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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

This Whore Doesn't Give a Fuck

first-time PureCoffee 2018-07-05

Do you have a condom, she asks. She's a pretty boring lay, but something about having my way with this totally nude young girl while the snow fell around my car got me going. Knowing that she's probably shared needles and completely given herself up to being a cum dumpster to scores of men made it very hot for me. When I got off and sat back in the driver's, she just started the long process of putting all her layers of clothing back on. I never look for Melissa on the stroll, but the few times she's gotten in my car since, I know I'll get a no fuss fucking experience. She knows she only exists to take my hot cum like the whore she is.

A Romantic Story

first-time Tiggles07 2018-07-05

Raven wrapped her legs around his waist feeling his cock rub up against her pussy. Raven looked him in the eyes and whispered against his lips, “I wanted you inside me Michael. Michael kissed her and then whispered into her ear, “I want you to slowly sit on my cock Raven.” He tightened his grip on her, looked her in the eyes and whispered, "I have wanted you like this since the first day I met you Raven." Raven cried out at the feel of his cock moving even deeper inside her. Her legs were intertwined with Michael's and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her stomach.

POV Erotic story

first-time HornyHunk1337 2018-07-05

It was late at night, sitting with my best friend Denise. She worked at a radio station and made weekly brodcasts. She was the most perfect person ive ever seen. Huge front, nice ass... When we were watching TV, she fell over my hard cock and said "I want it" She started giving me a blowjob. It felt like getting you're dick sqeezed to death, but then it felt nice. She then wrapped here tits around my dick, and started stroking up and down. I was about to climax, she said, "Go ahead and cum, cum for me" I ejaculated, she then said "Thats alot of cum" It was a nice Happy Erotic ending.

Best Friends Forever

first-time jbwalker 2018-07-05

“That sucks,” Mike stated, as she, Sarah, opened the gym bag and pulled out her softball uniform. Mike could feel the hunger peaking inside him, as Sarah broke away from the embrace. Mike looked down at the beautiful Sarah, not believing what his eyes revealed. His tongue felt great inside of her, teasing her clitoris, making her want to fuck Mike so badly. Sarah could feel the orgasm welling up inside of her every being, moments away from climax, when she pulled Mike’s face away. Keep going,” Sarah said, forgetting about the pain, and concentrating on the great feel of Mike inside her. “I love you,” Sarah said, truthfully, looking deep into Mike’s green eyes.

On The High Plains

first-time techsan 2018-07-05

Now, having finished shocking -- tying - the last of my winter wheat crop into tight little bundles for drying, I would have liked nothing better than to strip down and stand under my washtub shower and cool off, but with my meat supplies running low and needing to be built up before the winter set in -- yes, west Texas does have winters, with snow and ice and winds and miserable conditions. I knew the Comanche was a nomadic tribe and wandered by bands all over the south plains area so at any given time they could be located anywhere in the wide open spaces of the Llano Estacado of Texas and points both north and west.

After football bi encounter

first-time kc76 2018-07-05

While david was in the shower I switched on the tv and popped in one of the dvd's I hadn't viewed yet, quickly skipping through a few minutes to the action i was greeted to two 18yo lads fucking a fit 18yo girl in an anal spitroasting scene before they swapped ends ! I heard the shower door close so i turned off the tv and tried to hide my erection before david came into the room. I turned around and leant forward giving him a great view of my virgin arse as my finger breached my ass for the first time , I let out a moan and heard david groaning loudly.

Sexy SMS

first-time black-puma 2018-07-05

Beautiful shoes, feet to fall, your legs with stockings, it's ... Tenderly, gently, I have enjoyed so fast I wanted you strong ... I licked your pussy, you sucked me ... Sucking your breasts and making you enjoy to cry, you pushed me, so it's hard ... Before I bring to you, so you want me ... I slipped and my finger and thumb pushes you in your pussy ... You enjoyed, but pushes me too late, your clitoris and slide my hand rest in you to extend your enjoyment ... Lying on top of one another you can enjoy the passing of time laughing If you like it and that you want to switch to the act ...

pleasing "mrs. robinson"...

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-07-05

Then she raised and spread legs, pushing her hips up further on the pillow below to give me full access to the rim of her tight asshole to her swollen and aching clit, and she gave me a wicked grin and murmured "Now let me see what you can do for me." Kneeling between her spread and raised legs, we looked into each others eyes as I started slowly licking down the back of her leg from behind her knees, lightly nibbling and teasing my tongue as I reached her silky soft inner thighs, moving slowly down closer to her glistening and closely trimmed pussy, and she swirled her clit lightly with her finger tips.

