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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

River bank Fun

first-time loloishorny 2018-07-04

I tell him that I can leave early, if he would like to meet me at the local sex shop. So, I told him that I would suck his dick right here. I bend down and put my mouth on his dick and started to suck him hard. I put one hand under his balls and suck a bit harder. Then as I was sucking much harder he tells me that he's ready to cum. Once he stopped cumming, I bent down again and sucked on him a bit more. I haven't heard from him anymore today, but I'm sure when he takes his shower, he will be thinking of me sucking his dick on the river bank.

Random Dream.

first-time spadedstars 2018-07-04

While she's out of the room Rich takes my hand and puts it on his cock and says he wants me. Rich breaks from me and goes to try to kiss Courtney but she pulls awy and tells him she's not really into fooling around with him. He stops kissing me and pulls my pony tail to break me away from Courtney. I move one hand down to Courtney's pussy and start rubbing her pussy over her pants while still sucking on her nipples. I feel Rich start to rub his cock against my pussy. Rich sees that and starts fucking me to the same rhythm I'm finger fucking Courtney. I turn towards him and kiss him, he licks Courtney's pussy juice off my face.

Alice's Curiosity

first-time Tribad 2018-07-04

Rick was ashamed of what was happening, but at the same time, it felt nice and somewhat liberating to let his erection grow before his innocent friend. After a few seconds, his grunts turned into long, lustful sighs, and Alice watched the last drops of sperm ooze from his pulsating sex and gliding down his fingers, toward his balls. Looking at him from the side, Alice watched as the first burst of sperm erupted from Rick's penis, flying forward and landing on her bedroom's wooden floor. She couldn't believe the amount of fluid he was emitting, time seemed to slow down as she watched Rick rock his pelvis in the air, doing his best to keep his hands away from his throbbing sex, his legs trembling under the intense pleasure.

She brings date home for hubby to watch

first-time bbcwife69 2018-07-04

My name is Steve and I love my wife Cindy dearly and room and saw Cindy sitting next to the man but still the sofa and Cindy walked past the doors and leaned Cindy as well as Steve as he kept watching his wife legs and the way she posed herself in front of Rob. Steve would have had her down on the sofa by this time Steve could see Rob’s hand slid over Cindy’s pussy Cindy turned her head and faced the glass doors Cindy turned her head and looked for Steve as he Cindy and Steve lay cuddled on the bed when Rob Steve and Cindy got up and walked Rob to the front

Cousin Sheryl

first-time Jmuncut 2018-07-04

We had embraced and began kissing I undone her skirt and slipped It down, slowly undoing her blouse opening it exposing her breasts moving down kissing one breast then the other nibbling and caressing her nipples the more I nibbled the harder they got working my way down with my tongue stop at her clit flicking and licking with my tongue Sheryl grabbed the back of my head pushing my mouth and tongue closer her wet pussy. I sat down on the edge of the bed pulling her up on top of me kissing and Sheryl now sitting on my lap kissing and caressing her breasts nibbling on her hard nipples, she reached down grabbing my cock guiding the head in her pussy, raising her hips and pushing down my cock going deeper felt so warm and wet, gliding ever so deeper with each thrust.

Blackmail Has Consequences

first-time pegaseus69 2018-07-04

After about fifteen minutes I groaned, "Oh fuck, April, I'm almost there." She removed her hands from my shaft and looked into my eyes as my entire cock disappeared again into her mouth. She locked eyes with me as she bobbed her face on my shaft and I moaned "Oh god, here it comes, oh shit, April, I'm cumming in your mouth!" and my cock erupted down her throat. Suddenly April lifted her hips and had her shorts and thong off her body in less time than I could say 'Fuck yeah!' She pulled my hand as she slid to the floor onto her back and said, "Come here sexy b*****r."

Kiss the Bride

first-time RedBarnErotica 2018-07-04

Amelia, whose body was now awakened with sexual feelings, arched her back and threw her head back with pleasure as William continued to work her. She felt William's finger reach down toward her ass and play with her anus, gently working his finger in and out, loosing her tight hole. William reached up with his free hand and gripped her breast, rolling her hard nipple between his fingers as she came. William found his rhythm, giving Amelia five or six hard blows, reaching deep inside her, followed by a few slow tender thrusts. When William sucked on Amelia's hard nipple, playing with the tip in his mouth with his tongue, she hit her pleasure high.

