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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Punk friend

first-time seththesexgeek 2018-06-25

She told me that she was turned on knowing someone was jerking to her, but she got wet when she saw me do it.The reason she didn't do anything the last time was that she wanted the full show, but know that's was over she wanted my cock. She slowly took off her clothes as she was getting my cock ready and while I knew what she looked like naked, I still was amazed at her body. She came pretty quick and seeing her with spit all over her face and her pussy soaking wet was amazing. With my dick still inside her I flipped her on her back, pulled out my soaking wet cock and brought it to her amazing face just as I shot it all over her.

Girl Meets Boy

first-time kaat85 2018-06-25

Her father, always a private man who didn't feel much need for others, had further receded from the outside world and kept Lynn with him. Working all day hadn't left her with much time to be vain, and her father had done all her shopping until she started her period a few years ago. Thank goodness she hadn't had to ask her father for a bra when her breasts really started growing. His hands were caressing her body, his lips kissing her, his mouth sucking at her breasts and pussy. He started pressing little kisses to her inner thighs and working his way to her pussy as he stroked his fingers in and out of her virgin quim.

Extreme Cuckold Story

first-time altaff143 2018-06-25

After 15-20 minutes I heard my wife calling me, I went to bedroom, they were in 69 position, my cock went rock hard watching that, Nisha said, darling, john wants a glass of water, can you please get him. Again I went and sat near bed, Nisha took John’s Cock in her hand and said, look at this big manly cock, it makes me go mad when it goes inside my pussy, I feel like real woman. Both of them started laughing and Nisha said, looks like cucky enjoying looking his wife riding real mans big cock. She took john’s cock in her hands, kissed it and then asked me to open my mouth, she pushed my head towards john and she started instructing me on how to suck it.


first-time FurLove 2018-06-25

At first I thought it was silly and very annoying since my alternate is clearly not very skilled at CAD work and screws up the files really badly in certain ways. I'm so busy running the office and doing the actual design work I don't have time to keep up my original skills but I'm already finding the class to be very useful. This way it's a forced time out from the office for one thing and gets me totally focused for two quarters out of the year for half a day twice a week. My alternate is obviously very skilled at CAD work but a total novice at design.

Sometimes it just happens

first-time cranfordmason 2018-06-25

Then she put her hand on my shoulder, reached down, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "You're the best." I reached behind her and slid my hands beneath her tee shirt to grip the small of her back, and then instinctively lowered my hands to cup her butt cheeks. I reached my other hand behind her, slid it down her round butt, and extended my middle finger to slide it an inch or so into her vagina. With the hand I was using from behind, I allowed my pinky finger to start stroking her anus, applying just enough pressure to feel the soft inside without completely penetrating it.

Sweet Little Kelly

first-time jabig6 2018-06-25

She has nice long legs and her thighs are definitely a major asset to her when she wares anything above the knee. I went to put the kettle on and Kelly started to wash some pots that had been left in the sink. She only pretended to resist and suddenly I was worried. She pretended to struggle for the second time during our afternoon encounter but this time I was not panicking. I felt my prick swell to its full length. She didn't resist. Massaging it with my prick until it became erect and its owner was breathing and groaning heavily. Encouraged I massaged it harder and faster and rhythmically. Her orgasm was mind blowing, I heard the deep guttural groan followed by the quick panting "Oh Alan, Alan, Alan."

147. A Butcher`s maid.

first-time alibodge 2018-06-25

Fascinated she watched ‘Oliver’ secure the woman over a cutting block in the centre of the room, he removed her skirt and knickers then took a whip to her pale arse, when it was red raw, he stopped and released her telling her to kneel on all fours, face to the floor, ‘Charlie’ was fetched and into the lady he was soon cramming his tool, it didn’t last long, then the knot filled her painfully and ‘Charlie’ stepped over her to stand back to back while his seed filled the poor woman.

My b*****r In-Law

first-time cupidschoice 2018-06-25

"I don't so, and if you want to talk, you're going to have to look at me." I spread my legs a little and let my cock rise up to full mast. I looked down and he was covering his crotch, I could see the tip of his cock in the elastic of his shorts. He put his hands on the back of my head as I deep mouthed his cock, handlessly. His cock throbbed and an ocean of hot, steamy cum filled my mouth. He kept giving for almost a full seven minutes, and I drank it greedily, the whole time.I played with the head of his throbbing cock until sweat pour off his face he had, had so much enjoyment.

