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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her First Time

first-time beccaexposed 2018-06-28

There was a lot she hadn't experienced: anything sexual with a girl - not even a kiss, porn movies, and sex toys. I started off slow & asked her permission to kiss her. Busty blondes, monstrous toys, and lots of oral sex! I stopped kissing her and pulled off her pants and silk panties. I figured that would be the perfect time to surprise her with my huge Realistic Cock toy. It wasn't long before her whole body started to shake and I felt a gush of cum dripping from her pussy. and you have so many more toys I want to try!" But we'll save that story for another time ;)

Sissify Yourself

first-time klammer 2018-06-28

True "girly girls" sort of look like they're floating. You do not want to look like white-trash and wear your favorite over sized t-shirt. If this is your first time being a girly-girl-in-training, try not to use dark colors like black. Because you're a girly girl means you have to wear pink or purple (etc) all the time. Extremely low necklines, too short skirts, belly-bearing tops and revealing clothing can make a girl look like she does not respect her body and herself. Angry girly girls look even cuter when they try to mess with real boys, so propably they would laugh at you. Hang out with lots of girly girls and try to copy things they do like: The catchphrases they say (omigosh!

still can't believe it

first-time messaola 2018-06-28

I try to always focus on my technique so that I improve my times and I very rarely pay attention to who else is swimming unless they re in my way. at some points she would rest at the end of the pool and I would try to make it look as natural as possible that I had just finished another set of my laps before I stopped on the lane next to her.. I kissed her hand gently and said it was all I could do to keep her warm but in turn she offered me her lips and kissed me for a very long first kiss... I kissed her and licked her long and hard inside and out for what turned out to be an endless night of passion, ..

Judith from the North Woods

first-time goinstrong 2018-06-28

Jill asked me if I would be interested in spending some time with someone "my age." I thought, "What the heck - it was just a meeting" and agreed. I was flattered, and Jill indicated Judith wanted to see me again. Judith stuck around for a week, then returned to her little apartment in her little town in the north woods. After Judith got home, she called and asked if I would like to visit for a weekend. We went out for the evening (Friday), having a fine time. At the end of the night, we got back to the apartment - both tired from our "date." Judith suggested we retire, took me by the hand, and led me by the hand to her bedroom.

First Time

first-time boiblue 2018-06-28

and before I could think anything else he was behing me giving me a wrap around and it was delightful although I was feeling very guilty about liking the touch of my male friend for I always thought the only kind of sex was between a man and women after they were married so, I was having trouble getting really hard let alone cumming. These types of thoughts were racing through my mind which kept me from getting hard and cumming even with his delightful warm moist mouth and and tongue licking the under side of my sensitive cock and feeling my ass cheeks with his hands and occasionally stroking my balls.

Little Big Man

first-time bassbelly 2018-06-28

John turned around and ran back to the coach just as fast as he had run before. John reported to the football coach the next day after school. His assistants started the exercises, leading the students through a series of push ups, running in place and all the things football players do when they're learning the game. While the team was practicing, the coach explained to John the basic moves he wanted to see. One day in the cafeteria while sitting at his table in the corner, two of the girls who had been following him around came over and asked if they could sit with him. "We can't run to the sushi joint at lunch time," said Sharon.

First Time With Ex Girl Friend

first-time thekingt3 2018-06-28

she let out a passionate moan and started pulled my face to her it kissed me real hard. She started to fumble with my belt and unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out to started jerking it felt so good never felt like this in my life. I looked at her deep in the eyes and told her that i loved her and she still said it back in for the first time in my life i was truly happy.but didn't have the ending i was hoping for we had many days like that but in the end it didn't work out to many problems but i will always love her, nobody can take her spot.

Losing My Virginity To An In-Law.

first-time thegentleman88 2018-06-28

We both simultaneously realized that the other was turned on and almost like magnets we began to hug each other there in the living room in our underwear with our pants around our ankles bumping our dirty little wet spots together. As I pumped her tight shaking ass full of my hot dick juice, she turned and looked at me with that smile and said. I was nervous at first, thinking that it was going to be awkward or hurt, but then she gracefully slide her finger in and slowly, but f***efully, began to finger fuck my ass hole as she sucked my dick.

Mending A Cable

first-time 2018-06-28

Ted got his bag of tools and components out of his van, then, starting at reception, began to check the computers and cables and got as far as the third room without discovering anything wrong. Long brown wavy hair, almond shaped green-grey eyes, plenty of poise and as he saw from the other side of her desk now, two wondrous bulges pushing at the white blouse beneath the formal suit jacket. She needed space and that push had turned her so that Ted could now see she had her other hand down her panties and was rubbing up and down, in a slightly circular motion. She was moaning quietly and breathing faster and faster, one hand keeping perfect time stroking herself, the other touching, probing, experimenting, bringing obvious joy.

