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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty neighbours Part 2

first-time 2018-07-07

Then to my suprise Mac undid his shorts dropping them to the floor exposing his smooth shaven balls and the beginig of one hell of an errection. and immediately Nina dropped to her knees and began to hungrily lick and suck at the monster cock before her. I could see Nina was now massaging the shaft with her left hand and his balls with her right.Mac edeged his cock into my mouth and i flicked my tongue around his glans. I knlet between his legs and as Nina began to slowly slide up and down the pink pole, licked at her slit and his shaft , occasionally tounging his balls.

Shy chubby girl at work

first-time notts_perv 2018-07-07

She started to rub my cock with her soft hand, it felt so good. Her breast were huge, looked like double f, I moved my hand and started to squeeze one, they were so soft and juicy. I pushed my other hand inside her panties, I could feel her pussy was shaven and soft, I moved my finger over her clit and rubbed it for a few seconds then slipped it inside her dripping wet hole. She moved her hand down and started to rub her clit as my cock thrusted in and out of her hungry pussy. I pulled my cock out and said "sit on the toilet and look at me", she moved round and did as she was told.

Christopher and Valerie Pt. 01

first-time HotLips1972 2018-07-07

I heard my Dad's voice as he opened the front door, and as he called out my name, I took one last look in the mirror, took a deep breath to calm my nerves and went downstairs to see Chris standing there waiting for me, greeting me with a big smile and an undeniable twinkle in his eye. Our embrace was now hot and heavy, our tongues entwined, deep within each others mouths, Chris's hand under my sweater, slowly but firmly making its way to the waistline of my pants. As his tongue pressed further into mine, I struggled to suppress a moan of pleasure, and felt his hand slip down the front of my pants to the wetness waiting below.

Deflowering Alice ... and Me

first-time heartlandwriter 2018-07-07

Once I parked the car and shut it off, I turned to Alice and was pulled down to her face for a steamy open-mouthed kiss. When the kiss rolled to a stop after what seemed like an hour, Alice looked up at me with fire in those blue eyes. Alice was wearing a red cocktail dress that hugged her little body and showed that, yes, she had nicely curved hips and a delicious butt. "Shut up and kiss me, Jimmy," Alice whispered as she pulled my face down. "AH!!" I heard as Alice's hips rose again and I slid my hands under her to grab onto her wonderful ass again. I felt Alice's hands leave my butt and grab my head, pulling me down for another kiss.

We Lose Our Virginity

first-time Andrew Eldritch 2018-07-07

Looking at her in that setting, and the shape of her breasts under her T-shirt was getting me turned on, but then again, at 18, I would get a hard-on just about any time I was with her -- just from knowing that we would probably be messing around later in the day. This went on only a minute or so, and then I re-positioned my body so that I was a little lower than her and the head of my cock was touching her pussy straight-on. My cock was probably a little over half way inside her, and I made very small thrusts because I did not want to cum too soon and because the water really took away from that natural lubrication that would work so well for us on subsequent encounters.

sex progression

first-time 2018-07-07

7 years old dicover my cock and the potential to feel goog 12 years old uncontrollibile erections , start to rub myself to underwear models in the JC penneys catolog\ 13 years old I move to a suburban house see a hustler mag left on a worksite and see how beautiful pussy can be and lesbianism 15 years asked by a girl i am babysitting to put baby powder on her pussy and touch it. 16 years out side my parents house i jerk the nieghbors dog, and it fucks me in the ass and it hurt and felt dirty 32 years meet the next wife talked about swinging she is Bi. got her to suck the dogs dick had group sex but we were divorced

Dark corners of a teens girl's life

first-time 2018-07-07

For girls it so different, bat an eyelid, show some leg, and cocks everywhere are shooting at you, especially if you are pretty and blond, which I was, and have a sexual urge, which meant most days my panties had male semen on the crotch, but if we are honest, that's to be expected, its the other semen we never talk about, and how it got there, that's what lies in the dark recesses of the girls mind, yes I have ventured there and done it, so I dont knock it, I am sure you will wont to read on and be shocked, or excited, either way this is true, only names have changed, as we are alive and kicking with families.

