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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sister Mary

first-time StoryTeller07 2018-07-04

"Reverend mother, do you think Sister Mary is the right one to teach the boys in that class?" Sister Teresa asked. She made a note to ask Sister Mary to provide a summary of class progress, and conveniently forgot about it. The guys looked spooked, when Sister Mary asked James to give out the pictures, cut from a magazine. "Are you sure, James?" Sister Mary asked. Surely it has been correctly designed to take the male parts," Sister Mary asked. James couldn't look at Sister Mary. In answer to Sister Mary's quizzical look he tried to explain. Before he could think of anything to stop it, Billy eagerly skipped to the front of the class, right in front of Sister Mary's desk.

Git Laid

first-time FurLove 2018-07-04

A Tall guy looking like a young JFK, dressed in a suite and tie that cost more than Frank makes in a year comes up to him and ... except for an older girl standing partly behind the trunk of a very large tree up a slope behind the cabin, intently staring down at Roger like she could read his mind. Roger repeats the move only his fingers stay with her labia stroking it softly, thinking of her ministering to his cock, Girl is in a state of ecstasy as her hips quiver lightly, then slowly parts them. Girl smiles as Roger slowly slides forward with his cock parting the furs like a torpedo seeking its mark.

A Proper Southern Girl

first-time SierraSprite 2018-07-04

Samantha said, "I really love this room, it makes me feel like a little girl again. I pulled her down for a kiss, and whispered into her ear, holding her close, "Do you know what happens to girls with perfect tits who rub themselves on a guy and give him the no blink treatment?" Ophelia thought that that Jack and Sam going away to a mountain cabin for the weekend was a fantastic idea, and promised to cover for Samantha with her mother. Sam looked a little uncomfortable, with little to do, so I pressed a beer into her hands and said, "Come upstairs and I'll show you how the hot water works."

Deflowering Jenny

first-time mpqm1968 2018-07-04

Inside his adjoining house, 36-year old neighbour Mark switched on the light against the covering of dark, cracked open a beer and set himself down to watch TV. Suddenly she recalled the day these new neighbours moved in, watching from behind the curtains as Mark's muscled arms rippled as he helped carry the furniture. Jenny too was turned on, a picture forming in her head of this older neighbour stroking his hard cock. Forcing her legs as wide apart as her body would allow, Jenny felt the tip of his tongue enter her virgin pussy. The head of Mark's penis pressed against her pussy lips, elicing a gasp, a hybrid of shock and lust fuelled pleasure filling Jenny.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-07-04

She touched the vibrator to her clitoris and, looking deep into Alessa's eyes, reached her hand up to massage her nipple through her robe. The sound of the vibrator was alternately getting louder and quieter as Jennifer pushed it into her pussy then pulled it out again. Alessa edged forwards slightly so that when she pulled the double out of Jennifer's pussy it was pushed a little way into her own. Alessa lifted her knees and put her feet flat on the floor by Jennifer's bum, so that all her weight was centred on the double in their pussies and, still leaning back, pulled as hard as she could.

Teaching Kate A Lesson

first-time PlumtreePoetess 2018-07-04

We didn't have enough time to cover everything in group and I suggested that we have a study party the night before the test. But this wasn't a date, I told myself, It was a study group. I could only produce little groans of pleasure, nothing like the obstinate objections my head told me I should be making, as he unlatched my bra. I felt him lower his lips to my nipple and let out a proper moan of "God yes", arching my back. I let out a cry of pleasure and pain as my maidenhood shattered and I was filled with Steve's pulsing cock. But the feeling was so good that I wasn't sure I would have wanted it.

Our Surprise First Time

first-time william1956 2018-07-04

Trembling and with a quick glance at Bill I stood up unzipped my skirt let it fall to the floor kicked it aside and took my time sitting back down, giving the lads a full frontal view of my hairy bush clearly visible in my see through white panties. As I entered the living room all the boys including Bill cheered and I took my time sitting down giving them a good shot of my hairy pussy and rampant nipples. Then I lost, and it was time for my panties to come off, trembling I stood up and slowly lowered them down letting the lads have a good long view of my hairy cunt, I turned round and bent over picked up my clothes and placed them on a nearby chair.

My Power Love

first-time SCLchan 2018-07-04

He lightened up for a moment, I realised I was breathing hard, I could see my chest rise and fall in front of me, and his hands slid away. He drank from it that way, I felt the bottle become lighter, he swallowed three, then four times before tipping my hand back upright. He sensed it through my hesitation and pulled back for a moment, just long enough to mutter, "Just follow me." He didn't force his way in right away, but he was starting to press down against my face harder and harder, and I let myself relax underneath him. An arm shot under my neck, his hand caressed my head and tipped it down, allowing him to drop his chest to me and at least semi-comfortably keep kissing.