Indian Mom

first-time prathyushsinah 2018-07-04

I was totally naked except for my jockeys,she then placed her hands on the waist band of my jockeys and slowly puled them down to reveal my 7 inch cock that was standing like a cobra from my black tatch of pubic hair."Mmmmm" she said "you are so big and hard" and immediately took me in her mouth.I could see her lipstick smearing my cock as it sank all the way down her mouth and touched the entrance of her throat.She began bobbing her head up and down on my cock and i was not able to hold myself any more..i came in her mouth and she swallowed my cum eagerly and sucked my cock deeper into her until i was done.She then slowly drew her head back all the way and my cock popped out of her mouth."Oh sonny ur gone small,dont you want to help mommy further??" she asked.

Drowning in Rain

first-time julie_hypnotic 2018-07-04

We came here in the seventies right after we’d met, and now we’re back to revisit our youth.” She smiled as she looked at Peter, the light of deep love glittering in her eyes. As I sat there, feeling so good, so sleepy and happy with Allie’s long cool fingers entwined in my hair, I felt a hand on my knee. I felt Allie’s soft hands urging my thighs apart, her fingers spreading my lips, her mist of cool water landing on my rapidly heating skin, and always Peter with his cloth right behind her, washing me, making me clean, preparing me. I lay there, gasping for breath, contractions still clenching my pussy as Peter and Allie gently licked away the last traces of cum.

A Surprising First

first-time nastycruelsnail 2018-07-04

I responded immediately, holding her close, cupping my hands around her tight ass, tracing my fingers up her smooth hips, feeling her wet tongue firm against mine. Chloe let out a soft moan, and I moved to her other breast, holding her close with my hands on her ass. I was lying flat on my back, with Chloe above me, crawling over my legs and closing her hand over my cock -- still wrapped in the towel. "I'm going to cum Chloe, right now!" She increased the suction of her lips, slathering her tongue all over the sides of my head at the same time. With immense restraint, laughing inwardly at Chloe's agitation, I kissed her right leg, then her left, then her right, moving like this slowly up her thighs.

I Am Superman Ch. 04

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-07-04

After verbally abusing me, and an embarrassing moment when she'd tried to hit me with an alarm clock (which landed right where she'd intended, laying me out on the floor cold), I gather that she left and got her friends to come back at some point in the night to abscond with my unconscious body. "Baby, of course I do.", this was the most tender moment we'd ever shared--despite my hanging off the ground, upside-down, with a mild concussion, and the worst ache in my groin I'd ever experienced, in front of half the cheerleading squad in a barn in God knows where... The world got hazy, and the last thing I remembered was Paula saying something like...

Wide Open

first-time gayberry 2018-07-04

I could clearly see his cock through the shirts, we set next to each other and did not say anything, he gave me inviting look and bended over to me to give me a kiss, i still was not relaxed but accepted the kiss, then we started to touch each other and my hands got into his shirts, i'm now holding his dick, juicy and sweet, he asked if i'd want to suck it, i said no words, just opened my mouth and filled it up with his "meat", it was getting hotter and hotter and i could feel his hands started to touch my back, then slowly his fingers where around my hole, i said nothing, i just kept sucking his dick.

A Sensual Love... Misplaced

first-time Kizshmit 2018-07-04

Towards the end of their conversation, Ally informed Dana that there was going to be a party that coming weekend at the estate of the richest kid in school. After a few days of reasoning with her, Ally finally persuaded Dana to go to the party. Jim grabbed hold of her and started kissing her hard. After a few minutes of that nice tight glory, Jim's thrust started to get more labored. "Oh baby, I gotta pull out in a few secs, I'm about to come." Jim said. "Jim, push it in one more time then and when you're about to come, pull out really quick." Dana pleaded.


Funny blowjob in a nerd's car

first-time 2018-07-04

He was starting to relax, so i thought it was time to make him come: "now grab my head, like this" and toke his hand to my hair "and fuck my face until you come" "if i come i'll make a mess in the car" he said, then i toke his cock in my hands and said, caressing it and making a sexy/funny voice "not a single drop will fall, i swear" and started to suck it hard again, massaging inside my mouth with tongue After some minutes i heard him moaning and lighten his hold on my head, so i toke his cock with an hand, caressed his body under clothes with the other and asked him to come, to fill me up.

First Time (in the car) Part 2

first-time Gloverboy6 2018-07-04

Even though this time it was my turn, I couldn't let her touch me without a whole lot of french kissing followed by me sticking my hand down her panties and fingering her. We continued making out, but this time she started to rub my cock over my pants (much like I did with her and still do when we play with each other). Something I didn't tell her at the time is that she wasn't really grabbing my foreskin which led to my member becoming pretty sore after she jerked it, but she had me going so good that I could barely feel it.


first-time ppfppc 2018-07-04

Ok he said and off he went while I stayed in the bedroom 15 feet away and listened for either a mad reaction or a erotic sexual reaction of letting Sergio do what he wanted. I've got dozens and dozens of stories to tell for everyone as I created or setup my future wife sexual erotic fuck my wife nights over the next 20+ years! And Sergio the lucky bastard got to enjoy my wife's pussy more than any other guy did although as your read in my future stories my soon to be wife would later give me her requests for who she wanted to fuck to which I arousingly granted her request and set her up for a fantasy fuck I th him.

