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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Prenuptial Doctor Visit Pt. 02

first-time mlyn 2018-07-04

Chelle felt his fingers ease into her body and looked down and saw his head bent low. As he gasped for air while Chelle kept his face locked to her teat, Aaron realized while she may have the body of a fully developed 28-year-old woman, he had a female with the sexual experience of a 14-year-old on the exam table. Aaron was ready to place the Velcro straps around Chelle legs and help her across the passage to complete her journey to woman hood but the reality of the situation jumped right back into the middle of his brain. But now, watching Chelle's innocent face and body transformed through her passionate responses to his caresses, Aaron was compelled to act on a deeper level.

The Neighbor

first-time dicktingle53 2018-07-03

Matt proceeded to tell me Dana in her boredom after her husband left for work, called him and came over. Lying there on top of her engaged in intense French kissing was starting to bring new life to my cock and my swollen member was beginning to attempt to probe her freshly fucked pussy. The next morning Matt looked at me and said Dana had crawled in his bed in the middle of the night naked, sucked him to get him hard and awake, and then fucked him. Matt later called me and said Dana had stopped coming over and her husband came home early and caught Dave and Dana in their bed.

A Nice Surprise

first-time sexykamel 2018-07-03

I let it rest there and soon felt the hardness of his cock in my back as his hand softly and slowly massaged my tit. Rich loves to watch me play with myself so while his hands were on mine, I squeezed my juicy tits together, being careful to make him feel that I was squeezing each nipple too. As my right hand continued it's assault on my pussy, I brought my left hand up to my wobbly tit and lifted it to my mouth, sucking in the dark, hard nipple. Sarah closed her eyes and leaned toward me and whispered, "Harder please." I squeezed harder and looked intensely at this beautiful tit in front of me.

Romancing Karen

first-time DaddyHeart 2018-07-03

Karen looked back down while Jill stared at the girl. Turning Karen to face her Jill kissed the girl. Their kisses, breathing and the ticking of the clock that Karen's mother gave her for her last birthday; the only sounds. Karen sitting up to pull hers off over her head before returning to explore Jill. Moments later Karen helped Jill remove her shirt then reaching behind her, undid the small hooks on the older woman's bra. Delightedly, Jill was soon proved wrong as Karen started to massage one breast while she kissed the other. Soon her hips we bucking, her chest moving as Karen struggled with the sensations Jill was causing to course through her body.


first-time AutumnWriter 2018-07-03

On a warm, humid, Midwest, summer night a little breeze stirred just enough air to allow the elderly couple to spend the final hours of the day on the veranda. Everyone who knew them considered Helen and George a good match. When Helen and George met, they soon knew they had found their future mate. Through those long war years Helen longed for George. The wedding had been hastily arranged—a big affair seemed so anticlimactic after the long war separation and the endless stream of returnees who had preceded George. Helen recruited her brother as Best Man. George had been overseas for a long time and only arrived home the day before. Finally, they stopped, and he said, "We've waited a long time".

Why I swallow

first-time Muckieduckie 2018-07-03

He quite literally met me round the back of the bike sheds in his car, Missy Elliott blasting out loud, I felt fucking epic and I was so wet, I thought it may have looked like I pissed myself. So I reflected and apologised to him (I soon became quite submissive with the Clio driving, rugby playing boy) and told him next time I would swallow. So the moral of the story; I may be a very muckie Duckie for wanting to swallow every single time, but I love it and I love the face of a man who is blowing his load in my mouth.

hot aunty with young guy

first-time 2018-07-03

her to come at our house for the puja and ready to leave the place but she told me Looking at that my cock got thicker and bolder and there i! I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed my By then my cock got 7″ might be in height and thicker too as urging her to suck my Then suddenly she gulped my cock and started to suck it was my I pulled her boobs to my chest and she was kissing me a lot like lover. lips and up again on my cock and started up and down very rapidly like vibrator

My Friends Horny Mother

first-time kingpin666 2018-07-03

That night i wanked my cock so hard in my bedroom, harder than ever before, there was not my usual video in the VCR, there was no magazine for me to look at, no pretty 18 year old girl staring at me from the pages.the lights were out, my eyes were closed, the only o=image in my head was Lynn naked in the bath, her hand between her legs, her erect nipples, and her staring at my throbbing cock.

Hidden desire

first-time biandyoung91 2018-07-03

So as im sitting in my boss's house after a long day at work i sit down at a distant table away from him and his partner and do my regular internet routine, as in check e mails and look on facebook, but then one day i "stumble" upon this site or xtube and watch some videos. As my boss and his partner are watching tv i hit the poppers and rub my rock hard cock always getting so close to coming and then hold it as they get up and walk around the house. His daughter (blonde gorgeous little 19 yr old college nerdy type, Great body and smart as all hell) was walking around here the other day as im rubbing my hard cock to her sexy body.