My First Time Bi Sex Blow Job

first-time bw1961 2018-07-05

Johnny was encouraging me "Ooh buddy your a natural at this, it feels amazing what your doing to my cock", "I dont think i will last very long if we keep this up" and we slowed the pace a little and then he asked me if I had ever heard of or gotten a blow job to which i said yes I had heard of it but never experienced it. Johnny pulled me back and put his cock into my mouth once again and encouraged me to taste and swallow his cum as he had tasted mine after I had earlier shot all over his hand and wrist, there was so much in my mouth I had little choice to swallow what was there and then he began to rub the head over my lips and milk the last drops from his balls I decided that I would swallow that as well.

Ela's First Time

first-time nikkitime 2018-07-05

Ela slowly reached over and touched Manu's hair. Manu reached up and took her hand in his and began to cover it with tender kisses. Manu continued to kiss Ela's hand, and then moved his lips to her wrist. As the day cooled and the evening breeze began to dance through the open windows, Ela yawned. Ela completely lost herself in Manu's kisses. He began the familiar route from her hand to her neck and continued by kissing Ela deeply. She realized that it was all wet, and it felt wonderful when he moved his finger in and out and touched her clit at the same time. He began to move his fingers faster and Ela felt herself losing control.


first-time AZDV 2018-07-05

"He's responsible for keeping this business afloat during the early years, he's the reason I'm not working at a McDonald's." Ben explain after Lisa questioned taking the trip during the winter. She went into the bedroom and unpacked, while Ben set up a makeshift bed on the couch and settled down. Ben gently took the phone from her and told his ex-wife that a new cheque was going to be mailed that day. He moved up, kissing her neck as he rubbed the bulge in his sweats softly against her pussy. His cock throbbed and Lisa came as soon as she felt the first few drops of cum. She pulled the sheets off the corner of the bed, arching in pleasure as he came deep in her pussy.


first-time 2018-07-05

Even in my naive condition at the time I felt that there was something very strange about Paul and Alyssa that went beyond the fact that they were fused at the hip at birth. I caressed his thigh scar which was by this time quite slick with perspiartion, but provoked a strange and beautiful response from Paul who continued pumping his hips in an ever quickening rhythm. I sat on the edge of the blaanket and watched Alyssa crawl over to Paul and then take his cock into her mouth. As Paul did when he first fucked me I entered Alyssa slowly, savoring the sensation of my cock being consumed.

my Neighbour Black man -1

first-time stif266 2018-07-05

"Don't stop watching," Ron admonished me and I flipped my eyes back to the big screen just in time to see my pussy lips visibly trembling from the intensity of my orgasm. Whether it was because Ken and I usually start our evening with oral sex and I was still coming down from my last orgasm or if Ron was doing something different with his tongue, I don't know but he was making my whole body tremble, not just my pussy. At times it felt like he was doing all those things at once and my pussy exploded in a swampy flood of juices that Ron continued to suck out of me long after my orgasm had subsided.

Tech Support 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-07-05

The phones were quiet that morning and Sarah and Ben had taken their casual flirting a little further than usual, playing, as mice do, while the cat was away. Never in a million years would she have thought she'd be telling details like this to a coworker, let alone a male one, but Ben had a way of getting her to open up about very private things—probably because he was so forthcoming and vulnerable when it came to talking about his own sex life. What's it like?" This wasn't a question she had thought of asking before, but now Sarah really needed to know. Sarah swallowed hard as she squeezed her thighs together, feeling the first bit of wetness in her panties that had started to emerge from listening to Ben talk sex.

Daddy's Slut

first-time jefffinn 2018-07-05

You watch, realizing what I mean, and move to get away, but my hands grab you by your pigtails, pulling you forward by the hair and pressing your lips to my cock. Your head hurts as I pull roughly on your pigtails, fucking your mouth and using your head to set the pace, the taste of my fat cock in your mouth, precum on your tongue, making your cunt throb even worse, your body's betrayal nailing shame into you. Fucking your ass, my cock covered in your cum to lubricate it, you feel nothing but a red haze of pain as it drives into you, giving your ass no quarter, pumping into you just as hard as it had your cunt.

