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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

PART ONE...Having fun with a good friend on public

first-time joeluvsthe 2018-07-03

So both of us agree the games are lame, Alex suggested we play Truth or Dare, sure I agree being a pro at this game, but I didn't tell him it will be a And he continued I dare you to flash the driver your panties, how can I do that, Alex told me the how the driver kept looking in his mirror checking me out. Oooo...I know Alex dares me to tell the same weird man who Alex just told off sorry, my friends a little mad, and offer him a pussy peek for $10, I got to see his reaction Alex said.

my freshman experience

first-time 2018-07-03

During my high school, I would walk around the hallways, cock watching looking for thick bulges. My first experience with a guy took place my (second semester) freshman year of college. He said he needed all the help he could get and ask if he could meet off campus. "So where do you want to start," I said. "Dude, what the fuck you staring at?, Derrick asked. Derrick put both hands on my head and upped up his pace. soon -- "Oooooooohh" -- he began blasting loads of hot jock cum down my throat. Derrick's head fell back on the bed as I cleaned him up with my tongue. lol I got on all fours and took that dick like a champ.

My Hot Teacher

first-time bothofus 2018-07-03

"Oh, great, I'm probably going to have to write something like, ‘I will not swear in Ms. O'Hara's class' about 10000 times," what a way to spend his 18th birthday he thought. Half of them didn't even know what class it was, they just liked staring at her, hoping everyday she would drop her pen so she would have to bend over and pick it up. Kevin couldn't stand-up right away because when Ms. O'Hara became angry, her nipples got erect and started poking through her white blouse. "Oh shit," he thought, "Now she's going to see me with a hard cock!" Kevin started stroking his rock hard cock, trying his best not to cum.

My Blackmailed Wife

first-time grt44 2018-07-03

well about a month later she got an email from a guy who had her pics telling her how hot she was and how much he wanted to meet her. after a week of emailing back and forth he said he wanted to meet her in person and see her naked for real. he said he wanted her to start out on the bed and pose for him in full dress and then slowly disrobe. she slid the vibrator down into her wet pussy and back to her clit and cried out oh fuck I'm cumming. when she finished this time she turned the vibrator off and laid it aside but her legs stayed open.

Black College Janitor tongued my white virgin wife

first-time rockyharte 2018-07-03

She said could not asked the Black Janitor to stop, but then she did not want him to stop looking up at her. The Black Janitor carried her to the corner of the room and whispered that out of respect, she ought to wait for a man her own age to take her virginity, but would be happy for her to suck his cock. I asked my wife if she would like to act on her desire and have her pussy eaten and fucked by a black man. I saw the look in her eyes and could tell she would like to have a big black cock inside her pussy. As my wife started to cum, I stood up and spread her legs wide and shoved my white cock into her pussy.

One Evening Long Ago

first-time Bill_the_Butcher 2018-07-03

Instinctively, he tried to remove them as slowly as possible, drawing them down her legs and over her feet, running his hands down her limbs so that she felt their touch all the way from her hips down to her toes. He tried to slow the rhythm, trying to hold back for her, but she bucked her hips against him, urging him on, and then she was sighing and he too could feel his orgasm coming, passing the point of no return, and he was exploding inside her, shuddering while his pelvic region pulsed and pleasure spread like flames burning his body from the genitals in spreading waves outward, outward.

Stuart's Angel

first-time whispy_sub 2018-07-03

Stu smiled at each of his ladies in turn, pulled down his boxers, and plopped onto the toilet. Stuart's eyes fluttered shut as he was lost in the mental pictures of beautifully exotic ladies dancing in his head. The angelic woman would teach him everything he needed to know about snagging the girls at his school, and looking good in the process. "Crap." Stuart let the bathroom door slam shut. "Please Stuart, this is no time to be timid." The angel smiled and took several graceful steps towards him. Stu let out a deep wavering sigh as he felt tight throbbing ache in his boxer shorts. Stuart's eyes followed her swaying bottom the whole time; he was practically drooling.

First time threesome

first-time 2018-07-03

We change positions , as you are already laying on the bed Cindy wants to ride you ..she jumps on top...her boobs jiggling in front of you reach out to tame them...I am in between your legs massaging your inner thighs & rubbing your balls...then licking them while you are fucking Cindy...hmmm..Rubbing my hands up Cindy’s back I kneel up so I'm beside you two & start massaging her boobs ...our lips & tongues find each other’s as we are kissing again......hmmm you are loving watching be cont...

