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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

first fuck

first-time amitokinki 2018-06-26

Billy got off me and on to his knees asking me to fuck him ,I wasted no time and rubbed the head of my cock on his ass hole teasing it before I slid into him. He licked my asshole again making sure it was lubed then began to slide his cock in me when he got all the way in he asked if it hurt and I said not at all that for many years I had been getting fucked pretty regularly with dildos. He began to move bake and forth inside me my hole wrapped around his hard cock , this felt different then a dildo I could feel the heat of his cock and his balls hitting my taint every time he was in me deep , his pubes tickling around my asshole .

Daddys Problem

first-time 2018-06-26

continued to f***e more his thick dick inside my hole, it started to hurt squeezed my butt muscles and felt his dick jerking inside my ass again, so I leaned down and kissed his chest as his dick kept moving inside me. Daddy cried out as I started moving up and down on his hard cock faster. "You're gonna suck my dick until it's hard, and then you're going to blow speed, and soon I heard him cry out and then felt his dick twitching inside feel of his dick in my mouth, the way it felt against my tongue, the smell I felt his tongue in my mouth as his finger moved into my crack.

Would You Fuck Your Buddy’s Wife?

first-time mooremike 2018-06-26

Don’t worry baby, let me talk to my husband and then I am going to suck your cock!” Donna said as she picked up her phone I’m going to drain every bit of cum right out of these balls!” Donna said between taking my cock deep. I have wanted to fuck you for years and now I am going to get this big cock in my pussy!” Donna said as she stood up and then bent over spreading her legs. Is that what you want to get fucked like a cheating whore?” I said as I pounded her sweet married pussy I want to look my husband in the eyes when he fucks me and think how good your cock is!” Donna said

Lisa AKA Smiley

first-time slapnuts69 2018-06-26

So when we got to her door I worked up my nerve and I was about to ask her out, but she put her hand on my should, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said "We should go out sometime." I fought the temptation to simply maul her breasts like I wanted to, yes, I was going fuck this girl, but I was going to let her know that I cared about her too. (She told me later that she was a little scared to take it into her mouth, and she had never really given a BJ before, so this is what she did.) So soon it was my turn to tap her and say, I am going to cum if you keep that up, but she did.

My Bus Journey Part 3/6

first-time nsentra 2018-06-26

Although I had just cum, sitting naked under the blanket in the bus made me very horny. After playing with my cock and balls for a little bit, he asked me if I have ever been fucked in my ass. He stopped for a minute and when his fingers returned, I felt Vaseline like substance being applied to my asshole. I licked the head of his cock first a couple of times and then swallowed the head in my mouth and started sucking him. He was so gentle that within a short while, he was able to get both fingers completely in my ass and was fucking me slowly.

life is a beach

first-time nothingman41 2018-06-26

she is on top of me riding away for like ten minutes then her knees begin hurting we change positions so now im behind her she begs me to her harder and harder and thats exactly what i do ...only i slip a finger in her ass..ive been slowly braking her in...normally she wines today she did not so im pounding away she cums her young litle pussy is soaking wet my balls are soaked my shirt is soaked and my boxers are soaked...i just cant bust partly because i dont want to and partly because im shocked that she let lose....we move to a grassy area where i can get on top .

Wild Child Ch. 10

first-time TxRad 2018-06-26

I swatted Rita on the ass and asked, "What the hell are you laughing at, you were just as close, last night." I took a sip of my coffee and whispered, "You two are going to be the death of me yet." "Yeah, but I wanted at least a little taste," Mary said and then giggled as she leaned over and sucked the head into her mouth. Rita lifted my limber shaft and kissed the head, before she said, "We did kill this." Mary giggled and Rita asked, "Do you think we could blow it back up?" Rita came out onto the porch and stopped, a grin spread across her face as she said to Mary, "Girlfriend, I can't leave you alone for a second, can I.

My First Sex: I love Pink

first-time 2018-06-26

As we again lay together kissing she said “I love fucking with you and came twice, Mich you are my new lover. Tara said “I am a very sexual MILF, and I want your cock inside my pussy first but before you cum, take it out of there and put it in my ass hole” Tara said “I am a very sexual MILF, and I want your cock inside my pussy first but before you cum, take it out of there and put it in my ass hole” “That was my best orgasm today” Tara said “I love your gorgeous long cock inside me” “That was my best orgasm today” Tara said “I love your gorgeous long cock inside me”


first-time TrillianSorbet 2018-06-26

He starts to run his hands up her legs, up her thighs, up her waist lifting her dress up. He unhooks her bra and as he goes on to lift her dress and play with her breasts, she starts to push his jeans away with her feet. While he plays with her breasts occasionally kissing them and sucking on her now so hard nipples, she thrusts her lower body up against his. She takes one leg off his neck and puts it into his boxers and starts rubbing her toes up and down his already hard cock. He finds her spot and treats it like a toy, playing with it with his fingers and tongue -- she starts to get really wet.

