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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Dove's Goodbye

first-time DarkLordSyn 2018-06-28

Pulling away, Seth slowly worked his hands and eyes along her soft, well-tanned skin. His hands eased down her body suddenly, yet his lips and tongue eased along her nipple, sending pulsed of lightning through her, straight to her swollen clit. His lips left her nipple, leaving it much as the first one, then followed a slick trail down her bust, across her abdomen, around the edges of her tummy, up and down her sides, and stopped just at the inside of her hips where the bundles of nerves made her engorged clit scream in agony of impatience. Her beautiful Seth had her trapped and she did not know if she wanted to run or lay there and let him do as he pleased, so long as he finished what he started.

The Contract Meeting Part Two

first-time 50shadesofgrey 2018-06-28

She read up to the appendix and said that it all appeared to be acceptable. Now read the rest I said! But she was welcome to keep the draft version and read it through again at her leisure. Walking side by side down the high street our fingers touched and or hands entwined. First kiss, proper kiss, with passion, hands in hair caressing, holding, touching. She was all I was thinking of, I pulled her close to me, holding her by the waist, my hands moved up, up to her neck, my fingers in her hair. My fingers around the back of her neck as my thumbs moved closer to her lips, interfering with our kiss they entered into their passionate discussion.


first-time bbw4youngercocks1 2018-06-28

In our entire time together, Morgan was NEVER ready to go anywhere before I, but she still looked like the stunning former beauty queen I'd fallen for in high school. I may be young, but still smart enough to know the world's Chelseas rarely get edges over Morgan types." I hurried into the bedroom feeling both aroused and mortified, hoping Chelsea wouldn't say anything to Morgan about our awkward bathroom meeting. Chelsea wore only a T-shirt hiked up enough to show a little midriff and lacy white bikini panties, and I couldn't recall a vision so beautiful since the first time Morgan and I slept together.

I Did It For The G-String

first-time averace 2018-06-28

She did this for about 5 minuets, before I told her that if she didn’t stop, I was going to blow my load all over, but that didn’t faze her, she just took my entire length into her mouth and deep throated me until I blew my load down her throat, making sure she got every drop of my seed. She slowly looked up, the pleasure still evident in her eyes, and told me that if I didn’t get up, and fuck her, shed leave right then, at the time, I didn’t really realize that she wasn’t acting drunk any more, but if I did, I doubt I would have cared.

Las Vegas Awakening

first-time 2018-06-27

Claire squeezed and felt the black rubber cock, oblivious Claire stepped into the opening to look at his cock next His cock looked big and black in the small white hand of dirty white shorts, the tip of a black cock poking out, Mathew held her head, one big black hand watched her little white hand wrap around the black hand working on her pale white pussy, two black fingers "Little white girl likes black cock don't she? "Lil missy like that black cock don't she?" "I thinks yo man like seein his lil white wife get fucked Claire was just another white chick hot for black cock. liked to watch the wife get used by a big black cock.

My boyhood crush 4

first-time gobbler72 2018-06-27

After all this sexual talk I was ready to fuck Rose I ask her which way would be enjoyable to the both us yet allowing me to be in control this time. I was really feeling the power I felt like I could go for hours I think I was wearing Rose out as she kept saying cum for me daddy cum with me please we need to cum together yes like that right there oh daddy don’t stop I’m so close oh my god yes I’m coming cum daddy you fuck me so good

Her s****r drives me crazy

first-time wetchin54 2018-06-27

My daughter in law asked if I could transport Mortisha from their place to the party and back to her apartment. At the party Mortisha's red dress clung to her curves and exposed enough cleavage to make a dead man take notice. We stepped back and I went to kiss her on the cheek, but her lips were available so I planted a light kiss, and was surprised when her lips separated and her tongue started exploring my mouth. She stopped pulled the dress down to her waist, and my gaze went to the sheer black bra that covered her huge breasts, but could not conceal her protruding nipples. The smell, the warm slipperiness, finally the taste, Mortisha let out a deep moan as my tongue found her fleshy folds.

The After Party

first-time Riflections 2018-06-27

We finally pulled up the McDonald parking lot, "I get off at five." I got out and put on my hat, and walked inside and clocked in. As work slowed down, my boyfriend asked me, "you going to the party right?" "Come on in and sit down, I don't bite." I got up and pulled the computer chair to where he was standing and he sat down looking very shy. My boyfriend took off my jeans, and slipped my panties off and inserted his hard cock inside of me. It was getting late and I needed a ride home so I went to look for Mickey. I didn't want my father asking a lot of questions on where I went, so Mickey took me to his house.

