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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

the night i met my hubby

first-time califem4bbc 2018-06-23

So I was sent to a private school in Gardena, and of course rumors have started lol, so guys were hitting me up left and right. right away i unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock to suck on it, he was already hard so i wasn't able to suck on him long, he bent me over and started to fuck me. he told me to stay like i was he would be back, after he walked out one of his friends came in, he pulled out his cock and grabbed my hair to make me suck his cock, which i did, he kept be bent over as well and fucked me from behind. apparently they didn't tell him or he didn't ask, so we went out a couple of times and started dating.

The First Day

first-time Deat 2018-06-23

Next thing I know, one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen walks up to Herald and says, "If you need any help... just come over to my dorm." I knew it wasn't fake or a dare because she had a look in her eye, and a wet spot on her visible shorts. It was a large, silenced dorm, and my roommate wasn't around, so I decide that I watch porn. She bounced on my cock, and right when I was about to cum, Herald walks in. She never said her name, but she transferred dorms, and I'm bunking with this other hot girl who obviously sucks my cock in the middle of the night while I'm sl**ping (I woke up and caught her).

Night without Day

first-time sexygirl76 2018-06-23

Even moaned softly and closed his eyes at her touch, whenever she barely brushed her arm against his when they were studying, it would send electrical shocks of pleasure through his body. Keeping the kiss gentle, even though he wanted to kiss her harder, Evan took his hand from her cheek and gently wrapped his arms around her pulling her against him. Evan's eyes widened and his breath caught in his throat as he watched her untie her robe, when it fell open, he felt his cock harden even more and jump in his pants. Oh my god." Sasha's eyes grew even wider and the upper part of her body jerked upwards as she felt his tongue touch her clit.

First taste

first-time 2018-06-23

I wrap my tongue over the tasty velvety tip, savouring the delicate flavours of your salty sweet pre cum & cock, moaning with pleasure as I begin to work my lips up and down your erection. My cheeks bulge with the outline of your bell end and, as I bring you closer and closer to climax, I find my mouth filling with pre cum faster than I can swallow or work it onto your shaft!  It squirts powerfully down my throat and as your thrusting trembling penis smears semen around my gooey mouth, your balls continue to pulse their delicious load up your beautiful rock hard shaft.  I can hardly speak but I squeeze out the last drops from your shaft, chasing them over your bell end with my tongue before hungrily lapping them up.

The First Time I Shared My Girl (True)

first-time 2018-06-23

"Don't choke baby" he smiled as she started to suck again this time a little quicker while she rubbed his balls as Kurt tilted his head back and groaned "Oh god fuck!". I sat back down watching as he sprayed it on his cock and again started to rub the tip on her pussy as Sarah panted and trembled slightly until Kurt asked "You ready baby?". "Cum on her face" I quickly said as Kurt grinned and pulled out as Sarah sat up facing him as he stroking his cock aiming it at her face until he growled and I watched as stream after stream of his runny cum began to spray all over her freckled face and even in her hair.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-23

With one hand Suzie cupped Curt's balls and with the other she started moving her fingers around the head of his dick. Suzie blushed a bit and said, "I'm thinking I want to suck on the head of your dick and get some of that pre-cum," she answered giggling. Curt was starting to feel his balls contracting and Suzie was blindly jamming her pussy with her fingers and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Suzie knew what was expected of her and went right to work sucking on the head of Curt's dick. Curt was slowly licking her pussy clean of her sweet juice and when he felt the head of his dick go past the back of her mouth into her tight throat, he groaned deeply.

My Best Friend's Hot Mom

first-time 2018-06-23

Then she shocked me when she said, “Wanna come sit and watch some late night TV with me?” I almost went stupid and said I was already watching Southpark, but caught myself and said “Sure, that’d be great.” She reached out and took my hand and she gently closed the door to Will’s room whispering “Don’t want to wake sl**ping beauty, now do we?” and she winked at me as she said it. “It can happen whenever you like Mike.” I looked at this beautiful and incredible woman and let slip “I think I am in love with you.” She smiled a bit.

A Hitch-Hiker Gets Lucky

first-time ironfelix 2018-06-23

Pat was a shy, quiet farm girl, very stocky and muscular from helping with the chores - the classic "fat bottomed girl" that a lot of guys fantasize about, especially with her long, straight blonde hair and sky blue eyes. But on this summer day, she looked great behind the wheel of the Mustang, in a beautiful short yellow dress, showing off her ample thighs. The sight put Pat over the edge, cheeks turning red, her eyes closing. Jumping off the sofa, she yanked up her panties and pulled down the hem of the crumpled yellow dress, looking both completely embarrassed and a bit proud of herself at the same time.

