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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How Women Turn Men On?

first-time jpjai007 2018-11-21

When the women wore lipstick, the men gazed at their lips for an average of seven seconds - spending just 0.95 seconds looking at their eyes and 0.85 seconds studying their hair. Full and red lips combined deliver the perfect pout to achieve male fixation, but women who simply wear lipstick - regardless of their lip type - secure significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Geoff Beattie, who led the research, as saying. "The research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick proving to be the most powerful attractor and significantly increasing visual fixation," Beattie added.

Satisfying Stunning Mother Of My Best Friend

first-time bava12 2018-11-21

When I went to holidays I got my mom and fucked her. This time I didn’t applied for hostel because my friend asked me to stay in his home with him so we can study together. But my friend didn’t saw that and said,” hey rajesh this is my mom nirmala chand”. While talking we are doing phone sex and I’m shagging my cock There I was without underwear and I’m speaking to my mom about my friend home and how comfort it is. I thought and came to a conclusion that its my friends hot mom. Any aunties who want sex in chennai can contact me if u came alone or with your friends it’s OK for me..! I’m waiting with my 8inch cock.

New Roommate Pt. 2

first-time ozzietosser 2018-11-21

Disappointed, Nathan edged his way into the room, his slowly rising erection diminishing as he headed to his own bed. His tongue slowly, but eagerly, worked its way from Jay’s smooth balls up his shaft until he took his swollen head in his mouth. Nathan felt Jay relax more and more as his tongue explored his balls and his hands rubbed his firm chest and strong legs. He felt Jay tense up with the new pleasure he felt and Nathan felt Jay’s hand placing gentle pressure on the back of his head. It was clear that Jay was close to releasing his load into Nathan’s mouth but without a doubt Nathan knew that Jay wanted a little something else before his climax was reached and his pleasure concluded.

The Request: Chapter Two

first-time Sirene_Jaune 2018-11-21

She was looking cute tonight, her blonde hair was plaited and sitting on her nose, was a pair of green framed glasses. I walked to the door and see the pizza chick, looking bored as she told me the total and thrust the pizza box into my hands, after I gave her the money. I went to the kitchen, to give my own hands a quick wash and could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My cock started to stiffen, as her small hand went to my crotch. I put my index finger under the legs of the panties and start to yank them down when I noticed small Cyrillic words inked on each side of her inner thighs.

Initiation at Sixteen Part 2

first-time muffmate 2018-11-21

When she saw it was me, she grinned and slowly took her hands away. She grinned at me again: “Oh that was lovely” and she reached for my right hand and pulled it up to lay on her bra. She held my hand to her breasts and she said: “Squeeze them!” I was in shock, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening. After they closed the door, I immediately jumped to the window to watch them drive away and ensure they turned the corner. I could see her pussy juice starting to seep though, and I nearly came in my pants when she lifted her finger to her mouth, all the time watching me from those perfect eyes.

She asked for it

first-time HurdyGurdyman 2018-11-21

She had always fantasized about him taking her virginity, and she even told him about it once; however, being the caring man that he is, he didn't simply jump at the chance and pursue it, though he considered doing it because he knew for certain that this was what she really wanted. The conversations became more intense when Tessa started seriously talking about wanting Ronnie to take her virginity. It was Friday afternoon when Tessa asked Ronnie if he would take her out to a nice dinner when he instantly replied stating, "Yes, be ready at 8:30 p.m and I will pick you up.” He spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV. While looking into her eyes, Ronnie started gently sliding his fully erect cock into the entrance of Tessa's welcoming pussy.


Surprise birthday video

first-time woreout 2018-11-21

My wife walked into view and then Tim came on screen and he had his cock out and it was hard. She threw one leg over Tim's and with her right hand worked his cock head between her pussy lips. He looked at her and started fucking her again she complained a little more then her legs went back to lock him in. When I did look back she was setting on Tim's hard cock and it had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. Well it was after noon when he came into the den, he tanked me for a good time and told me my wife's pussy was waiting on me to lick it clean.

Aunt Lila

first-time djohmari 2018-11-21

I shook my dick placed it back inside my pants and then managed to get my zipper stuck, so there I was trying to pull my zip up when Lila came out of the cubicle, she washed her hands and looked over my way seeing my desperate attempt to zip up my fly.”Having trouble putting it away” she said with a wicked smile on her face, “Come on let me help”. “Mmmmm” she mumbled, my cock still in her mouth.She pulled her head back, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stood up and as she did so pulled her dress straps back over her shoulders and turned to walk out of the cubicle, as she did so she turned her head, looked me straight in the eyes and said “Now you owe me one!”.


