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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Office party at his home

first-time ptsteve 2018-07-02

He said to all “I want to taste this pussy before all you guys fill it with cum” They all laughed and he got between her legs and as his tongue touched her pussy lips she moaned and pushed to his face. Her host kneeled on the side of the bed and just said “suck my cock”, her mouth opened and he placed the head of his cock onto her lips and pushed it inside. She was withering on the bed, 2 men holding her legs apart and high, a finger in her ass, her hands reaching for a cock which she found for each hand. He suddenly stopped his fingering and got between her legs and placed his cock at her asshole and pushed it easily inside.

I dare you not to get wet ;)

first-time 2018-07-02

I would teasingly grasp the bottom of your dress and pull it up by your heaving breast, right below your now so aroused tender nipples. As my cock throbs with each beat of my overwhelmingly excited heart, i would remove your panties. Pulling them downwards towards your anxiously quivering toes, i would excite myself with every square inch of your deliciously soft skin. As id grasp the base of my steaming cock, i would collect every last drop of available bl**d to penetrate your wet, slick, and engorged lips. With every thrust suctioning and drilling, with every vein on my exploding cock feeling the much tighter and contracting walls, your body contorts and tightens over and over again until your toes straighten out and your body relaxes from the so delicious little death of pleasure ;)

My s****r

first-time 2018-07-02

i nodded as she allowed the dressing gown to roll off her shoulders and fall at the waist, she reached behind her back and release the bra which she guided off on to the sofa, her tits where so perfect, i reached a hand across and squeezed one, it felt so nice in my hand. i nodded, she undone the belt of the dressing gown and pull down her knickers, she sat down on the sofa with her feet up and pussy spread, she took my hand and pulled it towards her pussy, as i made contact i felt her warmth, i rubbed and stroked it and noticed it getting wetter.

the bath house

first-time hottscott40 2018-07-02

“I like feeling eager fingers unravel my towel and a warm wet mouth seize the prize I have between my legs,” said Frank. His mustache teased my skin and his wet lips soothed any itching I may have felt and so as Frank kissed my neck and Jeff sucked my cock, I fell into a comfort zone and just went with the flow. He smiled back and said “It’s okay, just go with it.” Then he stepped off my bench and sat down next to me while I closed my eyes, placed both hands on Jeff’s head and thrust my first ever orgasm into another man’s mouth.

How my husband and I do "date night" par

first-time dlotus2410 2018-07-02

Isabella and I continued exploring each other's mouths with our tongues as my husband removed his clothes and sat on her bed. I slowly began rubbing my swollen clit and could have cum so quickly seeing how much he was loving his cock in her mouth. Not whispering anymore, I said "fuck her baby!" I then told her that I was gonna cum soon watching them. As I rubbed my clit more frantically, I looked her in her gorgeous green eyes and said, "ride that hard dick baby!" "Fuck my husband harder baby!" I was now lying back with my legs spread wide open ready to make myself cum.

You're My Bitch Now Part 10

first-time nikkiesilk 2018-07-02

Chris ordered their drinks and whispered in Rick’s ear, ‘Don't look now, but the guy to your right is an actor.’ Rick, of course, turned to look and his eyes widened as he saw the tall, good looking man next to him. ‘Oh, you look so pretty when you blush, Rick.’ Scott’s hand dropped to caress Rick’s leg and he felt his cock begin to swell in his trousers. Scott grabbed Rick’s head and pulled him in for a kiss, and Rick nearly passed out as Scott’s tongue pushed its way past his lips. Feeling Scott’s hands on the back of his head, Rick sucked and licked the shaft and then Scott was moving his hips backwards and forwards driving his cock in and out of Rick’s mouth.

Girlfriend and I Part 2

first-time BowBow44 2018-07-02

and we were heading to her room and as soon as we got to her room she stopped kissing me and looked in her room then back at me and said "lets do it in my parents room instead" (she lived with her parents at the time) and smiled and i thought it was so hot so she led me to their room and i layed her on the bed and started pulling down her panties and she were taking off her bra and rubbing my arms and running her hands through my hair. then she cummed again and i couldnt hold it any longer and i pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and she quickly leaned up and started jerking me off and i moaned and said im cumming baby and i cummed all over her face.

New Years Eve Gang Bang

first-time Nexy 2018-07-02

I felt his dick rubbing on my clit, then sliding back and forth in my juices, suddenly he plunged in, pumping hard, his hand grabbing my hair, pulling my head back, this had never been done to me either, and I decided I liked it too. The guy fucking me pulled his cock out of my pussy and sat in front of me with his legs wrapped around me, and told me, "Suck it, clean it off." Getting on my hands and knees I was licking my juices off his dick, when I felt a mouth clamp down on my pussy, licking and sucking, spreading my butt cheeks and licking my asshole.

