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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time bliebent 2018-07-01

this is a fake story.. maybe would like it to happen but its fake and pulled out oil.. started to oil my cock and some dripped down to my ass... He told me to call him daddy as he fucked me.. i said"fuck me daddy" he smiled "fuck me and breed me" he picked up some speed..i was watching my cock twitch with every push in and out of my ass.. i was covered in cum and i felt him cum in my ass.. he pulled out and licked me clean.. i was still hard and than he sat on my cock he told me to fuck him and make love to him.. i felt so loved and happy..he left me than i just slept..

Flirting Then Fucked in My Own Car

first-time amateurmaturemilf 2018-07-01

Eric slid me up and off his cock intimating that he wanted oral as I, kissing his leg on the way down, got on my knees on the floor of the backseat and began to slide my mouth up and down his well moistened shaft, sending shivers of ecstasy up his spine. Orgasm I did, hard, locking my legs around him and letting myself scream out as she came, and in that instant, the contractions I was producing proved too much for the man, and with a final deep thrust started to ejaculate a powerful series of pulsations that sent waves of cum into my pussy and onto my body.


first-time laceysgirl 2018-07-01

Once I shoved a small ball up there and could not get it out tried as I might I was scared but said nothing and walked around with that ball inside me all day and when I went to sl**p I prayed that it would come out I did not want to have to explain how it got up there to anyone...To my relief the next morning after much pushing the ball popped out of my asshole and hit the water with a splash I cleaned it off and returned it to the toy box later and laughed to myself when I saw my little b*o playing with it!

Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-2

first-time petdyke 2018-07-01

It was his curiousity if I had a bit of breasts already so he asked me to sit close to let him look Céline sits down at the pillow close to Petra and starts to unbutton her blouse to show her breasts Long time he did not need in asking me if he could give each of them a little kiss as they look lovely Céline continues her hot sexy story of seduction Peter started to give me sweet kisses down there Let me lick your love lips, it looks like they are getting wet a bit, a sign you like my treat to you Long time he just licked all along my love lips, just like you do now to me Petra, it feels so fine!

Angie pays the price (or does she?)

first-time 2018-07-01

What neither of them knew is Aimee and Michael had been running a very successful porn film business for quite a while and now both Angie and Lynne are their latest porn star MILFs. The two women were certainly not aware of this as Aimee is too clever for that, unlike Mike previously, but in fact they are back to square one hoping that no-one sees them being fucked on the Internet Porn sites but this time they were not aware they were being filmed every time they went to the massage centre.

My First Time

first-time angelx602 2018-07-01

Aidan watched my reaction to his tongue on my ass and knew he had me right where he wanted me when I cried out in pleasure. "That's it baby, come for me, come harder than you ever have before." He bit on my clit as the last waves of my orgasm over took me making me cry out in pain or was it pleasure? Aidan reaches down and gently plays with my clit sending me over the edge faster than I thought I would go, my groans and screams louder and louder and he continues to thrust his massive cock in and out of me.

Tricks & Treats

first-time gauchecritic 2018-07-01

Tom watched, jealousy and surprise making his thick eyebrows rumba, as his friend Andy pulled the girl by the hand, towards the hoarding at the side of the road. As the witching hour approached Julie and Anne enquired of Abby "Clubbing or fucking?" Tom gaped. Tom slammed hard into that exquisite expanse and began to slowly draw back when he heard Abby beg: "I need a cock up my arse- Andy's cock in my arse. Andy gingerly placed his knees astride his friend's legs, letting his cock fall against Abby's waiting backside, her slithering motion bringing his erection to tap, tap, probe, into her. I want to feel what it's like." Andy hesitated momentarily before sliding his prick along Tom's hardness, slowly filling Abby until his balls rested against Andy's.

Mom Gets The Wrong Room

first-time mobtown1975 2018-07-01

As Lisa involuntarily raised her ass off the bed, Bobby buried his cock deep in her pussy and shot load after load of white juice into her. "If you're really serious about wanting to make love to me, you can take off that blanket, honey, I'm going to make you so hot you won't need it, because ,Bobby I'm going to fuck you until you can't get it up anymore." Lisa walked around the bed until she was on the same side as Bobby then she crawled up on the bed and spreading her legs she lowered herself down over Bobby's face until her pussy was touching his mouth.