Song Of Pleasure.

first-time genuineguy 2018-07-07

Pushing in a second to stretch her a little wider, she ran her fingers through his hair as he explored deeper, and it was then she began to sing her song of pleasure, of longing, of lust and of desire, Lifting himself up, he lifted himself back upon her, he looked deep into her eyes as his manhood brushed her vagina, she took him in her arms, she pulled him in closer, she wanted him deep inside her. Kissing her one last time, he turned her over, and together they snuggled deep beneath the covers, she fitted to his shape and he wrapped his arms around her, brushing her long hair from his face, And within the sounds of this perfect night, within the glow of flickering orange tongues of candlelight, he pulled her close and said goodnight, as they fell into a fitful and satisfied sl**p.


first-time HestiaBound 2018-07-07

The boys grabbed a couple of sleeping bags, and the water bottle full of whisky we had all been sipping on for the last half hour of our venture out there. We all sat, huddled in the bags and blankets, with Bethany and me in the middle and Sean and Donny on either side. Pretty quickly Bethany and Donny were making out, leaving me and Sean to get to know one another. Before I had a chance to react, Sean had placed the whisky bottle in my hand again, and helped me draw it to my lips. As I watched, Bethany swam toward Donny and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, letting him support her in the water.

Best Choice

first-time stickivicki 2018-07-07

As we got to my car Dan pulled me back to him, holding me close he gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him lovingly, he leaned down and kissed me so gently it felt like a dream. Dan got in the taxi, kissed my cheek, placed his hand on my thigh, and whispered to me, I saw the driver looking in the mirror at us; I bit my tongue and just rolled my eyes at him. We sat in bed together eating breakfast and talked about what we should do in the days to come, we planned to go to the castle today after we go to my house to pick up clothes and some of my things, then Dan said he would like to take me shopping for some nice underwear for me to wear for him.

The Weekend

first-time 2018-07-07

Cathy and I sat and watched as you two danced slowly, your hips touching lightly at first, then closer he came, and I could see your eyes close, as you lavished in the feelings as he moved his hips back and forth , grinding his manhood into your thighs. On the way home as we rode quietly in the car, you moved closer to me, letting your hand fall to my thighs, slowly stroking my leg. And even harder when you moved your free hand to the bottom of your skirt and slowly pulled it up, exposing your lush, smooth, creamy thighs.

becoming Rachel

first-time 2018-07-07

Roger was a nice gentle teacher, he started rubbing my legs and then up to my hard cock, straining in the panties. Roger place my pantied back over my cock, licked his lips then asked me if i would like to learn how to become a girl properly. while we watched some porn Roger told me all about trans life, how a tranny girl should behave in fornt of a man, and etiquette like leaving your tranny cock in your panties unless the man takes it out.. before long Roger was fucking me hard, his balls slapping against me, this was more of a turn-on, and without touching myself i started cumming all over the carpet, some of it on my hand, which i quicly licked off.

Holiday #195

first-time WatchingCloud 2018-07-07

Pete took his eyes off the desolate country road just long enough to cast a glance at Amy, his best friend since grade school, where she rode shotgun with her bare feet up on the dash. The way she said it, Pete got the impression that her seeing him naked was very much part of the reason she'd chosen for them to celebrate this holiday. Pete looked up, startled, having turned his attention away from Amy for a moment in the final disrobing.

Trust is Earned

first-time fubar769 2018-07-07

Her friends were astounded that Kelly left a man hater and returned to school with a boyfriend 1200 miles away. I've never forced myself upon you or asked you to do anything you didn't want to do!" I said with some anger in my voice, knowing that it was her friends putting false ideas in her head. I pressed the bulge inside my pants against her black panties while leaning forward on her body to kiss her neck. Kelly seemed to love the sensation as well since I felt her rock her hips a few times against my pants, massaging the swollen member under my pants. We kissed for about thirty seconds before, I allowed her to pull me closer until cock head slipped slowly inside her.

Twitter Follower 2

first-time 2018-07-07

"Damn boy, your wife must really want that dick if she followed through with the no pussy rule." James said as he was nearly rolling over laughing. After about six inches, she announced loudly,"Holy fuck, I'm coming." Her come was running down his dick like milk and James took the opportunity to bury the last four inches of his cock by pulling her down by her hips Her eyes flew wide open and a loud scream escaped her lips. He turned the camera on himself and said, "D.P. baby!" and the other man repeated what he said They were laughing for a few minutes then they started grunting as James was nearly balls deep in her ass and her pussy was being fucked once again.

Little Girl

first-time MicahJC 2018-07-07

"That must be Dan" and clap Steve on the shoulder before adding "This shouldn't be too strenuous for you, Natalia's just reading in bed." They went out in an expensive rustle of his and hers Burberry and she heard the TV click on as a body settled into the leather sofa. Arching over his lap she said "Don't worry, I know what I want." Natalia sat up; pushing her chest into his face, then scooted across him until her hips were squarely in his lap. When he pushed inside her she bit her lip and pulled her feet up onto the sofa, spreading her legs wider.

