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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time pegaseus69 2018-06-25

I pushed against the warm enveloping walls of her tight vagina as my girl Sam began to fuck herself on and off my finger.She continued to suck the head of my cock softly, and I moaned onto her clit when I felt her warm tongue swirling around the cum slit in the end. “Oh god” Sam softly moaned as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and I pushed the head of my cock against her outer vaginal lips. Sam gasped when she felt my huge cock head pushing, and as it slid past the tight gates of her pussy, her inner lips slammed hard around the shaft of my cock locking me inside her.

Chelsea's First Time Ch. 01

first-time HamSwift 2018-06-25

She understood though, that no matter how pretty she herself was, a big-boobed, skinny eighteen year old with a fresh face was a hard thing for a sexual man like Charlie not to notice. Another time, on a stifling hot early summer's day while again on the phone, Bonnie told Charlie that Chelsea was asleep on her bed, stripped down to a lacy white bra and thong set in front of a fan. Preferring to tease Charlie instead of ponder Chelsea and her boyfriend's sex life, Bonnie said, "Or, maybe you'll store the image so you can come later!"

night two of threesomes with my GF and best friend

first-time fisher4890 2018-06-25

Once we got into the bedroom Katie said I have an idea, So she went to in the other room and grabbed two bandanas, and came back and told us she would blindfold us. I looked up a bit underneath the bandana and was able to see Johns hands all over her, on her boobs and her ass, feeling her up and she let him willingly. Then she came back to me and took out my dick, which she started sucking vigorously, and I when I looked up under my bandana again I noticed her ass was pointed toward John, who was fingering her wet pussy.


first-time hotRobertXX 2018-06-25


my latest sex encounter

first-time 2018-06-25

We kiss some more while his hand finds my hard clit. So he leads my face to his hard cock and urges me to take it into my hot mouth. He guides me to lick the shaft of his hard on and suck his balls too. Then I return to sucking that cock again untill I feel you start to cum I pull you out of my mouth to collect your cum on my face. We cuddle for a while and you tell me I am allowed to suck your cock again to get it hard for me again. You get very hard in my mouth and suddenly you throw me over and just ram your cock into my pussy.

Room Service

first-time 2018-06-25

He was taking a real chance, but after sizing up the situation he opined directly, "Nice tits, baby, wanna let me see the rest of you!?!" Erica was totally flabbergasted not only at his directness, but that she could feel her pussy becoming drenched with juice at his insolent manner!!! Erica's cunt muscles gripped tightly to the hard pounding invader, until finally it convulsed and shuddered in a mind blowing orgasm, while Tommy's pecker, feeling it's slick sheath constricting around it, spasmed hard and then spewed a huge load of cum deep inside the shaking pussy! Tommy let his cock rest inside Erica's pussy for a minute or two and then rolled off her and lay beside her on the bed, still half way stunned from the brutally vicious fuck they had just enjoyed together!

Sunni's Cherry

first-time RichardS50 2018-06-25

During the numerous times we were on our feet dancing to the music, I had let my hand slide up Debbie’s legs to gently caress her panty covered butt and pussy. She was raising her hips up to me and as I was fully in her, I looked over to see Sunni out of her bed, on her knees watching my cock move into Debbie’s pussy. Sunni’s hips were rising, pushing her pussy into me as she began to cum, so I placed my mouth over her hole, sucking her juices out of her. Debbie licked our mixed juices off of my cock, before moving to suck them from Sunni’s well fucked pussy.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 23

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-25

"Good day, Jason," Sierra said and opened the car door. "Especially when the fishing is so good right in your own bed," Stephanie said lifting the covers the rest of the way off to give him the complete look at her parted legs and bare snatch. "Come on in, Stef," Chad said before spotting Jason. Jason buried his cock deep inside her as he felt her pussy clamp tight with her orgasm. She'd stuck to fucking Chad, Brad, and Mark, letting Pammy be the complete whore with the rest of the guys; but this climax topped them all. Jason started a rhythm in Stef's ass as Pam played with her friends hanging tits and fingered her clit.

Boyfriend Gives Oral First Time

first-time loveyou18 2018-06-25

'Okay babe, whichever you want.' he said as he pressed his lips to my ear and started to kiss it, softly sucking my earlobe. He kissed all around my panties, and I bit my lip, bucking my hips off of the mattress and upwards towards his face. Feel good?' he asked as he grabbed the waistline of my panties and brought them down my legs. That feels so good babe...' I moaned aloud. He licked back up my slit and gently wrapped his lips around my clit, sucking it softly and slowly while he put two fingers inside of me. I screamed out in pleasure as he continued to softly lick and suck me, while he still fingered me slowly.