The Clearing

first-time Sinnie32 2018-07-04

As they reached the campground, they noticed no one, and as he began to speak again, she grabbed his hand discreetly and pulled him into a covered clearing in the trees. His back facing the entrance, she reached her hands to the sides of his head, pulling his head down toward her, and forced her lips on his. Moving her hands under the shirt and up his torso, she pulled the shirt up and soon had pushed it over his head. Then, his hands moved on to her stomach, pulling the material up her body, fingers lingering on her breasts. He let his hands rub, caress, and pinch her breasts and nipples as his tongue and lips moved further down, causing ripples of moans to come from her mouth.

Katherine from Ecole St Justine

first-time abroadsword 2018-07-04

Katherine slipped the heavy bolt across and thankfully stripped off her travelling attire, the long flowing blue dress, the painfully tightly laced corset and the voluminous silk bloomers and petticoats, and took up the smock, it felt deliciously coarse against her nipples but seeing her cases had already been placed in the room she lost no time in seeking out her set of ivory "Tusks" that Miss Edwards insisted all her girls use regularly and she lay on the bed and pleasured herself for a few moments.

Eighteen And Ready To Fuck

first-time fossie123 2018-07-04

Then his finger pushed between my wet pussy lips, Ron was walking behind us rubbing the bulge in his shorts, it was huge, as I bounced on Bills shoulder staring at his bulge, I could only begin to imagine how big his cock must be. Suddenly I was lifted by two men and laid on the massage table, I lifted my hips so they could pull my shorts off then pushed up on my elbows and looked at the woman standing between my legs She looked at my pussy then me and said, I'm Wendy, the man playing with your tits is David my husband.

A cute young thai boy at school

first-time nah2theusername 2018-07-04

As I was sitting at my desk working, Lucas began to work out a math problem on the white board in front of me. I pushed Lucas against the white board and began assaulting his mouth with my tongue. I paused and licked the head of his long brown cock as he let out a moan a bit too loud for where we were. I leaned Lucas over a desk and began to oil his beautiful ass up. After a few minutes in this position, Lucas squeaked between moans, “I want to… try… a different… position.” I withdrew my bare cock and slapped his ass. We continued like this for several minutes, finally I heard him say, “I’m gonna… cum…” I immediately took my hand off his cock and grabbed his shoulders.


First Time Swingers

first-time smartyparty 2018-07-04

We met this couple, Steve and Demi in a restaurant nearby, it was a warm night and we both were anxious for our first time. Demi was getting a bit anxious about of her uncontrollable situation and started moving but the ropes held tight and restricted her movement. I removed Demi's blindfold and she could see her partner already involved with another woman which was not the first time for her as an experienced and bisexual swinger, but a new, and beautiful girl must have an effect. my turn to kiss and caress Demi's body and slowly find my way to her pussy. I place my hands around her neck, which gives her a feeling of being dominated, and start to fuck her hard.

Daniel and I

first-time ohohohyes 2018-07-04

Daniel placed a hand on each of my knees and pulled them gently apart, exposing my pussy and the giveaway wetness that proved my wanting. Feeling that familiar tingle in my hips for the fourth time, my back arched and I pressed my mound in to Daniel's hand, silently urging him press harder on my clitoris. He caught my glance and locked on to me with his eyes and he pushed his juiced up fingers right inside me as far as he could and stroked as much of the inside of me as he could before pulling them out again and repeated the delicious process over and over.

richard goes to fat camp part 2

first-time theemachiner 2018-07-04

dick grabs a shot glass and cums into it then takes his hands off his cock and puts them on his head she holds the shotglass under dicks cock and squeezes a few more drops of cum out by running her hand up from his dick doubles up but manages to keep his hands on his head 'thank you for letting me lick your cunt miss and dick takes a shotglass and opens the door goes outside into the front garden and starts furiously wanking his cock dick puts his hands down takes hold of his cock and wanks away at it 'looks a bit dry to me' he says taking hold of his cock he starts to wank over the cake

fuckedd byy fatherr in laww

first-time savita009 2018-07-04

it just went on for a few minutes I could feel my father in law grunting and loaded his sperms in my mouth, I didnt know what todo, in that exitement I had swallowed half of it, as he removed his cock from my mouth he pushed me flat on the bed and came on top of me and started to kiss and lick his own sperms which was leaking on my cheaks,since my nighty he had lifted I could feel his last drops of cum falling on my thighs, he was so huge in physique and I am so thin and was feeling like a monster on me, I swallowed the rest of the cum which was in my mouth, he got up and again licked my pussy of all the juices which had leaked and said good night to me.