Ramola And The Gardener

first-time jhonmartyn 2018-07-01

Ramola hated hair anywhere on her body except her head. Ramola's mother, instructed Akbar to clean the Master bedroom The color in Ramola's face ebbed suddenly as she sucked in her breath She saw that it was Akbar, the bald, half-wit filthy Gardener. Ramola knew that her strategy had failed when she saw that Akbar was felt her hands go out to find him like things with minds of their own, want your cock inside me," Ramola finally relented, the lips, cruelly stretching the tight elastic opening until Ramola was Suddenly, she felt a throb deep inside her quivering cock-head pulsing against her womb like the blunt end of a live cannon Akbar could sense Ramola's body Ramola also felt something strange happening inside her.

the smell of a woman's cunt and ass

first-time ass_sniffer 2018-07-01

i used to jack off at least three times a day, but still wanted to get laid really bad. I told her i want to fuck now, so she slipped on a condom and I climbed onto her. The smell of her ass and cunt was so strong on my fingers. I sniffed hard to the finger that was in her ass and I could smell the musky smell of her asshole. My other fingers had her pussy smell which smelled a little like pee, but i remember the other boys saying it smells like fish. Ever since that night i love to smell women's ass and cunts. Call me a freak but i like the dirty smell of a woman's ass and cunt.

My first white girl

first-time jim_jorden 2018-07-01

Dreama was what older people called poor white trash and "fast." Her boyfriend drove a Camaro and was one of those wild older white guys who looked like he worked on cars all day and stayed up drinking and smoking all night. Dreama was wearing flip flops and daisy duke shorts and a low cut spaghetti strap shirt that really showed off her perky tits, I got an instant boner, and my thin white and tight practice pants didn’t hide it. She leaned forward and went back to massaging my rock hard cock with her sexy white foot. Obviously, I didn’t want her to stop, so I told her how much I liked her foot rubbing my hard dick and how good it felt.

An Unexpected Surprise

first-time va_lk_yr_ie 2018-07-01

He quickly pulled off the clothes from my upper body, removed his shirt and let his hands run over my chest and stomach, paused at the top of my jeans, unbuckled the belt and opened the top button. It felt heavy, soft skinned, hot from the blood inside and I discovered my fingers barely closed around the shaft. The steady rhythm, mimicking the rhythm from the stereo, took me closer and closer and just before coming a second time he pushed his fingers hard up against the front wall and held them there. I caught another glimpse of the shadow as he moved in between my thighs -- hips thrust forward, head bent down, mouth slightly open, one hand on my hip, the other positioning him at the opening.

Fucked in a toilet - part 1

first-time Slipitupme 2018-07-01

Robert was flushed and excited and wanking their cocks as they caressed his face and body.. Robert did as he was told, resting his hands on his knees and I couldn't believe my eyes as the man shuffled into position, spread his cheeks and slid his thick, stubby cock up into Robert's bottom. He quickly got behind Robert, his large, long cock covered with veins and very stiff. I heard him give a sigh of pleasure as his cock slid up between the slender cheeks and into Robert's rectum, and then I was stumbling through the bushes, excited, ashamed, and fearful at what I'd seen and how it made me feel.

First Time Experience in Hot Tub

first-time kbking70 2018-07-01

Finally, John said he was going to go into the steam room and asked if he wanted to come along. I let him suck on my head and stroke his tongue on the bottom-side of my shaft as I took in the incredible sensations. Nonetheless, he pulled his mouth off my cock and asked, "Do you want me to stop?" Then, before I could answer, he took my shaft back in his mouth, going down at least half-way. Meanwhile, John continued alternating between fully deep-throating my own cock and licking it and teasing it with his tongue. Instead I continue to stroke his shaft with my tongue a few more times before I finally pointed his cock into my open mouth.

Trip to Village

first-time mpsaab 2018-07-01

His parents were having a difficult time with their marriage and his father thought sending him away to the village for a month to his oldest brother's house would be a good way to settle a number of issues with Amit's mother in privacy. By then all the realtives had left, and the only ones remaining in the house were Pratap chacha, Rani chachi, his cousin Vishal who was about 20 years old, and the servants who lived in the outhouse. So as soon as breakfast was over and Pratap Singh left with the others, Amit wanted to slink away into the privacy of his room, where he would probably not get any guilty thoughts about his chachi.

Guy Teaches Gal

first-time VitalWalt 2018-07-01

Jackie said that Madison is naive, trusting, and gets hurt easily, like for example, by her former boyfriend Bill. She was at the time a very beautiful nineteen year old, about 5'4'',with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair-when she was a kid it had been golden blonde-slim, but with still a little bit of baby fat on her body, handful sized perky breasts, clear fair skin, and, most prominent of her physical assets, full pouty red lips. The movie soundtrack was now mostly orgasmic cries from the women in the video, but Jackie wasn't watching anymore, her eyes were shut, head tilted back. legs stiffened and by the end of the next girl on girl scene Jackie had another body shaking, lips pressed together to stifle the scream orgasm.