Lifeguard for the Summer

first-time big_mike610 2018-06-26

Janie grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the shadow of the pool house. You're going to leave me like this?" I barely noticed Anna and Frank move off as I stood naked in front of Janie. She walked right up to the chair, climbed the steps, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before shoving me out of the chair and into the pool. As she reached the middle of the pool, Janie started treading water. o god" I thrust again, "Yes, yes!" And I thrust repeatedly, Janie holding on and biting as I erupted deep inside her for a second time that night. finally we climbed out and wrapped in the towels we had waiting at either end of the pool.

No More Rules

first-time A_Non_A_Moose 2018-06-26

"No please, just let me finish," cried Maria as Mrs Albert yanked her hand from between her legs and pushed her towards the next outfit that was laid out neatly on her bed. Craig looked down at the familiar sight of semen on skin, but this time it wasn't his hands that were dripping his seed, for the first time it was the pale, lightly freckled skin of a woman. Maria reached into her bedside draw and pulled out a condom, tore off the wrapper then grabbed Craig by the hips and slipped the latex sheath over his erection. Despite his sensitive state, Craig stayed inside her, gently rocking backwards and forwards to feel her pussy grab hold of his cock, squeezing it, trying to force out more cum.


first-time john1195 2018-06-26

life, Ben and Jeff needed some time before they could discuss what had - I understand, Craig said with a hand over Ben's left shoulder. - You know Jeff, our threeway have not been the first time I've had sex Given their session together with Craig, Ben didn't expect Jeff to be As soon as Ben showed up, Craig pulled down his own speedo to mid-thigh, guys parted ways swearing to God they would never ever speak of this moment Jeff came back from a business trip a day before Ben and Craig had offered Craig said nothing but, despite his good spirit, Matt kept Knowing Matt's sense of humour, Jeff didn't take the request seriously and I love you Jeff, Ben said as they kissed.

The Two Couples:An Indian and Pakistani couple swa

first-time sexozingguy 2018-06-26

But when I saw them, I saw the look in Raj's eyes as he watched Nasreen's swaying ass - a delicious ass I might tell you, one I would like to bare and lick too - and I saw the flash of lust in Rana's eyes as he eyes my cleavage and turned his eyes away. I love you Raj but that feeling of taking the man for the first time, of tasting his cum, of knowing that I still have a lot of time to feel him in my ass and pussy, empty his balls was a thrill I became high on.

Taking A Chance.

first-time genuineguy 2018-06-26

Opening the door she was immersed in a cloud of hot wet steam, and as the moisture fell upon her naked skin, she felt a tingle, and it was at that moment she realized just how turned on she was, She glanced up to the shower head with a slightly naughty grin, and then reached down to run her finger over the slit of her pussy. Josie wrapped her lips around Robert's hard cock and began to suck it, moving her head up and down, guided by his hand, and with that same lust to explore deeper, he pushed his fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, and feeling her wetness as it soaked his fingers.

My s****r

first-time cdyogas 2018-06-26

It took me 12 minutes to swallow all her poop in my mouth, during that 12 mins she did everything to make it harder, like making me smell her ass in her yoga pants again, or sitting on my legs and tickling my stomach, all and all after a hour torture session from my s****r she left me there, completely tied up dressed like a sissy still with my mouth still taped shut and a little poop left in my mouth left me 10 mins to get free before our parents got home, she walked out looking at me tied up and said, " I'll be back next week to torture my sissy slave, till then have fun getting free and changed before mom and dad get home, bye loser!

Movie Surprise

first-time thefather 2018-06-26

As I closed the door to my private single room I could hear my neighbor's video had already started. I put my mouth close to it and said in an oddly high voice, "Chotto, tasukette kuremasenka?" or in English, "Ahem, would you help me out here." Those years learning Japanese as a Mormon missionary long ago were starting to pay off in a very different way. So I just squeezed the muscles in my cock a couple of times and then said in the same Japanese voice, "I could really use a hand here." I heard a giggle and then felt lips slide over my tip and suck me in. "Let's see if he likes this." After a little giggling I felt something over the top of me.