Losing my virginity (by request)

first-time rick4256 2018-06-25

One day, she put her little hand down my shorts and stroked my cock. I'll never forget how hard my heart was pounding as my fingers found their way to her wet pussy. She then said the words that every guy wants to hear..."I think we're ready to go all the way". I went down and kissed her pussy over her panties. I pulled her panties aside revealing her pussy for the first time. I leaned in and kissed her and she said she was ready. I told her to relax and close her eyes...then I fully went inside her, I pulled out quickly and plunged back in. I looked down and watched my cock disappear in her hairy pussy.

Top of the Line

first-time DireLilith 2018-06-25

Raphaela's eyes stared at the clock, then she looked down at Mr. Wilkes, sitting behind his desk, scribbling madly on a pad of paper. Her blue eyes were the perfect shade, Wilkes thought, his hand creeping up his bare thigh, ruffling through the blonde leg hair and landing over his crotch. As if on cue, Raphaela looked straight into Wilkes' eyes, and his cock jumped in his palm, beneath the material of the shorts. Doing her best to look hot and bored, Raphaela drew Mr. Wilkes' eyes from her uncrossed legs up to her hands, where she coyly fidgeted with the top bottoms of her blouse before undoing them.


first-time john1195 2018-06-25

are sopping wet, he puts his hand on his own cock and starts to wank it. forward and kisses Tony again, running his hands all over his chest, and for the rest of the day, with Tony finally fucking the husband from behind And with that Tony got out and handed me my briefcase from the boot, which "Would you like a beer?" I called as I heard Tony coming out of the loo. delight, Tony was standing in the kitchen door with his cock thrusting out Tony, meanwhile, lost no time in getting to work on my arse with his lifting my legs and slowly pushing the big head of his cock into me. Tony grinned, "You fucking love it!" he said.

Senior Year Ch. 02: The Conqueror

first-time sallyvox 2018-06-25

Peter would remember the look on her face for the rest of his life. "Hey, you're gonna have to take me to dinner before we hold hands," Peter quipped, a smile magically crossing his face. I came in the middle of the school year," Peter said, holding his hand out to shake hers. Peter even began forcing himself to initiate conversation with random people at the mall to practice, much to the chagrin of the random passersby who were forced to respond to his ham handed conversation starters. Her hands moved behind her head and she undid the ponytail, letting her long black hair fall down her back and partially over her face. "Oh come on, just a little push..." Peter stated, inching his dick a bit closer.


Daddy Loves Stephanie

first-time Sinderellla 2018-06-24

She thought as she continued walking and then heard “ OH DADDY YES!” come from behind the door of her fathers office. Her father peered towards her, and then exhaled as he saw her covered, well, mostly covered, her round ass, in her see through white panties was hanging out of the bottom of the robe when she turned around and walked to her bed and sat. You heard and saw wrong.” he said his eyes taking in the view of her hard nippled pressing throughthe see through sheer fabric of her bra, that matched her sheer see through panties, showing him her tiny little bush , shaved and trimmed perfectly.

My First Lesbian Experience

first-time Wet_Dreamz 2018-06-24

We are late everyday." I took off my band-t revealing my lacy black bra and turned away from Karen blushing a little. I moaned a little more and she started sucking harder. She took off my panties and started to tease my clit with her finger. I took off her bra and started sucking her tits now. I lightly licked her clit and then started to suck on her lips. Karen was now sucking on my clit and I couldn't help, but try and moan through my full mouth. I let go of her lip and slipped my tounge into her pussy and started to tounge fuck her. She was trying to continue and start tounge fucking me while yelling.

Lea Begins

first-time sechum 2018-06-24

Lea got up and threw out her coffee cup, resolving yet again, that she would start walking around town in the mornings, instead of walking into cafés. After class Lea found herself starting towards Professor Menali's office. Lea sat down across from Menali, separated from him by his large desk. Lea just sat there, trying to figure out a way for her to look as old as he thought she was. Menali pushed her up against his desk, clearing a few things to the side, he lifted her up onto it, kissing her with even more passion than before. " Another time Lea, I would have cum," he breathed, "if you had continued, but I don't think this is over yet." They smiled at each other.