The Chronicles of Erica, Part I

first-time trumptight85 2018-07-02

As I was catching my breath slowly and able to steady myself better a huge round soft and warm thing was pushing itself into my wet hole, just as I was about to realize that it was his penis head, it pierced f***efully deep within me, my eyes rolled back and my saliva shot itself out of my mouth like a cannon with my tongue dangling outside, the gasping noise that I made echoed throughout the entire house and my legs clenched themselves tightly as if by reflex.

I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage part 2 of

first-time indigo12 2018-07-02

As my wife was lying there on the bed me and Carl ( the massage guy ) we're talking with her and having a drink.We could help but look up her legs to her brand new black panties , her top had come undone a little and she was showing cleavage. Carl began with the shoulders and arms and again ever so slowly he slide the towel down to her waist while rubbing oil onto her tits and  stomach coming within an inch of her pant covered pussy. While I'm stroking he is oiling up her legs and slowly sliding down her panties, the top off her pussy is showing and Carl is also rock hard..


first-time 2018-07-02


Final Breath

first-time drteetho 2018-07-02

Her jewelry choices were interesting, to say the least; many pieces were shaped like a funky-looking cross (she later taught me this design was known as an ankh, a symbol of life in ancient Egyptian times), and when she really dressed to fit the goth part her centrepiece was a thick black, metal-studded collar she wore around her neck. Still, as I watched her walk away in her extravagantly puffed out black skirt, I couldn't help but wonder who this version of Erin was, and what had she done to the sunny little blonde I knew so well from my childhood days.

My Anal Virginity

first-time raglanjames 2018-07-02

Seeing our cocks getting hard and feeling his finger inside me twisting and turning, pushing and pulling made me lose myself in the moment. With my back now arched and to him, with my legs spread slightly apart, I sent a silent invitation that could not be mistaken; I want your perfect hard cock inside my ass. The head of his cock felt like a swollen balloon charging in and out of my channel, and in a great powerful thrust it dug deeper inside of me than any previous push. One single instant hung in time as a burst of hot cum exploded from his cock into the surrounding flesh of my ass, filling me with the contents of his balls.

Daddys time alone

first-time 2018-07-02

"This may hurt the first time as daddy has a big cock for your small cunt." "But when it gets in you will stretch and love my cock fucking your hole." He slowly pushed into his daughter and he heard her moan in pain as he invaded her tight hole. "Oh baby your cunt is so nice and I loved fucking it." "Thank you daddy, I love your big cock too." "I got birth control pills so you can fuck me every day many times." "Yes, baby girl, daddy will teach you many things about good hot sex. Daddy loves lots of sex and he wants to fuck you several times today to get that tight cunt stretched for my big thick cock."

Best Mate's Cock

first-time fagboy46 2018-07-02

. ' when you're randy little k**s,mostly not understanding what's really happening.But,as I found out,there's always one who wants to take it that one step further!That,in this case was Marky.I was in no way an expert in cock-size,jeeze,come on,I WAS only 6 and 3quarters,lol!But,to me,Marky's cock seemed much bigger than mine,or the other boys.Seriously,his knoblet must've been close to 3 inches,with a extra long overhang of foreskin.One time,in his dad's shed,he actually measured it and soft it went to just shy of 3 and a half inches and when it got stiff it almost touched 4 inches!Straight up,I am telling the truth!My own poor little fucker only managed just at the 3 inch mark when hard!Now,Marky being a fairly in-tune k** clocked how fascinated I seemed to be by his size and when we were on our own he'd whip it out and wiggle it in front of me,the dozy twat,lol!The first time he got me touch it,shit,I thought I was gonna pass out!It rapidly acheived the full stonk and even then the skin didn't move over his cock-head,like mine did when it was stiff.Seeing my puzzled look he told me,

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 03

first-time bigjerseyguy 2018-07-02

She told Jessica that Andrew cooked breakfast even after he came 4 times the night before. Kate tried to get near Andrew but couldn't. The third guy got his dick out and she took turned rubbing all three of them. As they tried to recover from their orgasms and from touching each other dicks, Kate fixed her costume and got the hell out of that room. She took her hand and pulled Judy to the office where she met the other men. Kate then started rubbing Judy's pussy, pulling up Judy's skirt as she did it. She started to moan and spread her legs wide as Kate rubbed her pussy. Kate motioned for one of the men to put his dick against Judy's pussy, which he did gladly.

