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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ho Ho Ho Big Tit Secret Santa - BBBBTS

first-time therealbk 2018-06-30

"Let me text my parents....Mmmm...They think its a good idea I stay right where I am." I said. I can still see a few snow flakes coming down on the glass ceiling." said Mrs. Claus. She was jacking my cock very fast as she moved her tongue on her big red lips. Santa got some big balls." said Mrs. Claus. The tip of my cock rubbed against the red body stocking and her huge breast. She pulled out a big red Santa hat. Fuck me Santa!" said Mrs. Claus. A second later Anita pussy muscles started to vibrate and suck my cock. "Santa are you starting your naughty or nice list today or tomorrow." said the last Grand k**.

Summer With Sara

first-time NurseJim 2018-06-30

I had never French kissed before, and it was really exciting feeling Sara's' warm, soft tongue gliding across mine. Sara moaned a bit louder at my touch, and she began stroking my cock through my jeans with her fingers. And up till this time I could only imagine what a girls pussy felt like. Sara pushed up against my hand, and slowly I was able to open her pussy with my fingers, and feel inside. I remember looking at her open pussy...thinking of what it would feel like to put my dick inside her. Later that night, after she had went home...I remember laying in my bed masturbating like crazy to the thoughts of what happened that day.

my first time getting my asshole ravished

first-time 2018-06-30

My boyfriend and I had went out for dinner and with his long arms, stretched under the table to rub my thighs. After several laps between my drenching hot box and ass, I was to the point I would of probably let him fuck me right there but just kept rolling my eyes at him not letting him know how crazy he was driving me. So I said lets stop at the movie store and rent a movie. About 3 minutes later the girl on screen laid of the edge of the bed on the back of kneck with her legs over head with her butt straight in the air. A few times I put my hands on my ass when he would pull out to spread my asshole open for him.

Big Butt Chronicles: Yvette

first-time mondotoken 2018-06-30

She been carrying on since she broke up with that college boy!!" I was a proverbial fly on the wall as my mom and aunt talked about my cousin Yvette who was apparently in a deep depression after being dumped by her beau. "Hey boy; don't stand around with your nose in our business, go cheer up your cousin!" My aunt had finally noticed me standing in the door frame and I figured she wanted to talk about some personal shit without an audience. "Don't you say one fucking word or I'm going to trash your sorry ass." Yvette kept my hand trapped between her thighs as she looked around shaking the alcohol induced cobwebs out of her sandy hair.

Unfinished Business Ch. 01

first-time enkidusfolly 2018-06-30

The hint was well taken and within minutes I was mostly naked on the living room floor and Dave's hands and lips were all over my body. I had just started my senior year of high school and Dave was due to head off to college again for his bright future. I was nervous and a bit flattered that he didn't move past that at the moment, but the feel of his hand and the circular motion of his rubbing started to create an effect that I was not sure if I should allow to continue. I realized we had yet to kiss and I turned my head up to meet his lips as my left hand rubbed along his shorts.

Earning Some Extra Money - An Adult Story

first-time 2018-06-30

I have to earn the money to pay it." said Mrs. Hills. Vice Principle Tanner....what are you doing here????" said Mrs. Hills. Come here Mrs. Hills." said Vice Principle Vicky Tanner. By the time I got down to my room Mrs. Hills was naked standing just inside the door. She pulled the brown bag just enough so Mrs. Hills could lick her pussy. I heard the Vice Principle moan as I started to fuck Mrs. Hills ass. I picked up the pace as I spanked Mrs. Hills big ass. A few minutes more I pulled my cock out as the Vice Principle aimed my cock at Mrs. Hills breast. You must be in trouble again young man." said Mrs. Hills.

Bad Teacher Ch. 11

first-time Itheswag 2018-06-30

I took my time and after a moment Carmen's shoulders started to relax, as I rub her tiny brown rosebud in small circles, massaging her virgin asshole. My right hand was on her left hip, holding her body in place, so that when I pushed my huge cock into her, she would not be able to move forward to avoid the certain pain that would come with my shafts first invasion of her virgin ass. I continued to stroke in and out of Carmen's tight little ass, loving the feel of what still felt like virgin territory, even though I had fucked her ass for several minutes now.

1994 New Year's (Keela)

first-time ilialenyc 2018-06-30

Turning again to the lingerie drawer she found the matching thong, "dont you move, I am going to change your panties for this lovely thong, OH Maria you sexy whore, I love you," talking to herself. Keela took my hand again and took me to the living room, "please model for me, walk from the door to here...mmmmm," so I did, feeling so good in a thong touching my butthole and a bra caresing my nipples, being observed by an Irish woman in heat. "I have another idea," She got up with her glass in her hand and rushed to her third roommate's room, Sara, tennis player from Canada, built the same way as Keela, long legs with the difference of chest.

