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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good Mommy

first-time 2018-07-06

By now he was growing into well developed teen years and as he nursed and played with her pussy he rubbed his hard cock on her leg. That night as the three of them laid naked on the bed and her son nursed as dad licked her pussy he noticed the son's hard cock. He spread his son's legs as he fucked the mom so he could see the cock go into the pussy deep. Both son and dad then began to suck mom's nipples to release the pressure on the milk filled tits. Dad grabbed the son's ass and pushed a finger in it and began to finger fuck him as mom was sucking the cock deep in her throat.


First Time Fantasy

first-time lovesuicide777 2018-07-06

Don't think I'm a p*******e or anything, but I always fantasize about young guys when they first hit puberty when I’m masturbating, and they get random erections having one pop up in the middle of class and having me sitting next to him stroking it then it gets so steamy that we sneak off somewhere and skip class. I'm shocked and afraid when it comes out because I'm a tight virgin but he starts to seduce me by pulling my clothes off and rubbing the head of his dick against my clit until I'm throbbing so I let him go down on me. I start rubbing his pants again getting his dick rock hard until the point where I can see it through his pants, and I’m still went and wanting it so I let him gently work his way in.

The Surprise Ch. 4

first-time brgs 2018-07-05

Pouring a few drops of jasmine scented bubble bath, I turned on the jets to the whirlpool mat. Removing the hose off the bubble mat, I spread my legs and let the water from the high pressured jet massage my clit. I reconnected the hose and let the bubbles calm my senses as well as my now over sensitive body. Now I know why you like to take baths!" Ryan said with a huge grin across his face. "I like that alot!" he said, as he gently massaged the bubbles off me. "I'm glad you like it but for now you'll just have to look, I'm sorry!", I said with an evil grin.

Erotic Massage Pt. 01

first-time Garflick 2018-07-05

So I spend whole night playing with self and thinking about what I will wear next morning and how far will let massage guy go, by time sun come up can hardly contain how excited I am. He shut door, I so nervous and wet at same time, feel self-getting very excited, so excited it is hard to breath, but I like, lol. Then he starts with my shoulders as usual, but this time his touch sends a tingle all way through my body that makes my pussy flood with wetness as I think about what is yet to happen. When he pick up my leg and start massage I know he can see my pussy and my ass.

A Virgin Seminar

first-time Many Feathers 2018-07-05

Once again, being forced to participate in a seminar specifically designed for self possessed virgins wasn't my idea of a good time, nor a way to spend and waste a long weekend. I quickly put away what very few things I had brought along with me, put on the swim-suit we'd been advised to bring along, as well as my new green robe, and headed out towards the pool where I noticed from my window that many who were already there began to congregate. Carol then reiterated the reasons behind the profiles we'd all filled out prior to coming here, the color-coded group assignments which would be the members of our own little groups we'd all be attending classes with.

Remember the time i seduced my teacher pt 2

first-time sophie101 2018-07-05

An untouched girl who has had dick on her tongue and hands on her ass and im about to fuck my PE teacher who is 14 years my senior. My body feels hot and sweaty, but i have this cool and chilling sensation running through my body at the same time. He then knelt down and started kissing and licking my clit while still fingering my ass. He puts the ass finger back in my mouth and tells me to spit more and more. After a while, he starts to tongue my ass and insert THREE fingers into my asshole and i started cumming and screaming so loud that the teachers on the base level could have heard me.

Submitting as a slut for a frat

first-time 2018-07-05

As Patrick fucked his cock into me, I kept imagining that all the guys where standing around the bed watching us. I had again closed my eyes and felt Patrick opening my legs as he said 'Let the guys see your lovely cunt.' I felt the couch move as 2 guys sat either side of me, their hands slid up my thighs, across my belly and fondled my breasts. Don't stop, don't stop!' I was shouting as I felt him pull his cock out of my hot turned on pussy. I thought to myself 'This must be what love feels like.' Patrick kissed his way up my body, licking any pools of cum up as he made his way up to kiss me with a mouthful of spooge.

MILF Lover

first-time chris429er 2018-07-05

We started chatting .After a while she told me that she is feeling sl**py as the climate was cool. I went into the toilet and started shagging using her panty which I took from her bedroom. But this time she came in like a flash and saw my tool covered in her panty. She told me that she was sure that the smell was from my man hood, but she didn’t even think that I was using her panty for my shagging. As I went out of the toilet she told me come to her room and applies balm on her back. She was nervous and told me that she didn’t want to cheat her husband but the same time wants to feel my young circumcised dick.

a friend helping a friend

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-07-05

She saw me looking at her in the mirror and said, "I'm sorry but I feel like I'm going to explode." I could actually feel my pussy lips swell with arousal as her hot breath touch my ear. "I'm your best friend and I love you Amber." I said, "I won't tell a soul." As I said this, I reach-up and ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair. Between my poor wooden bed squeaking and her moaning, I felt sure my Mom and her friends would hear us and come running into my room. I pulled Amber's ear to my mouth and whispered, "don't moan so loud. Then Amber began finger fucking me as she sucked on my clitoris.