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 02

first-time andrewsixpack 2018-07-07

So he pulled back, and put his hard cockhead against the tip of her tit coming thru that hole, she felt something different; he wasn't sucking it anymore, so she pulled back and immediately she saw that big beautiful cock coming thru the hole again.... He was close to cumming, it felt so good to have his cock sucked by this hot, fucking big titted, nice assed, chick in the dressing room next to him! It was then that Pamela knew she was going to orgasm, the feeling she gets when she masturbates, so she began really moving her hand back and forth on this now wet slippery big cockshaft as she sucked it and she and rubbed her small cunt back and forth quickly, over her erect stimulated clitoris!

Teacher Taught

first-time busrider 2018-07-07

She then looked up at me and moved closer to my cock and I watched her run her tongue up the length of my shaft, until her mouth eventually engulfed the head and she started to suck. ' Now pump your cock in and out of me' I began with her help to move in and out of her warm tight hole, listening intently to every instruction she gave, her hands still on my ass pulling me ever harder into her. 'Faster' she gasped I began to pump harder and faster' Yes. Come on that's it make me cum, I want to cum' In the next few strokes, I felt the muscles inside her tighten around my cock squeezing them hard, as she shook, and moaned that she was cumming.

Jim's Seduction Ch. 02

first-time JackMoz 2018-07-07

The waffle iron is still hot and I think this one," Jessica said as she walked over and gave Kate a hug, "is going to want a seconds." Kate just giggled. So I just sat there quietly eating my waffle, occasionally answering a question asked of me, but otherwise just listening to Kate tell Jessica about her night over at her friend's house. To be honest, I wasn't going to offer Jessica a kiss because I didn't want to embarrass her in front of her new friends. Jessica gave all three of her friends hugs goodbye, I got a firm handshake from Mac and a hug from Caitlin and even one from shy little Kim.

Home Visit

first-time VixensSecret 2018-07-07

Watching as she placed a nervous hand around his cock, slowly pumping it up and down, before moving a bit closer and taking the head of his cock in her mouth. Placing her hands on his thighs, she began to bob her head up and down his cock, taking more in her mouth each time. Nathan watched her head bob faster as her confidence grew slightly and he places his hands in Emma's hair, gripping gently as he began to move his hips; gently, to begin with, fucking Emma's mouth. Nathan slowly slid his cock back into Emma's mouth, watching it disappear inch by inch. Emma whimpered as Nathan as began to fuck her faster, his hands taking hold of her hips and pulling her back against him, pushing himself into her harder and deeper.


first-time alonzo14 2018-07-07

The story started out fairly innocently, but as she went on, her descriptions became more graphic, until finally she described in very intimate details her love-making with this man. Cheri's tongue was heavenly as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock and her pussy had a distinctively sweet taste. Soon Cheri was squirming as she came and feeling her pussy gush its juices and her legs tighten around my head, I also climaxed in a great eruption, my cum shooting into her mouth, enticing her to suck it ever more deeply. My only thoughts were of Cheri and the hours ahead of us in our little love nest...

First Time

first-time Mr.Newbie 2018-07-07

As I kiss you on your shoulders and start to lick on your chest and on your perky nipples, I slide my right hand down to your belly button, tracing circles around it before bringing it down farther down under your cheerleader skirt and into your panties. I reach further down and rub the inside of your thighs gently, caressing it and feeling how hot you are from under your skirt, gently working my way up to your wet snatch. I position my cock right at the entrance of your pussy, and I look up at you, straight and deep into your eyes, giving you a light kiss before entering snatch.

Halloween Pt2

first-time TransContinental 2018-07-07

It dawned on me then that between the hypnotic power that ass had on me, the fear of getting the shit beat out of me, the realization that some of the guys in the room were looking at me, hungrily, and the wonder of it all, my feet didn't hurt any more. We found a guy pouring drinks in the kitchen, and Colette laid a sexy voice on him, "Two screwdrivers, Sugar." Todd's girl voice had a slight southern twang to it, even when talking above the music. I felt a stirring in my loins, and was about to put my arm around the tight little waist of Colette, to see where it would go, when I realized everyone had left the deck.

Intern's First Business Trip

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2018-07-07

The pair, in tailored business suits, looked out of place amongst the bustling mob of young girls, but then again Ms Strickland always seemed to stand out in a crowd. Her sharply defined legs and full, firm body looked more bikini model than executive, but her straight black hair and dark, impassive eyes left no doubt that she was, in fact, a demanding, no nonsense boss. "Timothy, this is Mrs Robertson," my boss said, and once I heard the name, I recognized her immediately as the VIP client whom we were targeting on this trip. "What were you planning to do?" I tried to look away, but she grabbed my hands and placed them on her bare breasts.