Indian Fever

first-time luv2flirtamswf34 2018-06-30

Placing the bowl of water on the stand next to my bed, I watched as her long slender fingers quickly plucked at the buttons of my pajama top. Gently she placed the cool cloth on my waist and began washing the hair on my stomach, her hand slowly moving closer and closer to my manhood. Her warm hand circled around my throbbing cock to hold it straight up so she could complete the shaving job and her hot breath fanned across me when she leaned down to make sure the hair was gone. Her reaction was as if I had prodded her with an electrical current, her back arched pulling my cock from her mouth and pushing her pussy against my hand as she moaned loudly.

One Hell of a Day Ch. 01

first-time Dalika5 2018-06-30

As she walked in to the gym she said, "Well Chris it doesn't look like there's that many other kids in class, so what do you want to do?" The idea of my gym teacher getting hot of something, hopefully even me got me hard as well and although my sweatpants did an okay job hiding it for a few minutes eventually my pants looked like a tent. With the thought of Chelsea handing me off in my head and my own imagination of what Mrs. Slokar would look like nude, I was jacking off in the storage room of my school gym.

A Happy Thanksgiving With My Cousin

first-time faddy02 2018-06-30

She told me to close the door, and started looking threw it, commenting on the random sexual positions the women were in and how slutty some of the girls looked, then when she got to the back page she gasped when she saw the add for the penis enlarger featuring a guy showing off his 10 inch rod. Once I got in my sl**ping bag, she asked me if I remembered how we used to sl**p in the same bed at our grandparents house. She was a little mad when I ripped it, but I took her left nipple into my mouth and began rubbing her pussy through my pajama pants.

My Life Ch. 01

first-time slider55 2018-06-30

Whether it's with my fingers, palms, tongue, teeth, lips, cock, toys, whatever - watching a woman cum, seeing how each one reacts differently to that sensation, and knowing you are the one who caused it,is what takes me over the top. She felt it straining, knew what was coming, and began to work her hand in earnest, over the crown to wet them, encircle and stroke. I watched her use just the one hand to do all this while keeping the other on my cock, sliding it up and down, keeping it moist with the pre-cum that was again oozing out the tip, and all the time with this sly smile on her face like a child who had found a horde of hidden candy and was going to keep it all to herself.


first-time peter06 2018-06-30

moving slowly up and down nibbling your ear as my hand move aroung your body pulling u back till our lips meet with a slow soft kiss as we stand up and move 2 gently sucking and flicking them with my tongue as my hand move down your body 2 find your swollon wett pussy as i run my fingers over your clit moving very slowly your nipple harder than its every been then i close my hot lips over your nipple the feeling of my hot tongue running over it is making your body shake inside over taking your body till u let out a scream of passion and explode over my cock with your body still shaking u take my manhood in your hand and slowly ease

Kim Driver: Graduation Ch. 02

first-time 7footrabbit 2018-06-30

"You know when Tom and I were dating, after things moved out of the making out stage when we could get some place to have some quality alone time we would fuck each others brains out!" Kim sat back with her hand over her mouth. Just remember don't let those bad boys get in the way of good sex game fun." Lori quipped in quick retort as she slid her hand up Kim's thigh just under the hem of her short skirt. "I don't think we'll go that far tonight but we do have all weekend and from what you've said of your first time I could see us knocking boots by Saturday night or Sunday, so I think I will stop by and pick up the protective gear from you if that's ok?" Kim responded as the bus pulled up by the gym and everyone unloaded.


The Boss's Wife

first-time rucurious 2018-06-30

The business was run from the family home and I would come in and have coffee with everyone before we started work for the day. I was not technically a virgin because I went to the Mustang Ranch (a legal brothel in Nevada) that summer and got laid by a prostitute, but that was a very business-like experience and did nothing to prepare me for Kelly. With my cock now filling her mouth, Kelly started back with stroking her dripping pussy as she masterfully sucked me to a full erection. Looking down I could see my own glistening cock followed by Kelly's fingers pinching her long hard nipples on those pert tits and then her other hand totally drenched as her fingers worked her swollen clit and dripping cunt.

My first time crossdressing for a friend

first-time deborah_riggs 2018-06-30

he was gently pushing my head down on his dick and soon i felt his balls on my chin and knew i had all 7 inches of it in my mouth and throat.He started to cum and pushed me all the way downas i felt each of 7 hard squirts in my throat then he relaxed his grip on me and i felt 2 more squirts on my toung. I set back up and finished my cigarette, im a slut i thought to my self i just swallowed a guys cum and im haveing a cigarette just like mom after giving head.I wanted more, we talked as him and linda and the whole time i could still taste his cum in my mouth.