I managed to get my shy wife to fuck the limo driv

first-time alcapoony 2018-07-05

I planned a 30 minute limousine ride to a nearby town where my wife and I would have a lovely dinner followed by hard-core fucking in the limo on the way home. She didn't react at all to the car stopping and didn't seem to notice Paul had turned around in his seat and was pointing a video camera at us. I watched with extreme anticipation as Paul slid his meaty cock slowly into her sopping wet pussy. With her hands bracing against my legs for balance against Paul's f***eful thrusts, she looked into my eyes and mouthed the words, "Thank you." It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

Birthday Celebration

first-time ktjohn1 2018-07-05

I looked her in the eyes “when exactly was the last time you did this?” a huge grin spread across her face and her eyes looked away for a few moments, then she giggled “about 18 hours before we first met, it was two best friends I met in the same bar that I met you” I didn’t let her say another word, I just started to fuck her hard, my cock slid through her lips so easily with the added lube from Rob, I moved my hands up her legs to the bottom of her boots and took hold of the 6inch heels giving me a better pivot to fuck her harder, she was moaning louder and louder, she was breathless again and called over to Rob “play with that dick for me” she looked up into my eyes “fuck my slutty cunt” and with that I pushed as hard as could into her and her moans turned into pleasurable screams letting everybody know that she was about to cum and as she did her legs clamped around my neck my hands still holding the spikes of her heels and her body juddered as her ass cheeks clenched together, I slowed down “cum in me baby please cum in me” and only a few thrusts later I exploded slowly into her already cum filled pussy and as I did I held it deep inside her.

Joys of learning to perform sex

first-time j-birds 2018-07-05

I ran my finger up her wet slit and then rubbed that little mound and she shivered and said “Don’t stop, that feels so good.” I continued to rub it and every now and then took my finger and went down to her juicy lips and got my finger all full of juice and then brought it back up continued my massaging. I felt her asshole began to contract as she buried her hand deep into her pussy and pushed her ass into me as closed my eyes in the ecstasy of my ejaculation and she kept moaning til her orgasm had passed and then fell forward and my deflating penis popped from her asshole.

My first masturbation,this true story

first-time marlenediaz75 2018-07-05

I started to accelerate the movement of my fingers on the clitoris, the faster until finally re stung me like electricity. aya lay down on the bed and opened my legs wide then I point to my pussy dildo. Not to forget I apply gel lubricant around the dildo and then I began to enter slowly into the vagina. There are about five minutes I played it in my pussy dildo up my first orgasm. My mouth was wide open and half closed eyes enjoying dildo inserted into the vagina from behind. I pulled it out of pussy dildo ago I took a seat. Looks like this dildo can understand my sex desire high. After all this time I'm happy to play with my new dildo.

Freshman Orientation

first-time YvonneMars 2018-07-05

Because I think you're hot," said Todd, dropping his finger down her neck, tracing the outline of her shirt. Todd was popular and sexy, every girl in her class wanted to be his girlfriend. "Let's go someplace more private and I'll show you what being my girlfriend is all about," whispered Todd as his hand reached the waistband of her shorts. But she feared the penis and as his body rippled over her like a wave, she could feel it hot against her leg, then slip down between. Suddenly Todd began to groan deeply, thrusting harder and grinding his pelvis on hers, eyes closed, body tensing and releasing like a snake over her small body.

just another day - part 1

first-time Smokeybluexx 2018-07-05

“Mmmm you’ll do”, she says, slipping her stocking feet into her shiny black 4”heels, still looking into the mirror, yup bum looks good, She’s hoping he won’t be disappointed, nerves feelings fill her body, then the overwhelming feeling of lust take hold, butterflies fill her stomach and her smooth pussy pulse with the thought of things to come. He looks up smiles the broadest smile, then stands, his hands cup her face and his lips softly touch her, she melts with his touch , her body falling into his strong frame, his kiss takes her breath away. Walking chatting, his arm never leaves her waist, lifting his right hand to his face , he smells his finger, then licks each on in turn.

my mom “Are you a squirter?

first-time adel5000 2018-07-05

Cara was looking at the drawing of the three women sl**ping as I handed the small cup to her. I looked into her face and kissed her softly and held her body against me while caressing it not wanting to let go. Cara was grunting and shuddered as I stopped cumming and shivered before my cock jerked and I shoved it up and into the opening to Cara’s womb before I spurted a huge strong gush of cum that filled it. The women on the bed snickered and Cara giggled before lifting her head to look at my red face. I kissed Cara and looked at Sarah before reaching out to caressing her face, “Think about this Sarah.

