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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My New Job!!

first-time 2018-06-24

I had a good idea what Caroline wanted, but I managed to thank Mitsy without blushing and as she left I sat myself behind the desk and looked through it at my legs, sighing I stood up and went to the first of the filing cabinets, I had expected it to be empty, instead I found a number of reports and memo's neatly placed in folders. Quickly we rearranged our clothing and headed back to the office arriving just as the lunch break ended, with a smile I left the knackered Lisa at her desk and made my way to Caroline's office only to find that neither she or Mitsy were there.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 1 - Mary-Br

first-time catherine-belmont 2018-06-24

Mary Bridget began to cry, her tender thighs unwillingly accepting the hot sting of the ruler, her hands sore from the ruler rapping on her knuckles, unable to stop him from making her slowly uncover her legs, her skirt riding higher and higher, her white panties barely hidden from his view. "Relax now, Mary Bridget," his hands slowly spread the oily substance over her cheeks, paying special attention to her exposed anus, felt her tremble as it touched her, the shock on her face priceless as his fingers sought out the tiny hole, running it around the opening. "No, not again," she begged, but Headmaster Michael pushed the cane back in, this time forcing it through her legs, Mary Bridget's body bracing for the inevitable pain as the thick rings rubbed unevenly between her

Lucky Alan

first-time TLMorgan 2018-06-24

Alan had always found it hard to maintain eye contact with Cassie when she wore tight shirts that outlined her huge, round tits, and her big nipples seemed to be permanently stiff. *Ding!* went a timer suddenly, and to Cassie's dismay, Alan lifted his head up from between her legs and grabbed the history book. Cassie gasped as Alan kneaded her huge tits and flicked each big, hard nipple with his fingers as his tongue was doing the same to her juicy clitoris. The timer was continuously ringing and Alan finally realized it, but instead of pulling away from Cassie's sweet, hot pussy, he reached back turning the timer off.

Richard's Education Ch. 03

first-time l8bloom 2018-06-24

"I've got great news!" Louisa burst in the door, hair flying like streamers out of a Happy New Year party horn. You know my answer to you is always yes." Then she laid a hand on his arm. The ribbon looked like it would be easy to untie, but the note stayed her hand: Do not open until after your presentation. Louisa whimpered and tended her breasts, imagining Richard's hands instead. Louisa knew her material backwards and forwards, inside and out, even upside down; and her enthusiasm for the design caught up the audience. "I want you to fuck yourself right now, Louisa, feel my cock inside you."


My first time

first-time chakad 2018-06-24

I got there I poured us some wine becuz she mouth on mine so seductively, It made my pussy quiver and I immediately got wet! spread her legs, her pussy was so fuckin wet! own wetness for some reason I didnt know there was a DAMN THIS PUSSY TASTE GOOD! pussy juice from my mouth, She whispered to me if I wanted to go to the bedroom, I said yeah but let me go that made me so fuckin wet, I think my pussy was finally started on me tickling my clit with her tongue. pussy for the second time. that 2nd time, I just dove in, tongue and fingers, I got dressed and came and told her I had to go, she was

First White Chick Part 2

first-time Plumppussy 2018-06-24

Well one she called me and asked me where do you stay I want to see you so meet me outside when I come. I was a little taken back bc knowing she is with someone but I was like aight cool, alright I'll tell you bc I didnt think she would come. But about 20 mins later she showed up in a tight ass fitted mini skirt that showed off all the right curves with her long silky hair. So I asks my folks do they mind if I have any guest this evening they said ok but she cant stay we long bc were leaving in a little bit to go to the store.

A Morning Surprise Encounter

first-time MaxMon 2018-06-24

Katy could see what he was doing- trying to find the remote so he could turn off the porno film- and said as she picked up the phone, “Leave it on, Jack… it looks interesting.” On the television the young teen lay on her back while Jake inserted his dick into her wet pussy, and the expression on the girls face was that of shock mixed with pleasure. Katy quickly responded, “I am getting a little worked up thinking about the boys and covered dishes, for some reason.” She rubbed the head of Jack’s cock around her pussy lips while Jack continued to stroke her using his well placed hands.

my first gangbang

first-time 2018-06-24

I was younger, when my interests in a same sex gangbang got the best of me.

Dancing with Kelly Ch. 01

first-time GypsyGirl84 2018-06-24

So things were going smoothly in our little happy household with me, Lance, Kelly (four months out of the year) and Robert (maybe two weeks out of the year). So to make a long story short, Lance ended up getting full time custody of Kelly, the second husband ended up going to jail, the ex-wife ended up getting a divorce, and Lance's son Robert ended up resenting Lance and Kelly even more for the way things were turning out. Kelly had always spent a lot of time at my house for several reasons: I was her Uncle King, whom she had come to see as a source of indisputable protection.

