion as I would on the tip of Peter's cock, and pulled my breasts from my shirt and bra, feeling the cold wetness from the fingers I was sucking on my breasts. I felt his tongue swirling gently around mine and the force of his body pushing me against the wall, and feeling his hard cock on my leg from under his pants, made me immediately wet.


first-time Krosis 2018-07-07

Rob lifted up with his hands, and Kathy took his direction, raising herself halfway off of his cock. Gasping, Kathy replied, "Yes, just like that." She moved faster on top of him. Rob moved one arm around Kathy's back, holding her tightly as his other hand continued to grope her breasts. Her body had already decided what was going to happen here, and she started slamming her pussy down on Rob's cock harder, faster. Feeling Kathy's insides suddenly grip his overstimulated cock like a hot glove set off Rob's own orgasm. Kathy felt Rob's cock swell deep inside her and then his hot, potent seed rushed into her fertile insides, inundating her ripe reproductive system.

More Fun with BOB

first-time Watcher55 2018-07-07

When I reach that point my husband knew that I was not going to be able to last much longer so he knelt in front of me and with no help from his hands just that lovely erect penis of his I mean my god well he placed the head of it just at the opening of my pussy and as I did he made it go up and down the length of my labia. Yes my legs we wide open and I was bottomless for another man but right now I didn’t really care the cool air on my labia felt exquisite and to have Bob looking that close just added to it and then it hit me another orgasm I closed my eyes rested my head on the back of the couch and just let the feel wash over me.

Sucking a black chub

first-time readytoserveyou4 2018-07-07

"It's just one kiss...It's no big deal...Make me feel better, come on now." With his other hand he rested an open palm on the back of my head and gently pulled my face right towards his loose hanging balls that rested on the couch. It feels like my balls are about to erupt...but you're here to help me out right....cocksucker?" I looked down and shook my head no. Yeah, you're making me feel so good." His cock slowly made it's way to the back of my mouth nearing my throat. Yeah, oh fuck, you're gonna make me cum.....oh fuck oh.....FUUUUCK!!" I moaned as I felt his dick f***efully erupt in my mouth.

His Teen Consort Ch. 02

first-time tcwild100 2018-07-07

The actors on the screen worked each other's genitals like robots, her lips and tongue slurping loudly on his dick as he pushed two fingers into her, one in her cunt, the other in her ass. Jack found himself staring at her perfect little puckered ring, his fingers gently holding her buttocks apart as his tongue worked her vulva and clit. The video 'story' began, a young looking girl making out with a middle-aged man, his hands groping at her body as they kissed. "I really liked that Jack." The scene changed quickly, with the man pushing first his finger, then a slender dildo up into the girl's butt. The buttfucking went on for several minutes, and Leslie's hand wandered over to capture Jack's penis while she watched the lewd act.

The Business

first-time 2018-07-07

Had my first cock a few years back but it was a boys cock and my cunthole itched for a mans prick giving me a good hard rough fucking. He was as big as he looked, 8 or 9 ins but not as thick as Jim. While Jim fucked my mouth, me helpless on the ground , Cal started to shove his throbbing prick into my soaking cunt. Then Jim got me on all 4s and took over as I sucked Cal off and ate his hairy balls. Jim shot a massive load in me then they brought me to the bed before both ot them took turns to finger and eat my asshole ,before each in turn fucked my virgin ass .

The Training Centre

first-time Fredsowner 2018-07-07

Declan was a very nice young man, very quiet and very reserved and Theresa thought she could help him. I know it's a sin but I can't stop." Theresa instinctively sensed what was going through his mind and said, "Don't worry. Geraldine and Theresa and Declan and Veronica all went for a cup of coffee and talked and chatted for more than an hour. Theresa said to Declan," I know it's a little difficult to get to know Veronica better when you haven't got your own place to go to. Declan agreed and after the next dinner with Veronica they came in through Theresa's kitchen and into his room.

CaughtWith MyPants Down

first-time dlishmis 2018-07-07

He put his hands on my head and started pumping his cock in mouth, deeper and deeper, down my throat it went. I did, and I felt him growing again, I sucked until the girls pulled my skirt up and my panties down, he pulled his cock from my hungry mouth turned me around and slowly penetrated my virgin man pussy., with one arm around my waist and his hand on my cock he fucked me until I felt his hot cream pumping in my ass, I came with an explosion and fell to my knees.