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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Unexpected slut swallows my Load,

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-06-23

I needed to piss and hit the bathroom, which looked pretty clean for such an out of the way airport. So I’ve got my cock in my hand and I’m pissing, trying to shake off a hangover. “Ok,sounds easy enough” I said and then shoved my cock through one hole, gliding into a warm wet, pleasure palace of a mouth. “Hey,” she said, “You want to fuck me?” She slid her wet pussy on my shaft and I could hear her ass cheeks slapping against the wall as she fucked herself with my cock. “Let’s do ass,” she said after a few minutes, “Just tell me when you’re going to come.” If the dirty slut wants to ass fuck herself with my cock, who am I to object?

art model

first-time cdfantasy 2018-06-23

I opened a condom and worked it onto his hard on, jacking him for a moment before I parted my lips and for the first time took a man's cock in my mouth. His hard cock in my mouth, his hands behind my head guiding deeper and deeper until finally his cockhead is stretching the back of my throat open, his balls slapping my chin. It hurts but it's beginning to feel a little good and I want it. Suddenly with his hands on my stomach he leans back and pulls me up so that he's lying on his back and gravity drops me down on to his long hard cock deeper than ever now.

Lost in the Rain

first-time scary_mary 2018-06-23

When Jordan returned he looked very much better "Quite a handsome boy," was Sarah's private opinion. Don't you have a girl?" Sarah asked as she leaned over to refill Jordan's glass, trying hard to reveal a little more breast. "Well think of it this way, Jordan," Sarah said as she unbuttoned her blouse and placed his hand inside. "Your body looks very good so far," replied Sarah noting the bulge in Jordan's underpants. Jordan pulled away enough to let him see, and bend down to kiss, Sarah's breasts. Jordan awoke to find Sarah looking down at him with her breasts nearly in his face and a wonderful sensation coming from his penis.

Game Night Ch. 02

first-time Ravlicious 2018-06-23

I'm no good right away so I don't want to play," she said in a mocking voice. She then turned her attention back to the water coming out of the tub faucet, and pulled the switch to start the shower. She gave the head of his cock a little kiss and looked up at him. She then engulfed a quarter of his dick again and started stroking the rest in time with her head bobs. He felt himself getting close, but he wanted to feel the sensations more than he needed to come. Samantha alternated between stroking him, flicking her tongue on the head of his cock, and licking the underside of his dick.

The Leatheress 101 - "Poker Night"

first-time SexyLeatheress 2018-06-23

As I shuddered in desire from the feeling, I reached out the other hand holding the condom, and again it struck me just what was happening; here was this man, this local TV reporter whom I'd had a secret crush on for years, who was now waiting for me to roll a condom onto his cock and blow him on his sexy leather loveseat. I began to increase my strokes, relishing in the feeling of his buttery-soft cock sliding back along my tongue and working in a hand around the base of his shaft, slowly beginning to simultaneously masturbate him as I enjoyed in the feeling of his FULLNESS in my mouth and throat.


first-time Longstretch 2018-06-23

I'd met JB through her friend Alice, who in turn came into my life at breakfast one morning with my roommate Jeff. At 27 she was reserved, scholarly, and loved talking about her work in the prints department, which thanks to Jeff I knew enough about to carry on a conversation. With her pussy open to me I knelt and had just started to guide my cock inside when her hand joined mine. The head was in before she said "that hurts, stop now Peter." As it got about a third of the way in her hand squeezed the shaft as if to stop me, but I moved further and she bucked up.

First Time I Lost a Bet

first-time 425olds 2018-06-23

Dwayne wasn't going to lose a bet or the chance to turn my sweet Jen into another one of his black cock addicted sluts without pulling out all his little tricks. Jen looked up, starting at her lap going to the floor, then to Dwayne's muscular thighs settling briefly on his hand stroking the full length of his monstrous baby maker. With his first several strokes Dwayne couldn't get much more than his big cock head past the tight opening of Jen's cunt. Dwayne carried on with the slow steady fuckin for what seemed like hours until he got the entire shaft in her pussy and his big balls were slapping her ass when he bottomed out. 

My s****r makes me and my b*****r her bitch (part

first-time sxy_saidie 2018-06-23

Later that night we were in our room playing some video games when Chelsea came into our room, "Hey Andy, Josh, I'm going over to Morgann's for a little k? Chelsea laughed and agreed, "Josh go put those shorts on." I wanted to protest but I just did a moment ago and it didn't help at all. "Oh my god, I think he's kind of hard" Morgann said "Whatever you're like rock hard" Chelsea said, "you love wearing my shorts." "Eww Morgann!" Chelsea said looking at her. "Your b*****rs have nice dicks" Morgann said looking between Andy and I." "Well too bad Josh looks like you lose" Chelsea said. "I think that's enough pleasure for you Josh." Chelsea said "Andy's turn."