Shipping Out

first-time Turbidus 2018-06-24

He ran his hand over the stubbly crew cut, the only hairstyle that made sense for a man in the heat of Louisiana. His belly would be taut, smooth except for the dark line of hair that would lead Stan's eyes to the man's cock jutting out of the thick black curls. Only this time the man's hand would hold his head as he sucked him. In the heat of the moment, the man grabbed his head and the wig came off in his hands. They got a lot of fun watching Stan's mother's face as she identified the body of her son, lying with his head oddly distorted and his body clad in a muddy dress.

Learning about jacking off Part Four Mrs. Wilson

first-time 2018-06-24

Mrs Martin moved her fingers through her cunt hair and asked, "Have you done oral sex on HER Peter?" I looked up at Mrs. Martin's face and said, "No I haven't." I took a deep breath and asked, "Would you like for me to do that to...uh...for you?" She had her head up looking at my hand she was holding there and said, "One more finger Peter!" I slipped a third into her, curling up my little finger so it wouldn't get hurt when she pushed my hand hard into her cunt. Mrs. Martin screamed then and I tried to pull my hand out, but her hand clamped onto my wrist and she looked down at me with wild eyes and screeched, "How did you KNOW Peter?"

The First Time I Cheated on my Husband

first-time Fridagirl 2018-06-24

Having seen my explicit photos in my husbands wallet, he lied about his reasons for being there, it was true he knew I smoked pot, my silly husband talked too much when d***k, and as he did so, he had made up his mind to call in and have a free poke in my bum-hole, which he did, so in a sense, he fucked both of us, and I hold up my hands to his audaciousness. I need not feared, it was, and I immediately felt my mood change, as if my body had received an electric charge I could feel my pussy getting aroused and wet, there would be a lot of men in there wanting a woman and I could remember going downstairs to a big room where there was a large bed.

Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT2

first-time 425olds 2018-06-24

The husband feels the old man's potent cum-filled bull balls slapping his chin. The husband tries to talk back but the old bull rams his cock in so deep, making him take it right to the base. The old man looks up to see the lustful wife watching her sissy husband getting abused. While the husband obediently sucks on the wife's pussy, the old man starts to fondle his arse, spreading his cheeks and puling on his lacy panties. His wife watches on as the old bull mounts her husband and starts to pound his huge cock in and out of his arse. Ripe for Daddy to seed it." The old man rams his cock in hard until he is balls deep.

Tranny Attack

first-time bi_hengst 2018-06-24

Julia immediately noticed and said "See, you like it and will like it even more." And with those words she grabbed my hair and began to fuck my ass with hard and fast strokes. As we were about to shoot and moaning like a couple of sex-crazed lunatics she turned my head and yelled "Now faggot, cum for the camera!" I began to shoot huge spurts of cum onto the bed while Julia began to shoot her cum up my ass. As if she sensed my thoughts, Julia help my head firmly in place and began to fuck my face, slowly at first, then with gusto, ramming her hard black cock down my throat.

One To Remember

first-time MonkeyMan1988 2018-06-24

Somehow she knew, her fingers slowly making their way to my rock hard cock. She then sat slowly onto my throbbing penis, making my eyes and head roll back. As we met eyes again, she began slowly bouncing upon my lap, creating a feeling that I had only dreamed about. I knew she was also getting pulled into the heat of it all, her hands found their places one on the back of my head holding our lips together despite the gyration of our bodies. she was using everything she had in her to suppress her screams into a nearly silent moan as her cum began bellowing out over my cock and down my legs...

Friend's Hot Mom

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-24

As it turned out Julie didn't know that I was taking a shower and she opened the door and walked right into the bathroom. (I had started masturbating right around the time I thought I heard the door open.) A few minutes later I heard another noise. As I masturbated wearing Julie's thong on I heard the door start to open again. After another ten minutes of lying on the floor and fantasizing about Julie, I heard Tanner's door open slowly. "The truth is Julie, I find you very attractive, I always have, and when I was taking a shower in your bathroom I couldn't stop thinking about you and how beautiful you are.

