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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Vaginal DP 1

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-06-30

Anyway I had just gotten every thing ready with the camera when I heard him moan and sew Dawn sucking on the massive head of that fucking cock!!! Dawn and I'd been talking about some new things we were interested in and I'd told her how hot I thought it would make me to see her get her face and wonderful tits sprayed with cum instead of her swallowing it all!!! He fell on to his back and was moaning and Dawn just kept on jerking for a bit until I think she thought he was about to "relax" at which time she shifted around and lowered her now dripping wet cunt onto his face and started sucking on the still cum oozing head of his dick!!!

Swedish Lay Over II

first-time wetchin54 2018-06-30

She walked further down the alley, Yeah, I followed like an idiot, where's he boyfriend, Is he going to beat the shit out of me .... " Thought you might like a front panty shot too." No fooling this lady, and yes, I enjoyed the satin covered wet camel toe at face level. She pulled out my hard cock and started stroking it. She lapped her way back up and took a few inches into her mouth, french kissing my hard raging cock. I buried my face into the warm, wet, folds of this lovely lady and kiss, licked and lapped my way into euphoria. I started rocking in and out, then sunk the last inch fully into her and locked my hips as deep as I could go.

My Gym Teacher

first-time kiwi91 2018-06-30

She let it slide off her shoulders and I pushed her up against the wall and kissed my way downwards her big breast. She started to kiss my neck and worked her way down towards my collar bone and between my perky breasts before she sucked my pink nipple into her mouth. My tongue licked her small navel on her hard stomach and I continued all the way downwards her slit. When I slid a finger inside her tight hot wet pussy, she started to move her hips back and forth. Just as she started to come I heard the school bell for class change and it woke me up from my daydream of the events that had happened the day before.

Naughty Nun

first-time stoneypoint 2018-06-30

If a nun was not in her assigned habit, which always was a safe line of defense against undesirable thoughts and bad ideas, it was safe to wear something along the lines that Sister Ann wore. He looked over Sister Ann's shoulder and see if there was any sign of her thin slender figure and pert breasts distinguishable inside of that large sweater that surrounded her collar. Forgetting that he left his treasured notebook, handheld, and other important items in his book bag, Jeff Campbell walked towards his dorm room and began to pack. Sister Ann looked up saw Tanya greeted her with a set of eyes that expressed grief and sadness. Tanya was frighteningly worried because she suspected that Jeff violated Sister Ann.

Drinking with dad 3

first-time vtevte 2018-06-30

While she liked it rough, just grabbing and pinching didn't do it and she cried out when he pinched her too hard. Don't be so rough," she told him. "It's my fault, Linds. "It's not her fault. This is all my fault, honey. 'I wonder when she got that.' He was sure it had to be a nightmare because not only were his daughters getting it on, but watching it was bring his cock back to life. Maybe it was because women knew each other's bodies the best, but Nikki didn't care about the reason. ohhhh fuckkkk ... He was scaring her, but she did as she was told. "Ohhhh ... "Ohhhh ... She still looked unsure and scared, but he knew she wanted it just as much as her s****r.

Virgin Party Girl Ch. 01

first-time Marla B 2018-06-30

After about ten minutes, I felt the bed move down on the side and opened my eyes to see another cock just inches from my face. Darnell continued to fuck me and the other boy started saying, "I'm close, I'm close..." then shot his cum all over my face. It didn't take too long before I was about to come again but then I felt the bed moving and looked over to see Steve propped up on his side, watching me masturbate. I got on my knees, tilted my head back and showed Steve just how nasty I could really be - by holding the condom above my head and pushing his cum out so it dripped into my waiting mouth.

My First

first-time her_bull 2018-06-30

She was about my height with a narrow waist, round ass, and a set of boobs at least three times the size of either my mother's or my aunt's – the only breasts that I had ever caught glimpses of outside of my wet dreams and seek-peeks of my Dad's porn when we visited him every other weekend. Some two years later my sexual life began in earnest, but no matter what else I've learned towards being a gentle or fierce lover, it was that angel, Teresa, who put me on track and first taught me of sexual love.

Just a young guy---PT1

first-time foster2468 2018-06-30

I heard someone come in the booth next to me, I fed quarters, then I heard a tapping on the wall, I looked around puzzled, then a fair haired cock came thru the wall I heard the tapping, and the growing cock was removed, I heard someone whispering so I bent forward, looked in the whole and a duded said something ending in IT I walked a little and entered an empty booth, dropped 6 quarters and waited. As dude said, it didn't take long, I knew where the glory hole was this time. As long as I fed quarters in, there was a cock sticking out of one hole or another.