Press Mute Next Time...

first-time SweetLipz 2018-06-23

When the song ended he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me really close to him, and said in his deep voice 'You know a lot has changed about me since high school..' now my heart was beating like a****l (the muppet) was playing the drums. I went to add 'Look Shawn, if you're going to play while on the phone with me; mute your end so I wont know it.' Still silent I added 'I man at least invite me to join in; that was very selfish that you didn't share with me at play time...' While im telling Shawn all this im playing with my Kitty Kat...

My First...

first-time 2018-06-23

He lifted my tank top and bra, not bothering to fully remove them, and began licking and sucking my already erect nipples. I then took control and began slowly kissing and licking my way down his toned, 6' 2" frame. He quickly removed my jeans and pink thong, sucked my nipples a few more times, and made his way down to my crotch. He began licking and sucking my clit like there was no tomorrow. After three or four minutes of this, I could no longer stand it, and I whispered, "I want to have sex tonight." He wasted no time, quickly pulling a condom out of his wallet. He wanted to last longer so he periodically stopped, pulled out, and sucked my nipples and went down on me.

True story

first-time ritaboy 2018-06-23

He then walked away and I heard him swear and look again in disgust at a tranny being on the tube late at nite. He was nice to me, he was like a pig in mud - he was eager for fun - even in the tube carriage - i said he wud anything with me - he said he would even become gay for me ! I then asked him show me his big bulge - he pulled down his joggers str8 away and there was a large white penis. he was about to cum but i stopped and kissed him more - i diddnt want him to cum so quick again , i wanted to enjoy his large thick penis in my mouth - i played with his hairy balls and he the started to play with my arse.

My Second Blowjob

first-time MarcusOlivier 2018-06-23

"I love letting guys cum in my throat," she continued, "I can feel all these squiggly lines in the back of my throat for like an hour," she said tilting her head up and gesturing with a line up and down her neck. Clutching me, she glanced around once more, and then tilted up at me to say, "Hey, keep a lookout okay?" I looked down at her pretty face with the dark figure of my penis between us, and now did feel very like two mischievous kids working toward a common goal. She began to pull back like a python regurgitating a meal, and I could see in the moonlight the sparkle of strings of saliva making bridges between my penis and her mouth when she said, "Hey you're looking out to make sure no one's coming right?"

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #17

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-06-23

"Depending on what they run into, they return home unexpectedly at different times every day," she said knowing full well that once they're working the fields, too far to waste their energy traveling back and forth, they only returned home for food. After what happened the night before, witnessing her mother stripped naked and forced down to her knees to service her brother, while Rachel watched before running to her room to masturbate, she was ready to lose her virginity, that is, so long as he was man enough to take it. She wondered if he was the same type of a man or because he was educated, if he was different from the way that her father and brother behaved towards her and her mother.

A Boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday Night

first-time trindriver121 2018-06-23

Sam could hear a slight gasp escaping from his Mom. Jo looked at her b*****r, “God that was cool, you looked so happy and relaxed, if I pull on my little thing will I do the same” she gently gripped the hood of her clitoris between two fingers, and by sliding the hood up and down, her moist juices coated her clit, and masturbated herself. She gasped as her orgasm made her lose control, her head was tossing around, her legs pushing wider, as if to get more of her hand deeper inside, she felt a gush start, somewhere deep in her groin, she had only had this feeling once before, it felt like she needed to pee, the pressure on her pussy suddenly released.

Lonely BBW Housewife

first-time Justal 2018-06-22

I was still bent over when he started to unbuckle my belt then lowered my jeans he continued to massage my Ample Ass, he then removed my panties, that`s when I heard the zipper on his pants, I had my hands on the bed, bent over with my Ass up when I could feel him sliding his cock into my pussy I needed it so bad I just turned and said FUCK IT he kept easing his cock into me I could feel he was a BIG as it stretched me, he now started to pump into me It felt so good I was starting to feel my orgasm start , he continued fucking me bent over when I was shaking, he grabbed my Big Love Handles started to pick up his pace I was cumming now I could feel Tyrone plowing the full length of his cock into me, then all of a sudden I could feel his dick getting harder then it started jerking inside my cunt, that`s when I could feel him dumping his seed into me.