My Best Friends Mom

first-time BigDickSlinger 2018-06-24

I went to the bathroom and started to undress, suddenly the door opened and in walked Janet! "You want to play with it, Mrs." "Please call me Janet," she cut in, "and yes I would love to play with your beautiful cock and shove it down my throat." She started to kiss the head of my cock before taking the first 3 inches in her mouth. She had almost my whole dick in her mouth before she started to bob up and down on it. I walked over to her and we start to kiss, our tongues deep in each others mouths. She noticed my dick was hard again and said, "Sit on the toilet and I'll show you a real good time."

Gang Banged by a FOOTBALL Team

first-time TampaHouseWives 2018-06-24

I loved football and our high school team was pretty good so I got a job as a school, I would lay on my bed and finger my pussy and fantasize about fucking letting a couple of guys finger my pussy, but other than that, nothing. I stood there like a fool while all the guys looked at me and started guys all cheered as I did it and I started feeling pretty special by then. Mark then had me pull my legs back and he stuck his cock in my wet It felt so good and only hurt a little so I let him fuck me all he wanted! my feet where one guy had fucked my feet and came on my toes.

Virgin Lauren Loves Brian

first-time barnabus 2018-06-24

“And I love you, Brian.” Then she peeled his arms from around her and took him by the hand, leading him to the blanket. When Brian responded with, “I love you, too, Lauren,” she kissed him lightly on the lips before pushing him backwards and sitting up. Hesitatingly, almost afraid to breath, he looked down at his hands on her bare sides and cautiously moved them upwards an inch, taking her sweatshirt with them, and exposing a definite ring of skin around her waist. Lips and bodies pressed together, Lauren felt Brian’s hands slide inside her panties and cup her tight, little bottom, again sending a new thrill through her.

Tommie's First

first-time nighthawk22204 2018-06-24

There was a little room in the middle of the tunnel between the two homes and my best friend Rickey (who lived in the house next door) and I had brought a TV/VCR, a rug, and an old couch down there and we would hang out and watch movies sometimes. She had a cute lacy bra and I pulled her tank top down over it and started kissing her right underneath her beautiful breasts. It was beautiful - she was crying from how good it felt and her pert breasts were standing up so nicely and she pulled my head down and kissed me hard just as I came.

No Longer Virgins

first-time davekoko 2018-06-24

Feeling your body writhe and thrusting your pussy into my fingers and palm, your hands and fingers running through my hair, your intermittent kisses and tonguing of my ear, and your moaning was turning me on and exciting me to no end. Another wonderful goodnight kiss but this time, you more obviously pushed your belly into my groin, feeling my erected throbbing cock on your belly. My hands slowly stroking my cock, as I thought of how I kissed your bare breasts, how I fingered you, and how much that you loved it. past your lovely breasts, looking at the pleasureful grimace on your face as you concentrate on the wonderful feeling my lips and tongue are giving you.

Jasmine is a Regular Girl Afterall

first-time RebeccaWeaver 2018-06-24

Jed scampered between her legs, and with only a little bit of hesitation, put his cock in Jasmine's vagina. Jasmine moaned a little bit as Jed entered her again, his cum-glistening cock slipping really easily in her moistness. Jed thrust deep in her with swift strokes, as swift as Jasmine imagined a man whose balls were almost drained was doing, working hard to bring himself to another orgasm. As Jed rammed his cock deep in her for the last time, Jasmine gasped and let out a quiet moan of pleasure as she felt the thick cock soften and go taut again in her over and over, making her quietly moan to the rhythm of his orgasm.

Greek Lessons

first-time 05911010 2018-06-24

As Anna continued to prepare dinner, Ian told me that he had met her when he first came to Greece about ten years earlier - he had worked in several schools before becoming principal of the present one. Anna passed the joint to me and looked towards Ian, giving him a firm nod, which I couldn’t miss. Ian looked at me, and his smile was wonderful; there was genuine happiness and love in his eyes for both Anna and me. I could hear Anna licking his asshole as she continued to rock on my cock, and Ian supported himself on the wall behind the sofa as he carried on fucking my mouth.

James and the Giant Melons Ch. 01

first-time infatuatedbybreasts 2018-06-24

He takes a nervous gulp, continuing to making his way towards her as he reaches out with his long, shaky fingers. Ms. Fanning reaches up her dainty, small hand and lowers her glasses down the brim of her nose to give James a dreadful stare. She slowly lays her hand flat, resting her palm on his thickening girth as the bulbous head continues stretching its way down toward his knee. Her heavy, soft pillows gently press into James' chest as her lips near his ear. With a confident smile planted on her bright, red lips, Ms. Fanning struts away from her desk toward James and takes one step back, placing her rounded end on the edge of her desk with her hands gripping the sides.