The Cast's Couch

first-time Lucky1013 2018-06-27

She had made friends with Jason (because it was dangerous to date a guy like that) and she had started dating Brendan to ruffle his feathers. A lot of the time, they liked to be handled roughly, pressed up against a wall and just fucked." he said, turning to face her. She was so soft everywhere his hands roamed; her curvy thighs, her smooth arms, her lush breasts; he couldn't wait to feel what she felt like from the inside. Her mouth enveloped him and Jason's hands clutched at the couch as his eyes drifted shut and he groaned. Kristi padded over until she was straddling him again and he grabbed her head with one hand, taking her mouth then using his other to push her hips down to meet his eager dick.

Training son

first-time beerfest 2018-06-27

Mark sent David a text message telling him to come home immediatly, but didn't say why. I told David this would only happen if he got all of his homework done, maintained a 3.5 GPA or better, started applying to colleges, and he couldn't disappear for entire weekends. Just before Mark left the house I heard him in the hallway outside David's room telling him to get out of bed and to get into the shower. About a half an hour after I heard the shower stop running, I realized David hadn't left his room. I began rocking back and forth, and immediately I noticed the tell-tale signs of a man getting to "the point of no return" and knew David was about to ejaculate.

anesa and damian

first-time xjadedonex 2018-06-27

Anesa couldn’t help but think how nice it would be for Damian to just pick her up, press her against the wall, and have his way with her. Damian felt a rush of moisture between her legs as he worked his tongue and lips over Anesa’s now throbbing nipples. Anesa begged Damian to bury every inch of his hard cock deep into her. He got up on his knees, wet the head of his cock by sliding it along her clit a few more times and gently glided deep into Anesa’s tight opening. Anesa let out a long groan as Damian wrapped his hand in her hair and gave a good firm tug.

The Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 05

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-06-27

Her only comment having been: "Ariel I've given it some serious thought and as attractive as the idea of a ménage à trois with you guys might be, I wouldn't want to deal with the inevitable guilt I'd feel after David threw you over for me so I'll pass." She cracked me up. I got to Pastore's on time but Patty had already preempted every square inch of table space with research books and piles of class notes spread everywhere. Somehow he'd been able to get his hands on a Formula I car and as we walked up Patty was leaning against the front tire with a black leather halter top, a leather and cloth designer cap cut to look like a seaman's cap, flame retardant pants, three inch long dangly diamond earrings, and six swatch watches running up one arm.

The Scarlet Affair Ch. 01

first-time GallopingStyx 2018-06-27

"You really need to stop staring at me like that," quipped Scarlet as she watched Aiden scan her figure. Opening it, Aiden pulled out 2 cigarettes, stuck one in his lips and handed one to Scarlet. "Never a problem, my gothic angel." Aiden said this with more emotion than intended, and Scarlet glanced at him and gave him a funny look. Her moans were only more of a turn on to Aiden, so he finally slowed and then stopped, and Scarlet leaned back onto his chest. As it got intense, Scarlet reached down and grabbed Aiden's hands gently, lifting them and placing them on her breasts. Removing her hand, Aiden looked down to find Scarlet staring at his cock with a questioning look in her eyes.

The Neighborhood Girls

first-time PoetMaster 2018-06-27

This time Carmen hugged me tight as we kissed and I could feel her rubbing up against my hard cock. Carmen's hands starting rubbing on Jenny's tits as they kissed. Jenny ran at her and jumped into her arms and began kissing and sucking at Carmen's tongue. Jenny then pulled Carmen's bra off and began sucking and licking her tits like a wild woman. Jenny looked up from sucking on Carmen's nipples and asked if we could go up into the loft. Jenny said she wanted my dick so Carmen climbed up and lowered her hot pussy to my waiting tongue. I tried to concentrate on Carmen's pussy as Jenny was rubbing and stroking my cock.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 04

first-time adjoaq 2018-06-27

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kayla said, looking Cole in the eye challengingly. She knew she had to open her door and apologize to Dean for whatever Cole had said or done, but the sudden heated ache between her thighs had Kayla reaching for the pillar beside the door to maintain her balance. Kayla gave a lusty cry and nearly crumpled to the ground when she felt Dean's thick finger inside her wet folds, his thumb drawing devastatingly slow circles on her enlarged clit. "I can't help it Kay." Dean muttered, feeling Kayla jerk at the sound of his voice. But the little voice inside Kayla's head told her not to take Dean seriously as what he had just said could be one of his lines.

The New Boy

first-time scorpio00155 2018-06-27

All I knew was the company was a publishing house, I had to report to a Mrs. Fenner and that I was to be working as an editors assistant, my course tutor in 'Reporting' had said that the job would be an eye opener, I hadn't understood the wink he gave when he made the comment. I had a good idea what Caroline wanted, but I managed to thank Mitsy without blushing and as she left I sat myself behind the desk and looked through it at my legs, sighing I stood up and went to the first of the filing cabinets, I had expected it to be empty, instead I found a number of reports and memo's neatly placed in folders.

