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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Special Night

first-time wildwolves75 2018-07-07

Sam turned back to Deanna to continue talking about his day, and that was when he noticed she was also in one of his t-shirts, and her nipples were hard and sticking out under the shirt. He heard a moan from the girls, as they released their kiss and both turned their lips towards his, first Deanna than Amanda. That was what Sam was waiting for, as he reached down and took Deanna's hand off his cock and placed it between Amanda's legs, helping her to find the clit and hearing Amanda gasp. I started to stroke again, as I watched Deanna kiss her way back up Amanda's body.

And I notcied

first-time hiroshida 2018-07-07

My cock throbbed gently in my pants knowing what was to come. You responded in kind by sighing heavily and thrusting your hand in my pants to find my cock jutting forward and high for your attention. Your hands gripped my hair and pushed my head into you so that I couldn't breath. My hands slid behind your thighs and I lifted you upwards against the wall ready to fall onto my rigid throbbing cock. You gazed at me through glossy eyes, smiled to know that you were now mine, reaching for my hand to prolong our touch, you said, "thank you daddy.

First Anal CreamPie!!

first-time Curious2c 2018-07-07

I then removed those wet fingers from her pussy and put one into her tight ass. She loves to have her ass and pussy played with at the same time. “Slip your fingers from my ass out, put 3 in my pussy and then I want you to fuck my ass with that cock!” I was so turned on by her whole behavior and how she was taking charge! I lubed my cock up with some pussy juice and slowly slipped it into her ass. I know had 3 fingers in her pussy and my cock in her tight ass, and she let out a guttural moan. She also increased the intensity of her rubbing on her clit, slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy.

Camping With Stepdaughter 10

first-time 2018-07-07

I stood up and grabbed her little hand and told her in a stern voice to come with me. The next stroke was lower and the tips of my fingers landed on her tight little pussy lips. With that I stopped and slid two fingers in to her little love hole. I stopped and pull my fingers out this was punishment and she had to realize this. I took my middle finger and placed on the dark little ring of her young ass. With one quick trust I buried my finger in her tight little tunnel. I retuned my finger to her hot little ass and started ramming it in and out. She tried to pull away but I held her head tightly.

The Silent Stranger

first-time play_thing7 2018-07-07

she broke away from his mouth and trailed little kisses down his neck, nibbling as she went, her hands caressing his chest and slowly moving up inside his top to feel the little hairs covering his musclebound chest. god that felt better, he continued to lap at her pussy while her orgasm slowly calmed and with one hand he stroked his bulging cock. he could feel her body reach its climax as he knew the signs from the way her pussy reacted to his mouth and at this he felt his balls tightening and his cock was as hard as rock.

Seduction of a Virgin

first-time gentlegem 2018-07-07

I am a 22 year old girl of a little better than average looks, but no contest winner; pale complexion, 5'6", 130 lbs, 36C-28-36, blonde/blue and good posture is not one of my assets – probably from all the hours of reading in the over-stuffed chair in my room. Step by step I guided him both verbally and with my hands on the art of breast play and getting a girls top off or at least open and her bra loose and then how to roll her nipples and lick and kiss them. I rolled off and had him get between my legs and guided him back into to my hot juicy pussy and told him he could move however he wanted, fast or slow or deep or not; just experiment to see what he liked.

Transformed Permanently (Both of us!)

first-time Sanrico 2018-07-07

Although I arrived back to our apartment slightly sooner than she did, the gal that I'd picked up there in Galveston was a cute little Senorita for whom we'd both stripped naked and were making eye contact with one another while lying head to toe opposite one another when suddenly, my fiancée, Carol, startled my date as she slowly unlocked the front door and entered with a nice looking man. However, the stranger who'd just finished fucking my lady for the first time ever that I'd known about or seen, within no more than all of five minutes was on top of my little date fucking the hell out of her pretty wet pussy.

Humiliation 2 the ex

first-time Drsmiley82 2018-07-07

As difficult as it might be to believe, things after my huge embarrassment at the hands of my girlfriend, the large black man known as Link, and my closest friends, things had actually blown over. She giggled again and said looks like there is plenty a room in those tiny little panties, and then I dropped to my knees. I wanted to taste its salty sweaty taste on my tong and feel it throb in my mouth and it was only a second more when I got that wish. That’s a good little faggot she said, now suck his balls. Before they left, I sucked his dick, sucked his balls and she even made me lick his taint, and I loved every second of it.

Married Pussy Boy PT 2

first-time 425olds 2018-07-07

Steve sat up on the edge of the hot tub, just a foot away from Laurie who once again gazed at the engorged cock and balls between his legs. I want that more than anything," I heard Laurie moan as I looked up to see her pulling at her own nipples, raising her legs in anticipation of Steve's cock. I plan on buying a 10” strapon and if your a good cuckolded boy when Steve's out of town I will let you suck it and fuck your little gay ass until you beg me to stop. You will be my devoted cuckold, encouraging men to fuck your wife and if your a good little cock slut I”ll let you cum but you”ll have to will eat every drop .