First Gay Time With Older Man And Bondage

first-time TSRMA 2018-07-05

Before i could open the door he said: ''You have 10 minutes to get undressed. He took my dick in his hand and said: ''That's all you've got? Especially at the moment my cock got excited and it couldn't get big because it was locked up. His cock got big and walked towards me. ''Now it's time for some real fun'' he said as he put his dick against my ass. I got dressed with a buttplug in my ass and a cage around my cock. He told me that the cage had a time lock and when i was home it would unlock and i could take the plug out.

Getting fucked by my barber

first-time shorty5354 2018-07-05

Anyway I found I kinda liked the feel of Pete's cock as he brushed againt my arm. He continude to cut my hair and a couple more time brushed againt my arm. Pete started to rub my cock thru my pants and I moan cause it feels good. God it felt good.As he was sucking me I undid his pants and fished out his cock and it was hard as a rock about 7 1/2 to 8 inches. Pete started to stroke my cock and I told him to stop or I'll cum to soon. A min later I could feel Pete get harder and feel him start to cum so I started to stroke my cock real fast.

History 231 Ch. 02

first-time romantagirl 2018-07-05

He grinned as his hand slipped behind my head to pull me into a long, deep, passionate kiss. Finally he placed his penis at the opening of my pussy and paused as he smiled and said, "Ready or not, here I come." And he thrust. Holding his member in one hand, I ran my tongue up the bottom of it until I reached the tip where I swirled my tongue around the head, then kissing my way down one side and up the other; making sure to suck all the sweet juices off of it on my way. We sat there, joined and moving as one like waves in the ocean until his head flung back and he cried "Shit, baby I'm gonna come!!"

The Palestinian Girl in Kuwait

first-time 2018-07-05

I grabbed her hips and began moving her back and forth against my rigid cock.I could feel her thighs rubbing against either side even with her legs apart. She reached her hand down between her thighs and pulled my cock harder against her pussy as she lowered herself a little against so she could grind a little harder. I looked down at her as I let her control the motion and what a sight to see my thick cock spreading her tiny pussy so wide and filling her up so much. She could feel it and moaned and reached back and grabbed my hands to ensure I stayed inside her (like I was going to pull out now!).

Little Black Book

first-time Lost Boy 2018-07-05

She had the girl next door good looks Malcolm preferred. I knew that not contacting him directly was a mistake, but every time I thought about my mom and dad the rage returned. "Okay, select baby doll." I said into my watch and the icon flared to life and the girl dropped to her knees. I want to prove how badly I need you inside of me." I did as she asked, and her ass relaxed around my digits. "You want to..." he said, and I almost felt his eyes on my ass cheeks. I asked if anyone had seen Luke or anyone that looked like him.



first-time Mr James 2018-07-05

Kelly moaned, deep in the back of her throat, as Rod's tongue slid between the lips of her pussy, slipping into the hot, bubbling opening. Leaning over her, he kissed her mouth, slowly and tenderly, slipping his tongue between her lips as he slid his fingers over her belly to gently pinch her hard, swollen nipples. Kelly moaned as she felt the tips of his fingers toying with the hard pointed bud of her nipple and tasted her own sweet juices on his lips. Closing her eyes, Kelly pressed the tip of his cock between her pussy lips, feeling the head nestling inside her. Rod leaned forward and kissed her eyelids, then her lips, tenderly opening her mouth and gently thrusting the tip of his tongue inside.

An Unforgettable Weekend

first-time Jake Marlow 2018-07-05

When she wasn’t giving Becky a deep massage, Tricia gently caressed the smooth skin of Becky’s back, brushing aside the hair at the back of her neck and going all the way down to the cleft in the small of her back. I don’t know if you just wanted to keep to yourself this weekend, but if you feel like company I am sure you’ll find people to talk to.” Tricia’s fingers were so teasingly close to where Becky really wanted them that if she didn’t know better she would have thought the masseuse was teasing her on purpose. Still, when Tricia was massaging her thighs it definitely felt like Tricia’s hands were slipping higher.

Summer Lessons

first-time princezdaizy 2018-07-05

Sandi's parents didn't want their children to get skin cancer or a boyfriend so they also forbade sun bathing and tanning beds. Her parents knew that they were losing their little girl to the big world but no matter what type of guilt trip they tried to pull they couldn't convince Sandi to stay at home and attend community college. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Jake's head of scraggily brown hair between her legs and that her skilled fingers were actually his little pink tongue darting all around her. Max seemed to understand how desperate Sandi was and when she threw the blue ball in the direction of Jake's house and he ran as far as the boundary of their front yard before stopping.