Dorothy alone

first-time jwseekolder 2018-06-27

Dorothy came to the door in a loosely fitting overall and said that George had been called into work and would probably be there for some time. She said that it really came from bath-time at her parents’ house. She would then crouch down to soap her b*****r in the private areas and one night she was amazed to see his cock growing as mother stroked him. The following bath night, she asked her b*****r if he would like her to do what mother had done the previous week. Just as she was about to cry out, she felt his thick flesh sliding deeper into her and as his finger rubbed her button, her body exploded into the most pleasure she had ever experienced.

Into the Woods Perspective 1

first-time TheTellTale 2018-06-27

He puts his hand on my panty and starts to rub it, it is so good, he takes it off and he puts it in, I let out a little moan and we start, my body is burning, but I like it so much, my waist is moving to its own accord and I start to feel something, he says "Im cumming" and I whisper the same thing back, he cant restrain his and lets it go inside of me, It feels like fire as I shoot my own and squirt all over the tent, he put his dick in my pussy and we soon start to drift off asl**p, me on top of him and with his dick inside of me, I feel accomplished, I cant wait for the next day, I canr wait to feel the fire.

Summer job

first-time fengunn 2018-06-27

I went inside and asked if I could use the pool, he said go for it. He said I looked like I was getting red and wanted to know if I wanted him to rub some lotion on my back. He asked if I wanted him to rub some lotion on my back again, I said sure, since nothing happened before. He came back out and asked if I wanted lotion, I said sure. After dinner I asked where I was going to sl**p, he said I could have the couch, or if I wanted to get has a king size bed. After we watched some tv Mr. Scott asked if I wanted to finish putting lotion on.

A Pleasant Day

first-time lou222 2018-06-27

It's about 120 mile drive, and in the Winter, the roads are not always that great.Her parents were unable to come due to their work schedule When I arrived at the airport, it had started to snow pretty good, and I was concerned about the long drive North. But, Callie said, No, that we were both adults and we could both manage in the bed. After a half hour or so, I came inside her, and she whispered, "Oh God, Mike, that was so good!" We snuggled together there in the cold room the rest of the night, and well into the morning, because it was still snowing, and we had no place to go.

Teen Stud Pt. 03

first-time teenstudstories 2018-06-27

Recently Matthew's younger brother Tom had started asking questions about how to be with a girl - he had a new girlfriend, Ashley, and was nervous about pleasing her when they had sex for the first time. Matthew grabbed him by the shoulder and said "Come here." Tom followed him with a confused and embarrassed look on his face to his older brother's bedroom. When he saw Ava lying on the bed, Tom said "What's going on?" He tried to leave the room, but Matthew pushed him down into the chair. Matthew looked his brother in the eye and said "You'll be having sex with Ashley, not fucking her.

CuckCouple slave gangbang training

first-time SlutFucker69 2018-06-27

When Rebecca and her cUXbOI first came walking toward me from the arrival gate I knew right away they would be begging in minutes to be collared and leashed as I had told them to if they wanted/craved to have me break them into the Master / SlaveWhoreCuck lifestyle. cUXKbOI hgad contacted me on line and told me he craved to be collared and leashed with his smokin' hot tiny slutwife who had already been in several 4 somes with other men and now she wanted him to be trained to beg to watch her being whorefucked. After 7 cocks had kum in her mouth and all over her pretty face I walked her back out front to pick out more toys and tools as well as a couple more SlutFits.

My first gay experience part 2

first-time 2018-06-27

I had my head on his chest as i was watching that scene unfold, i looked at him and i told him that was hot. So i did, then i felt him put his hands on my ass cheeks and he started to rub them. We got into a spooning position then i lifted my leg in the air and i told him to stick his dick in me. The first time i felt the tip of his cock run up my thigh i knew it was intense as i started twitching. Robert and i stayed friends/ suck buddies up until our freshman year of college, but this was the most memorable experience i ever had with the same sex.

fun nite

first-time jukkabloodflow 2018-06-27

Catching her breath she layed back and started sucking on my dick softly using her tongue to Ceres my bell end all over and sucked it as she pressed it down her throat i could feel the inside of her neck massager the shaft the pleasure was amassing i told her im going to cum she just shrugged and continued i came like a horse straight down her throat she gulped it with glee and liked my cock clean she then said thanks and when to put her cloths back on i walked over and stroked her huge ass and sed we should do that again some time she said bet ur hard cock we will