The Two Girl... Friends Pt. 01

first-time SFischer 2018-06-22

"We'll start slow," Rick said, "I know you're still technically a virgin but I want you to enjoy everything. "Do you remember that thing I told you I was picking up?" Rick said while pulling out a toy from the brown bag, "I want you to put this down your pants, inside your pussy. Just the small road vibrations from the drive to pick up Mandy along with this thing in her pussy keeping her lips spread slightly had started making Alison wet. "Something happened in the limo," Alison said to Rick. Alison reached behind her and stuck her hand down Rick's pants, wrapping her soft fingers around his dick. Mandy stopped rocking and pretended to be asleep by leaning back against Alison while two exited the limo.

first time with a shemale

first-time wildmanxd 2018-06-22

i almost fainted lol it was aqward for her because i my butt was to low so i layed flat on my bellly now and had my legs wrapped around hers i remember my toes curling and her picking up the pace she was fucking my frantically me now and she would pull out and put it right back in and my ass would stay gaping when her cock would leave it i could feel lube running down my crack alll over my white balls i was so horny that i came from my dick rubbing the covers on the florr it ewas the most intesne oorgasm of my life my butt puckered and then as always i lost my interested in cock i alwasy have when i masterbated but i couldnt tell her to stop now so i let her keep fucking me on the floor, my head banging of the wall and her clamping me down it almost felt like **** now and that turn me on again but she was ready to bust she pull out yelling she was going to cum i just layed there and she blew all over my back..

The Teacher: My First Time

first-time CanadianM 2018-06-22

And then I felt the gentle pressure of Joan's hand as she guided me lower, my lips caressing her belly, my tongue swirling around her 'outie' navel. I felt Joan's hands move to her pussy, spreading it for me as she said, "Use your tongue Mike!" After a bit, she looked into my eyes and said, "You were wonderful Mike and I want to make you feel as good as you have made me." And then I felt her warm breath, and her wet lips as she took the head of my cock in her hot mouth and slowly rolled her tongue around it. She kept me in her mouth until I was completely spent, then slowly let me slip from her lips, giving the head of my cock a quick last kiss.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

first-time pantiedslave 2018-06-22

He opens the door to his small closet, pushes the clothes on hangers to the sides, lightly kicks a couple pairs of running shoes into his room, and works to make enough room for the both of us. He starts off gently, but I breathlessly whisper "harder, harder, harder." As he roughly sucks at my chest, he puts his hand up to my lips and a couple fingers slide knuckle deep into my mouth. I let out a whimper as he pulls his fingers out of my mouth, but I am glad to feel his tongue move back into meet mine. We are still kissing and as he pushes in a second finger, I inhale in a violent gasp that pulls the air right from his strong lungs.

We'll Always Have Paris-1

first-time stif266 2018-06-22

A quiver of excitement passed through Diana as she imagined her hands holding Susan's breasts, her fingertips caressing the nipples before she took one in her mouth. Now Susan was completely exposed, everything visible, her thighs flexed, her legs dangling over the arms of the chair, a faint blush in her face as everything was revealed to Diana's eyes. Diana sucked at it, added the drops of brine to the mix already in her mouth, and then she kissed Susan's cunt one last time before pulling her face away from Susan's thighs. Diana slid the wet soap over Susan's chest, washing her breasts, drawing circles around them with her hands, soaping the thick nipples.

f***ed Bi

first-time 425olds 2018-06-22

I dove into Jodi's nice big ass first, I spent 10 minutes licking, rimming and tongue fucking her and then it was Ann's turn. I had been licking Ann's tight ass for at least 15 minutes when there was a knock and Jodi opened the door. I was begging them to stop but Ann laughed as she squirted some lube on his hard cock and he pushed right into my already open ass. He pushed his big cock deep into my ass again and Ann lightly touched my cock and it started spurting into her open hand. As I finished licking her fingers, he pulled out of my ass and shoved his cock into my mouth as it started spurting.

Odd Job Man

first-time PJG64 2018-06-22

Claire told me how lonely she can feel at times, she added that even though she was an old woman, she still had the needs of a 20 year old. After a few minutes Claire raised her head and dreamily and said that she wanted to feel me inside her. As Claire used her tongue to clean her lips I told her that maybe I should shave off all my pubic hair like hers. Claire agreed and said that a lot of men liked to remove their pubic hair and she thought it would suit me. Claire took my hand and told me how sexy I would look and that her friend wouldn't be fazed by it at all.

Old Man Neighbor Perv

first-time fuckthiswetpussy 2018-06-22

Then felt a breeze and realized that my window was open so i went over to close it and at the same time my neighbor was going to open his. Before i take my shirt off i go to close my curtains and see my neighbor looking through his window. The last time it happens, i go to knock on his door and as soon as he opens, he starts pleading with me not to tell my parents or his wife. When i looked back at the window he already had his cock in his hand, then he just walked away. I told him i knew why he was here so i took him upstairs and gave him a blowjob, which is something he said his wife never did for him.

I lost my virginity to my mother

first-time nuaghty_boy 2018-06-22

So, I got up to see if it was actually Ally or not, when I head someone shuffling through my dresser, I peaked through the door to see me daughter, pulling my secret bag out of the drawer, with an excited look on her face. Shocked, I considered bursting through the door to catch her in the act, but then as she starting using her fingers and vibrator to masturbate, I began to feel my own vagina tingle and throb. Ally yelled out in pain, and tried to get up and leave, no longer enjoying our fun little game, but I grabbed her arms roughly and pinned her to the bed, loving the feeling of the strap-on inside my horny vagina.