More than a Nap

first-time DaisyinChains 2018-06-23

Her head was thrown back against the pillow, eyes closed, and she arched her back so her breasts could reach his searching hand and his kissing mouth. He laughed and told her, "you feel hot and wet and tight and I love watching you lose control." Her hands clenched into the sheets, making fists and wrinkling the sheets into her palms as his fingers danced into a faster crescendo. "Let me look at you some more," he kissed her again and then his mouth descended down her body, taking a not so brief tour of her breasts, teasing her belly button, kissing her inner thigh. She gave another laugh and then rolled out of the bed, standing there, shaking her head as she pulled her panties back on and put her tank top on again.

Ex sucks two cocks, she hold the Aces!

first-time purendevious 2018-06-23

I had discovered that it was tougher without sex on tap though and had taken to "visiting" Suzanne spending the evening with her and staying the night. This was to sort my need for sex but it also was a humiliation for me, Suzanne would never agree that I could stay or that we could have sex and I was like a horny teenager, not knowing how far I would get till she aquiesed and allowed me to sl**p in her bed as it was too late to return to mine. I had hope to facilitate some d***k post night out sex with her and had been early to bed and had lay there with an impossibly hard cock for what could have possibly have been 2 hours.


first-time crbigboy 2018-06-23

After 20 minutes of searching I see a young girl stood on the corner. I pull up along side her she tall long legs short skirt stockings m holdups long dark hair as she bends down I tell her how much for a bj. Once there I turn off the car she opens her legs grabs my hand and slides it down the inside of her thigh her skin is so smooth n soft. I said no u look like a teen girl I'm a teen tranny she said 19yo your my first punter . I was ready to cum after 5 minutes of sucking she lapped up every drop warm cum .

Getting off at work part 1

first-time hornymilf37 2018-06-23

Rachel selected a pair of kitten heels to go with the dress, made sure to pick a pendant that settled comfortably between her breasts, applied some gloss and headed for work. "Good morning!" Rachel breathed, hoping she didn't sound sound as sex-crazed as she felt, standing next to him, his shirt crisp and begging to be touched, his hands in his pockets, his shaved head would look so good between my legs, Rachel thought, and then looked away, in case the lust was obvious in her eyes. David sat thinking for a minute, while Rachel pretended to drink her coffee and got care two shits about what he would say next.

The hotel..please comment

first-time ukboy07 2018-06-23

as she felt a gush of warm liquid pool into her knickers.'Excuse me' he said, smiling straight into her eyes before letting his gaze one again travel to her tits, then lower, as if he could feel He pulled her towards the back of the lift, pulling her close so she could feel his hard cock against her back. neck being nibbled on - almost as much as she loved the feel of the hard cock grinding into her from behind. delighted to feel his cock give a little jerk) until his finger slips takes him into her mouth once again, sucking hard, wet, desperately, he his hard, gorgeous cock slips inside her as his hands

A Proper Baptist Ch. 02

first-time jallen944 2018-06-23

You look nice, Mr. Morrison,” Sheila said. With her hand around the shaft, Sheila bent over and smothered the head in her soft lips. “Oh yes, Sheila,” Mr. Morrison said. I let him touch me anywhere he wanted and I let him put his dick inside me,” Sheila said. With her jeans still down around her ankles, Sheila climbed between the two front seats to the back seat, pausing a second to let Mr. Morrison get a good look at her bare ass, and rolled on her back. Did you let Dean fuck you yet?” Sheila said. Out of the corner of her eye, Marcie watched the door, waiting for it to open.

Wild Child Ch. 01

first-time TxRad 2018-06-23

After I dried it off, I looked at Rita and asked, "Don't you have something better to do, than to sit there and watch an old man shave?" I looked her over for a second and then grinned as I replied, "A cute face, a great body; yeah, I'd date you and try to get into your pants, if I was a hundred years younger." Her mom was dressed the same way in this picture but she was facing the camera, with her arms above her head, her hands holding onto the top of the door fame. "Damn, I didn't know mama could look so hot and sexy," Rita said softly, more to herself than to me. Rita stood there looking at me for a moment and then she grinned and said, "I guess I want chicken.

Rori and the Bet

first-time FelicityWaters73 2018-06-23

"AHH, Robbie, you're so fucking big in me," moaned Tori as she felt the thickness of Robbie's cock up her ass, she started wiggling it to add him the pleasure but Robbie grabbed her by the waist and started ramming in her hard and fast. Robbie loved the beautiful sounds of Tori's screams filled with lust; he wanted to hear them again. "Scream for me, Tori," said Robbie huskily as he then rammed so deep and hard spanking her. "Did you say ‘mine’?" said Robbie as he then changed position as he leaned his back on the backboard and has Tori on his lap with his cock still up her ass. "What, I can't hear you," said Robbie as he then spanked Tori's ass, which only made her scream lustfully.

