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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lovely Looking Leah Learns Love #2

first-time petdyke 2018-06-29

Young teen girls like Leah are at an indecisive time in their lives, going from playing with dolls to discovering their doll power, to trying the experience of testing out their new found sexual urges. Pete smiles as he sees Leah slowly turn back, to lay on her back, while her hands slide under her cover. Leah looks so sexy, lovely legs wide spread, bare to the bone, as peeping Pete. "You can lay awake all night by excitement of feeling my mighty member, if you like, Lee. You can't come again though or I will stop to teach you, if you can't be obedient to me!" It feels so fine, I think I'll day-dream all night now!", laughs Leah love.

Summer of 63 Part 3

first-time packy87 2018-06-29

She stops sucking and says that I have to control myself to be able to cum when I want to when I am making love to a woman. The woman walks up close and asks my aunt if it grows bigger as she gently touches my cock. I feel the wetness of her pussy and don’t know what to do but rub that stop like I did with my aunt. I start and now I am feeling like I have to cum when my aunt says not now. We enter the apartment and my aunt goes in to the bedroom and puts the stuff away and comes out with this silky jock strap and tells me to strip and put it on.

Granted Ch. 03

first-time jallen944 2018-06-29

Jon nodded and was mouthing words Grant couldn’t make out, like he was trying to tell him something. “Do it like this and make his spit come out,” Jon said, pumping his fist in the air. “I just wanna feel what it’s like,” Grant said. Grant and Jon each got a couple of hot dogs on buns and sat in the family room to play video games and eat. “It would be hard to suck Grant’s dick,” Jon said. “That’s pretty big, don’t you think?” Ben said with a smug grin. His eyes brightened and it looked as if he was smiling, but it was hard to tell with his mouth stretched around his dick and his cheeks puffing out as they filled with cum, just as Loren’s did.

Eighteen Today

first-time Ashson 2018-06-29

Nodding to the note as Erica tucked it away Peter asked her, "Want to play multiply with that?" Bra gone, Erica turned to face Peter, shoulders back and throwing her breasts forward, smiling happily. "They're every bit as beautiful as I imagined." He reached into his pocked for the waiting fifty and passed it to her, hand accidently moving on to caress her breast lightly while she put the money away. Erica felt the gentle touch, and also felt little feathers of excitement run through her, starting where Peter's fingers brushed her. Peter felt Erica give a little wiggle of her bottom against his hand, but couldn't be sure if it was deliberate or just a reflex.

Love me; Milked me Out. The Naughty Daddy Strap-On

first-time vsd 2018-06-29

When I entered the spa, I introduced myself to the receptionist, told her that I had a room reserved, however, she was surprised because the room was being occupied by an oil massage service, and she asked me how I would like to be served with handing me a menu. As a virgin for this kind of b2b service I started to feel good, I closed my eyes facing down and felt my body enjoyed in pleasure she provided for only me in this nearly dark room. Bow pasted my perineum and my ass more with a kind of lube and told me for the PM service would be served shortly, I…..moaned after she started finger-fuck me with her glove on while the other hand still busy kept constantly massaging my hard on and my balls.

FIrst time with a man

first-time sixjoker9 2018-06-29

I just looked back at his face and after what felt like forever I felt his hand slide across my jeans and start rubbing my leg. I started rubbing his back and before I knew it I was sliding my hands into this shorts. Steve guided my hand to his cock, and he rubbed it gently on my face. I could see Steve had a huge grin as i licked his cock, and then I opened my mouth just a little and he started sliding it in. I just laid there, our cum mixed together and our bodies entangled, and then Steve started licking and kissing my face.

Losing It Ch. 1

first-time MathGirl 2018-06-29

Even though John seemed to be looking right at my pussy, I wasn't even too shy about that long, legs-open step down into the tub. John told me to hold still and not make waves, and he reached back to pull the little lever and let some water out. His tongue explored a little inside me, then he stopped for a moment to tell me how much he liked the taste and feel of my pussy. Herman was starting to throb between us when John broke our kiss and whispered into my ear, 'Are you absolutely, positively, a hundred percent sure that you don't want to be a virgin anymore, Sweetheart?'

The Teacher Learns a Lesson

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-06-29

"Now, for a proper welcome to Harrisville, Adam, follow me," and I follow this lovely creature down the hall as she reaches behind her to pull up the back of her skirt revealing two of the most beautiful half-globes imaginable. "Oh, Adam, I'm going to love getting to know you better, lots better," and she pulls the covers back and lays down, her legs parted just enough to hint at things to come. So, on went our robes and we went back inside her house to her bedroom where we stood kissing all nice and naked, she, again, fondling my cock which was, yes, getting hard again.