Mels First Time

first-time zydrate 2018-06-25

i hiked myself up over her and started rubing her brests grinding her over our clothes as she started to grab and fiddle with my cock, so she sat up and i kised her as she pulled it ut and started gripping it so i grabed her by the neck and threw her down and riped her jeans off and burried my face in her croths licking and teaseing threw her panties. so as she continued i didint care i made up my mind i fliped her over and pulled up her shirt so i was nice and close to her pressed reight against her with my cock just tertering at her pussy sucking at her tits and biteing at her nipples.

Stories of Josh Ch. 01

first-time Slappy101 2018-06-25

Josh loved when a girl had full thighs like Cara and Elizabeth. They were usually pretty interesting conversations, and Josh could normally make Cara laugh easily, but today she just wasn't in the mood. Josh never went to lunch anymore, the food wasn't that great, Rafael was his only friend at lunch, seeing as Cara sat with Kurt, and the lunch ladies were complete bitches. But when I found out he'd been cheating on me, I knew I wasn't meant to be with him because of the way I felt." Cara moved her face closer to Josh, until their lips were barely an inch away from one another.

Black Wife Gets Fucked

first-time don_juan2 2018-06-25

I’m gonna give you a nigger baby like you husband can’t,” said Dr. Stein as he felt his cock harden and his balls tighten. While the doctor was still sliding in and out of her Ruby had to ask, “Dr. Stein if I divorced my husband would you marry me?” He pulled his cock out and began drying it off with some paper towels, “no Mrs. Brown I love my wife, plus it would be very unprofessional of me to run off with a patient. His bubble was burst though when he heard the doctor say, “oh by the Jamal, Nurse Susan is very private and her boyfriend would not like it if other men saw her naked, so I am going to have to ask you to wait outside.”

There's A First Time For Everything

first-time PassionateEbony 2018-06-25

She took a hold of my hand and looked at me with those big pleading eyes, "Please, Candace! I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, "Okay, the first thing to masturbation is getting relaxed. One by one she took out her big breasts and began to play and rub on her nipples. Sitting up straight and removing my hands I watched as she played with her breasts, her lips making an 'O' shape. Then I took one of her two hands that she was using to hold her lips open and directed one of her fingers to her swollen clit. It was the best day of my life sucking her wet pussy lips.

Anticipation Ch. 11

first-time 5thRing 2018-06-25

I laid half on her, resting the right side of my face on her ribcage, just below her left breast; a fine example of why I preferred them smaller. Her right hand moved to my exposed cheek and caressed, and then simply held. He fingers left my head, moving upward, but the edge of her hand maintained contact, repeatedly brushing against me, even though I was no longer the point of focus. I returned my hand to its task, and then after some heartbeats, I rolled my head until that expanse of skin was beneath my lips instead. My right hand held the left side of her head, and my lips brushed against the shell of her ear.

The Best Three

first-time boysetsfire 2018-06-25

Hubby wasn't home to smoke his cigar on the deck while watching and ridiculing my careful work (another thing to be ecstatic about), leaving pretty little Tina there all alone with me, the aforementioned strapping young lad trimming the hedges. "Oh!" she said coyly, putting a manicured nail to her lip and looking worried, "Our well isn't drilled yet!" Then, leaning forward towards me (I stared unabashedly down her dress), "I guess I'll have to find other ways to keep up my…fluid intake." With that last phrase her soft, clean hand slid over my crotch. Her soft fingers played lightly with my balls as her head bobbed slowly up and down my shaft, her eyes never losing contact with mine as I stared dumbfounded down at her expert work: All the way to the tip, then all the way to the balls, every time.

Janes First Time

first-time misslolalaurent 2018-06-25

His mouth moved down every closer to her nipples, she moaned softly as his lips teased her at the thought of sucking them. HIs tongue flicking backwards and forwards over the tiny rosebuds gave her an ache and longing for him while he felt his member grow ever long and hard, he pressed himself into her so she could feel his proud penis standing to attention against the moist wet pussy lips. After removing his own boxers, he climbed back onto her, feeling the tip of his throbbing cock on her tight little pussy was excrutiatingly good. Her little clit had grown in size and the soft touch of his finger was almost too much to bear as she cried out, grabbing his hand she whispered, please, please i want you.


first-time 5050heezy 2018-06-25

"New York City." She answered as she rubbed her neck. I quickly ripped her shirt off and finally got the satisfaction of squeezing her tits so hard, my nails dug into them. She bent down and yanked my pants and underwear off, immediately shoving my cock into her mouth. I thrusted hard into her mouth and she sucked even harder, holding onto my hips. I knew she wanted it roughly, so I pushed her against the wall. She moaned, screamed, and dug her nails into my ass so hard, the marks were still there by the time she came. I couldn't believe how lovely she looked, my own semen dripping from her mouth, her bare body glistening with sweat from a long, hard, fuck.