One time...

first-time MoreSpunkPleez 2018-06-24

I got really hungry for some cum in my mouth like I usually do. I figured how hard can this be, right? I'm a cute young girl, I see guys undressing me with their eyes every day of the week. So I end up at this bar really close to where I live intending to order a bottle of something so I can suck it at cute guys from across the room if I had to (always worked for me before, right?). So, I get there and there is like nobody there except grizzly types and old fat dudes. Then a confident looking chubby guy caught my eye as the best candidate out of a really shitty patch of guys.

Girls night

first-time younghottii69 2018-06-24

Another reason that I like these nights is that my wife and I have a deal that when she has all of her friends over and I get kicked out of the house, she will satisfy me in the bedroom when I get home! To my surprise, she whispered, "Okay, you can try." Almost instantly, I slide my dick back inside her pussy to get it really nice and wet. Finally, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and started to slide it in her ass. As I handed her a plate of eggs, she asked my wife, "So we are doing this again at your house next month, right?" She was looking straight at me the entire time.

The Woman on the Bus

first-time truman5 2018-06-24

Prior to leaving for camp, I spent my days at the public library, poring over ponderous works of fiction and non-fiction and sometimes taking time to look through photography books in the hopes of finding nude photographs, always artistically shot but exciting nonetheless. Looking enormously relieved, she said "Okay and, by the way, my name's Janine." Handing her my books, I chivalrously took all of her bags and we headed off down the street. Several seconds later, she pulled back and gazed directly into my eyes for what seemed like a long time. Pulling away, she looked into my eyes and then kissed me again, this time pressing her closed lips against mine.

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 01

first-time peechka 2018-06-24

Just as he was about to finish his last test, he heard his classroom door open and looked up; in flounced Alexandra Jenkins, a hot little number from his third block trig class. If girls had looked like Alexandra when he was in school, he would have certainly spent a lot more time working his way between their thighs than he had. He imagined her long legs wrapping around his hips and her hot little mouth with its pouting red lips wrapped around his cock and for a moment just stared at Alexandra as she stood grinning in front of his desk. The drawing, a picture of submission, showed Alexandra on her knees before him, the front of her white uniform blouse ripped open, revealing her young pert breasts, tiny clothespin-like clamps on each nipple...

My Blue Indian Saree!!!

first-time velgene03 2018-06-24

I went to see ma gal at her place and her mom opened the door. Before I could move, she said "Come in!" opening the door and showing her slim body. She tried walked to the door for answering, but stood in the narrow path purposely and she walked close, rubbing her soft breasts over ma to ma place?" she asked and "Yes" was the onli word came outta ma mouth. I reached her house in a jiffy and she opened the door wearing a blue saree. kissed her lips softly and she she pushed her lips in to mine very deeply. Then we hugged each other, rubbing our body all over and kissing I placed her on the bed and kissed her again...

Anjali The Amazing Doctor

first-time bottomnaked4u 2018-06-24

She wanted this to be the best experience for Rohan and so she had decided that role play might work as she reckoned that the clinic sex might not create the same effect. Anjali: now listen I am doing this only for your confused and weak mind to enjoy aunt boy sex for once in your life so that you will have a better condition from now on. In no time she heard the sounds of utensils and she knew that Rohan (or Ramu) had started working. Later Anjali hypnotized him again and made him forget the Ramu part and only remember the sex part which he would think he had with a distant relative who shifted to USA.

Lisa's First

first-time ScotsBlue 2018-06-24

Meanwhile, Lisa felt Mike's right hand let go of her left breast and travel down her abdomen and to the top of her jeans. Lisa felt Mike pull her vaginal lips apart and start licking the inside of the outer lips, then moving on to nibble on the inner lips. OOOOOHHHHH!" She moaned "I'm gonna cum!" In response to this, Mike removed his hand from Lisa's left breast and jammed two fingers up inside her pussy. "Not a lot I guess really," said Mike "I'm just working on some circuitry for Engineering but that's about it." For a few minutes no one said a word, both Mike and Lisa sat on the bed, eating pizza and garlic bread, and drinking Irn Bru. Finally, Lisa broke the silence

Rubber Restriction (Part3 continued)

first-time revzillo 2018-06-24

It had worked she lay there still for a while prespiring with all the effort it took and with trying to control an orgasm, then she tried to move her legs to the edge of the bed, "OOOOOOOOOHGH NOOOOooooooooo!!" she cried out, her hips writhing her bound wrist twisting behind her back her legs rubbing frantically together in the confines of her hobble skirt, everytime she jerked her head back the crotch rope dug deeper "GNNNNNNNNNNNPH" Miranda cursed to herself as an orgasm flowed through her like a torrent.