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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

my girlfriend wants to see to men go all the way

first-time cindyusa58 2018-06-29

Mary continues with no sign of embarrassment in her voice, "Carl told me about you sucking his cock, and it got me so excited I had to see for me. Mary watches me licking, sucking, kissing, his cock while Carl starts fucking my mouth. Mary was standing in a position where she can sees everything happening, me sucking Carl's cock and Carla finger fucking my ass. He was heavy but not too heavy; his mouth was near my ear; I felt his breath, heard his exhaustion as Carl whispers, "Wow Roger; you have a tight ass, and was a hot fuck." Mary sat back in the chair; I looked at her; I had a smile on my face, and so did she.

Hockey Camp Ch. 02

first-time jallen944 2018-06-29

Some of the guys from Ethan's camp joined some of the girls and danced. Ethan tried to stay hidden among a group of guys, hoping someone wouldn't make him dance with one of the girls. Angie seemed to know her way around without lights, so Ethan let her lead. Ethan wanted to touch her breast, but he didn't know how. "What?" Ethan said, although he realized she might have meant like how a penis was supposed to go in. Ethan was horrified by the thought that she would tell other girls about his penis, but he kept his mouth shut because he was more afraid she would stop rubbing him if he said anything.

87% huge

Kung Pao

first-time Chance_Lit 2018-06-29

She thought about what it would be like, having those hands gripping her breasts as she rode him, fucking him, bouncing up and down on his cock in a frenzy, as he twisted her hair in his hands, pulling her head back… He nearly gasped to see the lovely, gentle waitress naked and writhing on bags of rice, with her legs open, her hair flowing, one hand pinching her nipple, and fucking herself, shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy. Taking a nipple gently between his teeth, he sucked her breast, her cunt making sloshing noises as he fucked her with his fingers. Shaking, Jack pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy, grabbed her hips roughly, and pushed his dick as slowly as he could into her opening.

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-29

A big drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the tiny hole of my dick providing all the answer either girl needed to Penny's question. My thoughts then had been on Anna touching me like this, but the added stimulation of Penny's hand now stroking me was almost too much to handle. The sucking and gagging sounds coming from Penny's mouth were incredibly erotic as were the kneading and tongue licks Anna gave my saliva-soaked testicles. Anna watched too as Penny swallowed again then licked her lips clean of the little drops. She not only kissed her, but Penny's tongue invaded Anna's mouth as if she was trying to pass some of the cum and taste.

The Boss over for Dinner

first-time bibob42 2018-06-29

There was nice soft music playing when Jim asked Carol to dance, he took her in his arms and all 6ft- 3ins of him towered over Carols 5ft-4ins her head coming somewhere around his neck as she snuggled into him and started to kiss it, he in turn started to grind his penis into her belly button, he smiled over at me as I gave him the thumbs up, he slid one of the straps of her shoulder, bared her left breast and stooping to take a nipple into his mouth, He got off to a good start as Carol loves having her teats sucked and really gets turned on, the other strap soon followed and her dress slid from her fantastic body to the floor, by now the dancing had stopped and Carol now wearing a very shear pair of panties was busy undoing Jim's pants which joined her dress on the floor, she gasped as her hand went into his boxers and pulled out a huge prick I guessed to be at least 9in long, I could not believe how small my wife's hand looked around my Bosses cock which seemed to grow even more before my eyes.

Maus Learns to Roar

first-time XXscribbler 2018-06-29

His cock was still solidly erect, glistening with her secretions and the oil: in the last few minutes it had been far up inside both her pussy and ass, so deeply into her bottom that she had actually been aware of a second sphincter being massaged, loosened, opened, penetrated. With his arms and legs wrapped tightly around her, they had -together, as co-conspirators- used her butt to their combined pleasure: half-way to his own first orgasm he'd put the vibrator into her hand, placed it alongside her clit, turned it on. Over their coffees he said, into a long pause in a conversation about her moving complexities, "So, Madam, off you go back to Europe, depriving me of one of my favorite fantasy-bodies!"

F**ly Business: P**nography

first-time seityn 2018-06-29

When I was in position, he took my other hand, put it to my mouth, and told me to lick my middle finger, making sure to get it nice and wet. He then moved to her breasts, fondling with his hands, s*king on her nipples, and licking all over them, while she ran her fingers through his hair and said yes a lot. I got up, went over to my f***r, gave him a big hug, and said “Thank you, d***y, I love you and m*m.”, “You're the best p***nts anyone could ever have.” “And...umm...if you want...umm...” my *ss was twitching like mad. I continued to be d***y's little sissy c*k slut for years to come, hell I still am, but I also started s*king off some of the boys at school.

