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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Girl Next Door

first-time rockbohunk 2018-07-02

Rick had a hard time not to stare at Alicia's long, tan legs as she helped him roll up the hose. Alicia let go of his waist with her right hand, reached between her legs and proceeded to touch herself. Alicia clamped her legs against Rick hard and didn't move for the rest of the ride. Alicia began to pose for Rick like a little cock tease. Rick pinched her nipple hard, "I want you to pose naked on my bike." Alicia slowly pulled her hand away exposing her virgin little pussy. As Alicia came she clamped her legs around Rick's head. Alicia's pussy was so tight, Rick could only hold her tight as he forced his way deep inside of her.

Au P(h)air Ch. 2

first-time belab 2018-07-02

This was the moment for which I had waited for and masturbated a million times thinking off and here before me lay the hirsute Italian showing me her bushy pussy and the soft long thick hair in her hairy armpits. She began thrashing around on the bed and in encouragement she told me that my cock was reaching inside of her "so deep, Damn, so big, so deep." I held her hips in both my hands and slammed into her, as she kept urging me to fuck her harder. Tom took his mouth from her hairy pussy and replaced it with his shaft and plunged all the way into her his balls slapping against her upturned thighs on each down stroke.

Cathy's Stud Boy

first-time Hangdog90 2018-07-02

It was not that I was especially interested in horses, but one of my dad's friends had started a riding school, and this was his way of using his k** to help out. Cathy kept rubbing the horse while she looked at me. I don't know if my hands were guiding her head as it started going up and down, or if I was more of a spectator, but she was sucking and sucking on my swollen member and my hands were rubbing the back of hair. to cum and I could feel Cathy's pussy squeezing my cock as it slid then I could wait no longer and I could feel it starting to cum as I pushed into her pussy.

Mile High---Boy Toy

first-time Bill69bill 2018-07-02

If I had my way, I believe I would ask pants designers to invent a way for 19YO boys like me to hide their hard horny dicks so female personages could not become aware of them. Just as my testicle seeds began jumping around like popcorn popping in a hot, greasy skillet and my seminal fluids bubbled and boiled, the cockteasing lady pulled away from me and rejoined the already moving line only to leave a very horny young man waving his cock tented pants at the world! First there was a wiggling ass dancing and playing with my erection; second there was the greatest handjob and cocksucking the world has ever known; and now, dare these words be true, a woman wants my cock inside her pussy!

Buddies Reunite Ch. 07

first-time joeyo43 2018-07-02

I want you to know -- I can't believe I'm saying this -- I'm not that kind of girl. "Marnie and me; we have a deal," he said, towering over me. I know I touched other girls against the deal, but that's all. "Maybe with those girls," Bobby said, "But not with him. "Maybe the deal is a good thing," I said. "If Bobby was allowed to break the deal 'just a little' with those other girls, then I get to try something new." "I want the Slacker to lick me," she said. "That's not true," Marnie said, smiling a tight, little smile. We'll break it a little more, and everyone will be happy," Marnie said. "Well, let's just say maybe for the Slacker," she said.


A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 1

first-time kullansg 2018-07-02

I realized that the ladies had finished their work for the day, and were washing up in the pond prior to going home. Some were washing their clothes; others were waist deep in the water scrubbing their bodies using tender coconut husks as sponges, yet others were on the steps leading to the pond, changing into clean clothes. I won't have time to wash them tomorrow" she replied as she put them down on the steps of the pond, at the water's edge. She sat on the water's edge at the far end of the steps and proceeded to wash he clothes. But then, it must have been a profound itch, because soon she stood up, looked left and right, removed her towel, became completely naked and sat on the washing stone.

His Best Friend's Mother

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-07-02

She could tell it was too big to be pulled through that small opening too, so Tina peeled the young man's tight pants down to just above his knees and reached inside the waistband of his underwear to hold his cock out of the way while she pulled the shorts down to join his pants. Wanting to truly enjoy everything about the cock that felt so good in her mouth, Tina took her time, stroking it slowly with her lips. While Billy's cock was enveloped all the way in her mouth, and her tongue was fondling the shaft, Tina felt it start to throb.


first-time aknorthern 2018-07-02

She looked up into Tommy's eyes again, her tongue at the corner of her mouth as she tugged slowly at his underpants, his growing slowing the process. She stepped close and kissed him on the cheek, then wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his cock. She rubbed the palm of her hand over his cock head, lubricating it with his precum, then resumed her stroking, looking back into his eyes. She continued stroking, getting every drop from him, until Tommy's knees went weak and he fell back onto the lounge chair behind him. Eyes locked on Tommy's she inhaled deeply the scent of his semen then opened her mouth and licked the cum from off her finger.

