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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best friends become more than best friends

first-time kornslayer1 2018-11-20

“Oh shit Amy, I had no idea you could take a dick like that,” Ryan said. “Holy shit Amy, that's so damn good, keep going up and down like that and don't stop,” Ryan said. “Oh shit Amy, I'm gonna blow everywhere now, I can't fucking hold it anymore,” Ryan said. “They maybe small but they are nice, I like them,” Ryan said. Then he gave me another kiss and started thrusting his cock a little faster in and out of my pussy. “I know,” Ryan replied just before he kissed me on the lips. “Just a girlfriend's a few years ago, I don't think you ever met her,” Ryan replied. “I guess so,” Ryan replied just before he kissed me. “I thought you'd never ask,” Ryan replied.

The seduction of Emily

first-time mter100 2018-11-20

A few seconds later Mr. Davis began to caress the rest of Emily's body with his hands. A few minutes later Emily’s body began to tremble as she felt Mr. Davis kiss her on the back of the neck. Mr. Davis quickly ripped open his pants and dropped them to the floor as he pushed his cock into Emily’s mouth. Emily did her best as she held tightly onto the book shelf as she felt Mr. Davis’s cock penetrating deep into her pussy. A few minutes later Emily cried out loudly as she started to cum all over Mr. Davis’s cock. Emily grabbed each of her tits and pushed them tightly together as Mr. Davis pointed his hard cock right them.

My first blowjob

first-time Secraske 2018-11-20

On the way home every night, Jen and I started talking about what was going on with each others relationships during the make out session after band practice. I had reached down with my right hand grabbing hold of her left thigh pulling it up to wrap her leg around me and firmly pushed my hardening erection up against her crotch. “After getting Andrea heated up rubbing on her tits and slowly grinding my cock into her groin I moved my hands to undo her pants then slid one of them inside down underneath her panties to her moist virgin pussy. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that she was going to ask me, but my thoughts quickly turned to the painful sensation starting to arise in my balls.

Lady's Choice

first-time Tashtego 2018-11-20

I didn’t know how I felt about not being completely hard like Mike but I could see that, even in this semi-soft state, my dick was a lot longer than his. Callie stepped away and I saw Jane, Rachel, and Britt running their eyes over my naked body. Callie held her hand out to Mike, who took it and led her to a large sectional sofa a few feet away from us. I didn’t know how that unyielding, massive thing would fit into her silky, narrow entrance but Mike held Callie’s hips and began to press his pelvis forward. I cupped a hand over her vulva, as I had seen Jane do to Rachel, and slid my middle finger into her compliant vagina.

Employee of the Month

first-time candytales 2018-11-20

Karen clearly wanted Ryan’s cock deep inside her but she enjoyed him teasing her a little by rubbing the tip over every part of her tender pussy flesh as she waited expectantly for the imminent stab of pleasure. Soon they were in perfect harmony and every time they thrust together Ryan’s pelvis collided with her sensitive clit as he buried his long thick cock deep inside the warm wet tunnel of her luscious vagina. I immediately started masturbating hard in the expectation that I would enjoy a simultaneous orgasm with Ryan when Karen said the magic words, "I want it in my mouth." I’m quite vocal when I cum and for the first time since it all started Ryan and Karen glanced in my direction as I enjoyed my self-induced ecstasy.

First time with the school slut

first-time Sexpertteen18 2018-11-20

He said not too good but he's starting to perk up a bit. He then asked me about my break up with Jake, and I told him I was getting through it. We kept chatting on our phones and I finally asked him if he wanted to get together after school. I was telling him how I had a lot of sex with guys and I noticed that as I was driving, he started to get a little hard. He kinda jolted a little bit trying to hide his excitement the best he could. He started to drive a little erratically while I was sucking his dick. He then asked if I wanted to go into his room but I was too into his dick that I didnt say a word.


My first Pussy-sort of...

first-time mahuluvr 2018-11-20

I really didn’t know what to do with them, but eventually I pushed them together to where they were almost touching and started sucking them at the same time. Well, right now they were somewhere between the pain and agony of trying to get my dick into a hot, wet, waiting pussy and me not knowing how to put it in there. She started really going fast and the bottom of my teeth were biting into the bottom of my tongue but I just let her do her thing as she had a death grip on my head and my face was not going anywhere.

I was invited to watch Tim fuck my wife's ass

first-time woreout 2018-11-20

I said hey to Tim as I handed my wife her drink. I sat in a regular chair on the other side of my wife from Tim. She turned to face him laying on her side. From behind her I watched as Tim got a perfect view of my wife's thin tight body , her perky tits never need a bra and since they are as tanned as the rest of her body they look fantastic. Then my wife and Tim stood up she took his hand and looking over her left shoulder she said " you want to watch Tim fuck my ass"? I went to the bathroom to get it and when I got back to them Tim had his erection laying on top of my wife's up turned ass.

