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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 03

first-time bb1212 2018-07-01

I wrote a note to Mary Ann and asked her to give me Wendy's address, as I needed to get in touch with her on a matter of some importance and waited for the reaction. "Wow," said Andy seeing Wendy grabbing my cock and looking at her from behind. "Then," Wendy said, looking at Godzilla gurgling softly on the floor, "I think I need to talk to this... I covered my once again shrunken cock and lay helpless in the bed waiting for the sound of sirens or the yelling of security guards thinking whatever Wendy was doing with her life that was so important was going to have to be explained to a magistrate.

Becoming His Slave

first-time hrnyarssub 2018-07-01

Mark paused the movie at a close up of the guy with the cock in his mouth. I started to bend my head to his cock and just before I took him in my mouth, I paused. Mark pushed forward, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I hold his cock up and lick around the smooth purple head, getting more of his pre-cum as I lick and kiss. Mark sent me to the bathroom to wash my face and get a warm cloth for his cock and balls. I watch as he lowers his body down until he is nearly sitting on my face, his cock deep in my sore hot throat. "I'm your cock sucking bitch, Master."

Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 02

first-time bountydog 2018-07-01

Our time at the summer house was always pretty fun and full of ecting moments: lots of people came visitng us, lots of occasions to admire dangerous curves and tanned bodies, sometime even an occasion get more physical. She then took over and started with my back: her soft touch was so exciting, her skin pressed on mine while she changed position to apply the lotion better. We haadn't much time anyway and, while deeply kissing her I uncovered her big breasts, finally touching them fully with my hand, feeling her hard nipples. We were out of time so I didn't asked for more, I just savered more her body, exploring it with my hands, a taste of her big nipples, than again a kiss and the orgasm.

Learning to love sex 3

first-time 2018-07-01

I thought I would meet a nice boy one day, bring him home to introduce him to my f****y, and then get married. With every thrust of his penis, with every kiss under my arms, with every squeeze of my bottom, I came out with it involuntarily. Yet, although I've arranged to start dating Edmund again (partly on the advice of a friend), I don't think I'll be able to stop seeing Carlo. They are a very naughty friend of mine, and had said that I should practice beforehand with a soda bottle, shaking it up to feel what an eruption from a man's cock feels like when it cums in the mouth.

Emma's Awakening Ch. 02

first-time marquisdeslut 2018-07-01

Emma had heard about newsstands with the porn sections in the back, but this one barely had a "back." There was a little area cordoned off with a counter and a little gate, and behind it walls of fuck mags. Emma had seen some porn but nothing so coarse -- it didn't really turn her on but she started to get wet as she began to think about how many cocks the girl must have taken to get spread so wide. She pulled herself away from the cock and started sucking it instead, sucking down her own juices, letting it fuck her mouth until it exploded too -- she gulpd the cum down while beginning to stroke the third cock again.

The Summer of 76

first-time Koba 2018-07-01

"Ok, then I think I found the right man for the job as this tree looks a bit heavy. The tree began to slide and as it gained a certain momentum I was able to keep it going until it finally was clear from the back of Karen's car. My new neighbor then leaned over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek putting her left hand on my right shoulder to pull herself in closer. Karen looked at me and smiled: "Ok, Michael, thanks again! I felt a little twisted knowing that I was turned on by a woman who was so much older but I thought this would be a one time thing.

Fucking married mature student & cream pie!

first-time Smiler2000 2018-07-01

She got more adventurous and moved her own fingers towards my bum hole and then rather forcibly stuck one up there and finger fucked my arse hard whilst bobbing her head enthusiastically up and down as she was gobbling my cock. I decided that I wanted to give her bum a nice massage as it was so god dam fucking sexy, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned her over so that she was lying on her belly. With my cock firmly inside her pussy to the hilt, my ball sacks started to release pulsating volumes of spunk up my shaft towards the bell end which itself was contracting and pulsating wanting the release.

Jewels - The End of the Day

first-time Callicious 2018-07-01

I was in a sandwich with two lovely girls, feeling their breasts pressing against me, as I looked across the table at Jewels, who had a big smile on her face and tears in her eyes. I just don't want you to feel badly about it tomorrow." I slipped my arms from around her and found the hem of her tee shirt and lifted it up to the waistband of her panties by sliding my hands across them and the skin of her belly. I know I will never experience anything like that day again in my life, but I will treasure the love of three wonderful ladies, with one of them being just a little more special than the others, and as I told Jewels later, when I die I want it written on my tombstone that "I, too, have lived!"