My Best Friend's Mom

first-time gazza325 2018-06-28

I hadn't realised how soft a woman's breasts were; my only previous touches were from slipping a hand inside a tight teenage bra; the feeling I got just caressing those bare globes of flesh was fantastic. She moaned as my eager fingers brushed her naked pussy for the first time, reaching down to push her panties down her thighs allowing me easier passage. She lay back on the bed, pulling my head to her breasts, silently imploring me to take her hard nipple into my mouth, allowing me to explore my first naked woman. She looked up at me, smiling as she saw my eyes close as I felt her cool hand cup my balls, her other hand finally taking hold of my cock, stroking slowly up and down.

My First Time

first-time 2018-06-28

She let my hands wonder. Under the powder blue sweater she wore that October evening, around the lime green bra, unsnapping it as I pass and fondling her breasts, playing with the bright pink nipples of a s*******n year old. I slide her pants down until they are just above her knees, I play with my prize, a golden haired honey pot, my first vagina. I utilize my other hand to undo my own ants, sliding them down as well, releasing my penis as well as every primitive urge gathered in adolescence. My disappointment must show because she suggested something else, all she said was, "Trust me." She takes me in her hand and guides me, requesting that I take it slow.

Between the Trees

first-time princeof_parties 2018-06-28

Just from feeling her body heat, from her hand being so close to his member and her heaving breasts so close to his nipples, he felt himself begin to swell between his legs again. There was so much of him now that she couldn't wrap her hand fully around his penis and so he felt her exploring up and down his large member, pressing her palm into his head, tucking her fingers under his balls. He advanced towards her, his huge member bouncing and leading the way, until he grabbed her hips and pressed the head of his cock to her belly. "Yes, I want you inside me so bad." She reached down and grasped his sensitive member and began rubbing her hand up and down.

Little Missy

first-time Tara_Neale 2018-06-28

A couple of weeks ago when her Nana told her that Matt was coming home for the holidays she had thought she had it all planned out. Nana would die if they saw it like this." Her tiny hand flew to her mouth as she sucked in a deep gasp at her words. But after all those old ladies leave tomorrow you and I are having a nice long talk, then I'm soaking you in Nana's big tub and making love to you properly," he saw her frown. But if you keep petting that little traitor like that, he's not gonna wait for the grand prize." He chuckled as her frown deepened, "Missy, that feels so fucking good that if you keep it up, I'm going to come in your hands."

Katie’s Story - My b*****r Used Me!

first-time mooremike 2018-06-28

Katie opened wide and felt his cock push down her throat. Katie felt the pain fade and then the incredible feeling of a cock pushing and out if her. You will like it before I'm done just like sucking cock and fucking!" He said as he pulled his finger in and out Katie had her eyes roll back in her head as Shane fucked her pussy with his cock and ass with his finger. "That's it fuck that cock and make shoot in that tight ass!" Share said but now he was breathing hard as his own orgasm approached Katie suddenly thought about how she was in control and she reached down and quickly pulled his cock from her ass and slid it deep in her pussy.

After All: Ch. 01

first-time IchTuDirWeh 2018-06-28

I set down my arrows and clothes in a pail on the bank before slipping out of my night skirt and blouse and into the nude. I get down on my knees and grab the washboard I brought with me and start washing away at my socks and supporter. I feel a bit embarrassed being nude in the open like this even though I haven't seen a single human being in months. I bend forward more to get to deeper water for my dresses and blush softly at the breeze lightly brushing against my bare bottom. I have no idea why, but I feel secure with the trees as my camoflauge and soon the thoughts of population fade out of my mind and I continue washing my clothes.

Kissing cousins

first-time badmojo666 2018-06-28

I had my 1st blow job from my cousin Joanne,very sexy,great tits,I was at my grandmas house takin a shower and she walked in when I was getting dry(my cousin) and I had a semi hard on,we both froze,then she said,I've seen you lookin at my boobs,you wanna see them,I said yes,my cock was getting harder by the second,she took off her t shirt and her bra covered tits just bounced,by this time I was fully hard,she giggled and put her hand anround my cock and started to jerk,she was lookin at it the whole time,I was stood still just gasping and moaning,we heard a noise and thought it was our gran coming up the stairs,she stopped and grabbed her shirt and went out the door,leaving me with a throbbing hard on!