The Day That Never Was

first-time Smashedpsyche 2018-06-29

Elle couldn't be sure if it was the cold air or something else that made the hairs on her neck tingle, nor could Damien understand why he was feeling flushed despite the air conditioning being turned on at full blast. When they broke the kiss, Elle looked into Damien's eyes and saw for the first time, a burning passion and desire that she had never seen before. As the two friends smiled at each other, Damien sucked gently on Elle's neck, licking her chest and firm breasts, and his mouth settled on her nipples. Shocks of pleasure coursed through his body as Elle sucked hard on the head and licked it from top to bottom like a lollipop.


my best friend

first-time ololol2020 2018-06-29

On our way home Mike asks me: "Jason, do you wanna to come and do a sl**pover?" I thought about it for a sec and I answered "sure". After 15 minutes of playing my friend suddenly says: "Jason can I tell you something that bother me for a long time?" I was shocked cause I thought that we don't keep secrets from each other. "I know" he said "never mind, here is a blanket and a pillow go sl**p on the couch." I took the blanket and the pillow and went downstairs. "you don't know how many time I fantasized about your cock" he said. I took a condom and put it on my HARDER THEN EVER cock and started fucking him.


first-time Jay321 2018-06-28

After a minute of working with it, the egg pushed past the opening and slid inside her. The next thing that Mandy did was to pull the hem of the gown up to her waist, she popped the button on the skirt, slid the skirt down her legs, and stepped out of it. It only took a minute before her second orgasm of the night, of her life, tensed her body, she could feel her muscles in her vagina squeeze like they should be milking something. The vibration stopped, and the finger pushed inside her again, this time fishing out the egg. He stood and she could feel his cock, yes she thought of it as a cock this time, pushed right against her opening.

First time with a guy

first-time dlcalguy 2018-06-28

They took the available seats at the bar, which put them on either side of us and Dave went into deep conversation with Paul, leaving me with Mick to talk to. Mick's mouth on mine took on more urgency and he grasped my hard cock and started stroking. I felt my cock entering Mick's mouth and opened my lips for his to enter mine. The frantic kissing had made my lips puffy and sensitive and wet and Mick's cock felt so nice in my mouth. He held me tight as he came and his face rubbed against my own cock and his hands caressed my ass.

Creole Nigga...Chocolate Bottom

first-time faggyboi 2018-06-28

Specifically it said, 'I wanna see if that boipussy is what everybody says it is.' Xan wrote back telling the guy that he was free tonight.The medical researcher sat down his bag and logged onto his laptop. Xan went back to work eager to head out soon. Xan had spent time douching out. Xan led his guest to the master bedroom. Red admired the body of his host, He undressed on the way as he studied Xan's bubble Red was horny and wanted to fuck. Then Red pushed his meat in Xan's pussy hole. Xan blew a kiss at Red. Red's nine inch yellow dick was impaling Xan. "Fuck my faggot ass, daddy," Xan cried.

Hidden Benefits Of Life Modeling

first-time live987 2018-06-28

"Well" Sandy said with a smile "I look forward to seeing some of your work later on." She then excused herself, saying she was going to change into her robe and prepare for the class. "We're examining and drawing the female form tonight" Barb continued "You'll notice, Sandy has lots of nice curves, and the lighting in the room will cast some lovely shades and contrast her skin tone..." Fully dressed again, Sandy was standing in front of me and it looked like she was trying her hardest not to smirk as she looked over my 'drawings'. "Now, in here is the stuff you would have seen in your school diagrams." Sandy had taken both hands and pulled open her hair-covered pussy lips, exposing a glistening pink wet hole inside.

Christina's first (and maybe last)

first-time andrea0817 2018-06-28

She did this by trying to lighten things up a bit by asking "Care to try in your present?" Rick laughed, leaned back, Christine was topless by this time, he took in her totality and searched for the right words "You're.........perfect. She was awash in self doubt entertaining odd thoughts like 'Was my crotch pretty enough?" "Do my boobs look good?" "Does my smile hide the fact I'm terrified right now?" As she disrobed slowly, Rick said the right words, mainly the same words as before: "Christina, you are beautiful and perfect and mine." She locked dead on to his eyes with her hands on his rock hard pecs and told him with pride and her big toothy smile "I'm not a virgin anymore!!" To this day she remembers his words "Me neither Tina and I think I just fell in love with you.".

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 08

first-time jacktar48 2018-06-28

"And even if I tried to peek, which I didn't, I couldn't see anything with your head in the way." After more cautious licking, she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in, moving her hand up and down, trying to jerk me off into her mouth. I held her pert ass in my hands, guiding her as she slid back and forth along my straining rod, feeling my cock head bump her clit with each stroke. That was the most exciting thing I have ever done." I licked the come off her throat, continuing down to clean up her breasts and belly, finally pulling her hips up to my face for a thorough tongue bath.