Train Journey

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2018-06-30

I moved my view lower to her round breasts, past her tummy with a few extra pounds and resting in between her creamy thighs. Her cute tits fit perfectly within my lips as I started sucking it, while my fingers fucked her like my hard cock. I lowered my jockeys down as she grabbed hold of my cock and kissed it hard with her glistening lips. I placed my cock in the entrance of her pussy and started pushed it in slowly.She smiled and her face showed a flinch of pain as my cock started penetrating her love hole. "Ohh..abu...I love your cock...its just quite big and fits my pussy perfectly" she blurted in between her panting breath.


The Prize Ch. 02

first-time MarzyDotes 2018-06-30

"Buck, you're looking like you're going to clean up here," Slim said sighing," Sure picked your game well." Some guys had played poker to win the chance to slide between her thighs and get some good loving...and if Buck was here with her inside the barn, that meant only one thing. Oh hell no, if he played through all those hands of poker to keep the other men away from collecting their prizes, then he could just walk out right now without looking back. "Did I just hear you correctly," she said, "You want me to back up some story you plan to tell them that you scored with me, to keep them away or is it really to make you look like some kind of stud, who bagged the prize filly inside the barn?"

A late night massage. (Part 2)

first-time magichands1971 2018-06-30

I loaded my car, and as I pulled a U turn on the street, I could see what I was guessing was her bedroom light come on, as she was in the window watching me leave with her robe covering her upper body. A late August night, and no power not much of a breeze, I quickly agreed and said we could use the towel on the couch to cover her torso, taking this opportunity, I said I was going to remove my shirt, already having it 1/2 way over my head.

Her Mom and I help her LOSE her Virginity

first-time funnsun2 2018-06-30

I asked her if she was a virgin and her mom said yes, but that her girl was getting older and maybe it was time someone just fucked the shit outta her, her words, not mine! Her daughter just raised her voice a little and said "mom", like she was shocked but her mom just laughed and told her that since she already knew we were fucking, she might as well watch! The daughter asked if it was ok and I said yes and the little thing pulled off her shirt, exposing those cute young tits and then her shorts.

Fred & Mary

first-time OVERLAND 2018-06-30

So, about eleven o'clock Fred went out, without Prince and in Mary's vehicle, heading towards the other little town nearby so that hopefully Maria Elena wouldn't see him. They pushed their bodies against each other and Mary reached for one of Maria's little hands and placed it on her breast. Maria gazed at them for a moment or two and then reached out her other hand as she dropped her head to Mary's breasts and began to kiss, lick and bite at them. Fred gulped and took a deep breath as he looked down on Maria, a lovely young maiden so deliciously laid out before him. She slid her hands around Maria's body and cupped her breasts, pointing her hard nipples at Fred's red knob end.

Got It Bad.

first-time agunna 2018-06-30

I was a bit worried cos I have a neighbour whose husband was out in the sea for more than two months now and I know she's horny cos she always calls me at night just to know how my day went, I didn't want to add more to her punishment so I turned her around to the missionary. On her way to the hotel, she asked me to come with her and spend the night, I declined nicely cos I got work to do. Later that night when she got to her hotel, she called me to tell me that she's lodged in and also to tell me how good I was.

Me, my girlfriend and schoolgirls on the train

first-time Devilsdaughter 2018-06-30

Then she got Kim to kneel over me and Alexandra took my cock and eased it into Kim's wet slit.  Kim groaned and was soon riding my cock really heard while I licked Stacey's cunt until both girls came.  Alexandra was kneeling beside me fingering each of the girls' clits while she kissed them and after they had cum again she got them to swap positions so that I could eat Kim and fuck Stacey.  After they had both cum she knelt on the bed and asked the girls if they would like to sit back and play with themselves while they watched me fuck Alexandra in the ass.  Both girls were extremely excited by the idea and Kim said that although she had seen it in a porn movie she was so turned on by being so close to it being done in front of her and Stacey agreed.

strange meeting

first-time 2018-06-30

Watching her walk, those legs so sexy, those hips moving just right. "Oh yes." "Faster" "oh right there, don't stop." SHe clamps her thighs around his head and shudders, shaking, she moans "ohhh yessssssssssss, that's a good boy, oh yess, such a good boy" as her pussy floods his mouth, gushing, locked between her thighs he tastes, drinks, sucks as much as he can. She moves up, kissing his stomach, his chest, taking a nipple in her mouth and niibling on it, biting it as she moves against his body and cock. Biting him, pulling on his nipples She looks in his eyes "You like that don't you, my tight pussy squeezing that cock"..