Touch of a Hand

first-time Sabledrake 2018-07-01

As soon as he saw the girls running the ticket booth, Jeffrey decided that maybe this wouldn't be such a bad way to spend Halloween after all. Jeffrey thought this whole thing was crazy, but when he withdrew his hand, instead of turning to Bill and demanding they leave, he moved to the next box. Jeffrey froze, wrist-deep in the box, his hand resting on what sure-to-God felt like a genuine tit. He imagined his mystery girl wide-eyed in the darkness as she lightly touched him, verifying that yes, it was what it felt like, a cock, a stiff cock rubbing up against her hand.

First Date

first-time Christian-Grey6 2018-07-01

She looks up again and we have another nice sexy kiss, while our tongues are playing my hand slides up over her breast and I can feel her nipple getting as excited as I am. I'm able to muffle her moan with my kiss this time but I need to suck on that nipple so I have her sit in her drivers seat so her breast is now level with my mouth. I run my tongue in circles around her clit and then suck it into my mouth while moving to two fingers into her pussy. I finger fuck her slowly going in and out as if it is like starting to be fucked over again with her cunt closing and opening each time as I probe her G spot.

SummLawns Chapter 3

first-time zeff999 2018-07-01

The girl saw him straight away, and clutching the wallet ran off into the garden. The next thing he knew, Charles had dropped his jeans and pants to ram his rock hard cock into her. Whatever the truth of the moment, he just had to screw her hard, and grunting like an a****l Charles shot long and hot into the girl. A sense of guilt and shame washed over him now, as the girl simply let her knickers snap back and walked off. He must have past your test?” Mrs D****r let the girl wander off and came over to the bushes where the boy hid. After all Mrs D****r did not seem worried that he had just had sex with the girl, so was it a trap?


first-time ekm5 2018-07-01

Ale hated going to clubs with Jess and being compared...she knew she wasn't fact it was quite the opposite...but she definitely wasn't 5'3 with an angelic face and miniature porn star body. Anthony tried to keep his face neutral after he was rejected...He had walked down from the V.I.P section with Nic in order to introduce himself to the brunette stunner and Nic to the pretty, but fake looking blonde that had walked in...and while Nic was hitting it off with the blonde, Anthony was crashing and burning with the brunette. He extended her hand and in order to save herself from an embarrassing conversation in which she stumbled over her words she had just smiled, looked away, and turned in her chair to the other side.

Glory Days Ch. 01

first-time Lyndon 2018-07-01

To my amazement there was Sara standing in front of the full length mirror on the back of the door to the office with her pants and panties pulled down so her ass was exposed to my virgin eyes. "Well then I'll have to fix that" I said and leaned over to place a light kiss on her bruised hip." Mmmm a wish come true" I got up and looked her in the eyes and saw passion. "That was amazing." was all I got out when Nurse Smith opened the door and hurriedly sent me back to class saying it her her fault for forgetting me and told Sara she could stay and lay down if her hip was still aching.


first-time RomanCEisdead2 2018-07-01

She sat opposite an elderly couple and looked out of the window as the train began to leave the station and make its way up through North London. It was some time before Melanie bothered to look around the carriage that she was sitting in, but when she did she noticed a young man of around her own age sitting diagonally opposite her. They said that they would ring Amanda (her aunt) and let her know that she was on time. Amanda's movements were even more pronounced now and Melanie could clearly see the man's hard penis as she moved upwards before plunging back down upon it. Once she had conquered her embarrassment, Melanie decided to ask her aunt about the man, "I saw the picture that you are working on.

My Bi-sexual Married Sex Mates No. 2

first-time 2018-07-01

She was sex crazy and couldn't get enough, with wanking and sucking my cock, me frigging her clit and finishing with the most erotic fucks that I had experienced. When we were having sex she asked me to talk to her about a variety of men wanting to fuck her and what they would do to her. She and her husband wanted me to join them at their home for sex fun!!! Next he came over beside me and joined his wife in groping my body, wanking me and then sucking my cock. She got me to place my head on the cushions so that I could suck her cunt as her husband fucked her.

A First Time for Everyone

first-time dark_entries 2018-07-01

And of course, like I said, it's about a million degrees that summer so I'm sweating and panting as I lie there on the bed, and I can feel that my panties are kind of wet and I wonder if maybe I peed myself or something, so I reach down to check and I notice two things: first, that they're more damp than wet, and I definitely didn't pee; and second, as soon as I touched my underwear the same feelings came right back again." I let out a loud grunt that interrupted Deborah, and without warning I felt that same flood of pleasure and the pulsing feeling — only this time, in the light of day and without Deborah's mouth covering me, we both watched as five globs of thick, white goo shot out the tip of my cock and landed on my belly, hand, and in my pubic hair.