My yesterday unexpected experience with my roommat

first-time HornyPat93 2018-06-28

You know touching myself and when i got really hard in there i putted my cock in my right hand and started the real fun :) Suddenly i didn't know even when my roommate came back from work - i didn't hear her coming. I was still feeling very ashamed but she came closer to me and we started to kiss, she was touching my cock - he softened while she walked into the room, but after one minute he was back in the right - hard form ! I was trying my best with the fingers and then i heard "Put your dick in it and fuck me like a slut!" - i slipped my little friend into that amazing hole and started to fuck her, i was so turned on !

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 06

first-time jallen944 2018-06-28

"I never knew I'd like Italian sausage," Ethan said as he watched her. Carrie tossed her melting ice cream in the water, sat down on the nearest bench, spread her legs, and slowly pulled her skirt up until he could see her white, cotton panties and the wet stain in the crotch. Ethan's head was squeezed between Carrie's thighs and his face was pressed against her belly, almost suffocating him. As the rumbling slowly faded away, echoing in the distance, Carrie released her hold on his head and looked down at him, smiling. "Damn it, Ethan," Carrie snapped, grinding her hips like a stripper. "I'll get some towels for us," Carrie said, and combed her wet, slick hair back on her head with her hands.

Deep sexual fantasy part 2

first-time Caribbean_Freak20 2018-06-28

She reaching for the lube to rub it on my anal and i said "What are you doing" she replied "Didn't you say you want to try taking it anal" and i replied "ohh yea" in my head i was scared out of my mind bcuz its the first time i'l be a bottom. Me sitting on a 5inch white rock hard cock was very painful and she kept telling me "relax, relax we are not going anywhere, take your time" and that's exactly what i did and again it felt good, no better so i started grinding on it and i saw her eyes rolled in her head, she was scr****g my legs.

Jen & Dan's Picnic

first-time jdstar 2018-06-28

Smiling, Jen pulled the shade to her room, and dropped the towel as she began to get ready. As the blindfold dropped from her eyes, Jen gasped to see the beauty of the place Dan had brought her to. As the sun began to set, Dan rose from the blanket and produced several small candles from around the circle, and lit them. Dan began kissing her slowly, once on each eye, on the tip of her nose, lightly on the lips, all the way down her body. "Ohhh thank you, Dan!" He kissed her down there lightly as he pulled away and smiled. Jen kissed Dan goodnight and thanked him for the most wonderful night of her life.

M e and my mates,

first-time Shell4u 2018-06-28

It did not take long for me to shoot my sperm only this time Mike passed me a glass to cum in saying it would stop my sexy outfit getting spoiled, and so I did as asked and emptied me ball's into the glass, then Ben told me he wanted to see me bend over the sofa which was normally the position wear I got my ass creamed only this time thing's changed again.

My wifes Tinas firs glory hole

first-time heresjonas 2018-06-28

I pulled her towards me grinding on her ass and running my hands over her hips as we just stood there looking at this big cock sticking through the wall! I pulled her towards me grinding on her ass and running my hands over her hips as we just stood there looking at this big cock sticking through the wall! At that same moment I looked and saw the guys cock pumping in tinas hand as she rubbed her finger over the head of it. At that same moment I looked and saw the guys cock pumping in tinas hand as she rubbed her finger over the head of it.

At the Hotel

first-time robinoflocksley 2018-06-28

when you feel my hand is trying to access your thong, you spread your legs, lean one of them on the table and pull back the other one to your body...When you feel my fingers on your pubic hair, you begin to moan making sounds of "ooohhhhhhh" and you grab my hand and pull it more downwards to your pussy...I feel the smell of your wet soaking pussy... you feel a lot of pleasure of my hands and lips, but after you come on my fingers once, you want my lips on your wet push me back and turn the chair to me and you spread your legs again..

Amy: My Big Fine Girl

first-time Jay_Lloyd 2018-06-28

Amy may have been a shy, slightly nervous young woman, but she knew what she wanted now all right: she pulled her knees up and her jeans down and off in a surprisingly slinky efficient moment, leaving her now wearing only a tight black thong and a big smile. I stayed naked, and when I got back Amy beamed a huge smile at me and said, "Max you're gorgeous." I just laughed in reply, handed her a beer and joined her on the bed. Amy giggled slightly at this and wriggled her big ass cheeks, but she seemed to like it when I began finger fucking her butt with the one, then two fingers, pulling her ring wider gradually and loosening her up.

I was Nude on a Public Beach

first-time sexyprincessxx 2018-06-28

Mom and dad started taking rest in their room and I went to my room. I entered my room and started to look at my new bikini. After having our dinner, I wished good night to mom and dad and went to my room. Dad wore his shorts under his clothes, Mom put on her bikini under her dress. Dad said, "I am going to walk on the beach." Suddenly dad said, "Eva, I am going out of the water. Mom said looking at me, "Will you mind if I say you to enjoy this day totally nude?" Mom said to dad, "Don't worry! Suddenly mom said, "Honey, you shave your private area!" Suddenly I said, "Dad, I want to go out.