Cherries finally Popped

first-time lilalola 2018-11-21

Since it was late evening I decided to head down to the beach while my boyfriend, Eric, had a quick shower. Eric was resting on his side, now massaging my naked back, every now and then having a quick feel of my firm arse. I rested my head down and felt myself growing wetter as he moved to the sides of my body. He carefully reached under my shorts and tickled my pussy through my panties, softly nudging my clit. As he pushed against my clit, now through my shorts as well, I gradually turned onto my back, my juices covering my cotton lace panties now. After a few minutes I felt his dick pressing into my crotch and my pussy begged for attention.

School Girl with two older men

first-time sexualfun1 2018-11-21

Me and her can just chill here in the front, and leave you two to it in the back," said Darren's friend from the passenger seat, he looked in to my eyes as if he was asking me for an answer, "So what do you say?" "Aye my boy getting some action there," said Darren's friend whilst he caressed my big booty firmly with his big manly strong hands. You know what though Dar, let me have a bit of this girl," Harry said whilst running his fingers up and down my hot wet pussy. I pulled myself back, and wrapped my legs around Harry's big broad shoulders, as he continued to thrust his cock deeper and deeper in to my pussy!

Following Mom

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-21

It seemed the guy had sent Mom a pic of the him and his son and, well, the man, Frank, was nice looking, trim, dark hair and the boy, his name was Danny, well, he was cute, almost as tall as his father, slender but with a really cute grin. Danny looked up at my mother standing there, beautifully naked except for her shoes, and leaned forward and kissed her pussy right on her slit, then stood up and put his arms around her and kissed her as I watched his young hands drop down to her butt and rub. I leaned over and kissed him, still going up and down over him, then whispered, "I know I'm pretty good, Danny, but just wait until you have my mom."

Tale Of The Virgin Pussy

first-time Curious_Virgin18 2018-11-21

He began to gently nibble my knee and lick his way up my thigh, causing my pussy to tremor in anticipation. “Mmm babe, you look delicious.” I blushed and he started to kiss up my leg, slowly tracing the outline of my body with his hands. He moved his face over my dripping pussy and slowly put the tip of his tongue just above my ass. Slowly he pushed his cock inside, then pulled it out. My squeal of delight spurred him to pull out slowly again, then his legs clapped against my ass as he thrust deeply inside me again. My tits jiggled with the movement causing his cock to stiffen even more inside my hot, wet, pussy.

The Next Door Teenager

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-21

“Hey,” Karen said as I opened the door. “Can you check the closets?” Karen asked. “That’s Ian’s room,” Karen replied, “Yes.” “Yes,” Karen replied, walking back into her bedroom. “Nice room,” I remarked as Karen disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door open. “I’m kind of a nerd,” Karen remarked from behind the half-closed bathroom door. I grabbed a hold of her long brown hair and gripped it in my fingers as she worked her head back and forth, going up and down on the shaft of my cock. “I don’t know,” Karen demurely replied. I lowered my head and gently planted a light kiss on the inside of her thigh, as she spread her legs even wider.


Summer Crush

first-time NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-21

I got a glass with a dark brown liquid in it and when I asked what it was, Chloe, said, “Its a Lumumba, chocolate drink with brandy, it’s nice, try it.” His girlfriend was so drunk she fell asleep on one of the sofas and he took me for a walk on the beach, and you all know what that means,” she said giggling. I reached between my legs and moved my panties to the side and then slowly I lowered my body until his cock head touched my wet pussy lips and then I sunk down on him, gasping as his cock drove deep inside me. We kissed good night at the stairs, and I ran back to the hotel room where I took another shower making sure my pussy was clean and ready for the next day.

Jessica's Power Panties

first-time Paddler 2018-11-21

There stood Charlie, breathing hard, hips and knees bent, hips thrusting, stroking his, protruding from a pair of her panties cock for all he was worth. Must I do everything?” Exhaling sharply, she said, “Take your hand away.” When he let go, Jessica took his cockhead between her thumb and two fingers, twirling it gently. With a lilt in her voice, Jessica said, “You like wearing panties, don’t you Charlie? Hips thrusting, biting his lip, with a sob Charlie gasped, “I like wearing girls panties they feel so good. Jessica crossed her legs “Well, Charlie, you earned your reward and you’re about to learn something new. Jessica said, “After a spanking and a come like that you need a little recovery.