The Virgin

first-time hartnsoul 2018-07-02

His hand that have been cupping my breasts lift them high as he mouth beings to lick one nipple and then the other. Before pushing him back onto the bed, I shock him as I slip my hand down the front of his jeans and grab hold of him, confirming that he is not wearing underwear. I tell him to move up onto the bed and as he lays stretched open I pull he fully erect penis up off his belly and carefully begin to pump it. I cry out for him to stop and slowly he pulls away lowering me back onto the bed with a dazzling smile as he wipes my juices from his mouth.

A Bad Case of Nerves

first-time kicky1000 2018-07-02

She had put me in day care and taken a factory job, until she had amassed enough capital to open a lovely little gift shop on Pine Street. During my high school years, I had helped mother in the gift shop and learned the business. As I opened the door, I saw a tall, good-looking, powerfully-built dark haired man, who hadn't shaved. He pressed my hand in his large beefy palm, looking into my eyes. I felt his beefy tongue in my mouth, and my legs got a little wobbly. He started slamming into me hard and fast, and then he froze, and I could feel his cock swelling inside my pussy, and then I felt shot after shot of hot liquid blasting down my cuntchannel.

s****r and I are Close Then Mom (5)

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-07-02

Friday night when I finished with my shower and while putting on my clean pants, Clare came into the bedroom, "Love, I have something for you to put on tonight, that might be a little more comfertable for you to wear, that I picked up on the way home from work today." as she stepped over to the closet and pulled out a shopping bag. When we did stop cumming and finaly came down from the clouds a little bit, I collapsed down over Beth, while keeping my waight on my elbows, and her legs and arms fell off beside her to the bed, "Damn Jim, when you and Clare said it would be the best orgasm of my life, you were not lieing to me."

Wild Child Ch. 02

first-time TxRad 2018-07-02

Rita looked at me for a moment and then said, "Since I saw those pictures of mom, I've thought of her in a little different light. She took a deep shuddery breath and whispered, "Now I understand that last picture of my mothers." She shivered again and added, "You were sure right, when you said, I'd have to have that look before I understood it." "Start out by reminding her of your sex talk and then tell her what you just told me, that her answer about oral sex had confused you and why did she have such a funny expression on her face." I paused to grin and then added, "That way, you come off as an attentive and thoughtful daughter."

her kitchen fuck

first-time 2018-07-02

the next day i called at her house to pick her up for school and was met at the door by her mum on her way to work she told me that Kristy was sick and wouldn't be going to school . we were immediately all over each other, kissing and necking,istarted fondling her firm boobs and she was rubbing my rapidly stiffening cock thought my school trousers i lifted up her t-shirt and pulled her bra up and quickly started to squeeze her tits hard and teased her nipples. she in the mean time had dropped my trousers to the floor and she had a firm grip on my hard cock.

Emma Loses her Innocence

first-time cruiser_2015 2018-07-02

But now instead of just ogling women's naked bodies I ran my other hand over the deliciously soft smooth young flesh of the real thing, feeling her breasts, her thighs and of course her furry pussy and juicy labia. After ages of exquisite pleasure I came with my spare hand playing with her breasts and squirted a hefty splash of semen over her front, making sure I grunted "Emma!" Like her brother as he fucked her in his dreams. A moment later the inside tops of Emma's soft warm thighs were brushing my face, the smell of her vagina juice, sharp, sour, but so erotic, filled my nose, and her moist dark pubic hair was tickling my lips.

The Christmas Production

first-time PEA1 2018-07-02

"You'll freeze before you get to the end of the road." His voice broke into my thoughts, I turned around, he was leaning against the door frame, his hands in his front pockets and his feet crossed at the ankles. "Take my hand, come on lets get back inside, you're shaking with the cold and now your clothes are wet, if you don't get out of them you'll end up with the flu or something worse!" He bent down and took hold of my hands and pulled me to my feet, I slipped but he caught me with both arms, mind you I didn't weigh that much, so it wouldn't have been too difficult for him. Looking down at me, his face serious and his eyes warning me to be careful, he smiled a little, bent his head and his lips brushed mine, very lightly at first, then more intensely.

File Under XXXX

first-time kcdelacey 2018-07-02

For a long second she stared at his cock, her slender fingers wrapped around it, before her tongue flicked out, catching the bead of liquid at the tip before it could start to run down the shaft. “Your turn.” Grabbing a handful of his shirt, she pulled him close, her hand reaching behind his head and drawing him into a long kiss, her tongue reaching far into his mouth. He licked faster, harder, faster, harder, his head nodding to help the movement until, with a short scream, her back arched off the table and she tensed rigid, her hands forcing him so hard and long against her that he couldn’t breathe.