Young Tommy

first-time mangrove jack 2018-07-03

Molly smiled “what have your mates been saying about Jemmina that made you want to call on her?” Tommy had been studying Molly’s chest. She felt the strength in his hand she looked at his clean young body and felt warmth in her pussy. Tommy stood with his hands on her bare backside with his cock pushed hard against her stomach. He stood and watched as thirty-year-old Molly maneuvered her body on the table until her mouth could close on his eighteen-year-old cock. Tommy held her pussy lips open and saw a little white nub behind some flaps of skin. "I’m in the kitchen,” Molly said as she pushed Tommy away and straightened her clothes.

I had sex with my Uncle's Wife.

first-time sluupjohnb 2018-07-03

About 3 days after that on a Saturday I went with Aunt D, uncle and one lady helper to the market. I would have wanted to slide it underneath my pants but I was concerned if Uncle might have a view from the rear mirror. When it was 2:00 and the lady helpers were asl**p I went to Aunt D's room and knocked softly. I hear my uncle and his assistant trying to open the door with keys thinkging that no one is in the house as usual on Saturday late noons. Uncle saw Aunt D who did a very good job acting normal with no fear. Aunt D said she was trying to clean up the floor underneath the bed.

I was 15 years old and I slept over my friend&rsqu

first-time savita009 2018-07-03

My friend’s mother knocked on the bedroom door and asked if I wanted breakfast or if I wanted to wait for Richie to get home. I had forgot that my friend’s mother said she would get me a towel but I remembered when I saw her reflection in the mirror outside the door holding a towel. I slowly started to masturbate and closed my eyes but I was facing the mirror. When I opened up my eyes I saw my friends mother with a shocked look on her face and her hand over her mouth. When I was just about ready to cum I opened up my eyes again and my friend’s mom was watching with her eyes in the mirror looking right down at my cock.

Our First Encounter

first-time sweet_sharona 2018-07-03

Trying to control my breathing I bite my lower lip as the door gently opens.. So honored to finally get to meet the man I know as Sire/Master.. Why don't you crawl over here, lay down on My couch and spread your legs for Me like a good little whore.... Would you like the panties on or off Sire? Your hot throbbing cock pushing against my sweet wet pussy. You hear my words of surrender and abject submission and decide such a slave needs her ass fucked to be fully used. You Sire control me completely.. My words of complete admission and understanding of who and what I am intoxicates You...I feel your motion change... The pleasure building deep inside me..

The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.

first-time 2018-07-03

'Enough', he said, and as he eased himself out of my mouth, I felt a wave of disappointment, I found I had a liking for sucking a man's cock, but as my machinations drifted, uncle spun me on the table and pushed right up me and started to fuck me, with a wild look on his face, I could feel his cock deep inside me, moving behind my belly-button, I reached out with my legs high and grabbed his hips, pulling him into me every time he moved out a little.

Average Joe Ch. 03

first-time DG Hear 2018-07-03

She got off of me and removed my underwear and with oil on her hands she slipped her hand around my cock; it felt so darn good. I felt so good that I was able to help Mary reach an orgasm. I've had many good times there, Oh, sorry mom, that didn't come out quite right." They both laughed and I kind of smiled myself. I don't know what to do but I'm good at following orders." I said with a smile and thinking about the night before with Mary. Mary went back in the house and Robert and I got started. "Hi Sis, good to see you." Robert gave her a light kiss and said hi to Larry.

my first real sexual experiance

first-time 2018-07-03

For me learning about sex started early in my youth, and the first time I seen any action was walking in on my parents doing it. But she was not thrilled to hang at her house, part cause most guys would just watch her Mom. I managed to avoid that issue, since I got my fill at nights with her pool swims. One night, I got up to for the bathroom, and I spotted Rose's mom naked on the couch. Licking her pussy was a challenge at times with her hair getting in my mouth, but soon as I tasted her cum, I was just enjoying her juices Rose came, and I felt her hands as her nails dug deep into my chest, causing some scratches.

My First Time

first-time 2018-07-03

I had a bunch of guy friends and we used to compare dick sizes. Then he grasped my dick and started to jerk me while he fucked my ass. While he fucked my ass he pulled on my cock and jerked me off for the first time. I didn't know that guys fucked anything other then the ass. I used the panties to jerk off and would dress up and parade in front of the windows to turn guys on. I started jerking off in front of the window, so the the girl, Liz, across the street would watch. Then she called me by name and I realized it was the neighbor girl, that watched me jerk off.

the first time I actually took my wife

first-time 2018-07-03

Sally bends over in a not so female way to fix her shoe strap and I’m staring at that nice ass of her’s covered with those light colored brown panty hose. Sally walks right over to where the lamp was on the floor and says out loud, “now how did that happen?”, like someone was going to hear her!! I let loose of the pillow case around her neck and quickly started pulling with both hands on her panty hose trying to tear them open. Looks like I turned those ass cheeks red I’m telling myself, well while I’m at it here’s some more slaps to the back of your head.