The Waitress Who Couldn't Wait

first-time noisymother 2018-06-29

She wound her hands through his thick black hair and held his head tightly, prolonging their kiss. She sat back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, wriggling on his lap somewhat, enjoying the growing bulge she felt beneath her. He smiled as she kissed his shoulders and his neck and closed his eyes in pleasure; opening them suddenly when he no longer felt her weight on him. As much as she would have liked to introduce the boy and his beautiful cock to the delights of a good sucking – she didn't think he would last much longer. She looked deep into the boy's dark eyes; almost all pupil in his heightened state of arousal.

Fashion Man Ch. 03

first-time WickedDrX 2018-06-29

I could feel the beginning of her orgasm in the insistent way she pulled at my head, in the fluttering of her vagina, the thrust of her hips, the moans that seemed to come from deep inside her begging for just a little more. You know me, never one to turn down a reasonable request from a woman in heat, so I thrust my hips forward and sank deep into Anna's quivering pussy, rocking forward as our hips ground together, putting pressure on her hard little clitoris, rubbing the little bud of lust, feeling her shudder, feeling her cunt contract inside squeezing my cock to within an inch of it's happy life.

A Beautiful Butt

first-time scary_mary 2018-06-29

Arthur kept his eyes firmly on the opening of the blouse and didn't look up while he said "Not just yet, thanks Amanda. Arthur came out of the shower with the towel around his middle and his long hair wet and clumped over his face. Arthur looked embarrassed and turned his back on Amanda while he changed towels. During the next hug, Amanda slid her hands down Arthur's back and under his towel. Amanda had another feel of Arthur's penis and said "It seems so big, do you think it will fit?" Arthur gave her a kiss and said "I must be off now Amanda." Thanks for a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas, Baby

first-time Exakta66 2018-06-29

I had taken the summer off and on a visit to the Flemington Fair in New Jersey to visit with my former co-workers, I had met a very pretty girl named Cindy. Cindy became the best thing that ever happened to this young man and I wanted to make the most of my time with her that summer. My communication with Cindy was limited to phone calls every other week and letter writing on a fairly frequent basis. When the time came for me to drive to the Christmas gathering over Cindy's parent's place, I was fortunate enough to once again borrow my mother's car. I looked at Cindy's big brown eyes as I spoke those words softly to her.


first-time evil evil man 2018-06-29

Sara stood at the locker room door with her legs crossed, her arms behind her back, and that innocent little school girl's smile on her face that drove him wild. Sara reached around to grab his muscular ass as she began to suck his baby making juice out of him. When he was finished shooting his load she slowly let his penis fall out of her mouth, looked up at him, and gave a small smile as she licked her lips. Sara could feel her hard nipples brush across his chest as his body moved along hers. Then the climax came and Sara's cunt started cumming onto a cock for the first time in her life.


Anty and Uncle Part 1

first-time 2018-06-29

All of my friends were left behind and so my parents worked out a deal whereby I could stay with aunt Peggy and uncle Robert for two or three weeks over the summer holidays to spend some time with my frends. Aunt Peggy was 49 at the time and uncle Robert was a little older at 56. Peggy took my hand and asked again, more gently this time, if I was a virgin. I was still, despite the passion overtaking me, a little to shy to take the lead and so Peggy directed my hands over her body eventually leaving one parked on one of her round ass cheeks whil the other was under her skirt on one of her beautiful strong thighs.

A weekend up north ( part 1 )

first-time old-wanker 2018-06-29

" White no sugar please " I called back, as I accepted a cigarette that Helen was offering me, as she leant towards MSI couldn't do anything but admire her beautiful cleavage, feeling like a naughty schoolboy I dragged my eyes away from her and glanced towards the patio doors that led into the back garden only to see Paddy, a fucking big Alsatian, staring back at me. Paddy lay on the carpet at their feet, for myself I felt like a fish out of water, as though I was intruding on this couples life, and wondered why Karen never wore a skirt or dress, never kissed me with that look of love in her eyes never wore anything revealing or even remotely sexy.

