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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Blueberry Hill

first-time SirDuction 2018-06-24

As Gary asked her to sit down she noticed there was already soft background music, Sinatra singing 'Fly Me to the Moon.' Since the music was already on when she walked into the room she knew it wasn't some corny ploy of his to seduce her but she felt like she might be getting out of her depth. Gary reset the CD recorder to replay Blueberry Hill and in the few seconds before the music started he turned, held both hands out palms up, "May I have this dance?" He said gallantly tilting his head so full of confidence in himself. Susannah felt Gary's cock poised at her soaked entrance, sliding between her swollen petals pushing against the tightness of her entrance and she saw the lavish smile of triumph and satisfaction spread across his handsome face.

Her first massage

first-time skanless 2018-06-24

It really does.” I reply “that’s good” he tells me “I’m just here to make youfeel good.” With that statement, his hands movebetween my breasts and massage my ribs. Arching up to his hands, I canonly say “yes.” His mouth moves to my nipple and suckles there whilehe continues massaging. Finally his hands stopped teasing and slipped under the sheet to cup my bottom gently, then getting bolder with each stroke from my shoulders until he reached completely between my legs to feel me lightly, teasing the thin curls there. He then bent to my breast closest to him, his mouth closing over my nipple, I arch up for him and his hand moved again between my legs under the sheet.

First time I sucked a guys cock

first-time 2018-06-24

"yeah its a good night thanks mate, but I'm not here for the girls, did you like the look of my cock?" I did not know what to say... We had both finished pissing and washed our hands and then her said "look mate, sorry if I said something to upset you, let me buy you a beer and we go on our way" he seamed like a nice guy so I went to a quieter part of the club and he brought me a beer followed by a shot and then another.

Photo Shoot

first-time jgrdnrls24 2018-06-24

Steve let out a loud moan as his dick entered a girl's mouth for the first time in his life. He looked around and saw that the girls were all in a circle around them and they were beginning to rub on themselves as they watched Melanie sucking his dick. Steve just watched in amazement as his dick disappeared in her mouth and all the other girls were stripped down naked except for Amanda, the shy one, she was still wearing her white laced bra and panties. With her beautiful blue eyes looking directly into his, she grabbed him by the waist and pulled the head of his dick into her waiting pussy, soft moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth.

Laurie and me - part 1

first-time Wank4Fun 2018-06-24

She was posed carefully so that I couldn't see her pussy -- not that I knew much about them, and in the photos of the older women there was just an indistinct hairy place down there -- but her tiny breasts were clearly visible, sweet small things with big dark-tipped nipples, lovely to me for reasons I couldn't begin to articulate. I was stunned at her frank talk -- I'd never gotten anywhere near this close to actual sex with any of my dates -- "but there are other things we can do if you like." She stroked my cock through my jeans as she said it, and it became even more rock hard.

The Two Couples:An Indian and Pakistani couple swa

first-time sexozingguy 2018-06-24

"You are big too, Raaj." I began to fuck her, slowly increasing the tempo, slowing down when I felt she was coming close and increasing the speed as her breath got a little slower. I lay flat on my back and she first snuggled up close, then her lips began to plant wet kisses on my shoulder, her tongue licking my salty skin, spreading their areas of conquest to my chest, her mouth sucked at my hard small nipples. Yes my whore drink my juice..." I reached forward, sinking my cock further into her throat and grabbed each ass cheek and began to knead them. Her ass gripped my cock harder than before, its throbbing reverberating trough her body, my fingers slipped in into her pussy, taking my hand in inside her to the wrist.

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 04

first-time maxicue 2018-06-24

Jane was excited to show her city to Jim and wanted to hop in a cab as soon as they walked out her apartment building. "Got the canoe," said Harry excitedly, like a little boy. Why don't you spend some time with Connie?" said Jane to Jim, and to Connie, "if that's okay?" That was it for being with anyone but Harry. She sucked and licked the big purple helmet, a beautiful crown to his magnificent length, rubbing her hand continuously from the base of his cock up to where her lips played. Revealing her sword swallowing skills, learned from the club swallowing she had performed on Jim, she had Harry all the way inside her throat, her lips making contact with his pubic hair.

First Time unexpected Blowjob

first-time dragonlove69 2018-06-24

Caroline woke up at 7am and asked if I stayed here all night and I said yes, ou fell asl**p on my lap so I could no leave. I felt like grabing her head and fuck her mouth but I didn't want to upset her so I suggest that we do a 69 so I can please her as well and she agreeded. As I licked her pussy, she was moaning more and more and I started to suck her clit and I notice that she was reaching her orgasm so I continue to suck more and more and to my surprise, she shoved my cock deeper in her mouth and down her throat. She said YES, I want you to cum in my mouth.

