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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Closing Time at the Restaurant

first-time photopro99 2018-07-06

You brings your hand up to your breast as you moves between tables, soon unbuttoning a little more of your shirt and pulling it aside to expose your naked firm breast to knead and play with your hard little nipples. You stand there, long bare legs and feet, sexy red panties, tight shirt unbuttoned part way, one side jostled far enough out to see your little hard nipple on a nice round firm breast, and the cleavage showing off the edge of an equally amazing breast hidden under your top. You are lost in the pleasure and I reach for your panties and slide them down your bare tight ass, down smooth bare legs, and landing on the floor at your feet, exposing your pussy to the cool restaurant air.

Mother-In-Law Fun

first-time Ohio_Man 2018-07-06

One Saturday morning when everyone was home, my girlfriend's mom and dad was up and in the kitchen, I was lying on the couch watching the television and everyone else was still asleep. After seeing my future mother-in-law like that, I would take every opportunity to check out her body when she was in her night clothes, which was every morning for a few hours. I did not think about anything sexual at the time because everyone else was still going to be home, my girlfriend, her sister, her little brother and her mom. I moved my mouth to her nipple and started sucking right through her night gown.

Shy Man Finds Love

first-time Bakeboss 2018-07-06

"Please wait, I'm sorry, it's just I have to sleep with a virgin by Saturday and to tell the truth you looked like a good candidate." I couldn't believe it I felt so satisfied and Josh looked so happy I wanted to cry. We were sitting at the local Denny's I could see the pensive look on his face; I didn't need to ask him his thoughts so instead I told him mind. "Josh I want to thank you for this morning, I mean this all started out as a dare, a joke on me but it ended with a good feeling to me and I hope you're alright with what happened."

Black Seed Wife Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-07-06

I then said well this is my wife your with and the man started to stand up i thought but he quickly turned to April and gave her a big kiss and grabbed her tits. April pulled back a bit and looking at the precum collecting at Jamals cock she asked him again your sure you cant make me pregnant No problem baby I'll wear a condom. Jamal's head reared up his back arched ,he grabbed April by the hips in both hands and buried his balls deeply into my wife fertile womb and blasted away 1 ,2 3 four mighty spurts of sperm into her white tanned flat belly.

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 01

first-time CandiNyse 2018-07-06

She began to caress her breast, cupping it in her hand and brushing her fingertips across the erect nipple as she started to probe the entrance to her secret garden with the dildo. I ached to keep petting myself, but Linda Sue only gave me permission for one stroke at a time, when I pushed the dildo into my mouth. I began to suck the dildo, pushing it in and pulling it out as Linda Sue breathlessly directed. "Keep sucking it until I tell you to stop." Linda Sue and her boyfriend watched as I sucked the dildo in and out of my mouth.

Aunty Jane

first-time jackevermore 2018-07-06

"Hi, Aunty Jane, my mom said that I should um, you know, ah cut your grass and stuff this summer." I realized how stupid it suddenly sounded to be calling her aunty, especially when she opened the door wearing one of her little bikinis, as if she were just about to start a tanning session in the back yard. "Gee, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you think about Uncle Chester, I mean, ah, I could come back another time..." I shuffled my feet on her porch, but couldn't keep my eyes off her 40 year-old tight Croatian body, noting that her nipples wear poking through the thin fabric of her bikini.

The Sailing Weekend

first-time spain4u 2018-07-06

I worked my way down her body and kissed her all the way down to her feet and licking in between her toes, and then up in between her legs spending time around her pubis without going to her vagina and around her waist, turning her over and kissing and tonguing her coxis and working my way down her gap almost to her anus and then round her lovely firm glutes nipping them gently, nuzzling across to her hips and turning her on her back continued kissing her belly and working my way down between her legs, keeping away from her vagina but sliding and licking the inside of her groin, down one side to her anus and back up the other side, working my way to her labia majors but not entering her, swollen pussy but circling round and sucking on her labs, pulling them out with my lips and then letting them go, wow, she was so wet and writhing like a boa constrictor.

Trading in Our "V-Cards"

first-time Cheer_Smartie526 2018-07-06

I guide his hands back to the hooks as they start sliding forward again, and he takes it off, seeing my perky pink nipples for the first time. He slides his fingers between my lips and into my pussy with increasing tempo, his thumb strumming my clit, his grunts and my mewling keeping perfect time. He runs his fingers through my hair, tugging on a lock as he brings his lips back to mine, his cock starting to pump slowly in and out once again. I ponder slowly, getting distracted between his well-timed thrusts, "Well, I don't want to get pregnant, but...Oh baby that feels good!...but I've heard that I haven't had true sex until the guy cums inside me...Oh GOD Anthony YES!"