A craving for cock pt2

first-time vtevte 2018-06-29

Toni could feel herself getting turned on by this monster of a man. Toni opened her mouth wide and felt him push his engorged flesh between her lips. She attacked his cock with her mouth, sucking hard and swirling her tongue around his swollen crown. His large hands covered the naked spheres of her ass guiding her as she repeatedly impaled herself on his monstrous cock. His cock plunged deep inside her pussy over and over, slamming her up against the car on each thrust. His huge cock continued to hammer deep into her cunt. She was weak and barely able to stand when he finally pulled his monster cock from her twitching pussy. He continued to slam his cock between her lips, going faster and faster.

sex with a friend

first-time machofucker 2018-06-29

after 2 months again sumit told her the same thing, and this time i thought if my gf want to help her frnd out she is free to do so. i talked with richa that u should do sex once with sumit so his dream would cme true and as a gud frnds these thing doesnt matter. now they both were in cab n talking after a few minutes sumit hold her hand, richa was feeling uncomfortable but she then thought not behave like this, sooner sumit cam near to her n kissed on her cheeks now she was whole wet she asked him did u brought the condom he replied yes. sumit was holding her hand v tight n slowly richa pulled of his pant down n started touching his dick.

Danny Ch. 04

first-time Just Plain Bob 2018-06-29

I was going to let Claudia set the pace since she was, in spite of what had been said at the Friday night meeting with Pauline, uncharted territory. During the time Pauline was home she constantly talked about where we would live when we got married, how many children we were going to have and things like that. There was one benefit from my parent's separation - though I would have gladly forgone it if mom and dad would have stayed together - and that was I had a place where Claudia and I (and Pauline when she came to town) could spend full nights together and wake up warm and cuddly in the morning.

Coppernicous Pt. 04

first-time SonofCallicious 2018-06-29

They all liked to think they were mature, grown-up young women who could handle anything, but you would be surprised at the number of times I would have a young lady sitting with me on my couch in the office, crying her eyes out, needing some "Daddy" time. I understand, Lynn." I wanted to reach out to her to comfort her, but I wasn't sure how she would react to being touched by a man at this point, so I kept to my end of the couch. I waited until Lynn had gone through the house toward her room and then I went upstairs and knocked on Coach Thorson's door.

One of Two Ch. 01

first-time strickland83 2018-06-29

Who was dating whom, what we were going to do after graduation, when we would each have that magical eighteenth birthday (mine in September right after school starts, hers a few weeks later), movies, songs, things that would turn out later to be unimportant but seemed to be so important to us at the time. Nancy fit right in with the group of friends Carly and I shared. When I couldn't be with Carly, I was usually talking to Nancy. On the other hand, I was in love with Carly and didn't want to break up with her to pursue Nancy. Carly surprised me when she said, "What are you thinking so hard about?" with her usual cheerful smile.

total desire

first-time pantyraider99 2018-06-29

A night of watching a heavy metal cartoon after a extremely fancy dinner can lead to only one simple desire. I want to smell the scent of your panty soup that you have been cooking up. It's not hard to get your juices flowwing. A little suckle on your nipples, a little finger slip under you tight frilly turquoise panties.....MMMMmmmmm........ Hey baby I can smell you from here. Maybe you won't mind me coming over there and dropping my shaft into your lazy mouth. That's right it's time for a workout !! Oooh thanks baby didn't spill a drop. Thank god I'll wake up beside you.

Country Lovers

first-time lurkingdirk 2018-06-29

Beth, being so much more organized and intelligent than I am, asked me one day, "So do you think we should go together to the barn dance at the end of the year? I hadn't thought about going with someone, I was just gonna show up." But now that she mentioned it, I started noticing that Beth was shaped differently than her older sisters. "Yeah, I figured," she said, "but this year sounds like most everyone is going as a couple. I promise I won't look like a troll." She said, laughing. More time passed, and I started noticing that Beth was, indeed, a good looking woman. She pulled off me, and said, "don't, well, you know, don't do it in my mouth, okay?"

Halloween party II

first-time 1120scott 2018-06-29

Taking a deep breath and a big drink of the beer, I said ok and moved my hand. I was enjoying the attention my dick was getting, when I felt another hand on my leg. I didn't care, I watched her close her lips around my dick and slid her head up and down it. Steve stroked my dick and said should we give him a treat,Tammie. Steve stroked my dick as Tammie held my head still and rocked her hips. I started getting a funny feeling in my groin as Steve stroked me. Steve stroked my dick faster as my balls emptied all over us. Steve handed me my underwear and said happy Halloween


first-time deliciouslytanned 2018-06-29

Your eyes travel up and down, scouting the regions your lips and your hands and your tongue want to traverse. I don't know how long you can wait before you push inside me. Shit, how am I supposed to think when your fingers feel so damn good inside me? I don't know if I can stop at just finger-fucking you." I always knew you wanted me, but to hear you say it out loud, while your lips are on my skin, your fingers inside me, your cock hard for me, it sends me over the edge. "You know, I didn't come here so you could stop at finger-fucking me." I look into your eyes, "So would you like to finally fuck me, after all these years?"