Porn Theatre Adventure

first-time unicornhunterxx 2018-06-23

Our sexual curiosity got the best of us and we decided to stop in and look around before heading home. The section you walk into when you go in was all porn dvds and through another open doorway to the left was all sex shop stuff. On our way up trying to find our booth an old man that was easily in his 70's started to talk to my girlfriend. So while we decided on what movie to watch I throughly looked the booth over for any cameras, glory holes or anything that could surprise us when we didn't expect it. I sat on one bench while my girlfriend sat on the other and I looked at her, smiled and said you ready to do this?

About last night p2

first-time bluelatina 2018-06-23

And I know that I'm a slut, he better off looking for a wife. we can talk if you want? Me: Look we talk about it when we get to my place After work me and him took the train together, didn't talk, just silences. Me: So dave you want anything Me: look dave i just don't want to go out with you, your a nice guy but im not right for you. Now dave at this moment look like he wanted to say I love you but I stopped him and said I went down on my knee zip down his pants and grabed his cock, Me: yes i wanna suck your hard cock? Dave: yes please

My Huge Tit Girlfriend

first-time lebber 2018-06-23

That night I went online and jerked off, by the way my cock is a foot long and 4 inches wide with huge balls that are so big when I cum I cum about a quart. She tells me "Stop let me get used to how huge your cock is." I keep mthere for 30 seconds and she says "Put more in, its feels so big in side of me I don't think it will all fit. I grabbed my cock in one hand and pushed the head and screamed, "That feels huge that is going to fill my ass easily, keep on going.

hindu &muslim chudai hindi

first-time xxxk777 2018-06-23

” Is baat pe Rajesh ne Fatima begum ke jism se apne haath hataye aur uski chaddi uppar khichte Burqa niche kar ke sofe pe jake baithte bola, “Aare Fatima jaan,Ayesha ko pishab lagi aur pishab karte mujhe boli ki ladko se masalne se chut mai dard hota hai to maine teri beti ki nangi chut masalte aur ungli andar dalke usse zara aram diya, jaise ab tujhe de raha hun. Issi liye woh phir bhi dono haath se Rajesh ka lund masalte boli, “Rajesh mujhe aaisa laga ki tune zaroor Ayesha ko choda hai kyoki tumne mujhe itni jaldi itna garm kiya hai ki mai tumse karwana chaha rahi hu ek shadi sudha muslim aurat hoke bhi to meri beti to raat bhar teri goad mai baithi thi aur tune bataya ki uska jism masla to maine socha ki jism masla to usse tune zaroor choda hoga.

Wifes Cunt Eating Lesson

first-time 2018-06-23

The next day I went down to the lesbian Bi club and spoke with the manager I told her that my wife liked to suck pussy and eat the pussy juice out of a cunt. It wasn’t long before cum was pouring out of her pussy I looked at the door and a big black Amazon queen came in and spread her legs open and sat down on my wife’s face, as far as I know she has never sucked a black cunt before tonight. When she had come she got up and left and another Korean girl came in and squatted her pussy over my wife’s face she pumped her pussy on my wife’s face till she cum and she got up and left, this went on and on for hours and hours my cock was so hard from watching these women abuse my wife.

the story of Pornographic film

first-time 2018-06-23

Instead of hundreds of pornographic films being made each year, thousands now were, including compilations of just the sex scenes from various videos.[14][15] One could now not only watch pornography in the comfort and privacy of one's own home, but also find more choices available to satisfy specific fantasies and fetishes. In 1975, the total retail value of all the hardcore pornography in the United States was estimated at $5–10 million.[2] The 1979, Revision of the Federal Criminal Code stated that "in Los Angeles alone, the porno business does $100 million a year in gross retain volume." According to the 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, American adult entertainment industry has grown considerably over the past thirty years by continually changing and expanding to appeal to new markets, though the production is considered to be low-profile and clandestine.[34]

Horny Marine true story

first-time joker621 2018-06-23

I was on my knees beside him on the couch and he slowly started rubbing my ass he slid the panties part my down rimming the edges of my ass hole with his fingers it felt so good it made my cock rock hard aching for my hole to be filled with him. I then slowly lowered my self on his cock with I'm entering me it hurt but felt so good at the same time feeling my ass getting filled I lifted up having his cock almost come out of me then quickly slammed my self down the feeling was so intense I wanted him to start fucking me harder and harder I started to ride his cock and bounc on him.


first-time Latenight9 2018-06-23

We kiss because I like kissing girls, we stick our hands up eachothers skirts and play with each other's pussys. She removes my panties with her teeth and eats me out by sticking her tongue up my pussy while she rubs my clit. As I suck on her clit she tells me to stop, she grabs a strap on and fucks me while she sticks her tongue down my throat and grabs my ass. We face each other so while one is getting fucked and the other getting eaten out, we can still kiss, play with each others titties and suck on each other nipples. Our tongues take turns going in her pussy while the other sucks her clit all while ur cock is shoved deep into my tight pink pussy.