Helene's First Time

first-time eatoure 2018-07-01

"You think he was going to pop the question?" Freddie was only half listening and had missed Helene's remark that she never expected to marry David. "But I don't date much" (like at all) "and he wanted to get into my pants in the worst way" (she wished) "and I kinda decided that tonight was the night I'd lose my virginity at last." The "at last" part was meant to remind Freddie that she was a lot older than she looked. "Nice place," Freddie said, honestly, thinking how the clean and tidy her home looked and how different it was from where he grew up, on the other side of town.

Halloween Part 2

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-07-01

“You can do it Rebb, suck his cock and make him so horny that he will do anything for a chance to stuff it into your little pussy.” Gail laughed from across the room. My fingers rubbed her wet little pussy as I whispered into her ear “Yes, I want you, I think your very cute and sexy.” She put her arms around me, and I knew that she was mine. She looked me in the eye and said “Fill her little cunt with cum, she wants it, we all want it.” I reached over to grab Gail and squeeze both girls against me as I exploded deep in Rebb’s pulsing pussy.

Never Have I Ever

first-time CaffeineFetish 2018-07-01

In so many words it said 'Lesbian looking to fuck four guys to win a bet.' I was expecting this to take awhile, I had twenty takers within the hour. "Then he cums and you fuck the next guy," Callie asked, surprised I didn't put up a fight on being flipped. He's fucking me for nearly ten full minutes before I realize if these guys are all like this, this is going to be an all day affair. "Number one asks me if I'm sure I'm a lesbian, and I said 'so far I still want to fuck a cunt over you bitches'." Doggy made me orgasm a little, so I'd like to stay there for a minute and number two positions to drill me from behind.

Shower with daddy

first-time 2018-07-01

She ran her mouth back and forth on my growing shaft, and my cock blew up into a full-on XXX her hands to tickle my balls, Roos-anne's lips were sliding back and forth on my hard cock, her eyes looking up into my own. I began to fuck my daughter's mouth, my hips moving back and forth, and my hands pushing and pulling her head. I pulled her against me with my hands, my tongue sliding deeper into her hot, little ass, and I could feel her body begin to shudder against my ministrations. " it daddy, yes....make me your angel," she cried out, her hands pressed into the wall and pushing her body back at me.

Hole In One

first-time rotn2 2018-07-01

My cock got harder and harder with every lick, suck and kiss and I finally said she had to stop or she would have to wait to get what she had planned. I took my rock hard cock in hand and gently teased her pussy lips and clit. I was not going to do that as I wanted to tease her and while doing so she was getting even more wet.l The room smelled like hot sex going on, Her pussy was dripping and I then started to fuck her hard like she asked. She slowly worked her way to my now semi-hard cock and kissed it, licked the crown and hole and sucked it.

Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 10

first-time Wayne_Richardson 2018-07-01

Although Stephen didn't know it, in the very last photo the T-shirt and shorts were actually those painted on a nude Chantelle by Tonni. Steve squeezed Chantelle's right nipple between his thumb, index and middle fingers. The next and most important thing is stimulating the pussy." Chantelle didn't want to become too aroused, so she didn't allow him to play with her breasts as long as a girl would normally like or allow. If, however, she spreads her legs, even a little, or has them already spread and leaves them so; then she is willing to be stimulated down there." Chantelle took Steve's hand and put it on her pubic mound. Chantelle was just able to reach her phone without disturbing Steve who continued to work on her pussy.

The Brothel in Old Amsterdam

first-time phantome71 2018-06-30

Ingrid, who was probably in her late thirties and twice my age now approached right up to me and I felt the first hint of what was to come when she took my face in her hands and her eyes met mine. After a short time I could feel Ingrid becoming distinctly aroused as I caressed her clit and applied pressure where she had told me to. "Yes darling just like that," she said and began to pant as my tongue played with her clit and my finger dug into that pressure spot. Soon Trudy could feel me pumping into her hot little hand and she collapsed on top of me.

The unexpected play date

first-time denooh 2018-06-30

As he thought about the fact that this was wrong his step mom whispered into his ear “this is for all the times that you were watching me in the shower” and she gently started to put the dick into his ass. He started to eat her out his step mom got a little mad and smacked his ass, it felt so good to him that he moaned which made the girl moan to. So they all moved positions his step mom sitting in front of him and the girl was behind him still using her hand to jack him off she then started to lick his balls and riming his ass.