Clover's Virginity Service

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-07-06

"Joey", I said, "you need to bring yourself off whilst I do this...Anna you watch his cock..." It took Joey only about twenty seconds to cum the first time, watching his horny girlfriend writhing under my hungry mouth. As soon as my mouth was on her pussy she began to protest "oh no, oh we shouldn't..." I put a finger and thumb on each nipple and suckled hard on her clit, and she squealed. And so she watched wide eyed as her boyfriend's erect cock slipped deliciously into my pussy, and he started to fuck me from behind, gripping my tits and moaning as he did. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck" and as the waves washed over her she started to move spontaneously on Joey's hard cock.

The Royal Snob

first-time luvthedesserts 2018-07-06

Thomas looked up from where his lips were still gently kissing in the inside of Isabella's knee. Her head came up to look down at Thomas and then she glanced over to where Amber was already starting to gently licking along my labia. Isabella was pulled to the bed and turned around so that she was sitting between Amber's legs. Amber was gently running her hands up and down Isabella's stomach. His hands were behind his head to let Amber and Isabella have a better view. His hands pulled my left leg up and turned my hips towards Isabella. Isabella was starting to squirm her hips, her hands were squeezing Amber's thighs. Amber had lain down and was starting to gently spread Isabella's lips with her thumbs.

Better Late Than Never

first-time xavi2871 2018-07-06

"You sure talk about it like you know what you are talking about." I shrugged, turned, took a deep breath to garner some courage, let my robe pool at my feet and slipped my tank top over my head. The corner of his mouth turned up ever so slightly and I caught my breath as his eyes slowly, deliberately moved down my body lingering on several areas long enough for my butterflies to really start dancing. "Teasing me like that..." I turned to the mirror and watched him as he rose from the bed and walked towards me deliberately, his easy sexy smile beaming making me feel weak in the knees.

Training Sissygirl- part 2

first-time midsummerman 2018-07-06

Is she up for a bit of fun with us all?” Sissygirl blushed as several hands fondled her in the crowded corner of the bar. We’ll have a few here then we’ll go down to ‘The Annex’ and meet Frank; his place is free tonight and just around the corner.” Sissygirl gasped, as the males closed in around her as Jim passed her a large drink. It’s high time we had a little fun, and the boys are all so pleased to see you.” She was now a little scared but her submissive nature took hold of her as she viewed the burly males about her; she felt so vulnerable yet willing, and the alcohol seemed to be working on her very rapidly.

Berry's Second Chances Ch. 01

first-time PacoFear 2018-07-06

You just have to like hearing a story from a down-on-her-luck teenage girl who mistakenly let the first love of her life get away, only to be offered a much-deserved second chance. I'd smiled and slid into my next question, the one I really wanted to ask, "And what kind of girls do you like?" At nineteen, I was an adult by most people's standards, but there was something about eating ice cream sandwiches with Bobbie Miller that made me giggle like a little girl. More importantly, Bobbie was the kind of boy I'd heard about but never actually dated -- an honest-to-god "good guy." I didn't think they existed outside of Leave It to Beaver. "Do you talk to Heather often?" I asked, hoping it sounded like an offhanded question.

girl scout cookies

first-time PASTA11 2018-07-06

She was selling cookies for her little s****r. She came in an we sat on the couch ,and she explained why she was helping her little s****r sell cookies. I said ,I would take 4 boxes, I didnt realize my cock was showing. I was shocked !!!!!!!!!1 She started rubbing my cock and I THOUGH I would cum from the excitment , She put her lips on it and I was in heaven ! I started rubbing her pussy and she got excited . I pulled her pants down and started fingering and licking her hairy pussy. We laid back on the couch for a little bit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I ASKED her if she wanted to get in my hot tub and she said she would love too.

Hot Horse Ride - # 1

first-time petdyke 2018-07-06

I jokingly told her once - or even twice - I would come and visit her one day outside town on a free Sunday, when she rides him in her little meadow. She should just hup up and ride him, hold her horse by his manes and embrace his long neck. With all my 11 fingers I hold her, rock her while the horse walks his rounds in the meadow. So, I whisper lovely looking Nikita, her pale skin shiny with sweat in the moon light, in her ear: "Please dear, can you get your horse into the second gear?" After a few rounds at foot-pace again, I sighed at the back of her neck: "Wouldn´t it be true, if our daughter would be tall and blonde like you?"

No Sex

first-time alt_dot_nerd 2018-07-06

Tricia rested her head a little bit on Sam's shoulder. Sam moved his extended hand a little bit to rub her upper arm. This went on for a good fifteen seconds before Tricia closed her mouth and pulled back a few inches. Tricia was using her hand to rub Sam's chest. The whole time Sam was doing this, Tricia was letting out increasingly louder and longer moans. Tricia had both or her arms wrapped around Sam. One hand was grabbing the top of his back while the other hand was running through his hair. Tricia tried to show some modesty by keeping her legs closed while Sam pulled off her panties.