First Time

first-time gmach1 2018-07-03

While he was sucking my cock I could feel him playing with my testicles and slowing his fingers started to touch my anus, first one finger slipped in then two and he probed in and out of my ring slowly what a lovely sensation, now I know why the women that I had fucked before liked it up there arse!! I bent him over the settee and gently rubbed my cock up the crease of his arse and then slowly eased my knob end into his anus he was so tight and I had to ask him to relax and tell me when to stop he said keep going as the sensation is so good.

how did i lost my virginity

first-time sissyslave78 2018-07-02

The storie start like that i was always goving to a secret place during day off and week ends for crossdressing and taking sunbathing Suddently someone jumped on my back and grab my hand and rope them i start screaming the guy put a tape bande on my mouth and tight my foot too I start to feel is dick close to my asshole i splited on my ass and a second later i enter in me it was so painfull that i start to cry again but that guy not care about my noises About 1 hour later misstress gets back and ask the 2 boys to leave the room On the monday morning 1 of the guy bring me to the place them catch me and trow me like a bitch out of is car

Soft Touches

first-time Kelly Louise 2018-07-02

Using your other hand you pulled my knickers to one side and I felt your lips on my pussy for the first time, you kissed and then teased so gently with your tongue. Wrapping my arms around you and holding you close, kissing you, tasting me, then whispering 'thank you', I have no idea why now, but I did, I then pushed you gently back onto the sofa letting my hands brush over your tits then looking at you and saying 'I am going to make you feel as I do' as I slipped to the floor between your legs, only just noticing you had taken your skirt off and I could see your naked, knickerless pussy for the first time...

Best Friends

first-time Cincyboy75 2018-07-02

Angie giggled and said “What Erin and I watched got us so excited I couldn’t wait for us to get together.” Jay was angry, he tried to stop Angie but nothing mattered it was already in and starting to play. Angie moved the video forward and said “this was our favorite part.” Jay was naked on his couch and I was on all fours but this time I had his cock in my mouth. Angie was sucking my cock and Erin was licking and fingering my ass. Jay pushes me up looks at me and says “are you ready for two cocks in your ass.” I was overcome with excitement. I see Angie behind Jay rubbing his ass while Erin is rubbing her pussy watching.


first-time RogueTpr 2018-07-02

The day of the Christmas Masquerade Ball arrived, Stephanie and Tina arranged for their husbands to drop them at work with their outfits and overnight bags. "Steph, fancy a nightcap?" Tina asked, as she watched her friend crawl about the bed looking for a high heel shoe that had gone flying. As she watched her friend dance Tina, suddenly felt flushed and blurted out, "Steph, have you ever kissed a girl?" Stephanie looked back at Tina, her hand running up her body, brushing over a breast before she traced her fingertip across her bottom lip. "I am sure we can work something out!" Stephanie said as she straddled Tina's body and moved her pussy towards Tina's face.

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 02

first-time HiddenDevil_ 2018-07-02

This time, she directly saw Mr. Braun's eyes flicker up, despite his best efforts, to watch the cheerleader's smooth legs slide under her tiny skirt. "I just wanted you to look at this sentence." As she asked, Trisha leaned forward onto his desk, letting her long brown hair cascade over her shoulders. Worst of all, the cheerleader realized that she didn't even have to think about what to say – somehow, she just knew the exact words Mr. Braun wanted to hear, and as soon as she opened her mouth they effortlessly tumbled out. Trisha let him guide her mouth down on his dick, still jacking him off with her hand, her lips tightly locked over his soaked shaft as he firmly drove her forward.

Amber hires melanie

first-time griffen1 2018-07-02

So it was just Amber and young Melanie. Melanie did not resist and kept looking Amber squarely Little Melanie looked at Amber with Young Melanie reached out with her soft hand and slid Amber lifted her heavy pleasure orb to Melanie’s lips; Melanie looked briefly at Amber and then fell upon her Amber lay on her back and let the lustful young women Melanie thought Amber’s cunt bush was the most erotic Amber thrust 2 fingers fully into Melanie, Melanie wanted to cum badly and so did Amber. it little darling." Amber slipped down between Amber’s looking up into her huge wet bush whilst Amber got her first look at Melanie’s young sex at close quarters.