My Indian Mother's Romps with Khalid

first-time altaff143 2018-06-30

One in which both were standing naked, Mom’s head raised and her & Khalid’s lips engaged in liplock (as was such a common sight in all videos), Khalid had lowered his head to receive her luscious lips in his mouth, her left breast pressed on his hairy chest, her Mangalsutra was sort of stuck in her right nipple that was erect with excitement, her right forearm, (I describe again) her forearm clad in red green bangles like those of newly wed bride her right hand that was coated with Mehndi was gently massaging his 9” erect circumcised cock.

She Was Ready

first-time Jam58 2018-06-29

Finally, though it felt like it weighed forty pounds, I placed my trembling hand gently upon hers. After what felt like only forty-five minutes this time, I moved by head slowly toward hers. I expected her to close her eyes, but she, like myself, preferred to kiss with her eyes open. Only a few minutes later (I had grown even more confident by now) I removed her shirt and kissed her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and her belly. It was rather encouraging, though, when, with a smile on her face, she moaned, "Matt the Unstoppable Sex Machine!" We made love again just two hours later, and again immediately upon waking up.

First Threesome MMF (Bi)

first-time 2018-06-29

I remember her placing my cum on her tongue, leaning forward and asking me if I wanted a taste. It was then that I admitted to her that I loved the taste of cum and regularily sucked off my friend Mike (see previous stories). When I opened the van door, Kristen already had Mike's cock out of his pants and into his mouth. I loved sucking Mike's cock and I'm sure Kristen could tell by how deep I was able to bring him into my throat. I was sucking Mike's cock for a couple of minutes when Kristen asked if we could try something. Kristen pulled Mike over by the hand and started cleaning off his cock with her mouth.

Bird With a Broken Wing

first-time stonedcrab 2018-06-29

Am I correct in assuming you can't walk, you know, like climb up to the road?" I said. I explained the problem telling him we needed some kind of sled that we could pull up to the road with the girl in it. When we got to the road I told the girl to put her arm around my neck so I could pick her up and get her into Sweetie's place in the truck. We're going to be together for a while so let's accept the fact that some of the time will be intimate like the bathroom thing. After helping her get her things into the car I watched her drive away feeling what was obviously relief that I had escaped a honey trap.

When I was an 18yo boy ... true story

first-time LookieLuke 2018-06-29

When she slowly pulled her legs up onto the chair she gave me a clear glance between her tanned thighs … My young cock was rock hard and almost jumping out of my underpants. “Keep going”, she said “oh yes Alex, just like that, finger my pussy” Meanwhile she rubbed her clit and with her other hand she pushed one of her breasts towards my mouth … “Suck my nipple please” It did not take long before she started to sigh and moan and I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter while her muscles were contracting. She came inside, put on a long coat over that nightshirt and said: “I’ll take you tot he busstop, ok Alex?” We went outisde to get into her car, I saw the gardeners wandering who I was.

Night Nurse

first-time Clansmansco 2018-06-29

Then Helen stroked and slid over my knob until I was ready to burst then she took a tissue and wanked me hard till I came into her other hand. So I sucked her nipple as far as I could into my mouth and tongued as hard as I could then started biting till Helen said that that was enough. Here she washed with two hands, round and round but all the time pushing a little further into my crack till at last her fingers started to rub my arsehole. She didn't say anything and I could feel a hard on coming on so I put my hand round to her pussy and stroked her clit till I felt it harden.

Stella' s Daddy

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-29

this does feel so damned good, sweetie" I moaned as my next spurt landed on the soft patch of fur above her young cunt and began to ooze down onto her busy hand, still moving against her wet slit. I think you will like it." Before I pulled out of my daughter, I slid in and out a few times, enjoying the feel of her sweet, young cunt, knowing that I would really fuck her soon. "Yes, daddy, I like doing this, and I can taste my pussy on you too." My daughter reached around my cock with own small hand and stroked it as she slid me in and out of her mouth.

cu matusa la munte

first-time pleyer24 2018-06-29

Prima zi a trecut normal,pana seara cand eram in camera cu Florina care imi zice ca se duce sa faca un dus. Cand eram in cabina de dus si imi frecam energic pula ,m-am trezit cu matusa in baie ca mi-a adus hainele. Cand am auzit asta si la gandul ca matusa este dezbracata in pat langa mine ,mi s-a sculat imediat pula. Nu am raspuns nimic,am incercat sa ma fac ca dorm sa pot sa o ating usor pe florina cu scuza ca "e din greseala",dar matusa mi-a zis: Mi-am facut si eu curaj si am inceput sa-i ating sanii ,iar dupa putin timp pizda,moment in care am observat ca era uda.