The Summer of the Garden Boys

first-time OregonDavid 2018-07-06

I worked for Brad's dad, Earl, in the spring, summer and fall, as did most of the country boys we knew. By the time I was 19 and Brad was 18, we had a long standing and hard-earned reputation for our skills in a scrap and our talents for trouble, but I was more proud of our ability to solve any problem. The Zeller's conferred with each other, took their time looking for signs of any other human beings, then reluctantly removed their summer dresses, both standing there in just their white bras and panties, shivering against nonexistent cold. Brad walked back in just his briefs, knowing that by the time he reached camp he'd be dry enough to get dressed again. Lisa put her green summer dress on over her wet clothes, which Brad cautioned against but was ignored.

Innocent Invitation

first-time Green_Gem 2018-07-06

Oh For God’s sake grow up girl, she chided herself; he’d lived in the house across the street from her for close on a year and had helped her brothers out with their bikes a couple of times. Sure, he’d fucked a couple of them since the accident, merely to get the release that he needed when he didn’t feel like jerking off. “If you don’t want me to ask Rob, does that mean you’ll do it?” She flashed him a sultry smile and licked her lips sexily. Walking in the direction of the closed bathroom door she called out, “Brendan, don’t tell me that you are still married.” The sound of water bucketing out of the shower filled her ears.

Surprised By His Wife

first-time ilovemenanyway 2018-07-06

His face is buried his tongue flicking my clit and soon his finger is up my ass. Sam has me straddle my pussy over his stomach as he starts his painful attack of my breasts, he knows the rough he plays the harder I'll cum. I try to stop but Sam slaps my ass and pulls me down harder on his cock, still playing and sucking my nipples. Sam sat on the chair and watched as she fingered her pussy and played with her nipples. Sam stood at the edge of the bed, licking her fingers clean, while he reached over and played with my clit.

Our MMF Fantasy That's Gonna Cum True...Part

first-time 2018-07-06

Right there....ohhh yea just like that...oh fuck yes!” He moaned with each spot she pushed against, every time he felt a rush of pleasure. He was pulling her higher and higher and closer to his body until he had his hands cupped around her ass and started fingering her deep inside her hole while her cheeks received the kind of attention her tits had gotten minutes before. She reached up with dripping hands to cup his balls in her fingers, and with one last hard lick she felt him cum deep inside her mouth, sliding all the way down her throat with each swallow.


first-time bakedsteve 2018-07-06

Her nipples got hard and my dick got harder and she sank to her knees, smiled up at me and asked if I needed help with my boots. I wasn't scared of the cops anymore as she slowly stroked my dick, licked her lips and said " I like boy parts, is this as sweet as it looks?" and licked my pre-cum from the end of my young cock. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me, saying " You have to help a little, don't you think?" I pushed her to her knees, yanked her jeans all the way off and wondered when she had taken her sneakers off.


first-time EverettMarx 2018-07-06

“Looks like we got ourselves a cabin boy, Jake.” The bearded guy jumped onto the bed, landing on his back, legs slightly spread. “Come closer, took a good look,” the bearded guy said, laughing. “Take all the time you need,” the bearded guy said. The bearded guy cupped the back of my head with a hand and coaxed me back and forth, sucking him bit by bit more into my mouth. “I’m his first cock,” the bearded guy said, beaming. Gagged a time or two but was soon sucking in earnest, kissing the bearded guy’s balls at the end of every inhalation of his thickening cock. “Fuck,” the bearded guy said, moaning. “Jesus, he’s got me about to cum,” the bearded guy said.

Jerri's Intro

first-time Humpdee84 2018-07-06

It didn't stop him and Jerri didn't want to interrupt, so as he bucked back and forth, she pumped to and fro, with the man grunting and moaning like he was either in total joy, or about to die. Lou was flabbergasted and became irate, but as he began to protest, Jerri sort of pushed him back down and said, "No, I want to watch how it's done!" After nearly choking on his coffee, Lou composed himself and replied, "Waxing would be longer lasting and guarantee smoothness, but shaving can be an erotic experience if you let someone else do it." He then looked into her eyes and said, "I've shaved women before and I'm quite good at it; if you would like to go that route."

A BBW Cures Her Depression

first-time Xesevoli 2018-07-06

There was a two-story apartment building behind the bench and on the second floor above her and perhaps twenty feet away was a balcony occupied by a tall dark haired guy doing something. She kept one hand around him to focus the movements of her head and with her free hand she slipped the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and then unbuttoned the front of the sundress and began working it downward. His thighs had been held close together and she lapped like a kitten at what was trapped there until he was clean but then she moved back to his tip, swallowed him entirely and began working upward again to ensure he was clean.