That Night

first-time adel5000 2018-07-01

It was like I’d lost control of my mouth. my best friend, and I just wanted you to know how leg, and Kayla did not protest or try to pull away. Kayla’s eyes flickered closed as I pressed my lips to would feel like to have my cock inside her. my s****r’s spread legs, I pulled aside the crotch of came off the floor, her face scrunched as her body her legs back, my hands behind her thighs, and started she opened her mouth and began to suck me. been born knowing the way, like it was coming home. tight pussy hugged my cock with each thrust, pulling wanted to fuck you Nick. I came then, shooting my cum deep inside her body

School's Out Ch. 02

first-time OzDave 2018-07-01

I flushed the toilet and turned to go back to the bedroom bumping straight into Terri as she stretched her arms up and around my neck, standing on her toes to give me a teasing, short wet kiss. My hands held each side of her ribs as I pulled her slightly lower, until I could suck her delicate pink bud into my mouth, flicking the tip inside with my tongue. The pressure built and built until my toes curled, my hips pushed forward and my arse cheeks clenched as the first eruption of cum raced along my cock, spitting deep into Terri's vagina.


Getting Even Gets Interesting

first-time WilliamRollins 2018-07-01

After briefly exploring him with my tongue I moved my head to the top of his shaft, opened my mouth as wide as I could and stretched my lips around him. I was straddling him, I leaned close to his ear and told him I had never felt a man bare inside of me and I really wanted to feel him. His hands were moving all over my body and found their way to face and tilted my head to kiss me. His thrusts were erratic as he started to moan uncontrollably out bodies shuttering together - I felt new wetness between us and his stroked slowed to a stop.

Confession Ch. 02

first-time JGWanderer 2018-07-01

I could still feel the warmth of the oil dripping down my sides, the softness of her her touch on my arms and legs and the look of her tiny hands wrapped around my cock. I let my hand drop down just a bit and gently rubbed my taint and circled the opening to my ass. Sure, I wanted to bury my face in her bosom, but I didn't think that meant I needed to tell her my life story. There is just something naughty about a woman's hands finding their way to one's cock rather than just having it sitting their waiting for her.


first-time loneguy01 2018-07-01

She noticed my confusion and said, "Tom I'm Martha Simmons, I guess I have changed a bit since you last saw me." That was an understatement. Martha calmed down and kept telling me how good I made her feel. When I had buried my shaft in her, I kissed her and told her she was making me feel awfully good and I hoped I was doing the same for her. Martha was lying in my arms after the second time and said that she wanted to do for me what I did for her. My mother later told me that Martha married one of her classmates the week after graduation.

Charlie's First Time

first-time Eldodie 2018-07-01

"I know", Charlotte said, "But it's so silly." Just then, another long sex scene started and she noticed Tom's bulge was back. Charlotte let out a moan of pleasure and he continued to massage her breast and holding and gently pulling on her now firm hard nipples. Charlotte moved her hands over Tom's crotch and said "Let me do something for you now". As his hand came to her pussy she moaned in delight once again she lifted her hips and this time Tom removed the last remaining item of clothing she had on. When Charlotte came down from her high she instinctively squeezed Tom's penis with her vagina emptying him of every last drop of cum until he said "No more".

Home convalescence, part 2

first-time ArdentJim 2018-07-01

My hands on her fantastic little round butt cheeks I was treating myself to all the joys this girl had as I felt Jo's mouth replace Mary's round my cock. Jo sat up again and ground her pussy on my face and Mary eagerly took my cock back in her mouth. Jo was squealing as my tongue lapped between her pussy lips and Mary was sucking and swallowing all my cum as I shot my last few jets. Jo changed places with Mary who very eagerly licked and fingered my ass while Jo sucked on my cock, I was in heaven. The first two cum jets going over their faces and then Mary took my cock deep into her mouth sucked me dry.

mark Moves In

first-time strictmentor 2018-07-01

He never did anything that cause harm That this would cause him trouble and it was against the law. Ended up bad. This is when mark got in real trouble, he was reported as disregarding his probation with his end of the agreement. discipline before enjoying any sexual argument I had. It was time, I told mark to lay over my lap, chest and arms on the couch in front of him, pants sock and briefs were spoken but I seen his balls pull tight towards his dick. Marks face looked so sad and he asked me if he was going to Marks voice was that of a sad young man and I heard the 'Yes Sir' that I enough to keep him out of trouble.