Inspired by oncoming_storm

first-time 2018-06-26

She takes hold of his throbbing manhood with one hand and his smooth shrunken testicles with the other, she licks and sucks on his balls making him jump with shock but he soon relaxes again and enjoys the pleasure of a warm moist mouth drinking his leaking fluid. He was expecting to see the sight of beauty that had seductively covered his eyes but what he is confronted with was pure erotic filth, the filth of his women greedily taking two men, she has all the power and it has turned her into an unrecognizable, sexual goddess, sucking on this strangers cock he could see the pleasure mirrored on both their faces.

My Filthy Interracial No Holes Barred Builder Gang

first-time Eden_Adore 2018-06-26

Now fully naked they all kneeled in front of me and i started taking turns sucking and teasing their Throbbing cocks!!!! Kyle the younger of the three got behind me and started Rimming My ass and Licking my Pussy, I came straight away!!! He thrust harder and Harder i could barely suck the other two's cock, but not wanting to dissapoint i usherd Shane to come and FUCK MY ASS!! So Shane got underneath me and started slowly teasing my ass till it was ready.. Jason the one who's cock i was sucking was so fucking turned on by watching his two friends gape both of my holes open.. My ass and pussy were being rammed so fucking hard, i screamed with the pleasure Shane and Kyle were giving me.

You Never Know

first-time gingerstarr 2018-06-26

Tamara could feel her stomach growl, and decided to head to the café next door. She was ready to leave when he asked her the strangest question; "Tamara, are you still a virgin?" Her face turned bright red and she guessed that was enough to answer his question. It was getting late, so she decided to go to bed early and thanked her lucky stars that she had applied for the job, and found such a beautiful place to stay. Being a gentleman, Tom whispered to her that he was not here to hurt her, but to make her transition easier, as Mr. Jenkins had already told him she was a virgin.

The Second Wife

first-time kbking70 2018-06-26

I was just a young guy at 18 I wasn't sure of my sexuality, I had lots of feelings about men, and was constantly having fantasies about being in bed with them and treat me as a girlfriend. "Great idea, I need to relax" he said as he headed off to the bathroom and I heard the bath filling as I started organizing dinner. Then I heard Dave's voice from the bathroom "sweets could you bring me a beer I forgot to get one and I need a back rub". My head started to spin, I was seeing Dave this hunky young hairy Alpha Male in the nude, in the bath, not that I could see what I wanted to see, but as inquiring sexual virgin, I wanted to see everything I hadn't seen about a man before.

My young mistress came home to me again

first-time badboyareme 2018-06-26

The movies I liked best was where an adult thai lady sucking a young thai girl who had a hairless pussy. When I arrived in the living room the girls sat on the sofa and watched porn movie. Wondy leaned over me, grabbed the quilt and pulled one from the body of Pat. Pat, you can put you pussy over Kjell's face so he can suck you. She enjoyed it and it was not long getting too she shook orgasme.Hun fell asl**p while I lay on top of her, so I pulled the cock gently. I watched a movie where two young thai girls sucking each other's pussies. While I sat jerking in the living room, I heard that the girl stood up.

Sarah's first hard meat prt.1

first-time Shadowboxer1 2018-06-26

Oh my god I cant believe I just said that!” Billy just started laughing. Look, you already got me pre-cumming.” As he said that he whipped away the clear shiny liquid that was drooling out the top of his cock eye. His cock eye looked like it could fit a finger in it that’s how big it was. They are just popping out; does it hurt them when I jerk you off like this?” He looked down at me and said, “Fuck no, it feels amazing, go faster.” So I started to jerk him off faster for a few minutes, but I couldn't hold back any longer.


first-time enforcer128 2018-06-26

About a week before Fred arrives again and we were discussing about going to the meeting and again his eyes were all over Ann. She was wearing a dress and he kept looking at her legs, especially when she sat down. Fred went, Ann came up to me and put her arms round my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. He said, "Fucking hell you look so sexy" and he traced the outline of my nipples with his fingers. We went into the living room where he took my dressing gown off...he just looked at me.Then he kissed me and slid a couple of fingers in me....I came then and there, standing up in the living room within minutes.

Daughter's friend

first-time hotRobertXX 2018-06-26

When we got to the bed I laid down and told her to stroke my cock, then said I wanted her to lick my precum off which she was hesitant to do but soon was licking it up. Soon my cum was building up ready to squirt, thinking that I didn't want to turn her off for her first time I told her I was going to cum and to take me mouth away and keep stroking while I cum. Her body went limp but she was panting for air as I removed my finger and headed to the bathroom to wash my face even though I liked the taste of her juices a lot of girls aren't into that and this was her first time.