Double Dipping Ch. 02

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-07-04

As she was massaging me, Amy started talking non stop as if I were her best friend or something - just like her mother used to do at that age. She started telling me how this guy John had taught her to give massages but she didn't like him anymore because all he wanted to do was hit on her which was okay until she found out he was hitting on Pam who was probably letting him do all kind of things Amy wouldn't let him do so she stopped talking to him and besides she has a crush on Tim but he doesn't know it. Between this new sensation and the head of my cock massaging her clit, Amy lost control and started to orgasm.

A perfect fuck (it's a made-up story about a

first-time vadymmykh 2018-07-04

Anyway, we will go there later, but now all that matters is your tongue in my mouth and I fucking liked how everything has started. I want you to taste my hard cock, while I'm sucking your pussy juice, so I stand on my feet, take you and turn you upside down, so your cunt is right at my head now. Da mother of god, I can't remember such a nice fuck in years, I feel like in heaven and you seem too. I just watch you riding me, like a horse and let my fucking sperm go deeply inside of you, while we both cumming at the same time! You notice my dick is getting smaller and you like to feel it inside of you.

Colleen and Nathan's First Time

first-time SlamDuncan 2018-07-04

Colleen and Nathan had been best friends since they were three years old, when the Bakers moved next door to the Quinns in a quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived. When they weren't at Nathan's house, they were at Colleen's, along with Lucy, a two year old golden lab. Colleen and Nathan were the nerds, the geeks at school that all the kids ostracized. One day Colleen asked "do you know what going to second base means? Later that week, Colleen saw Sherry and Brad walking down the hall toward her, their arms around each other's waist. Kathleen answered and it was Nathan, calling for Colleen.


first-time 2018-07-04

I met Lyndsey at her work after her waitress shift finished, we went to a local bar and met up with friends, like most nights we would all play pool taking turns and al the lads got competative. 4, i was having a bad night and Lyndsey was loving it thinking she was safe, over confidence got the better of her and she missed the black and I had 5 reds left. I went on a roll and sunk all the reds and named my pocket, Lyndsey was now trying to put me off and had a short skirt, she sat in the chair where i was directly viewing she opened her legs and shown me her shaven pussy i didnt know she had gone commando.

The Tug

first-time Susan McK 2018-07-04

So on that lovely morning when she told me Sandra had a new boyfriend I was delighted and already looking forward to more time alone with Heather. "OK" she said " When I do, I know you mightn't want to, but it would help me so much to relax, if we could kiss, like we were doing this for real, rather than in a sort of clinical way" As we held the kiss my hand moved over her big thighs and up to touch her through her panties. She tensed, but I opened her mouth let her feel my tongue in her mouth and I felt her relax as she returned my kiss.

My Amazing Wife Says, "Go For It."

first-time RikNik 2018-07-04

She reached forward with her tongue and licked the head of my cock; getting a nice long stream of pre-cum hanging from her mouth. She took a sharp inward breath and started her biggest orgasm of the night and Iw just fucked her harder and harder as she screamed and then I shouted, "I am gonna cum!" and pulled my cocked out of her hot pussy (with a large measure of regret that I could not fill her pussy with cum) and she sat right up and took my cock into her mouth while I pumped myself and shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth.

The Office Understudy

first-time mdiver 2018-07-04

Names like cock and cunt had a nice sound and much to my surprise I was getting turned on watching the film too. Fortunately my roommate and I didn't exchange sexual histories on the way home and just laughed about watching a movie like that with a room full of girls. I enjoy running my fingers over my bald pussy, feeling it getting wet, inserting my fingers into my cunt, and rubbing my clit until I cum. When he took me home and we started kissing I felt like my prince charming had arrived and awaked the sleeping beauty in me. I finally chose one and as I started reading it, Larry held one breast in his hand and fingered the area around my clit with the other.

Local rumours

first-time trindriver121 2018-07-04

Amy had some clothes in her hand, as she turned to show me she balanced her hand on my leg, her fingers must have brushed against my cock, I felt it jerk again, my shorts felt like they would rip, Amy held up a pair of black stockings, then a pair of sheer white panties and a black corset with a blue satin trim. Amy was kneeling on my bed, holding my mom’s lingerie, my cock was still stiff in my shorts, a huge wet patch of my cum soaked my front, the cam model had a couple of fingers deep inside her. I began kissing my way down her stomach, then her pubic mound, Amy spread her legs wide and my mouth closed over her pussy.