The Roofer by Theo

first-time tedebear62 2018-07-03

     "Just relax Phil.  If it gets to be too much for you, then I will gladly stop and nothing more will be said.  By the way, you got the job.  I want Fico's Roofers to lay some tile for me, but I want Phil to lie back and let me do some work right now."  I moved my head down to his crotch, where I could feel his cock straining to get out, and buried my face in the denim.  I could smell a nice musky scent wafting up through them and it only turned me on more.  Opening my mouth, I began to suck and lick at the material where I knew his cock and balls were.  Hearing him moan made me look up.  He had thrown his head back and had his eyes closed.

How I learned to love Anal

first-time Danielle1991 2018-07-03

[video][/video][video][/video] After years of living with a strict father I finally struck out for the big world. After modelling for years while in High School, I took a job in a local pro shop. So after a short while in the Pro Shop, I became quite the item around the course. All the men had seen me in the short time of a week or so. And after a short bit of this I rebelled and started enjoying the added attention of the older men. Wayne was a good 25 years my senior. Wayne loved for me to pick out the best looking shirts and slacks for him. Wayne had been married to his high school sweetheart for many years.

The Massage

first-time lucifersam69 2018-07-03

I open my eyes to see that I am looking directly into the crotch of Lonnie's tight, white shorts. "You like the way that feels?" he asks as he works away at my upper chest and shoulders with powerful, well oiled hands. let's try this again," Lonnie smiles, moving in closer and guiding his long, fat cock down to my lips to lightly rub it over my cheeks and nose. Riding high on a crest of submissive desire, I slather his hot, smooth cock with wet kisses; licking and sucking until I taste something more than his flesh on my tongue. suck it ALL, boy!" Lonnie hisses, pumping away at my throat until his thick cock-sauce spills from my nostrils and sprays out of my mouth.

Anticipation Ch. 06

first-time 5thRing 2018-07-03

"Well, maybe I'd like to decide for myself whether or not I want t-yeah, we won't be doing that," her tone lowered with perfect comedic timing, inciting me to laugh boisterously, which I rarely ever did. "I feel like eggs, tonight," she said, getting up and walking to the kitchen. And maybe both of us some new underwear." Somewhat exhausted, she turned, stepping one foot over me, and went to pick up her jacket and keys from the floor. Not bothering to put on the jacket, she opened the door, walked out, and shut it behind her. I stayed on the floor a little bit longer, not really looking forward to the feel the cum-filled underwear on my walk to the bathroom.

Losing It

first-time manwood 2018-07-03

"Get a 'half-n-half', for sure, that way you'll get both a blow job and get fucked, like I told you." And just as he said that, another door opened and a young girl, wearing a light green play-suit and black ballet slippers walked in. "I like you," I said while handing her my cigarette package, then added, "Besides, he doesn't smoke." While looking at Mike who was nodding his head to indicate he wanted to wait and see the rest of the girls and thought I should also. Then her distant expression turned to a little smile that looked almost devilish as she tilts her pretty head and begins unbuttoning, then almost immediately steps out of her skimpy play-suit so that her lovely slender body is bared except for tiny sheer black panties and the ballet slippers she was wearing.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" Encounter

first-time kap007 2018-07-03

A few minutes later, she returned and asked if I could come back at 6 and Mrs. T, the hygienist would work me in after her last appointment. Slowly, methodically I begin flipping her clit HARD with my fingers, simultaneously pushing the bullet into her perfect ass. With the bullet in her ass, I began working her clit hard with my tongue, teeth and fingers. What seemed like seconds went by and she began to convulse uncontrollably and screamed and screamed feeling her body tense I intensified my fist in her pussy and my mouth on her clit. How many like her has read this wonderfully amazing book and have been exposed to sex in a way they never dreamed possible.

Halloween...a long time ago

first-time LisaTn 2018-07-03

My wife and I were asked to attend a Halloween party with some sexy perfume all over and My costume was complete. great costume, and I made it look good....Hell, he said, I told my wife that I was going outside We went back in for more drinks and dancing, and after a bit I saw my male admirer make a motion I just laughed and said no, its just a costume. then put a hand on my ass cheek and asked if I shaved my legs month had done like 4 or 5 guys at the gloryhole, but had never been kissed on the lips while dressed like this, especially foreign looking man as I entered, and it felt good to think