The Advert.

first-time genuineguy 2018-06-25

'So this is where you grew up yeah?' John asked as he placed the glasses on the wooden table, and then sat opposite her. As John had hoped from the first moment he met her, she was willing to play along, and had raised her light and flimsy summer dress above her knee, revealing the pale white softness of her thigh. 'Yeah,' John smiled, feeling like a naughty k**, like he did when he was young and at school, hoping to get a glimpse inside the girls changing room, as they passed it by on the way to the boys. 'You wanna see inside them?' Elizabeth asked, and John glanced up slightly surprised by how far she was willing to go at this early stage.

Jessica's Date with Sugar

first-time hotdoll 2018-06-25

We arrived back at my flat and went straight in, I stood at my coat peg and took off my jacket, With that I felt Sugar behind me, kissing my bare shoulders, and back, he put his hands on my hips..."Ooh...Baby that feels so nice" I sighed And trust it felt so good, my body began to tingle, the feel of his lips on my skin drove me crazy! I turned my back to him, and lowered myself onto him, fuck it felt good, so good, I began to ride his cock nice and slow, my hands on my thighs, making the most of every inch, his hands on my hips, as I then began to take my tits with my mouth pushing them together, and taking my nipples.

let's double fuck

first-time sfgman40 2018-06-25

we decided to invest in a box of wine,which was probably a unwise decision,because we got silly and started talking about stuff that b*****rs and s****r should not talk about.finally i came right out and asked them if they'd ever shared a woman.i've heard lots of twins do it i said.where did you hear that the internet bryan sneered. my muscles bunched up and then released all over my body,so that i was suddenly sucking parkers prick with my mouth while convulsing vividly on bryan's with my not sure which one of them started blasting first, because it was damn near instantaneous.all i know is that i suddenly had twin jet engine roaring.

Smart People Ch. 02

first-time Storydwarf 2018-06-25

Ella was sat on the large sofa, staring softly at Martin as he worked, twizzling her hair between her fingers. "You shouldn't have your hair like that," Martin announced out of the blue, making Ella jump. She was about average size for a woman of 25, maybe slightly slimmer Her name was Olivia Davis and she had sleek dark brown (almost black) hair which ran down just past her shoulders similar to Ella's, except it was completely straight. After the day had gone, and it was time to head back to the apartment, Olivia approached Colin, offering her hand for him to shake politely.

The Tutor

first-time midnightfalcon 2018-06-25

I mean when I hold you like this?" He nodded yes, then reached down and grasping her wrist, gently took her hand away. Kristen leaned over, her hair hung down over her cheeks and caressed his thighs as she grasped his cock in her left hand and lifted it to her lips. She was slowly oscillating her hips up and down, almost as if trying to squeeze more of the creamy clear fluid into his mouth, when he paused and began to draw his tongue up and down the valley of her pussy. She wanted to tell him it was enough and to stop but as she lifted her hand to push his head away, she suddenly realized that she needed more.

Losing Our Virginity:Michelle and I

first-time bigrob40 2018-06-25

beautiful she was.Michelle said thanks kissed my cheek and we walked I then asked her what kind of music she liked .Michelle tells me school.Michelle looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes and kisses says Michelle.She then asked her mom If I could stay with her Goldman said to you.When should we Michelle asked.I think right back home.Michelle then asks me how I want my eggs .I tell her taking over for Mr.Goldman.Michelle took my hand and kissed my then says Michelle your so lucky to have such a good friend like Michelle is making funny faces and I start cracking up.I tell my mom him he looks at me meows.Michelle says that's so sweet he is asking

The Hidden Ranch Ch. 01

first-time SinfulSailor78 2018-06-25

My left hand at the time slowly pulled the left strap of her camisole down, ultimately freeing Kate's arms and having the camisole wrap around her torso, exposing her left breast now as well. My ears continued to hear the wonderful sounds of Kate's torment escape her mouth and I looked up and saw her head leaned back against the pillow with her eyes closed. Having spent plenty of time warming Kate up suckling her breasts, I began to lift the bottom of her camisole exposing the soft gentle skin of her tummy and her gorgeous belly button. After a short time of just being connected together and looking into each other's eyes, I kissed Kate, and slowly began to withdraw my cock from her pussy.

Why Write?

first-time 2018-06-25

Her desire to strap on a cock and fuck a guy or girl with it, well that just gets me hard thinking of being on the receiving end. Her comment to me in one short text let me know that she loved to suck cock and in fact believed it was her rightful place to be on her knees with lips wrapped around a cock, any cock. Last night texts included, her admission of being a slut and that 'I have my hair up in a ponytail i could tickle ur ass with it' and 'We can video it squirting all over ur face' Hands up for those who would get hard or wet reading that while watching a k**s hockey or baseball game?