Syl's First Girl-Love

first-time SylviaK 2018-11-20

We stood up, got our cover-ups out of our bags, slipped them on over our shoulders covering our bikinis, put our beach towels in our bags, picked up our bags and began the long walk to the car. Twenty minutes later, when we arrived near the car we walked into the campground, went into a similar 'family' restroom, locked the door, and prepared to put our tops back on, before driving home. It was an arousing fantasy and my nipples began to swell and, like Bev's, poke forward into the fabric of my cover-up. Bev jumped up, her breasts almost bouncing out of her bikini, "Sure, Syl. Let's go!" And she grabbed her towel and bag, and smiled impatiently at me.


Magic Part 2

first-time Kandikiss51 2018-11-20

Yes, you find yourself hungering to feel your nipples between my lips being teased with my tongue...your body is alive with want...desiring to feel the warmth of my naked body next to yours...wanting to feel the hardness of my cock pressed against you and delighting in the heat it radiates on to your skin. I move my fingers across my clit then pinch it hard and hear you utter, "Cum for me Kandie, Let me feel your pussy milk my wanting cock of all its juices!" I move my fingers across my clit then pinch it hard and hear you utter, "Cum for me Kandie, Let me feel your pussy milk my wanting cock of all its juices!"

The School For Scandal: Part 3

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-20

Her mouth opened, and my helmet disappeared, slowly, her teeth grazing over the sensitive flesh, locking me inside as her tongue swirled all around my swollen head. Somewhat reluctantly, she let my other testicle slide from between her lips, clamping back on my cock head, stroking vigorously as her tongue tickled me. Her thighs released my head, her hands let go of my hair, and I looked up, past the orange pillow of hair, past her heaving breasts, and onto her face, the rictus of cumming so fiercely leaving her, replaced by a peaceful beauty. I began to wonder if it was going to stop, when she suddenly stiffened herself, crying out as her cunt clamped onto my cock, milking the last drops of my essence.

Olivia & Alex - Chapter 6

first-time MelodyRae 2018-11-20

Alex looked like he wanted to drop to the ground and worship at her feet, but she felt the same way about him. Via fumbled with the buttons on Alex’s shirt as Alex pulled down the straps of her dress in order to cover her shoulders with warm kisses. Alex felt the change in Via. He lightly kissed her lips while still working her with his fingers. After hearing her beg for mercy, Alex slowly withdrew his finger and slid up Via’s trembling body. Alex crashed his lips into Via’s as he kept slowly pushing into her tight, virgin cunt. Alex snaked his hand between their bodies and began softy rubbing Via’s throbbing clit. With a quick loving kiss, Via looked Alex in the eye.

Brian's Shannon

first-time Ella 2018-11-20

I had the sudden impulse to cover myself with my hands, but Bob reached out and grabbed the ball and then extended his other hand and said, “Hi, I’m Bob, your neighbor!” This caught me off guard and not wanting to be rude, I shook his hand, allowing the group to get a second look at my total nudity as my hand pulled away from covering my breast and abdomen. However, Dave and Brian were both intent on climaxing inside me again as the neighbors watched me being double penetrated by my husband and some other man. Brian had hid along the wall behind a bush and watched this man and Bob penetrate Mary in all kinds of positions for about two hours inside their pool.

Court is Dismissed

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-20

How, she didn’t know for sure but she knew if she told one of those deputies, and he found out, she’d be let inside so she could speak with him. She quietly replied and told him she lately began coming to watch him in his cases, which stumped him a little, but he liked it. He told her Sandra had decided to stop by seeing as what she said, she saw his car, and thought she’d stop in. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror as her hands felt her body up and down as she privately smiled at her image. She didn’t know how to answer and so without asking David turned and pushed back part of the robe off her shoulder.

Mrs. Hanson

first-time ChuckEPoo 2018-11-20

After helping him get into the car, Jennifer loaded the kids and then asked, “Billy, could you watch our things while we are at the hospital?” After adding the right chemicals and turning on the pumps, I noticed Jennifer was standing in the kitchen window drinking a cup of coffee and watching me. Jennifer said, “It will be time for you to start your workout in a couple hours.” I had told my mom I was spending the night with my friend Tom. Little did I know at the time, that simple lie would complicate things. Jennifer smiled and said, “Billy promised me surf lessons if I gave him dance lessons.

Down On The Farm

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-20

Billy smiled and took the basket, setting it down by his seat and then helping Tammy climb up onto the tractor. Tammy popped his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him smiling, "Well we cain't have thet, now kin we?" Tammy said. I need thet big ol' cock in my pussy," Tammy said, lustfully. Billy moved slowly at first knowing that she was sore - the last thing he ever wanted to to do Tammy was hurt her. Billy knew from their makeout games that Tammy's breasts were sensitive and now that he could see them in all their splendor, he was more than happy to give them all the attention they wanted.

