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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Revenge is Sweet Chapter One Capturing the Ghost

first-time Dr_Foster 2018-06-27

Watch the power you have over him, even without the gun!” The teen started to reach out her hand, I already thought my cock was going to burst but the thought of this young woman touching me had my cock skin straining to keep it’s middle within its limits. My cock already straining, jumped and Alice smiled while Suzie who had started to reach her hand forward pulled it away with a shock. I watched as Margaret took hold of her again and this time I could see her hand between Suzie’s thighs inside her panties. Both women moaning now, I watched the fat arse of Margaret wobble as she fucked up to meet Alice’s tongue while Suzie tried to keep up the rhythm on my now softening cock.

Foreplay Ch. 01

first-time Redm_the_great42 2018-06-27

My boldness increased, and as I stroked her tummy, I raised my hand once again, slowly, and then took my index finger and drew it in a line across her breast above her bra. Her head looked up, and I slowly pulled my finger down from her neck, and then stroked the crevice between her breasts. As I reached her breasts, she gave a positive giggle, and closed her eyes, a small smile still forming on her face. I went slowly down, still always looking her directly in the eye, and feeling my finger meet the fly of her zipper. Rather than frown, like I'm sure she expected I would, I simply smiled gently and said, "It's all right, my love."

Hill Country Initiation Ch. 01

first-time Sandman8314 2018-06-27

It didn't really register on my mind at the time; I was still in awe of this girl doing all these impossible things to me, but that little flap was her inner pussy lips that stuck out of her crack at least an inch. She reached between our two bodies to grasp my erect prick and pump it half a dozen times before she guided it to the slit of Karen's cunt. Lena didn't let go of my balls as I pulled my pecker out of Karen and held it in my hand to guide it back into her. "Look, when a girl gets fucked," -she stressed the word 'fucked'— "she needs to get to a high point, a climax, and then spill over, like shooting over a waterfall in the river.

Blind Love Ch. 02

first-time Pop-O 2018-06-27

She recalled every nuance of Stan's body and she even blushed a little thinking about his hard cock, how it felt in her hand and inside of her pussy. On Friday afternoon around two, Stan called to let her know he was at his hotel and she told him to get a taxi and come to her place because she wanted to cook supper for him, they could go to the movies and have dinner on Saturday instead. As his fingers moved, Ann moaned softly and said, "Take my pants off Stan." Ann moved her hands to his head and said, "Take me to the bedroom, I want you in my bed and inside of me."

Dirty Little Secret

first-time 2018-06-27

As she massaged her inner leg and thy, the client opened them just enough so Jenny could do her job. Jenny (her clit twitching at the sound of the word "orgasm"), gently instructed the client to stop talking and close her eyes. Reaching the top of her leg, Jenny looked at her perfectly waxed pussy and couldn't help but notice that her lips were very swollen and red. Jenny feels a sudden rush of pleasure between her legs as the client extends her tongue and starts to massage her clit. Jenny feels the pleasure begin to extend from between her legs to the rest of her body. So strong is the pleasure that she doesn't notice the client raising her hips to keep her clit in contact with Jenny while she cums.

Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 1 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

first-time TheScarletPimpernel 2018-06-27

I know how much she'll enjoy herself once she gets to that point of being able to just let go, so I decided to give her a little surprise gift to help her confidence grow a little quicker. Her nipples where fully erect due to the temperature change of the warm water against her cool skin, so I began to teasingly kiss around them, gently letting my lips graze against them every so often till I could hear her breath quicken. I told her to finished getting ready in the bathroom while I went down to the reception of the hotel to pick up her gift and told her to make sure she never came out till I told her to as I didn't want her to ruin the surprise.

Trucking for Charity

first-time gothbabe66 2018-06-27

And fortunately for me, they left it in the truck when we all went to the bowling alley. "Meet me at my parents truck." I went first, waiting for my Dad to bowl, and my Mom to start her usual gossiping. This might hurt a little." he said forcing my body to receive his. As he pummeled inside me, I could feel the orgasm building, and when it let loose, it was like a dam bursting. "Come for me Tony." I said urging him on as his body slammed against mine in a fury of pain and pleasure. "Yes baby, come for me, just like that!" he exclaimed, as his body came to rest against mine.

My first time in a gloryhole.

first-time Pepmeister 2018-06-27

When he finished cumming, he took the cock away, closed his pants and opened the booth door to leave, and I hear "guys, there's a great sucker in here (as he knocked on my door). Right there I saw him open the door of his booth without even doing his pants, his cock was out and he had the condom and lub in his hand. A few minutes went by until one of the guys watching said "your mouth is doing nothing, come on, put it to work" he told the guy that was fucking me to hand him the stool that we weren't using, he sat right in front of me, spread his legs and guided my head right to his cock.