My First Gang Bang and Golden Shower Part 1

first-time NOLAHotGal 2018-11-21

Teach require me to shave my cunt totally smooth and I was not allowed to wear any panties. I found that after getting pleasured and fucked by Teach I was looking forward to our next erotic adventure before I got dressed. He had laid out my black garter belt with black lace stockings, the short black leather skirt, with one of my sheer black blouses, my belly chain and long ear rings, my black leather vest, and my high heeled black leather lace up boots. Teach asked me, "brandie would you like to kiss Horse?" I turned to kiss Horse and as my lips touched his, he pressed his tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced passionately.  While Teach was kissing me I felt Horse begin to fondle my tits.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Nine)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-21

A voice gently woke me not long after I had fallen asleep, as it called out to me "Are you awake?" as I opened my eyes to discover Amanda, Julia's best friend who had come over to see her after a break-up with her boyfriend stood next to the bed looking down upon me. I knew in some way it was wrong after I showed her my softer, caring side but I was just so horny and needed to cum so badly that it didn't take long of me wrapping my fingers around the length of my shaft and jerking it hard and fast that I exploded in my bed once more.

If You Love Me Then Lick Me

first-time Instinct79 2018-11-20

You nuzzle your face against my length and caress it with your cheek before you lavish loving kisses up and down my shaft, followed by licks, both long and quick, and I even felt your teeth graze over me as you took a few gentle nibbles of my meat. You ran your fingers through my hair, grabbing the back of my head to pull me firmly against your delicate flesh, your hips hunching against my tongue and mouth increasing your pleasure. I didn’t last long, it was the first time I had received a blow job, my cock had never felt such pleasure before, by the fifth or sixth stroke of your head up and down on my shaft I came in your mouth, you swallowed almost all of it.

My First Sex Partner - Part One

first-time billtenn 2018-11-20

Kathy, never missing a beat when I moved, kept sucking on my cock, and I began shooting my sex juices into her mouth. What little she didn't swallow dripped onto her chest and boobs, and when I finally stopped cumming and fell back onto the bed, she scooped up the rest from her skin and licked that from her hand as well. In seconds, she began bucking her pussy against my mouth, lifting her ass off the bed as she came to my licking. We fucked for just about a minute before she began moaning, tightening her grip on me, pulling her legs around my waist, and finally cumming, expelling her juices from her pussy, and creating a huge wet spot on the bed.

Study partners study body anatomy

first-time CuriosityFedTheCat 2018-11-20

Andrew could sense I wanted more and so he moved his hands down the sides of my stomache on to my waist. With nothing but my bra and panties on, and him wearing nothing more than boxers, he pushed my back into the cold, tiled wall and kissed my neck, moving his right hand down my stomach to my waist, making me tremble. This tall, tanned, buff tease now took his hands and placed them around my waist and grabbed onto my ass. I wanted this, I was so wet that I could feel my juices already running down to my ass cheeks as I laid on the floor, but I was scared too.


first-time HotWife4U 2018-11-20

As our hands touched, I looked in his eyes and knew that instant I would spend the rest of my life with him. My dad not only liked Chuck, but gave him the keys to his Jaguar, explaining he wanted me home alive. I pushed up on my tip-toes, looked him in the eyes, and just as our lips touched, the door opened with my mom standing there. Chuck asked if he could take me out again, and my mom said, “She is eighteen and can do what she wants.” That amazed me. “We will retrieve your luggage and bring it to your room, Monsieur," he said, speaking to Chuck like I wasn't even there.

My First Time

first-time am1992 2018-11-20

She began to massage my balls and I latched onto her head with my hands and gently guided her along my cock. Just as I was about to break into the 'Promised Land' for the first time, Emily took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been waiting a couple years for this. I ran my cock up and down her pussy lips, not penetrating until she looked at me over her shoulder and said, “Will you stop fooling around and just fuck me already?” Before long my cock was pumping into her from the tip to the base.  Emily breathlessly begged me to fuck her faster.

The Way You Made Me Feel

first-time Non__Virgin__Angel 2018-11-20

I sighed and closed my eyes in pleasure as he inserted his tongue in my pussy, I moaned as he rubbed my swollen clit. I felt his cum filling my mouth as I lifted my head back up and spat out his cum all over his dick, my pussy was dripping wet by now. He pulled out of me and I saw his cock glistening even more than it did before, he rubbed it against my pussy and I squirted my cum all over his dick. I grabbed it and wiped the cum all over his balls and his dick, then his penis stiffened inside my hand, he woke up and looked at me with aroused eyes, time for round two!

Shaina: Sex with my student

first-time yegkuk 2018-11-20

As I continued to masturbate him, Jack started moaning in pleasure and his cock stiffened in my hand like a metal rod, the foreskin now pulled back and the glans exposed. Jack began thrusting his pelvis in order to slide his cock in and out of my mouth as if fucking my now wet pussy. He stood up again embraced me while caressing my face with his and kissing me intermittently, slid his hands down my breasts to my stomach, my waist, my pelvis, encircled and squeezed my bottoms and then pulling my skirt up, slowly slid his fingers into my hot wet cunt and began finger fucking me.