New town 2

first-time 1120scott 2018-07-07

Ted told him that we were playing, and asked if he wanted to watch. Bill reached down and pushed my hands away from my crotch, " looks like you were having fun"he said to me" show me what you two were doing Ted " While Bill was watching Ted took my now limp dick and rubbed it against his. It felt good and I started to get hard again, which pushed him out." Do you play piggy back " Ted asked, I said I didn't know that game. The next morning I went to the farm and asked if I could stay with him till my mom got back, he said that would be fine if I didn't mind sl**ping in Teds room.

Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks

first-time dgoodall1701 2018-07-07

The brown haired witch remembered watching as Tonks got her snatch stretched by the impressive tool between the elf-like male’s legs. Harry kissed Hermione intensely and sucked on her tongue while he pushed his hardness into her softness. Grasping her partner’s sides with her fingernails the witch held on as he began moving his hips back and forth to slide his sausage in and out of her tight confines. “Fuck me Harry…slide your hard dick into my tight little pussy,” Hermione cooed hotly, feeling her man throb with each dirty word from her lips. Harry soaked in the sensations from his dick as it navigated the tight womanly tunnel of Hermione Jane Granger. A moment later Harry and Hermione felt a finger slips up their bums to massage their sensitive parts.

First experience

first-time 2018-07-07

So, we left the car, I was wearing a summer type dress, and John placed his hand on my ass as we walked through the hallways. John asked me "Ash, aren't you going to greet my friends" and I did, as I hug one of them, his hand went down my back, I was shocked. 5 men's hands rubbing on my small body, my thong was ripped quickly and I found myself having my tits, nipples, ass, legs, neck, pussy being practically adored by these men. I knew what was coming, and John got pulled off by one of his friends and another stood infront of me with his dick on his hand, I looked at John as I slowly put this strangers cock in my mouth and began my duty as a slut.

The Tutor

first-time VioletRaes12 2018-07-06

"Pay attention to what you're doing sweet girl," I said and her eyes dropped from mine instantly to watch her fingers wiggle their way into the band of my jeans. "Go slowly now," I said as my hand left hers and she kept her eyes on her fingers as she slowly rubbed her clit. "Are you wet?" I asked dazedly and she gasped at my intrusive question before I ordered, "Move your fingers lower." Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout and I smiled cruelly as I moved her hand myself. "You've helped enough tutor," She said breathlessly before adding, "I want to see if I can do it by myself." I released her hand and shifted to my knees to watch her and I raised my eyebrows at her expectantly.

My Fucked Up Fantasy - Night 2

first-time GothicLover 2018-07-06

There was an ache in my stomach, like hunger pains, as I was alone I thought "Fuck it." I leaned back into my dining room chair and ran my hand up the inside of my thigh, passing the bite mark that Lauren had left. OK thanks again," I felt beaten, I walked to the railing of the dance pit and stared into the slew of bodies, remembering what happened there the night before. "Do you feel that?...that burning inside?" the pains got more intense, "That is you burning for me" The pain fully buckled me, I felt my body tighten. I rubbed my pussy so hard, my stomach ache faded and with my other hand I grabbed Laurens cunt and fingered her just as hard.

Katy's Dress Shop ( Gia's Wedding )

first-time shotguner 2018-07-06

Mom comes back and Gia does her work 5pm quitting time she heads for home stops for milk at the station and the person behind the counter is black something in her head snaps and her body shakes her mind remembers what the woman said about big long black cock and soon her top in loosen to show more and she flirts hard the guy ask her name and she stands there for an hour talking he ask her to the club tonite and she says yes but tells him I'll meet you there later that night in a very short dress she goes in they stay awhile then in his car go to his house and the next two hours are the best sex she has ever had his long thick cock hammering her hard reaching spots her boyfriend never could she was in heaven when the door opens and a black goddess comes in Gia is scared but the woman takes off her dress and gets in bed with them the guy (terry) says this is my wife and the woman kisses her long and passion filled with her hands all over Gia's body (now her s****r and mom were both into lesbian but she never has been till now.) The night was great they droved her to her car and around 1am.

Sex With Girls Of My Tuition Class

first-time ybsrox 2018-07-06

I also said to Anisha that i liked Anchal. Saying sorry Anisha said “I pulled ur under by mistake so u can also remove my panty and bra and make me naked. Then it will b equal.” on this she came closer to me and pulled my hand on her bra and said “come Shummy take ur revenge and make me naked “. Now Anisha said to Anchal “we are fully naked and only ur nt. Anisha then took my dick on her hand and pulled me to her bed room. Anchal then brought a banana frm kitchen, peel it off and started to put into Anisha’s pussy. To stop her from crying Anisha started kissing Anchal on her lips.