The Time of My Life

first-time cbrmale 2018-06-27

We agreed we needed more time than an hour or so between lectures to plan a major assignment and presentation like this. Soon enough we left the city behind us and in the late afternoon shadows we made our way along the rolling South Gippsland ranges that make up the familiar journey to the holiday house. I checked the time and suggested to her that we should eat at the last major town, Leongatha, and that way we don't need to worry about food when we eventually arrive. And when I first made the suggestion of this weekend away, she thought it would be good to spend some time away with someone.

Wife Helps Hubby's Friend

first-time 2018-06-27

That night my wife Linda and I were having sex and I thought of having sex with a black man?" "Honey you know Jake, my black friend at work. of having sex with Jake was making her have some very I said to Linda, "I believe the thought of having sex "Honey, Jake is my friend and I think he would like it "If Jake wants me, I will bust his black balls good. I said to Jake, "Are you ready for some hot sex with a Jake replied, "I'm so hot for you baby, I want to make licking it up some, then Linda said, "You fucking black lover, your black cock is making me so hot.

The Beach House Escapades Ch. 05

first-time tribalsurf 2018-06-27

I alternate letting the cloth sit with blowing softly on the inflamed skin after the rags are removed, making the girls moan with pleasure. Amy's little derriere is actually quivering from a muscle spasm, so I reach between her legs and begin stroking her pussy to soothe her further while gently massaging the muscles beneath the skin. A sexy look, a bit of skin, an innocent brush up against a guy --- even a nice, feminine fragrance like perfume or body sweat can make us aroused. "I always thought I'd end up my first time with some stupid guy who had no idea what he's doing, like I've heard lots of other girls describe.

My Only Time With Another Man

first-time Jugband52 2018-06-27

I had been approached by guys wanting to have sex with me, but I turned them down. After a couple of years I was ready again, but I didn't know how to find guys interested in having sex. (This was before the internet, dating sites and social media.) I didn't know how to meet guys for sex in any other way. He asked if I wanted to meet him at a bar or something, but I felt comfortable with him enough that I invited him to come straight to my place. I took his warm cock in my hand and started stroking him. I had to stop him because I had started to go limp, and my dick was feeling a little sensitive.

Boss bear

first-time 2018-06-27

Then, although my eyes were still glued to the TV and as if it had a mind of its own, my hand reached over for Tony's big cock. As soon as I had lifted myself dripping out of the water and sat on the edge Tony had slipped between my legs and grabbing my cock again guided it into his mouth. I instinctively put my hand on Tony's head through the shock of thick curly black hair as his hot mouth slid up and down my cock. I felt his strong hands reach around and grab my asscheeks hard, his fingers digging in as he began to deep-throat me. He pushed a last big dollop of lube into my ass then poured more into his hand and worked his cock in it.

Where did summer go?

first-time keithgreen 2018-06-27

I held there and then slowly pushed in Amy groaned in pleasure and Char said her eyes rolled back, finally I was all in and held right there soaking in how it feels to fuck your daughter while another lovely naked girl was watching. She said no be gentle like with Amy. I was just a little at a time, but hers felt different on the head of my cock Amy's kind of stretched and gave way, but Chars only gave a little and even though I went slow there was bl**d, not a lot but I could tell it hurt.

The First Hike

first-time Lunanul 2018-06-27

You grab the sunscreen and help me apply it, and even that utilitarian touch feels so good because you honor me. Then, with your fingertips, you touch around my neck and whisper that it's so beautiful and that you love it. You continue tracing down my back, telling me that every spot you can touch and kiss is loved and beautiful. After thoroughly tracing everything you can reach when I'm on my stomach, always affirming beauty and/or desirability out loud, you roll me onto my back. Slowly, but also quickly, you trace up my body with your hand, and then are by my head again, telling me to open my mouth.

Wallflower Blooming

first-time adamaxilla 2018-06-27

I would often double date with John, trying to make it clear to Sharon that I was a guy that other girls found interesting, but that approach failed miserably. "Sharon's alright, I guess," John said with faint praise before feeling the need to dump on her like everyone else in a lame attempt at humor. It's not just her armpits," John said in a whisper, like Sharon could hear him through the wall. One was that just because I found women with body hair attractive and erotic that didn't make me a pervert, and another was that I sensed that a lot of other guys shared my interest but much like myself and John, we didn't broadcast our feelings for fear of being ridiculed.