Allison & Rick Ch. 02

first-time Ethan 2018-07-02

Her heart was nearly beating out of her chest and she felt her robe fall open, but let it stay that way, feeling the fabric brush across her erect nipples and enjoying the feel of the air on her skin. Allison took his other hand with a smile and said, "try this one too." As he brought his other hand up to her breast, she moved a bit closer to him so she could feel his erection pressing against her. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself as she thought: "Calm down girl, take this slow and enjoy every minute of it." But her heart was beating out of her chest each time she passed Rick in the doorway while they carried in the goods.


first-time GeoffBridge 2018-07-02

On screen the professor stared at the student's face and the shadow between her legs and he walked towards her. The professor strokes the student arm with his fingers and I copy his moves. The professor now massages one of her thighs with one hand and starts to kiss his student's face. I hear a little moan from my date but otherwise the student and my friend both just sit there with legs open while the professor's and my fingers running up and down the crotches of two amazing women. The moment the professor enters into his student, my finger moves inside the wet, warm, glorious inside of my date. Instead the professor pushes slowly into his student and so does my wet and sticky finger.

The Fantasy

first-time ladyscarlettxx 2018-07-02

Stroking the tender web between the balls and sliding a finger down towards the center seam as Natasha worked on my soaking pussy driving me wild I leaned forward and slide my tongue out catching the head if Conor's shaft in my lips instantly his cock became fully aroused and unable to resist any further I opened my mouth wide and began to feast upon his hard cock and smooth balls, licking and sucking as my hands slide to Natasha's pussy so wet and succulent.

Women on Why They Love Pegging

first-time 425olds 2018-07-02

8. "I love his reaction to me pegging him and just wearing the strap-on he says makes me look sexy and confident. 9. "To watch a manly, masculine man tell ME to fuck HIM and that he wants all of me inside him, it's bizarre and so sexy. "The best part is knowing how good, awesome, hot, and amazing they're feeling because you're giving it to them. I love to hear him beg for my 'dick.' I like the act of fucking him, I like seeing him stroke himself, etc. I don't know why but hearing his moans, seeing his face when he has multiple orgasms and squirts (Yes, he squirts before the big one) and all the positions I get to do just turns me on.

Valentines day suprise.x

first-time youngslaveslutwanted 2018-07-02

up her shitter and after a couple of minutes of him pumping ashleys asshole I noticed her starting to moan I think she was cumming from getting her ass impaled the man says of course and turns around spreading his hairly black ass cheeks and ashleys on her knees licking his hairly ass hole and kissing his puckered asshole passionately mindlessly worshipping this black mans cock then I see him grab a fistful of her hair and hock a nasty loogie right splat onto ashleys tongue she smiles and gulps it down "hehe thanks sir" and for the rest of the time ashley got on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air and Rick fucked her asshole vicously while gripping her throat

Führe Mich

first-time KatlynTemplar 2018-07-01

Alex thought the woman would simply close the portfolio, slide the stack of drawings away from her space like a disease, sit back then tell Alex she was talented and thank her for coming in and sharing her art with her, but that wasn't the case. Being new to the employment world Alex wasn't sure if she was just told to go play with herself or not, but she simply smiled then stood and gently gathered her portfolio, turned and stepped toward the door, not realizing the lady was scanning her backside with an envious glare, reminiscing about an earlier time in her life when youth was an endless string of possibilities with eager sex partners while the beautiful ejaculating penis Alex had drawn on Mylar flashed in her mind.

Watching From The Bar. Part 3.

first-time andyhounddog 2018-07-01

As she responded deeply to his kissing I watched, with my breath caught in my throat, as he slide one of his huge fingers, fully, into Helens pussy. The guy stopped kissing her and leaned back, looking very proud of himself, and let the whole bar take in the sounds of my Wife getting off to his finger fucking. Helen looked like she wanted to break for the door at this point, I had to do something fast to calm her, and everyone else down before things got our of hand! His mention of what he wanted to do to Helen had me interested, so, as we headed to the exit I casually enquire of Dave “So, you like a bit of ass do you?” “Sure.

Pool Party

first-time zimabean 2018-07-01

"These are some nice cock we have here don't you think Tera?" mom said. "Very nice, young hard cock, what are we going to do with these cock Lisa?" Tera said to my mom. I was trying so very hard not to nut fearing more humiliation when all Tera stopped and asked my mom "Lisa, can I fuck your son? Of course I pumped another load into Tera's sweet pussy as did Chuck drop another load in my mom's cunt. "So mom, you better fuck Chuck again before dad gets home, and Tera, I have a huge load ready for your pussy so come and get it." I stated.