Little Black Bikini

first-time fanatasize 2018-06-28

Despite the fact that Sarah was many years younger, she and Christine became great friends and that extended to us spending social time with her and Robert. He k**s were now away at school and Robert seemed to be working longer hours and showed less interest in spending time with Sarah. When Sarah saw the pool, she just turned to me and with a wry smile said, "Well gee, it took you long enough, dumbass." For some reason, I blushed. I quickly wiped my hands on a towel, undid the ties at Sarah's waist, pulled the bikini away and placed it on the table.

The Paperboy

first-time DonnasDream 2018-06-28

Now I want you to kiss this nipple and suck it just like this," I said, as I took his hand off my right tit and sucked on his finger, running my tongue all around the tip. "If you do real good at eating my pussy and sucking my clit, I might let you," I said, as I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom, knowing the whole time that I was going to fuck this young lad's brains out. He was leaning over me, and I took his hard cock in my hand and told him to come down until it touched my pussy lips, but not to put it in yet.

The Librarian

first-time howieshunny 2018-06-28

"I was wondering," I said quietly, "when I was in here earlier, how many people have snuck away here to…" I trailed off watching her eyes widen slightly, "be alone." "Lillith," I said, almost chastising, "Don't you know?" She gave me a perplexed look before my hand slid up to the junction of her thighs, she was wet and scorching. I slid my hands up her hips and pulled the skirt down, helped her step out of it, and then out of her white cotton panties. "Taste," she said, a little harsher now, and slipped her finger in my mouth, and then proceeded to kiss me. I brought my hand down to her wet lips and began to finger her again, while kissing her.


first-time shotguner 2018-06-28

After that Kat has her dress and answers all her questions Janette comes in the door and her eyes lock on Kat bags and all she was holding drops cloths peeled off and naked she steps into Kat's arms begging MISSTRESS PLEASE FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP OVER AND OVER CUNT AND ASS. Janette is humped over the chair breathing deep her cunt burning from the after glow as Kat drives the cock home in her ass pounding as hard as she can Janette bounceing like a rubber ball on the big strap-on. About an hour later Jack comes in his house to find his wife naked pussy red and puffy nipples stiff and ass red too the sounds of his youngest daughter being fucked hard ringing down the hall and Janette says Jack honey we need to talk!

Heavenly Night Ch. 01

first-time SEVERUSMAX 2018-06-28

When they all sat down to eat, Joseph could not help but notice that Miriam, now 18, was quite lovely, albeit in a rustic way. Joseph was not sure of how Miriam felt about the marriage, but he knew that he was rather pleased at the choice. Of course, it would come down to how well he could persuade his sweet Miriam, but he believed that he would succeed in getting what he wanted, since he was not about to harm her, and she seemed to be open to touching in some ways. They had to wait a few more hours, until that night, but, when their father and mother were both elsewhere, Miriam decided to sneak into the special guest bedchamber they had given Joseph for the night.

My First Love

first-time luvit84 2018-06-28

We started laughing about the good old days and I could feel the sparks between us but I didn't want to believe since I've been wrong about the past "spark feelings." By this time at my age I've been dating different guys but nothing too serious so I told myself that this was just a "feeling." We chatted for another hour and then he said he had to leave to get ready for the next day lecture, so we hugged and left. I felt really bad since I was laughing so hard and some cookie crumbs landed on his shirt, I apologized and without thinking I reached up and dusted some crumbs off his chest, he kept saying that it was ok and reached up and grabbed my hand and kissed it, and that's when it got silent.

San losing virginity to Gia

first-time rfun 2018-06-28

then I took a blanket nd covered both of us inside it n den asked her to remove the dress She was happy with the idea n but turned the other side showing me her back and started to undress n I was like wow dude her ass was my week point. she was in bra n panty I asked her to stop n not to remove it n den started to rub my dick on her ass crack, wow guys it was feeling so gud then I grabbed her tits from behind n was kissing her neck n ear lobs.

Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks

first-time CanoePirate 2018-06-28

I explore her teenage labia and start sliding a finger into her moist and surprisingly hot young pussy until Dawn says, “Don’t push deep. My s****r’s fingers gently touch the sides of my dick-head as it slides into Julie’s tight virgin pussy. Again Dawn whispers in Julie’s ear only this time loud enough for me to hear, “Do you want Dave to take your cherry?” She nods, “Yes. Yes Please.” My s****r continues, “It’s going to hurt a little. Dawn smiles at me and looking into my eyes she says, “Drive in firm and don’t stop until your balls hit home,” With a firm grip I slide forward and hit the barrier.