The Wedding Conception

first-time 2018-07-06

knew I looked hot and couldn't wait to see Bob's reaction. wondered if Bob would have urged me to go if he knew how good I swayed what a big cock might feel like and began rubbing myself feeling better but was still rather unsteady and felt Steve standing pushed his tongue into my mouth and pulled me close as he began to was a very lucky man to have a woman who looked and dressed like me hand pulled the hem of my dress up and I could feel him softly begin began to pull off my panties I finally stopped him and told him we ever be able to feel my husbands small cock inside of me again.

The Deflowering of Lisa

first-time MisplacedPassion 2018-07-06

Lisa is a cute little redhead, with gorgeous green eyes and a hot body. Taking that for a yes, I started kissing her face, her eyelids, her neck, even nibbling her ear. After feasting my eyes on this spectacle for a moment I started nibbling around the outside of her breasts, red-hot kisses followed by gentle exhalations. Finally, I closed my lips over the prize, taking first one then the other nipple into my mouth, nibbling and licking them. That was something else," she said, her voice a husky whisper, "but I want your dick!" Reaching up she yanked down my gym shorts and underwear to release my painfully hard erection. my cock once more rock hard; I started slowly pushing into her.

A Happy Accident

first-time GenghisSwan 2018-07-06

Mark, Jake, and Mark's twin sister Jamie would stay up late playing video games and eating more junk food than their stomachs could bear. This tradition had started when Mark and Jamie got a GameCube for Christmas in fifth grade, and many fights broke out between the boys when they played Mario Party. However, Jamie wasn't interested in dating, and Jake wasn't interested in getting his ass kicked by Mark if he slept with his sister. Tonight, Jake and Mark were playing video games when Jamie walked in around eight-thirty. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk straight." Jamie moaned and pushed against him, trying to drive his cock further into her.

First Seduction

first-time memoriesandfantasies 2018-07-06

As slowly as I could (because fighting my own desire was almost as hard as fighting his), I let the dress slip down over my breasts in my lacey black bra, down past my pale stomach, over my hips in my little black panties, down over my round butt, thighs, knees. He sat up a little, took one breast in each of his warm, strong hands, and massaged them gently. My mind fogged with pleasure and I gently held his head with my hands, not wanted him to move his mouth. His hands outlined my body from my hips to my ribs to my underarms, pressing gently till they clasped mine above my head.

The Aftermath of Initiation

first-time 2018-07-06

I looked down at my groin, the stretch material of my boxer shorts was being pushed to its limits by my stiff pole, a small damp patch had formed where the head of my cock was rubbing against the inside. “No, stop” I pulled her hand out of my boxer shorts, “I really need to pee and you will be late..we can leave it until later.” She look bemused, it wasn’t in my nature to refuse a bit of hand relief, especially considering the way she was dressed. The house was quiet but I thought I heard a door open and close, I went out into the hallway, shower gel in hand, and made my way to the bathroom.

The happening at railway station

first-time Natasha98 2018-07-06

On the way he was very nice to me and helpful, evidently anticipating the upcoming sexual pleasure and satisfaction, which he, the coarse elderly man, will obtain from me, the gentle 18 years old girl, a blonde with naive blue eyes. I'm, an attractive 18 years old blonde gentle girl, now was standing half-dressed, only in my white lace bra, white lace panties, nylon flesh colour pantyhose on my shapely sexy legs, and high heeled varnished black shoes. It seemed to me, a gentle young girl, that already not the rude man fucked me, but a huge male dog, a huge monster enjoyed growling my pussy, my vagina, my sexy thighs, my gentle breasts.

Life & Times of Sultry Savannah

first-time _Savannah_ 2018-07-06

The club was dark and smoke filled, the patrons old woman in the corner...two husky guys at the bar...a bevy of beautiful nympho girls (including Savannah) gathered at several tables in the middle...and all around men sat in cushioned chairs and sofas.. His big fist was wrapped around his cock, his tongue traced patterns along his lips as he watched Savannah squeeze her bouncing tits, and her fingers play at her clit. Savannah grabbed his cock and guided it to her eager mouth, firmly sucking the head of it, and grinned wickedly as she heard him moan. Under her she felt the other man bucking wildly, thrusting upwards into her tight channel, and she closed here eyes, enraptured.

RoadBull - The Beginning

first-time xavier8in 2018-07-06

Six months later I got a phone call from a former girlfriend, Pam. We dated in college, twenty years before, but stopped when she married her fiancée. Over the next twenty minutes she explained her sex life with her husband Jake had equally cooled, except she wanted more. Pam was actually bigger and stronger than Jake, so she had not had a total-ownership-fucking in almost twenty years. For whatever reason the idea I would be fucking Pam's ass and mouth, but not her pussy went over great with Jake. I may make you wait the whole night so you can shoot your load on my face" My own cock jumped at her words and it looked like Jake was fighting not to cum right there.