I Own This Woman

first-time regularguy13 2018-06-24

"Go to the bathroom and get me a towel," she ordered as she pulled glass fragments out of her hands and then attempted to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the cuts. The nurse turned to Mrs. Angel and said, "When we get home, could you make me some tea," and holding up her bandaged hands, "and call my sister for me? She held up her hands and with a look of desperation said, My dog caused me to fall off the ladder and I cut my hands. I stuck out my right hand and said, "You've got a deal!" "Get a wash cloth and put some of liquid soap on it." She immersed herself in the tub and stood facing away from me.

Two Firsts for Me

first-time seniornewby 2018-06-23

After getting naked and fondling each others hard cocks I got down my knees licked the pre-cum off the tip and took him into my mouth, at first it was awkward but after a few strokes I was sucking him like a pro. I stroked him for a minute then took him into my mouth but he never really got hard and pulled back through the hole. I started out by stroking it a few times then took into my mouth and began sucking. He let me mouth fuck his beautiful cock for a while the pulled out before he came which was a big disappointment

my dad and I

first-time 2018-06-23

So one day my dad was gone so i broke intot his room anf found his weed and dildos and pocket pussys and porn. i knew he was going to be gone all day so i shoved one dildo up my ass pocket pussy on my dick and a dildo in my mouth. we grab the super long dildo and shove it up both of are ass. i rip that thing out and grab ahold of him and fuck him up the ass. then i start to suck it out of his ass. i start sucking hisdick with my jizz then he bust a load in my mouth and we are cum swapping and swallow it all.

Dirty Magic Chapter 1: Acceptance

first-time totodile 2018-06-23

You see when Rendo feels insecure, she masturbates to start feeling better. Kun shakingly replies,"Wha-wha-what are you doing?" As if Rendo did this kind of thing all the time, she pulled Kun's pants down to his ankles exposing his semi-erect penis. What the heck?!?!" Seeming a bit, displeased, Rendo grabbed Kun' s dick, and started to stroke. Kun quickly gave in and came all over Rendo's face and tits."Heh, I expected more fom you, b*o." Was all she said before climbing on top of Kun and putting his dick into her pussy."N-no, I'm not ready, it's my first time!" Pleasedly, Rendo replies,"A virgin?

Jenny in the beginning

first-time jayishot 2018-06-23

I loved her juicy shapely arse more than any thing though.I started watching her through my bedroom window and wanking off over her. I went out Friday night and had a lot of beer, so I woke up half cut but was ready at 7.30 ready for Jenny to go out on the garden hang her washing, before going to work. I was grunting as I wanked hard,I wanted her to watch me have an orgasm, it was so horny watching my immediate neighbor,a women I had spoken to a thousand times,watching me perform an intense sexual act in front of her, knowing this made me shoot my load for her.

Walking in the Rain Ch. 01

first-time HDTopper 2018-06-23

She seemed to become possessed, and then she shocked the hell out of this then somewhat naïve teenage boy when she held up her dress displaying her panties while she danced like a Can-Can Girl mere feet from my unbelieving eyes. Lorraine ignored my complaints and danced over to me and pulled me away from the minor safety of the trees and out into the downpour holding me in a strangle hold, as she began to lead me around in the mud and rain to some made-up waltz. Lorraine had let go of her panties, grasped my hair in both hands she pulled my mouth upwards as tightly as she could against her throbbing pussy and ground against my face without thought as to how rough she was being.

Nights of Alsitor: Hades and Persephone Ch. 02

first-time Synovex 2018-06-23

Persephone gently pushed Hades away and stepped back, his hands reluctantly sliding from her flesh. Each had a unique style of dress, the way their hair was adorned, the shades of their skin and shapes of their figure, but each was unmistakably Ephaemeryl, like Persephone. "Hades," she trilled, brushing a long curtain of wavy brown hair behind her shoulder, crossing her legs, completely unabashed by her own nakedness, "Do you know why we take tribute? "No." Persephone leaned forward, the strange, soft lobes swelling from her pectoral muscles swaying beneath her shoulders as she stared into Hades. Persephone was breathing hard and heavy, and the crowd was commenting in their strange language, but Hades paid no mind; he was lost and gone in a faraway place.

Redhead discovered black cock

first-time Dub90 2018-06-23

She moaned as I sicked on her breast and I began to let my hand wander south of her beautiful tits.I undid her jean button and slid my hand in to touch her soft, wet and warm pussy. Holly's hand went to her mouth to hold back a giggle as she gave an amused smile at my little cock. She began to remove her clothes until she was stood there with her beautiful pale skin, long flowing red hair to her large breasts with erect pink nipples and her lovely red pubic hair covering her delicious pussy.