My Name Is Samuel

first-time foxxxie 2018-07-02

"God why do you call me that?" Sammy puts his hands on his boxers and pulls them so that his erect penis slaps against his the lower part of his belly button. "You're my Sammy." My hand moves to his cock and begins to stroke at it, I grip it hard and pump high and very low. "Look, I do not want to suck your cock Sam, ok." He laughs at my statement then pushes me back down. His hands pick me up and press my face against the top of his bed, his penis moves against the opening of my vagina. Lynn, damn it, you lazy fucking whore look at me!" Dad grabs one of my arms and pulls me to my feet, ignoring the obvious signs of sams betrayal.


The Blizzard of 1861

first-time sawandsword 2018-07-02

Carl Weathers, the forty year old wagon train master led the way, leading eighteen year old Lula Mays, the only surviving member of the group of settlers towards their destination. Motioning for Lula to go inside, Carl headed for the wood pile and grabbed three sticks of the precious fuel. As Carl broke the bed down, and moved it into the main room, Lula prepared a small meal, by cooking the buffalo meat, and potatoes in a kettle that was hanging over the fire. Carl knew he should get out of bed, but the feel of her tender flesh reminded the wagon train master that he hadn't had a woman in quite some time.

Julie's First Time

first-time applevalyan 2018-07-02

Harry said he wanted to get in the water again to cool off and to see how my new suit worked in the surf, so I slowly lifted up and removed my dress as he watched me. All I know is that I liked the way it felt between my legs and I noticed that I was kind of rocking on it as Harry played with my tits. I started to plan some fun before I left, so after eating and waiting for Harry to pay the waitress, I turned on my stool to face him, spreading my legs a little. But by the time we got to the car, I was horny and I told Harry I wanted to be fucked again.

Quinceanera y Tres

first-time Middleagepoet 2018-07-02

Juan savored the tart taste of her purity, letting his tongue linger inside her, moving in small circles, feeling the soft, wet flesh and then sliding over the firm tissue that confirmed her virginity. While he used his tongue on her clit, he slowly pushed a finger into her, lubing it up in her wetness, he began pressing it into her as she lifted herself upward. Watching her face, Juan pressed slowly into her pausing each time she seemed to wince. Juan knew that Maria's mother had timed this meeting by her daughter's cycle, yet he let his mind picture her with a swollen belly. He let his cock slowly shrink and then slide out of Maria's pussy as he thought of his cum inside her.

Out doors

first-time 2018-07-02

We saw a nice spot with a tree we could sit on and room to relax. We stayed there getting some sun for a couple of hours, but as time went by I started to get a bit frisky, and so did my husband. Each time he pounded his cock into my pussy I would get more excited, I started to get more verbal and with each thrust I would yell out “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME” getting louder the closer I got to cumming. I didn’t know what to do, so I lifted up my head and turned towards the group (husband still on my back with his shrinking cock still in my cunt) and waved to the group.

Gioia mia giovane lettrice e il suo fidanzato nell

first-time padronebastardo 2018-07-02

Comincia così una fitta corrispondenza epistolare con Gioia che mi racconta che quando legge i miei racconti si masturba, che quando legge di punizioni e sottomissioni la sua passerina reagisce in modo anche violento, ma soprattutto che gode di più masturbandosi nel leggere i miei racconti che fare l'amore con il suo fidanzato il che la intristisce molto. Quando vidi che si era sciolto cominciai a spiegarle a grandi linee cosa significa intraprendere un percorso di sottomissione e divenire una mia schiava, ma ormai era pronta a tutto mi disse altrimenti non si sarebbe mai presentata in un luogo pubblico vestita in quella maniera.


Wife and I Discover a new Desire

first-time 425olds 2018-07-02

Instead of answering, I asked her, "Do you have any new fantasies that are turning you on?" Kim gently flicked her tongue against my hard nipple and my cock stirred. "Well, for one, you have to admit, you like eating your own cum, and two, you get turned on thinking about watching another man fuck me, so you're open to being in the same room with another man who has a hard cock, and lastly, I just think you'd like to try cocksucking!" she finally adds. I want to watch as you lick a hard cock, and then watch it slide into your sexy mouth and see your cheeks draw in as you begin to suck...

Just in Case

first-time 2018-07-02

She lost it again and I gave her another long distance hug, comforting her and gently smoothing her hair back and telling her that I wanted to hold her like that forever. When she'd settled down she said, "I'm really sorry that I can't get naked right now and do what we did last night again." After a little pause she went on, "Have you thought any more about meeting somewhere eventually?" When she answered the phone, I could barely hear her as she asked, "What do you think of us?" I said, "If I didn't already know you, you'd be too pretty for me. Then she pulled away from me and said, "You look like you need to make a little more room for Mr. Happy."