Jessica's New Job

first-time dudewithapen2 2018-07-04

"Ok, now at the same time that you're moving your head, I want you to swirl your tongue in clockwise and counter-clockwise around the lollipop." She did and John began to feel a tightening in his balls. Do you have any idea what it might mean?" John looked at her hungrily and for the first time, Jessica began to understand what her REAL part was in this job. "Jessi, do again what you did when you were sitting, except this time, use your hand and pump my shaft like you saw me doing," John said. "But at the same time, don't be surprised for what I know to do here." With that said, John stopped talking and stroked her vee with his tongue.


My First Time (The older Woman) Part 2

first-time notspoken 2018-07-04

At s*******n I got a job babysitting (k** sitting) three or four nights a month for this friendly couple that my parents knew. A neat freak, I usually straitened the sheets and pulled the covers down so I could comfortably watch the screen. On one occasion, I pulled up the covers and saw a box sticking out from under the bed. I was saving for a car, got into a college for the fall and continued to work steadily at all my jobs. About half way to my house she casually said to me, “Did you remember to put away my dildo?” I'm glad it was dark in the car because I must have turned a bright shade of red.

Amazing Night

first-time fotisampini 2018-07-04

We put in a video, but it wasn’t worth it, because as soon as we sat down on the bed we looked at each other and started to kiss. While we kissed I reached over and took his hand in mine, and carefully put it on my tit that needed some serious attention. Realizing that this wasn’t fair I slowly undid his shirt, and when it had joined mine on the floor he started kissing my neck, and then took a second, and look at my tits, (38 C). Manwhile he took his other hand and put it under my dress and to my surprise he started to slide his fingers into my pussy.

You can watch me but you Cant have me...

first-time keen2trybi 2018-07-04

I lay out to sunbath by the pool, the sun is warm, there is a light breeze, I think I am alone so i take off my top & bikini bottoms. The suntan cream feels nice on my breasts as i rub the lotion in to my supple young skin, my nipples are hard & erect as I sqeeze them, my pussy, young and unfucked, I am a true virgin, yet it aches for more than just my fingers, today it drips, sweet young pussy juice onto the sun lounge & over my busy fingers as the breeze blows gently on my swollen clit. I arch my back as I push another finger deep into my pretty pink slit, thats 3 now & about all my tight cunt can take.

Mature lady

first-time 2018-07-04

Would you like to take my clothes off , yes please, I slowly found her button on her skirt and pulled the zip down revealing a white suspender belt and tan stockings , with white pantiesshe undid her blouse , revealing a her lovely breasts , as she unclipped her bra, feel me please I nervously slid my hand down into her panties wow she felt so warm as I explored her pubic hair finding her vagina lips opening to my touch , yes that it mmmmmmmm, I was absolutely gone , feeling the pre cum run from my penis.

First Time Cum

first-time mbeya33 2018-07-04

One night my aunt came into the bathroom whilst my cousin and I were just lying back at each end of the bath. “When you were a baby the doctor cut a little bit of skin off the end of your willy so that you could wee better – that’s all,” said my aunt. “Look!” said my aunt, it’s just a flap of loose skin.” With that she reached out her hand, took hold of my dick and with one sharp thrust peeled back my foreskin! The tightly stretched foreskin was strangling the swollen head of my cock that throbbed and jerked within her slender fingers. Get dressed, I’m taking you to the doctor before your foreskin strangles your cock and causes serious injury.”

Let's Watch A Movie...Or Not

first-time romangoddess27 2018-07-04

She was watching the movie intently, Sam didn't care which Harry Potter it was, but Leah seemed to want to watch. But as the movie went on, Sam swept Leah's dirty blonde hair away from her neck and slowly trailed soft kisses up to her ear which he nibbled lightly. Their tongues wrestled passionately in their mouths and soon Sam's hands were roving across every part of Leah's body that wasn't pressed tightly against his. He gently pulled Leah's eager mouth off his throbbing cock, with much regret, because she was damn good! "Mmmm baby, you taste so good." Sam all but moaned into her mound." Her pussy walls were so tight around his throbbing cock, and he knew he could come right then and there.


Teacher, Teacher Ch. 03

first-time Malomar 2018-07-04

I felt a little more refreshed and clear-headed after the shower and was looking forward to going to school and hopefully attending every class. There was a charge building in my stiffened member, partially from my previous thoughts, but mostly because of the delicate touch of my mom's soft fingers as they continued to stroke me. It became a typical mundane Thursday start and then I headed off to English class, visions of last night with Tina and Linda quickly coming back to me. Ione had a hungry but confused look in her eyes, almost like Linda had that day in the school parking lot when Tina first started the suggestive glances and intimate touches.