Anne Makes the Grade

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-11-20

“It looks like your only chance to make that happen is with Mike the Geek,” said Jessica continuing their conversation started at the locker. All that talk about tongues and lips on cocks and pussies made her horny and now she could feel her panties getting damp; worse still they were creeping up the crack of her ass. Anne could feel the hairs on the back of his hand tickling her belly sending shivers up and down her body finally settling deep between her legs. Anne smoothed her skirt and moved into the kitchen and started putting away the groceries as her Mom chatted with Mike. Mike looked down and saw that Anne’s shirt gaped open and her breasts were exposed almost completely.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 13 - Final Chapter of the Series

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-20

I reached up, sliding my hand between my neighbor’s stomach and his cock, lifting it upwards, allowing my tongue to reach the tip. “Does Drew’s cock feel good in your ass, baby?” my neighbor, asked looking down at me. It was getting harder and harder to keep my neighbor’s cock in my mouth with Drew smacking against my ass and pushing me forward. As the spurting stopped, Drew fell backwards, his cock popping out of my ass so quickly, it sent my body into shock for a moment. “Your chick is kick ass,” Drew said, looking at my neighbor. “I don’t know, I just wanted to try it, and you seem like you might be down to give it a shot,” Drew said, looking at me.

Losing My Virginity In Two Parts (Part 1)

first-time krystalkelley 2018-11-20

I officially lost my virginity after a prom, probably like many other girls that night. The second time a few months later was with the guy I wish had been my first. “We'd have time after the prom is over and I'd make sure to get you home by midnight.” As he drove me home in his Mustang that night, I was sure that we wouldn't be having sex prom night. I felt like he knew what I was going to do upstairs in the hotel room. It felt like any other hotel bed. Three months later when I had sex the second time, I was ready, willing and maybe even craving it.

Swim Coach (chapter 5)

first-time MindSparks 2018-11-20

I had no idea why I’d come beyond wanting to talk to Matt, or maybe just to see him. As I left the Bodega and began to walk back towards Matt’s place I reconsidered what I was doing and decided that showing up on Matt’s doorstep, unannounced, wasn’t the best idea I’d had. I walked over and congratulated the swimmer as well, trying to act cool around Matt though I felt nothing like cool. When it finally came time for my big race I was really nervous, but still in control and brimming with energy. I look at Matt, then Beth, then Sally, and then the blood decides that my brain has had enough of it and completely leaves my head.

Teaching the Neighbor

first-time Crossfire307 2018-11-20

When Leah went back to work after her maternity leave, Shellie would pick Lynn up everyday from the day care and would keep her until Daniel or Leah got off work. I kissed Shellie on the lips, and Lynn on the cheek as they went out the door. Just like the time before, Shellie made a point to be loud enough for Lynn to hear us. The bra made her 34B breasts look bigger, the panties were barely enough to conceal her plump lips, and the stockings were like a second skin over her toned legs. Lynn moved closer, I saw her eyes shift to Shellie as if she was asking permission to continue.

Our first time pleasure

first-time potnox35 2018-11-20

I remember being so turned on when you let me lick you that first time, and then I heard you coming as I licked you more. I remember your tongue licking my head, slowly, deeply in your mouth. I just wanted you to take me in your mouth so much, and then I remember trying not to come with your breath against me. I remember wanting to sink my tongue so deep inside you, to hear you groaning, to hear you coming as I licked you harder and harder. I remember tasting you so beautifully, my tongue sliding lightly against you, making you sigh while you let slip your little groans.


The Geography Fieldtrip - Part Two

first-time Arcane 2018-11-20

Anyway, that means you have to share with Lauren tonight; I hope you don’t mind,’ said Adam, clearly no giving a toss whether or not Ian minded. Ian used his index finger to run up and down Lauren’s soaking pussy lips, gliding with ease and lubricated from her juices. Ian licked from the bottom of her pussy lips right to the top, and back down again; passing over Lauren’s clit. Lauren’s pussy got sharper and she placed her hands behind Ian’s head, forcing him in further into her groin. He thrust his body forwards; his cock slowly gliding into Lauren’s soaking pussy. Ian fucked Lauren at a steady pace, slamming his cock into her pussy and making a satisfying slapping sound.

great friend to great lover

first-time notathonrlessrose 2018-11-20

When I finally got tired of him, I became, again, preoccupied; with Caden's best friend, Ron. The three months I spent with him were the months in which I lost my innocence. So I was thoroughly shocked the night that he pressed his lips hard to mine and began to explore my mouth with his tongue. I wanted to feel him teasing me and taunting me with playful fingers slowly building me up to orgasm. With his lips hard against mine, I felt his hand sliding slowly down my body. Not long into this, there was a pressure inside my vagina as 2 of his fingers penetrated me, moving in and out with the rythym of his tongue on my clit.