Safe Sex on the Beach, or MILF FTW

first-time Natural_Blond 2018-07-03

Mrs. Jablonski said this policy was for safety and maybe it was, but the break also caused every beachgoer to go to the snack shop for a cold drink or candy bar. The first time Mrs. Jablonski noticed Kevin watching Jessica, she warned him. "I know what you want, and I am going to let you have it," she said and stepped forward and put the palm of her hand on his chest. Then, he realized that Jessica had left her Diet Coke on the counter and he thought to himself, proudly, I guess soda wasn't what she had been coming to the snack shop for after all.


first-time luvrobbijo 2018-07-03

As I got up from the couch, my hard-on was even more pronounced having watched Diana's reaction to all the scenes we had just witnessed as well as my now-burning desire to see what she was hiding under her scant clothing! Diana asked as I got up from the couch, "Do you like the movie so far?" Diana replied, "Yea, you know mom gets mad at me when I come out of my room in my usual bedtime clothes. Diana replied, "Because I'm curious, and I want to know what a man thinks and feels about those things. While the movie was still playing in the background, Diana then swallowed my cock once again - only this time, she wanted to make me cum!

Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 02

first-time still_goin 2018-07-03

Fred sat dumb, watching me step out of my panties and wade slowly into the hot tub, saw me hug Randy, suck his cock, get eaten by him and fuck him like a slut. Neither Randy or Fred was expecting it when Billy brought the head of his erect cock up to Martha's bright red ass. He was nervous about putting a finger in, but it slid in quite easily after he'd licked it enough for it to begin to dialate and even though he'd just come, Fred's cock reacted to penetration by becoming rock hard, so that Randy had a lot of red and needy flesh to service before he was finally in position to get his first butt fuck.

The Hairem Ch. 2

first-time belab 2018-07-03

I know you like my armpit hair and my hairy body and I will never shave it” No wonder it was so soft and silky and then I washed the crack of her ass rimming her little asshole with my soapy finger. "Relax, my husband now I'm going to take care of you." Her fingers touched my cock and she took its softness in her hand and stroked it. My newly wedded wife was giving me a great massage as my hands went into the soft bushy hair in her armpits. Sliding it in gently I began to finger fuck her hairy ass as I tongued her increasing wet hairy pussy.

The Seduction of JerseyBean.

first-time 42gary 2018-07-03

I lay you against the light column and begin to softly kiss your neck hearing your breathing quicken as I pull you close wrap my arms around your waist pressing our bodies together, my hand working its way under your skirt sliding up the smooth stockings and the lace top before I feel the heat that is building between your soft thighs. I cup my hands under the cheeks of your ass and lift you off your feet, you still have your hand gripping my hair and wrap your sexy legs around me as I press the throbbing head of my cock against your waiting hot wet pussy teasing you just rubbing up and down over your lips, you squeal and beg me to push it in, I thrust hard and in one push I am fully inside you and you moan with such pleasure at finally having me inside you I hold my cock still savouring the feeling of your pussy engulfing me and the bl**d pumping through my shaft.

The Virgin's Panties

first-time nattie_nicely 2018-07-03

The sheer act of putting them on and feeling the lace wrap around her thighs was enough to form a wet spot on the crotch of her perfect virginity-losing panties. "Those are fucking hot, baby" he said as he moved his hands from her ass, down her hips and to her creamy thighs, clearly enjoying the feel and the sight of her black silky stockings. James struggled to keep his legs moving up the stairs as he groaned with pleasure at the feeling of her lips on his neck and her warm pussy against him. James leaned forward and covered Kate's full breasts in wet kisses as he pulled her skirt down over her legs and tossed it to the side.

Not sure how to put this-Mother in Law

first-time 2018-07-03

The first time I ever met my future mother in law was when my future wife took me to her mum's card shop. I learned the second time that my MIL (Mother In Law) had a back office being the manager of the shop, if memory serves correct we only went back cos my wife was skint and needed to borrow some money. I wanted to move my hands but knew Donna was giving me a surprise and a great one at that.The hand drew itself along my cock and balls making me grow harder. Almost at the same time I felt a hot tongue gently lick my now hard cock.

Me my first wife and her younger s****r

first-time Nickerlover 2018-07-03

Well the younger s****r being so hot and sexy would be all over me and when we got into the barn she would have her clothes off and ready to fuck we would fuck for 15 minutes or so and I would not cum she would get her clothes on all but her panties she would put them into my pocket so that I could finger her as we went between paddock.stopping for a few minutes at every gate that we had to open on the way so she could give my cock a suck and i could tickle her aroused clitoris and finally we would get each other off finish the feeding and go back home.When we got married she would come and stay with us some weekends and one weekend there was a bad thunderstorm and she hated thunder so her s****r said to come and sl**p with us in our king size bed well that was a big mistake as my wife got horny and started to play with my cock then she got on top of me with her s****r on the other side of me still wide awake and making out she was asl**p I knew she was awake because I had just taken my finger out of her wet pussy.