Comic Con

first-time Ashson 2018-06-30

I could slip off my panties and be turned slightly away from George at the same time so he wouldn't see anything. I was suddenly discovering the huge difference between theoretical knowledge about sex and holding a man's erect cock in your hand, knowing what he was going to do with it. His hands were still touching me and the excitement was still burning and I suddenly realised that I didn't want it to die down. I was excited and I started pressing down, wanting George to come up inside me. George's hands came up and settled on my breasts and he started teasing them again.


first-time Vysis 2018-06-30

Joe said, "Come here, ma'am." The girl rolled her eyes, scooped down to pick up her backpack, and she and the pit bull headed down the apron. As we pulled into the long gravel driveway that led from the highway to my house, I said, "I've got a big female American bulldog named 'Gumbo.' She's a sweetheart, but please let me introduce her to Butch so we don't have any issues." "When Joe...uh, the police officer tonight that put you in cuffs and said that Butch was headed to the county pound, just looked like you needed a friend." As I was walking toward the laundry room to start a load of Trinity's clothes, something caught the corner of my eye and I looked out into the pool.

It's all about Jay and this Cougar

first-time andrea0817 2018-06-30

Sometimes I think my IQ is close to my shoe size the way I fall for guys so quickly. It's closing in on a 3 week anniversary and what a great time it has been. That first weekend was memorable, I was right in my fertile period and Jay filled me up so many times with so little wasted on the run out. (2) Forget love and romance and treat sex like an athletic event. On the first point I went out of my way often to hold him balls deep without moving and plain out told him to get accustom to my feel. Kristen is so turned on by this that she asked Ozzy for permission to fuck Jay.

Lovely daughter

first-time priyanjit07 2018-06-30

While his wife had been sick, Jonas had often jacked-off his cunt-hungry cock with the dancing woman’s sexy striptease playing in his head. Switching his hands around, a couple of Jonas’ pussy-wet fingers entered the woman’s asshole while the fingers of the other hand found a home inside her moisturized cunt. Feeling warm vaginal moisture dripping on the head and shaft of his cock, he pushed the standing woman’s feet apart and f***ed her legs to open far enough so he could sit her in his lap. Whether it was her imagination or not, Angela swore she could feel her father’s ass-pounding cockshaft spewing it seminal fire deep up into the hidden recesses of her feminine body. Guiding his elongated erection into her dripping pussy, this woman sat on the meaty cockshaft and fucked her dad like crazy.

Simon Pendleton Ch. 05

first-time zef4600 2018-06-30

"Sasha's fine but this is what we were told by the police." Mary sat on the bed, cradling his left hand in her lap. "Now that we know you are ok, I think it's about time Cindy and I went home." Mary said. Several minutes later, Simon felt like he had eaten a full buffet even though he left nearly half the food on the tray. "It's about time you got up, lazy ass." Freddie clasped hands with Simon, relief clear on his face. "Speaking of girls who have fallen for you," Sasha climbed off of Simon, noting the now tenting sheets, "Jodi was planning on stopping by later today, if you're up for it.

My Dream...My Fantasy...

first-time Pinnochio 2018-06-30

I closed my eyes knowing that I had finally found the thing I have always wanted; the love and friendship of a woman. I turned my head and our eyes met, “You know I just don’t let any strange woman into my bed.” I joked. I kept my eyes closed trying concentrate, I didn’t want to explode right there and ruin this very hot and romantic moment. She grasped my hand and placed it gently on her chest, I could feel her warm flesh on my palm; ours eyes never left each others gaze. She slowly moved my hand down her body until it was just above her small patch of hair between her legs; if I didn’t know better I would think she had trimmed her pubic hair.

Nursing Neighbor Part II

first-time bobbullet 2018-06-30

I was relaxing between Judy's legs with my cock deflating inside of her, feeling my cum running out of her pussy, and continuing to suck her milky nipples as she lay back after having had several strong orgasms when I heard the distinctive sound of a key being pushed into a lock. The mention of Judy's lactating tits made my cock start to get hard again, and Debbie looked down and noticed immediately. She said she wanted the details, so I told her that I had noticed Judy's damp t-shirt and then watched her nurse the baby. She said that watching her mom breast feed the baby had made her want to feel what it was like, and when I started sucking hard and even biting her nipples, she moaned.

Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good

first-time 2018-06-30

I'm your little slut, daddy." She said as he pounded her, fucking her so hard the table refused to stay still. "Fuck yeah, you little slut!" He growled as he slapped her now bright red ass. He watched as she finished eating the rest of their cum off the floor, but kept licking it, desperate to have that bitter taste on her tongue as her daddy fucked her ass. "Yeah, you little whore, here it is..." He stabbed his cock in one final time, as he pumped more hot cum into his daughter. She kept licking his cock until it was soft then she looked back up at him and said, "I'm gonna be such a good little slut for you, daddy."