Samantha Loses It

first-time sexyvirgin5554 2018-07-05

Samantha was a fantasy kind of person, always dreaming of the night she would finally lose her virginity to her boyfriend Steve who was 2 years older than her. Samantha got in the car with Steve and they drove over to his place. He leaned down for a kiss, and slowly thrust his tongue inside her mouth. She slowly spread her legs and he began rubbing her pussy through her tight jeans. As he closed the door and locked it, Samantha sat on his bed and began nervously wringing her hands together. Samantha closed her eyes and Steve picked her up and laid her down in the middle of his bed. Steve took off her jeans and slowly started kissing his way up her legs and inner thighs.


first-time UNIVERSAL_MONKY 2018-07-05

Then suddenly she heard an unknown whisper .She opened her eyes a little look around and saw that there is nothing around and she slept again , …………….after sometime Alice was in deep sl**p and she again herd the strange whisper, this time she wake up on bed look around but again a strange dark figure was there(she ignored) , she fall down on the bed and again(deep sl**p)…………..after sometime a tight slapon her left cheek and said in a shivering sharp voice “Get up bitch!”.She wake up and when she saw who is it her eyes were stretched out and whole body was shivering of fear ,because the guy standing on his bed was no other it was a badass Goblin(just one and half feet).


first-time Feang 2018-07-05

I took my tongue from her mouth, and started kissing her neck, making my way down to her chest and cleavage which was showing perfectly through her white tanktop. I slowly moved my tongue down a little to her hole, spread her lips with my tongue, and pushed it into her waiting pussy. She emitted a loud moan, and put her left hand on the back of my head, forcing my entire face into her pussy. I took off my shirt, and as I began unbuttoning my pants, she got off the bed, and slid the thong down her legs. I just put on the condom, nodded my head, and with that she lifted herself up, grabbed my cock to position it, and slowly lowered herself onto me.

Fun in the library

first-time phyxi 2018-07-05

I just wanted to start that it was rude to sit so close to me and disturb my books when I realized it was a girl in a bright green tank top. I panic a bit and want to close my legs to hide my erection but the girl under the table is holding my dick tightly and didn't stop to play with my cock in her mouth. I garbed my cock and wanted to give me a few strokes when she softly slapped my hand and the tip of my cock and heard her whispering: No no big boy you need to keep on working.

Curious Girls Deserve Spankings~

first-time pomf_pomf907 2018-07-05

He could feel heat rising in him as he stared, and his fingers slowly moved to the top of the panties. Slowly he rubbed them, round, feeling the softness of his daughter's bottom in his hand. He stared for a while, her breathing heaving in the room as he realized, slowly, and assuredly, that his daughter seemed to be getting off to the spanking. He broke his gaze, immediately looking up at her, realizing that he had just been staring at his daughter's pussy. He could feel his fingers getting wet as she continued to orgasm, her body flailing and squirming as he rubbed her pussy. She squeaked and continued to softly rub against his now-lubricated hand, whines and whimpers escaping her as she settled down.

The first time.

first-time Sharoninsatin63 2018-07-05

He pulled me to him and gave me a long lingering passionate kiss, I let David's hands roam all over my body, gently squeezing my tits and rubbing my bottom. I pulled him up to me, kissed him passionately, the rolled him over onto his back and worked my tongue down his chest and stomach, I took his nine inch cock in my mouth and sucked away. David then rolled me over onto my side and spoon fucked me before pulling his cock out and hitting me with a good two gallons of cum, all over my tits, stomach and trimmed pussy. A few minutes later David came down stairs and placed another five hundred dollars down on the table, kissed me long and hard, said thanks for an awesome evening and said he had to leave.

Young Isabella in old A'dam -1

first-time petdyke 2018-07-05

PRINCESS ISABELLA[/b} is my LOVE, who will one day join me in old Amsterdam. Nibbling Princess' nipples with my fingers tips my lips croos her belly to her love lips. I lick my way up again to her sexy swollen clit a single sweet kiss on top sends her off. In the second sexy session I pretend to try to enter the tip of my tongue in her third. Obiently my Love kisses Miss CONT who will soon cause pain at Kitty part of my Princess. Princess Isabella will change position for her second row coming often on my low table. Pretty Princess Isabella wil hardly know where when to look, new hot treats happening.

Holly & Helen

first-time Red Hugh 2018-07-04

Wearily sitting up in bed Helen opened her legs spread her lips and pointing to her clitoris told Holly to go back to bed find hers and rub it till she couldn't stand it anymore. Helen left and Holly went to her room sat on the edge of her bed raised her skirt, lowered her panties and started to rub herself. Because he was so used to being with Helen Ben, although he too was loosing his virginity, felt in control of his arousal and in the three or four minutes it took to push his 8 inches into Holly he watched her flush red across her chest and enjoyed the wet visegrip on his cock.

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 01

first-time bb1212 2018-07-04

"I have heard some of the girls who work on the base talking," Wendy continued, as if I had not said anything, "and they say most men only want their own pleasure and won't look after the girl." I sat there frozen in shock, not moving and she said, "Go on squeeze it David." I slowly squeezed and kneaded the breast through the cotton and Wendy moaned, I found the nipple in my fingers and tweaked it. "I want to do it again," she said, "but this time try kissing my ears and neck as well, that is supposed to be good too." I wondered how she knew all these things, but not for long as her lips again sought mine.