Towering Passion

first-time Rumple Foreskin 2018-06-27

Back in high school, Polly had been well-liked and pretty enough, but a little quiet and mousy. I think it's that angelic face that makes guys want to run out and kill some evil dragon in defense her virtue. All that plus short, chestnut hair means she's spent a lifetime having to put up with people saying she looks just like a china doll. But I remember thinking this sure wasn't what I'd expected on a first date with Polly Wright. "Maybe it means we should make love in the daytime and nighttime," said Polly, squeezing me hard. It's a special place, kind of like a love nest in the middle of the sky, somewhere above the trees and under the sun and the moon and the stars."

Fucking Becky

first-time xerosheartx 2018-06-27

She felt my dick hard and giggled so I put my hands in my pants and pulled my dick out whilst moving her skirt and then immediately pushing it in to her past her thong and in to her tight as hell pussy. The first initial push was the best feeling ever as my dick f***ed its way in but was accepted as it was gripped so tight by young hardly used pussy, so good I just wanted to explode there and then. Her pussy was so tight and going in felt so good that I started pumping really fast and good and hard as she tried not to make a noise so my friends wouldn't hear anything or know that she was on the floor legs wide being fucked.

My Day At The Beach

first-time 2018-06-27

My husband did not hesitate the first time we went to walking by could easily see into their little area. Suddenly, the man who had been talking to my husband got up and he and my husband began walking back towards me. The man walked beside my husband as they kept talking. the size of my husband's little dick. them," my husband said as they approached. passed Carlos' area this time, I heard an excited time, standing in front of a man who was not my husband! Then he began to work up my legs onto my ass, gently purple, nothing at all like my husband's tiny head. size of my husband's little nuts. I'll be sure to encourage my husband to look up his golf

Creampie for Husband

first-time 425olds 2018-06-27

As we lay on the bed facing each other on our sides I pushed my right hand down her soft stomach, through that perfectly shaped triangle of pubic hair and split her pussy open with my first two fingers. While she was caressing my ass hole and causing more pre-cum to leak from my cock, I was continuing to finger her g-spot and bring her towards an orgasm. Beginning to feel a stirring in my cock I found new life in me and moved my mouth from her outer pussy lips down to her just fucked opening. I stared at her pussy for a long time, trying to lock the image of her splayed open vagina glistening with her own wetness and my white cum all over her thighs and lips.

Fun at my mate engagement party

first-time lovelong 2018-06-26

I messaged back "I'm up for some fun if you can get away?" Not really expecting a positive answer I headed to the bar for a beer, on the way I got talking to Dave and was hard not to tell him what a slut his fiance is. I slowly drink my beer not taking my eyes of Cheryl for a single moment, I mentally begin to undress her and she is now dancing in black lingerie, her little black panties barely covering her neatly trimmed pubes. After I orgasmed for the first time he lifted his head and said "if this warm weather gets you into oral we'll have to come to Spain more often" I asked wouldn't Cheryl mind?

Eighteen Ch. 01

first-time SelenaKing 2018-06-26

Today was the day I, Angie Coleman, was finally going to lose my virginity. I slid my hand down my belly, brushing the tips of two fingers against my folds. My middle finger brushed gently against my back door as my forefinger practically bent back in on itself to circle my swiftly-moistening hole while my thumb continued to prod at my clit, never giving it the full pressure it wanted. The tip I'd never let any of my boyfriends or girlfriends slid in, knowing they'd only want to go further. The sound of knuckles rapping at the bathroom door jarred me from my bliss, and my hands slipped away from my body.

Chance Encounter

first-time Cyberbeast 2018-06-26

The fabric that packed her mouth swallowed her moans, and he placed a hand firmly against her lower face, making sure, she did not spit the mass out. She was trembling now, and she wanted nothing more than to pull the panties from her mouth and kiss him, tasting his tongue as it danced over her teeth. Her fingers found the tab and pulled it down slowly, the tiny ratcheting noise counting down the moments until she could reach into the opening and release his throbbing penis from its prison. The stranger took her face in his hands and pulled himself free of her mouth. The stranger moved with her, thrusting deeply and pulling out until he nearly left her completely, then plunging back in as she moaned with delight.

Just the Two of Us Ch. 01

first-time sexual4some 2018-06-26

'Sorry, I just-' I didn't get anything more out then that because Lauren lunged forward and mashed her mouth against mine again, kissing me passionately and wrapping both her legs and arms around my body, curling herself against me. I'm sorry-if you need too, call and we can talk, but I don't think we should do this again.' I was about to turn and leave, but paused, moved by the look of yearning in her downcast eyes. 'Huh-huh-ohh...pleas...don't-huh-stop, ohh...' I smiled to myself and looked up as I worked on her, seeing her tight young body writhing about as she clutched at the sheets and was surprised to see a faint sheen of sweat on her chest and face.