Walk in the Park

first-time WindyD 2018-06-23

"I want to look at the trail map and see where this path leads." She said with a soft laugh. She looked at him with a devilish grin and said ,"Oh I can handle anything you can give." They laughed and headed down the trail. He placed his head on her shoulder and asked, "What we stop for this time?" This time when she stopped she stepped off the trail a little so he wouldn't run into her. She wanted to feel his hard cock deep inside her warm pussy. His body tightened as he moved on hand up to her head and pulled her in tighter. He wrapped his hand into her hair and slightly pulled causing her head to lean backward.

Husband Training CockSucker

first-time 425olds 2018-06-23

"Lick here, suck this way, slide your mouth up and down like this." I was so horny I could not keep my hands off my cock as I caressed it through my pink panties. "How do you expect to please a women as sexy as your wife with that little thing?" He walked over to me and said "Unzip me and see what a real man's cock looks like." My hands shook as I pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants. Finally James stopped cumming and pulled his still hard cock from my lips. More cum came oozing out and I leaned forward and licked it off the head of his cock.

Can I fuck your Ass

first-time gapelover561 2018-06-23

I couldnt help but notice, this woman's lovely accent, she must have been from greece: 5'5, perfect olive skin, perking b cup tits, and the sun dress she wore; d****d perfectly on her well shaped ass. you dont know how much this means to me" To me, her eyes only said, Thank you, you dont know how good I am about to fuck you for helping me out. She was told me to press play on the dvd and we watched the compilation for a few, seeing that she was into it just as much as me got my cock hard enough to have my shorts moving. Thinking about the question so much made me lose focus, so I maned up on my last deep thrust, I pulled out and asked "Can I fuck your Ass?"

Life Ch. 02

first-time Jizaz_Jester 2018-06-23

She nodded, still blushing, still terrified, and said, "But I do love you, Jeremy." She pulled my head to hers and kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth again, this time tasting herself in the kiss. As we made out, I felt her hands on my belt and buttons, getting them off rather quickly and letting my cock spring into the open air before breaking our kiss to pull my shirt over my head. She gasped for a breath as the head slipped between her pussy lips, Then clenched her eyes tightly closed when I started pushing on her virginity. Fuck your little cousin." I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass in both hands as I started pumping away at her snatch.


first-time ThomasMagica 2018-06-23

I remember one time when Eddie grabbed a handful of breast when they were making out on my couch, and he asked me, "Doesn't Marie have the best tits you've ever seen?" True, they were nice , probably D cups, but I never did get to see them uncovered. Kerry and I went to the dance, held hands, danced really close, kissed a few times on the gymnasium dance floor, and were told more than once what a cute couple we were. This was the first time I'd ever been alone with Kerry, and my cock was hard from the close dancing, holding her close, kissing, and the possibilities of what might happen while we parked.

Sex with My Cousins

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-23

Turning, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, "I got so wet watching you with Maggie, I can't wait for this to happen, I want to watch you take her then I want to join you." she breathed, "I want to suck your cum out of my little girls pussy, I want to lick your cock tasting her juices on you, I want to lick your dick as it slides in and out of her tight hole, I want me and her to give you a blow job at the same time." She stopped, her breathing rapid, I chuckled softly saying, "Careful cuz, your going to cum just talking about it."


first-time rmlooker 2018-06-23

I write something on it and as I push it for Lin to read I expertly sign do you want me to print or write long hand? Lin said she had a lot of work coming next week according to an e-mail from one of her bigger accounts. Lin finally asked if I would remove my pants so she could see them and I said sure, pull them down as I lift up. I mouthed sorry and tried to pull my t-shirt over it but she pulled on my hand then signed and said she had wanted to see that stump also. I moved up alongside of her and she finally saw me and turned and took my head in her hands and started kissing me.

Art Teacher

first-time Nemasis Enforcer 2018-06-23

Finally the bell went and everyone got up to leave, Zack had not been concentrating on the lesson, his mind had been on Miss Dwyer and her beach ball sized breasts, every time she bent over his eyes were drawn to them, watching as her shirt bulged and was that a little sight of an erect nipple he kept seeing? Zack was torn with his feelings, he knew that his cock was hard and that was really embarrassing him, this was his teacher for god sake, but he was also having the thrill of his young life watching Jodie, Miss Dwyer to him, with her smock almost fully open and her breasts only held back by a tight jersey that did no more then make them look bigger to his eyes.